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Happy earth day everyone! Remember please protect our planet earth that we live and breath in by planting plants, recycling, and walking! I found two good videos that relate to how important is to protect it, watch it if you’re interested: 1 // 2    

I really wanna discuss the second link, is a documentary trailer of Al Gore named An Inconvenient Truth, he speaks in a conference about Global Warming and how it’s affecting us and nature and that documentary is in 2006. I watched this like two times when I was in eight grade and I really enjoy it tells the truth of the bad situation we are in of the Global warming, here are some photos of now and then of some places around the world. 

Also, Al Gore was in the elections in 2000 running for president until he loses for George Bush.

The trailer was wrong before i changed it with it’s correct link sorry for the incovinience.

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where'd u download paint tool sai?? I think earlier you said you got it for free, correct?

yeah but i lost the link sorry ;;;v;;;

EDIT: check the replies for the link!!!! tysm to the person providing it!

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Can you please fix your link to "are you cheating on me" with Niall please? I really want to read it.

I’ve said this before, my lovely; I haven’t been able to find the story on my blog so I can’t put in the right link just yet because I can’t find the correct link for it. I’m sorry. xx


i still have pumpkin from last night’s jack-o-lantern carving in my hair.

Inuit Cecil greeting Carlos with a kunik, Carlos teaching Cecil what a Vulcan kiss is.

Every time Cecil returns from re-education, he always gently runs his fingertips along Carlos’ extended index and middle fingers, emphasizing that he’s still there, that he’s still alright, and that he is back.


@kimheenim: Cherry playing with Mr. “Hand” Get along with Heebum #Cherry #HeeBum x