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Bleach senior quotes
  • Rangiku: don't follow your dreams, follow my twitter: @hotboobran
  • Yumichika: of course I dress well, I didn't spent all that time in the closet for nothing
  • Renji: I want to thank google, wikipedia amd whoever invented copy & paste. Thank you.
  • mizuiro: This wasn't like High School Musical at all
  • Ishida: It's not enough that I suceed- others should fail
  • Keigo: was released from his 4 year sentence
  • Rukia: The person under me is stupid
  • Ichigo: The person over me is a midget
  • Chad: By the end of the day, love and hardwork remains.
  • Inoue: master has given inoue a high school diploma, Inoue is Freeeeeeeeeee
  • Tatsuki: Hannah Montana says nobody's perfect, and yet, here I am

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The latest click bait from Star Magazine, a shot in the dark or an actual "whisper" from a source? Part of me says they were fed the info as SC don't normally make the gossip mag radar. The other part says Star was just jumping on last week's bandwagon and saw the number of hits they could generate.

Star is considered unreliable as a source for gossip blog fodder. If it’s a slow news day or something totally whack-ass they’re peddling, sites like Celebitchy, Dlisted, JJ or The Superficial might pick it up. There’s definitely a chain of headlines gaining traction because all of the sites shop each other for post fodder. However, it’s not the norm to consider Star legit and they are not reputable enough for anyone but bottom-of-the-barrel has-beens and their publicists to use as an info dump or for media coverage unless something has massively changed since I was in the game.

To answer another anon, I think they just pay attention to social media and what’s paying off for other sites with comments, retweets, shared posts, etc. Most sites and blogs regularly troll social media for pics and Star’s added text on their video was nothing new or revealing. Just a pretty copy and paste job in a new medium from last week’s flurry surrounding the pic.

Honest Review of "of Witchcraft and Whimsy"

So last week I bought @orriculum’s book, “Of Witchcraft and Whimsy” and have been reading it throughout the week. Honestly, it’s super exciting seeing somebody I’ve followed since like the beginning of my time on this blog (not more than a year but still), write and publish a book. As a writer myself that’s the coolest shit and I will always support my other writers. When I review I try to look at the material from both a reader’s and writer’s perspective, (and this time a witches). I’ve broken down this one into three parts: the good, the bad, and the important.

The Good:
1. The book starts off with a lot of advice for beginning witches, or people just curious about it, and the overall tone is “you make it how you want it” which is extremely important and I wish somebody told me that years ago.
2. Corespondents! Omg are there a ton it’s like a tiny like handbook for a quick reference!
3. Definitions! I didn’t even know some of these and I sometimes feel stupid for asking. Again, great for starters.
4. It really focuses on topics generally avoided in some books. I was going to put this in The Bad but I feel like it goes in both. It is biased on a lot of things but that leads to the discussion of racism, appropriation, safety, etc. and honestly I agree with them all.
5. Concise! Omg there’s no lengthy extra explanations of things a beginner would hardly understand. Each topic gets a brief description and the point gets across. It makes things easier to find and refer to later.

The Bad:
1. The book is clearly not edited. I know it was self-published through Amazon (I think), but that doesn’t explain some of the clear mistakes. There are a plethora of typos and format errors that I wonder if some of these sections are just copy and pasted from text posts. Also the cover and back cover are well designed but low quality as if it used a low resolution picture. I don’t know if that’s a printers error or image selection error.
2. The second half of the book lists spells, which is fine, but they seem very random and there is a wide range of levels. I’m not sure if I’d recommend some of them to beginners. The spells are also not at all clear, even to me let alone a total beginner. They also don’t share any type of format or style.
3. Some topics are brought up without an explanation, like storm magic. The book introduces itself as like a precursor to going off on your own research but one thing it totally misses is talking about the different kinds of path somebody might want to research as they are getting started.

The Important:
1. Holy fuck you publish a book I’m sorry but that’s still so cool to me. Like somebody sat down wrote and laid out a whole book and got it published and sold it like that itself deserves some respect.
2. It functions both as a good introduction for beginners and a refresher or reference for older witches. I would both recommend this book to newbies and also keep it in my back pocket for spells for a quick handbook.
3. Its fucking cute let’s be real
4. I am fucking here for witches and writers supporting other witches and writers like can we have our own little group see what projects everyone is working on and such. I just really love it 🌷

So, I’m pretty picky when it comes to what witchcraft books I buy but like, I will always want to buy and support people I know, when I have the money for it. I plan on buying a few other books from Tumblr authors this summer but I’m trying not to spend too much money! So we will see how many I can get my hands on and maybe I’ll come back and do another review (if you guys are down for that kinda thing) Anyway, go buy orriculum’s book, it’s $5 on Amazon ✨

-Messy Witch 🍄


This week’s #visionsofthefuture post is from Ultimo, an imaginative narration of life under the earth with projections by John Vassos and the text by Ruth Vassos.  John Vassos was an artist and industrial designer, and these images chronicle a projected future of the earth – told in past tense – after an ice age forces humanity to bore into the earth’s crust and live underground. Humans survive, but they are ultimately forced to leave the planet and search for a new home. “Thousands of light years we will traverse—will my descendants complete the copy of this document I take with me?”
Ultimo, an imaginative narration of life under the earth / with projections by John Vassos and the text by Ruth Vassos.New York : E.P. Dutton, 1930. NC1075 .V35   

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37 for Nate and Elena?

its time for some mcfreakin angst

send me a prompt!

37. “Can I kiss you?”

Nate’s still there when she wakes again. He’s curled inwards on the chair, head ducked down low to squint at the paper of his journal in the low light of the fire. The sight makes her neck twinge in sympathy, but it’s a familiar enough position for him while he’s concentrating on something. It gives her a burst of nostalgia that she doesn’t bother to push down.

Her hand reaches out to touch the corner of the page, and he jolts upright when her fingers enter his view. “Oh—hey,” he breathes, face breaking into a smile. He snaps the book closed and gives her a worried look. “How you feeling?”

“Grubby and sore,” she complains. “But I’m fairly certain I won’t die now, so that’s an improvement.”

The resulting expression on his face makes her wish she’d kept the last part to herself, but it’s too late now. “Can I get you anything?” he asks, trying not to look too concerned.

“Water? My mouth feels all fuzzy.”

Nate helps her sit upright to take small sips at the cup he fetches her. It must be late with how dark it is outside, and Tenzin’s home is quiet. The only thing she can hear is the wind outside and her own laboured breathing.

“What time is it?” she asks when she finishes off the glass, and Nate sets it down in the table.

“Two-ish, I think? My watch broke, so I’m just judging by the moon.”

She nods and settles against the headrest of the bed. “And how are you holding up?” Elena gives a pointed look to his hip. His shirt is spotted with red again, but he isn’t nursing his side all that much, which she takes as a good sign.

He shrugs. “Sore enough to make sleep uncomfortable, but I’ll be fine.”

“So that’s why you’re doodling by candlelight.” She waves a hand at the journal in his hand. “What are you drawing?”

His face goes immediately red, visible even in the dim light. “Ah, just uh… just you.”

She raises a brow to cover the fluttering in her chest. “Oh really? Can I see?”

He weighs his options for a moment, considering, then bobs his head. “Sure. It’s not done yet, or anything, just rough sketches.” Nate gets off his chair again and hands his journal to her, muttering a few more excuses for the low quality that she ignores.

He’s drawn her a few times before, when they were sort-of-kind-of-dating. Mostly just idle sketches, hints of her profile curling along the edges of his notes, or the messy bun of her hair. He’d even traced the outline of her body once, prompting her to call him Jack for the next few days, a nickname he thoroughly rebelled against.

This drawing isn’t an idle half-sketch or risqué rendition of her, though. Despite his various complaints about the quality, it’s a highly detailed illustration of her sleeping. Her brow is creased with pain, her hands curling up with the bedsheets, and her right side is covered in bandages. It’s a good sketch—beautiful, really—but it’s a little too accurate for her liking.

“Damn, I really look that bad,” she murmurs. Nate squirmed in his place beside her.

“I didn't—”

“It’s not a critique, Nate,” she assures him, looking away from the page. “It’s really good, actually.”

“Thanks.” He grabs the book back from her and shoves it in his back pocket, safe from prying eyes. “Started it a few days ago, so you’re not—you look a lot better now.”

She grins at him and wipes at her face, which is sweaty and way too warm for her liking. “That’s very generous of you to say.”

“No, really.” He sits down again, but he doesn’t quite look at her. “You do. I was… you looked like you were dead, ‘lena. I kept thinking you’d gone in your sleep, and then you’d breathe and I—” his hands knotted together between the brace of his legs, and his head dipped low. His words came out small, as if confessing his fears gave them some truth. “I wanted to keep you around somehow, in case anything happened.”

She hears a lot of what else he doesn’t say in his quiet whisper. That dead bodies don’t look like living ones, and he’d draw any expression she was wearing, so long as it was a living one. That he needed desperately something more substantial than old, mindless doodles of her, even if it was far more painful. And that he’d been a hell of a lot more afraid of losing her than she could’ve ever guessed from him, especially after how they’d fizzled out and drifted apart.

Her hand ventures away from the bed again, and goes to rest on his clasped fists. Nate looks up at her, uncurling from the ball he’d practically pulled himself into on the chair. “Can I kiss you?” she asks him. This time he does meet her eyes.

His mouth pulls up into a tentative smile. “Why’re you asking me?”

“Because I can’t move,” she explains. “So I need you to come here.”

He laughs at that, the tension draining from his body, and he moves to sit down on the lip of her mattress. She’s still sitting up, so the angle isn’t too awkward. Definitely something she can work with.

Her hand finds the familiar place at the back of his neck and pulls him in close. His arm rests on the bed beside her as he ducks down to press his mouth to hers. It’s a soft contact, barely felt if not for how focused she is on him, and she presses into his lips to pull him closer. She’d almost died forty-eight hours ago, but she isn’t made of glass.

Still, it’s not a great kiss. Her mouth tastes sour and her right side is on fire and Nate smells like he’s a few days late for a shower. She breaks off and pulls his head in to her neck instead, pressing her cheek to his.

“Your mouth does feel fuzzy,” he mumbles into her hair, making her wince as she stifles a laugh.

“And you smell horrible.”

She feels him grin into the shell of her ear. “Still pretty romantic, though.”

Elena suppresses another laugh, and only partially succeeds. “I’m starting to think you’re a masochist.”

He pulls away to grin down at her. “Never complained before.”

“I wouldn’t get very far if I felt your idea of romantic was morally dubious.”

Nate shrugs, still grinning, as if they hadn’t just been talking about her dying a few moments ago. She’s glad to see things haven’t changed too much between them, at least. “That’s what you get for dating a criminal.”

“Well, Mr. Criminal,” she continues with a hard eye-roll. “Can I get another glass of water?”

He ducks down to kiss her once more, quick and gentle, then pushes off from the bed. “Coming right up.”

A theme for fans of classic first-person shooters and those who love sharp rectangular shapes!

Well, it looks like I finally finished the overhaul. I doubt I can add anything more nor do I have any desire left.

For some reason Tumblr thinks the HTML code is invalid (searching around I found out that I’m not the only one), so I can’t submit it. This means that you have to install it manually.

To manually install the theme…

  1. download the theme from here: https://goldsrc.tumblr.com/download
  2. open the text file with a text editor of your choice
  3. select and copy all the code
  4. go to the customization page of your blog and click “Edit HTML”
  5. delete all the code there and paste the code of the Gold Source theme
  6. click “Update Preview” and after it finishes loading click “Save”

The theme features…

  • partial localization
  • rich customization options
  • sound effects
  • support of all post types

…and probably something else.

Hope you like it.

| Youtube HQ Gif Tutorial |

I don’t know if I’m just preaching to the choir when it comes to making gifs from Youtube videos, but I haven’t seen any mentions of this yet so I thought I’d share a relatively easy way to make HQ gifs from Youtube videos. 

I use Potplayer to take screencaps (honestly fuck KMPlayer), so here’s an old post I made about it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

So all you gotta do is find the Youtube video you want and copy the URL, then open Potplayer and click main menu > open > open url, then paste the url in the text box. The Youtube video should open up in Potplayer and then you can take alllll the screencaps you want. No downloading of the video is required. 

I was able to make this gif using this method:

Yep that’s it goodbye

(Picture from C.G Warrior)

This is a very long list of replies. I haven’t answered some which I don’t really know what to reply apart from THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! <3

(Look for your picture below the cut - it will be easier to navigate this jungle of text!)

I think I am going to start posting individual reply posts when you guys comment like I see other people doing, because this took me like 2 hours of copying and pasting :/ lol 

Also - I will try and catch up with all of your blogs soon! PEACE!  xxx

@galadrielhs-simblr @treason-and-plot @davidmont @danjaley @willky12 @sims3medieval @sims3hasstoppedworking @batsheba @owly-sims @omgdoubleume @reenadelenyel @simblu @tyrellsimsoficeandfire @nornities @andantezen @murfeelee @hyperkaos @lifeasasim @tencentsims @mspoodle1 @greenplumbboblover @witchzenka

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How to Link a Masterlist Crash Course

Hi hi hi!!!! Admin X here! So an anon asked me how to link a masterlist so here is a crash course created by your very own coconut admin. Fuck you Greenie for the nickname. 

For this example I will use Admin Bunny’s Sexting Heechul from Super Junior and Yoongi-Suga of BTS texts.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the post you are trying to link.

Step 2: Type the title or work you are trying to link. Like here I typed ‘Sexting Heechul SJ (ft. Yoongi)’ Then you’re going to select/highlight it. After you do that you will see a menu of icons. Select the figure 8 looking one as shown.

After you select that you will see a ‘https://’ in a black bubble box. Which brings us to step 3.

Step 3: Paste the url into the black bubble box.

Step 4: You’re done!

I promise it is just that easy. Copy Select Click the thingy Paste and you’re done. I hope this helped!

-Admin X

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this may turn out to be a silly question, but how are you able to get your icons lining up in rows (like on your a-tom post)? when i load icons i make from scratch onto a tumblr text post, there's only one icon per row (they're all stacked on top of each other). do i need a certain theme or is there html wizardry involved? ;;; i pray this question makes sense! thank you so much!

It is not a silly question!

HTML is involved. You can either copy and paste the html of the icons from the post into this site [in the ‘allow tags’ put <img>] then paste the stripped code into the HTML of the post. Or you can put this into your theme in the css, but it will also line up gif hunts if there is enough space for them to line up. You will not have to edit the icon posts to use this, however.

    display: inline-block;

How to put a spoon meter under your blog description and make it really easy to change!

EDIT: I’m much better at coding now and I made a version 2 of the spoons meter, take a look!

(I’m talking about this Spoon Meter, it’s really cool check it out)


Go to the HTML for your blog theme, armed with this post open so you can copy-paste the text from it!

The first part of the code below with all the “<meta name=…>” beginnings goes immediately under any other “<meta name=…>” parts. Just bop ‘em in there, nice and easy.

The middle part, starting with “#one”, ending in “!important;}”, goes anywhere in the <style type=“text/css”></style> part of your blog’s theme. Easiest spot to put it is right below the <style type=“text/css”> tag, probably.

The last part, <div id=“spoons”>, goes right under the {Description} section in your blog theme. It shouldn’t matter too much if you include it in {/block: Description} or not (I didn’t in the sample below). Don’t worry about it or poke me if it does. 

Done all that? COOL! You’re done messing with messy code! There should be a little select box titled “Spoons” in your theme’s customization options now. (You may have to save and reload the customize page to see it.) 

It should look like this:

and you can use it to really quickly and easily change your spoon count any time! :)

Got questions? Or having some trouble?


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Poll / Help??

I need to submit an example of my work, but my problem is, everything on here has been in blog format, and probably isn’t easily copied and pasted into an email or a word document as an example for a magazine article.

So, I’m prepared to write something from scratch.

If y’all could, it’d be helpful to have some ideas on what to ~formally~ write upon, be it interesting topics you’ve always wanted to know more about, or topics that I’ve covered that you found interesting.

thy-fearful-symmetry replied to your post I feel like some of the hate mail I’ve received…:

Good, that means they’re ticked off but too tired to come up with something new. You’re wearing them down. ^_^

Ha! I hope so… It’s funny that people feel strongly enough to send hate mail to someone they disagree with, but for them to copy and paste from an already-prepared list of insults just seems so impersonal. 

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pet peeve? (im on desktop)

Haha, dude. You can copy and paste emojis from your desktop on text emoji websites. I made the entire Q&A post on desktop.

Anyways, where do I even begin with this? I have SO many pet peeves. I guess I’ll tell you the weirdest one that I have.

I HATE watching someone left-handed draw or write. For some reason, it makes me so uncomfortable to watch. Perhaps it’s because everyone I’ve known who was left-handed, had TERRIBLE hand writing. Maybe it’s also because I’m right-handed, and my brain just views it as incorrect. Idk.

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

I was tagged by @frillylefou who is honestly the best and if you like GaFou or LeFou you should follow her!

A) Age: 20

B) Biggest fear: Men from past abuse and also being seen as useless by the ones I hold close to my heart.

C) Current time: 7:30 AM

D) Drink you last had:Coffeee

E) Every day starts with: Waking up and being sore in some way from RA, showering, and breakfast.

F) Favorite song atm: Death of a Bachelor by P!ATD

H) Hometown?: Meadville lol but I live across the country from it now

I) In love with?: Luke Evans, like unironically super smitten

J) Jealous of?: People who have good relationships with their dad and no mental illness

K) Killed Someone?: Only in Sims

L) Last time you cried: In February, when a friend that I was close to was treating me like shit. I cut them off after that.

M) Middle name: Nyckole. Yes, that’s really how it’s spelled on my birth certificate.

N) Number of siblings: Including all my half siblings and step sibling, 6. But I only lived with two, and haven’t met two of my half-siblings.

O) One wish: To always be financially secure.

P) Person you last called/texted: My half-sister

Q) Questions you are always being asked: “When are you getting a job?” “Any job prospects yet?” “Why don’t you work here?” Do you see a common theme?

R) Reasons to smile: This fandom is super nice and it seems like most people are very supportive, also Luke Evans

S) Song last sung: Shiny from Moana.

T) Time you woke up: 6:39 AM, which is not the usual. I usually wake up at 930

W) Worst habits: Self doubting to the point of self-destruction

X) X-rays you’ve had: My teeth and chest

Y) Your favorite food: Fried pickles, because I’m disgusting

Z) Zodiac sign: Aries

I’m tagging: @impossiblyshamelessearthquake @lumicuous @fishkybuns @karkalkismee @aromantic-therealcryptid

just a little reminder that the gifs i use in my responses & text posts are not here for people to copy & paste into their own ! they’re for personal use only & i’d really appreciate if they could remain that way. just pls, use the gifs in the tags & not from people’s posts because it can be super discouraging for people who make their own gifs & frustrating :(

Tagged by: @archervale ((Thank you!! :D))

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  • a- age: 17, going onto 18 (June 3rd)
  • b - biggest fear: welp because I’m absolutely exhausted I have no filter so here goes Meg oversharing - sO, I’ve always had a fear of abandonment, though it’s gotten worse over the past few years (why? idfk tbh), and it’s specifically come down to something happening to me that ends up driving everyone away (okay so probably stupid explanation, but in AoS, Fitz suffers from brain damage, and that actually kick-started that more specific fear bc I could see that happening to me, and then everyone abandoning me when I needed them the most so… asdfkjsadfjajkfd, idk man I’m tired and should probably shut up)
  • c - current time: 12:10 am
  • d - drink you last had: water 
  • e - every day starts with: me staying in bed for as long as possible before getting up and getting in the shower
  • f - favorite song: uh… good question?? idk I’m just gonna go with Katie Gray’s Love Like Fire album bc all the songs are good songs (note - don’t ask me questions requiring specific answers when I’m this out of it)
  • g - ghosts, are they real: idk, sure
  • h - hometown: Anaheim, California
  • i - in love with: my friends and family and sleep
  • j - jealous of: people who have their lives together 
  • k - killed someone: …no? why would anyone even admit that on this kinda thing? x’D I mean, fictionally I’ve killed a lot of fictional people, but not in real life
  • l - last time you cried: idk??? I mean, recently but idk why… either bc I made myself sad imagining something or I panicked about my future whoops
  • m - middle name: Elizabeth
  • n - number of siblings: zero
  • o - one wish: to get my life together and not to be the mess of a person that I am
  • p - person you last called/texted: hmm… the last person I texted was my mom, but the last people I talked to was Vale and Taka c:
  • q - questions you’re always asked: “Why is your grade in economy dropping?” is the most recent, frequently asked question via my mom bc my teacher recently entered zeroes into unit 7 to show graduating seniors where they would be if they don’t finish/do well, and because my grade in that class has been dropping anyway bc I’m don’t do too well on the tests  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  tho bc my graduation is coming up and I’m having a lot of family coming out, I guarantee that the most frequently asked question will become “What will you do now that you’re out of high school?” and I Do Not have an answer to That
  • r - reasons to smile: being with friends and having a good time with them, music, seeing the stars, space in general, traveling, good food, learning new things, good books, good movies/TV/media, the beach, animals, fictional characters/things (okay honestly I will fight someone about this if someone says that’s stupid), etc.
  • s - song last sang: uh… idk??? maybe Viva La Vida by Coldplay??
  • t - time you woke up: uh… 7am bc I had a class to attend at 8
  • u - underwear color: …I tried to come up with something witty and/or sarcastic but I got nothing  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • v - vacation destination: Iceland! I mean, there are a lotta places I really want to visit one day, but Iceland seems like a really neat place to visit
  • w - worst habit: not taking care of myself like I should (it’s a long list and I’ll actually not share it x’D)
  • x - x-rays you’ve had: hmm… dental x-rays for updated records, an x-ray for my ankle when I was little bc I twisted it, and an x-ray for my right thumb bc I chipped the growth plate (I think that’s all the x-rays anyway)
  • y - your favorite food: hmm… eh, cheeseburgers 
  • z - zodiac sign: Gemini

Tagging: @eggs-benedict-cumberbatch1, @starreys, @dwyn5002, @deweyfinn21, and @ anyone else who wants to do this c: ((feel free to ignore!))

>>Tutorial: *UPDATE/2.0* How to cut posts with tumblr’s new update.


I’ve seen many people liking/reblogging my first version of this however it’s now over 7 months old and even though the method still works, tumblr’s layout has changed meaning you have to click different things, so I’ve decided to make an update/2.0 that is relevant to the current layout.

Tumblr has decided to make it harder to cut posts but there is a way without using extensions, even if gifs or gif icons are used. It looks confusing but trust me it’s just copy, paste, and type a couple of things.

I used Google Chrome so I don’t know if it is different in other browsers but I doubt it.

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