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this really is my last thing i’m going to contribute to the rick riordan discourse, at least that’s going to be well thought out and cohesive. but contrary to popular belief, i can be rational lol. i know that not having one character be a lesbian doesn’t automatically make you a terrible person, i know that reyna isn’t my character, obviously.

nobody has really been claiming this. maybe on the fringe, maybe as a joke, but the core of our argument and our logic was never that. i know it’s easier to dismiss us as hateful and placing unfair demands, but lesbians are a marginalized group. we are oppressed. we are chronically underrepresented in fiction, and when we are, we are represented badly. we rarely have the freedom to have our own characters even in fandom. i don’t think i have EVER seen a post about lesbian reyna that didn’t say “she could be bi you know” somewhere in the reblogs/replies section. you don’t let us have lesbian characters in peace. nobody does, ever. it always comes with a fight, from both the fandom, and, now, the author.

so we get angry. we get angry, and we become jaded, and we become mistrustful, because we have been hurt very deeply by fiction and fandom before. we immediately launch into offense when something bad happens, because we’re ALWAYS on defense. and our “offense” usually consists of making memes, saying fuck a lot, and calling people homophobic. anyone who spends any time on tumblr knows that “choke” is just a buzzword without any threat behind it. as for telling him to die—i don’t know anyone who has said this, i certainly have not. we’re not a crazy mob. we’re not demanding anything unreasonable—a lesbian girl would suffice. a bi girl would suffice. and a genuine apology.

you take this anger as a reason not to listen. you take this anger as justification towards rick riordan lecturing us about our own stereotypes after he explicitly asked to be corrected and promised us he would listen. you take this anger as a reason why we deserve not to be listened to.

that is homophobic. there is no two ways about this. if you think we need to write our own books in order to see lesbians represented, that we aren’t even allowed to demand them from an author who is our self-proclaimed ally, you are being homophobic. if you think our voices should only be heard so long as they’re not angry voices, you are homophobic. if you think we don’t deserve our allies because we are too angry, you are homophobic.

you do not get a get out of jail free card because you’re a wlw yourself. you do not get the authority to say we’re “bitching” and “whining” and making unfair demands. you do not have the right to tell me “when he gives you an inch you demand an arm.” you do not get the right to call us a pack of angry “piranhas.”

we are not going anywhere, we deserve to be listened to, we deserve to appear in fiction. we have a right to dismiss our allies who literally ASKED us to correct them, hold them accountable, and keep educating them. we have a right to be hurt. we have a right to be heard. if you do not believe that, you. are. a. homophobe.

it’s just that simple. if there’s any takeaway from this disaster, let it be this.


I’m happy to talk about what I’m wearing. It’s cool to spotlight a new designer on the runway, and to contribute to the fashion world that I love. It’s a very special thing I get to do,. But don’t make my story, and who I am, be my dress, while my male co-star’s story is how he picks scripts and gets inspired. Why not ask me that, too? Ask me work questions, too! Ask me about my life!

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Me, through tears: Fuck, dude, you sure are…

Hi my name’s amanda and I’m real messed up about Davenport. Catch me in your local broom closet crying about this gnome. You’re welcome to join me.


  • Feels comfortable mouthing off to a heavily-armed employer in his very first scene
  • Seems to have better cardio than Bart
  • Seems to have better music taste than Bart
  • Asks a strange biker to call him a cab
  • Drives a motorbike literally one episode later
  • Seems to have a shady criminal past
  • “I knew I’d die in some weird way eventually”
  • Attempts to fight Farah despite having no combat experience at all
  • Hits Bart up for money for lunch
  • Can see Bart in her underwear and doesn’t make it weird
  • Sits protectively outside Bart’s shower and doesn’t make it weird
  • Will sing Backstreeet Boys on command
  • Figures out that “the universe is broken” because, for the first time, Bart misread what the universe was telling her regarding Dirk Gently
  • He and Bart are wearing matching colours in the last episode
  • Shrugs at Todd in quiet Normal Dude™ understanding
  • Played by actual cinnamon roll Mpho Koaho
  • He and Bart stole a corgi from the body-swapping cultists
  • Fixes the time machine/soul swapper/unlimited energy device that closes the time loop once and for all
  • It takes him literally less than a week to go from she’s going to kill me and I’m petrified to she’s going to kill everyone else and I’m fully supportive of her life choices
oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this

ted bundy: omg i would never??? i’m a good man with a decent job working in law! and psychology! how DARE you even INSINUATE i committed these awful crimes. i didn’t do ANYTHING. i’m a LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN. hell, i’ll plead not guilty right now

the fbi: okay first of all, that’s not how this works, you’re not even in court, ted, jesus christ, we’re just arresting you—

ted bundy: as a LAW STUDENT, did i mention that before?? hm?? i study LAW it is illegal to arrest an INNOCENT man

the fbi: now, we have a LOT of evidence against you, mr. bundy

ted bundy: i fuckedd up, okay? oh my god don,‘ty ou r,,ealize  thh..a  tsome   peuople???? murdre???? to c;;op;;e????? i’m so sorry i said i was so sor  ry do we reaally need,, t..o talk abou the   DATH PENALTY??? i’m so soryr   i k..il.led  those3  8 girls but lik;e??;;?? i couldn’t help it,?????, it asn’t my f  ault??? porn corrupte,,d meu andi ’m dj;ust?? ? trying to copee??

I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten