i contributed to the fandom now bye

So, guys. This is what I was working on the last few days. Last month my laptop broke down and I had to buy a new one, so I could work further on this. I rarely do digital stuff, so I’m satisfied how this turned out :D It’s my first propper Tsukkiyma fanart :D
May you enjoy my first useful contribution to the fandom :)

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Hello! Hope you are having a good day! I was wondering how the s and m boys would react if something bad had happend to them that nothing could be done about and thier S/o huggs them and when asked why she sias she didnt know how else to help? Sorry if this is a bother to write about Bye for now!

Nothing will ever be a bother for me to write. It’s what I love to do, and I want to contribute to this fandom and series in that way.


Shu: When Shu gets upset, he would shut himself away from everyone for awhile and just try to find peace through solitude. But when his lover hugs him out of the blue, he’s brought back into reality and stares shockingly at her. What was she doing? He doesn’t really understand the gesture until she explains it, but he does nothing to push her away. For once, it was quite inviting and warm…

“Do humans do this often? It’s rather foolish, but I guess a woman like you can’t help it…”

Reiji: For days, Reiji tries so hard to find a solution to his issue at hand. He’s left alone in his thoughts and doesn’t really like socializing with anyone at the moment. When a familiar pair of arms wrap around his waist, he snaps out of his mind and looks back at his beloved. Sighing, Reiji would scold them for interrupting his train of thought, but his reciprocation of the hug would say otherwise.

“You really are something else…I can’t tell you everything right now, but you understand, yes?”

Ayato: Ayato is more irritable than ever, but he’s more upset with himself than anyone else. His s/o would have to wait for him to calm down before approaching him. When he’s on the verge of breaking, his s/o would pull him into a tight hug and pat his back and hair. Confused and baffled, Ayato would remind his s/o that he isn’t a child, only for his s/o to tell him that it’s okay to be honest.

“Tch…Don’t mess with me! I don’t want you treating me like this! I’m fine, even if you don’t see it.”

Kanato: Kanato is more volatile and aggressive when he isn’t in his depressive mood, and it would be best to stay away from him during this period. When his s/o attempts to comfort him, Kanato may scream at her to leave him alone. If his s/o is brave enough to embrace him, he’d only yell at her to let him go. But the tighter she hugs him, the quieter he becomes. It’s too strange for Kanato to feel.

“You are truly indecent and you have poor manners. To make it up, just hold me longer.”

Laito: Unlike his other brothers, Laito would probably accept the unexpected hug, although he may be reluctant in returning it fully. To lighten up the mood, Laito teases his lover and asks if this is their subtle way of asking for something more. But when he receives an honest answer from his beloved, Laito is stunned into silence and he says nothing more. He doesn’t want to ruin the moment.

“To think that you are showing your love like this…how do you not lust after me when you do this?”

Subaru: At first, Subaru would push away his lover and command them to leave him alone. But if his s/o is persistent enough, he’ll let her do as she wishes. As soon as he turns away from her, he feels her head hit his back while her arms wrap tightly around his torso. Flustered, Subaru asks what the hell she’s doing to him, only to be surprised by her answer. He decides to let her be.

“Oi, you’re holding me too tightly…I’m too stubborn? Tch, you’re the stubborn one here, you know!”


Ruki: No matter what anyone says, Ruki always tries to find a way to solve a problem. If his lover times it wisely and hugs him while they’re both alone, Ruki would allow her to comfort him in this way. It’s been such a long time since he’s felt this type of affection. He might chuckle at his s/o’s actions and remark how he’s almost forgotten how humans did this to feel better.

“For once, you’re doing something right, Livestock. I will find a way to solve this issue.”

Kou: Kou is more annoyed than usual, and he’s more prone to getting into fights with the paparazzi and his brothers lately. It’s not until his s/o spoons him one evening in bed does he mockingly ask if she desires for something out of him since he always pays everything back in favors. When his s/o firmly confesses “no”, Kou grumbles that she’s lying, but a kiss from his s/o shuts him up for good.

“M Neko-chan, stop that~ If you keep on doing this, I’ll have no choice but to be nicer to you…”

Yuma: Yuma’s aggression is higher than ever, but it’s mostly due to the anguish and guilt he feels whenever something terrible happens. Never one to directly ask his s/o for comfort, Yuma would roughly throw his s/o over his shoulder one day and demand that she spends the rest of her day with him. They both end up on the couch cuddling one another, with Yuma burying himself in her chest.

“Stop movin’ around so much, Sow! Can’t ya see that I just want to rest? Sheesh…”

Azusa: When Azusa is deep in the blues, he knows that he can find solace in his s/o’s arms. Even smelling her scent is enough to send him into euphoria. Nevertheless, Azusa would accept the tight hug from his s/o and would never bother to question her actions. He understands that her intentions are to not harm him or put him in danger. It’s strangely just the human emotion of love affecting him.

“Eve…you are so kind…let me feel your love…like this…forever…”

-Admin Yuuzuki

So Kingsman right?

A witty snarky funny action packed film with some grade A talent (but a few flaws bc let’s be real nothing is perfect) that is highly entertaining and hits ya in the feels when you least expect it.

Honestly I’ve been chilling quietly in the Kingsman fandom for a good while now, I think perhaps a year. I say fandom but really I mean lurking through fan fiction on AO3 and sharing story ideas with friends that probably don’t care but humor me. I actually didn’t peek into the tag here on good ol’ Tumblr dot com until recently.

I promise I had a point to this but I got distracted by YouTube videos of Taron and I sort of lost it.

I guess this is a belated hello to the community on here and hopefully, if I can kick my writing muse into gear, I’ll be contributing soon. I dunno what I’m even saying anymore. K bye for now ❤

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I'm so thankful for the Pro-Snape community

Can we just have a group hug with all the pro-Snape people? Though I don’t make very many contributions of my own, I love hanging around such an awesome group. I discovered the Tumblr fandom over the summer before going to that hate panel at GeekyCon, so I’m pretty new, and I’m glad to say I’ve found great friends here. k can we just continue to be this inclusive, happy, creative family and and and I really appreciate all of you and stay awesome and I’m becoming more and more incoherent because I love you all so much ok I’m having lots of feels right now sorry ok thanks love you guys sorry bye

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can you recommend good artists in the voltage fandom? i will also swoon over their art

sure, sure! for you, i’ll be going into creep mode in this search for artists, LOL. i’ll try to muster what i can - however, i only became involved with this fandom until recent, so this list probably isn’t as impressive as it should be. anywho, the artists named are in alphabetical order + have a decent amount of works to sift through. anyone is free to add names to the list! (or, alternatively, anyone can drop a suggestion through my ask, and i’ll edit in suggestions myself.)

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Korrasami: Venti Sized Crush

Thanks to jaggedviews I finally cracked a wrote a fanfic… Or the start of a fanfic, depending on… things… 

Okay, based on the Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU. If you wanna read it on FFN x.


There she was again, last one in line in her fancy red and gray business suit. Talking on her cell phone, like Korra knew she’d continue to do even as she ordered her venti macchiato. She did the same thing every morning. Showed up in the middle of morning rush and refused to hang up whatever important business call she was on even while she ordered. It didn’t really slow the line that much, but it was so awkward interrupting serious talk about ‘product launch’s and ‘board meeting’s with ‘hi, what can I get for you?’

At first Korra stopped asking what the woman wanted and just stood there, waiting until she got a pause in conversation, put her hand over the phone, and whispered the order over the counter. It didn’t matter much that the woman gave an apologetic smile as she whispered. Or that she had flawless black hair and incredible green eyes. Or that her smile was both gorgeous and cute. Okay… she was hot. Really, really hot, and clearly successful. But rude. Hotness was no excuse for talking on the phone while you’re supposed to be ordering your coffee.

So Korra started messing around and purposefully misspelling her name. Asamee. Uhsami. Asamay. Samamy. She actually started looking forward to it, and spent all morning trying to come up with another clever name. So when the woman finally arrived at the back of the line, she actually got excited instead of being annoyed, because Korra was prepared. She was prepared enough that while the person at the head of the line pondered their order she grabbed a venti cup, prematurely writing Asami’s ‘macchiato’ with the name ‘Salami.’ She set the cup aside and took the order of the next handful of patrons, already so amused she was smiling.

But then as Asami reached the second place in line Korra heard her say, “got to go, see you in a bit,” and actually hung up the call. That’s not what was supposed to happen, because then Asami reached the front of the line and flashed that smile and it wasn’t apologetic this time. It was… crap. It was smug. “Morning,” and she glanced at Korra’s nametag as if she hadn’t been coming here for months and just been too oblivious to look at it sooner, “Korra.” It was so unexpected, such a deviation from the routine that Korra just blinked at her for a few seconds while one of Asami’s eyebrows steadily rose, waiting for a response. When Korra failed to spit the usual greeting Asami said, “I’ll take a venti macchiato please.”

She said please. Politely. Korra snapped back to it and reached not for the pre-arranged cup, but for a fresh one. She couldn’t possibly enact revenge. Not when Asami had hung up and had that coy smile like she knew Korra had been messing with her for weeks and why. And she said please. But just when Korra reached for a new cup Asami glanced down, catching a glimpse of the one she’d set aside.

“Isn’t that mine?” she asked, probably catching a glimpse of the ‘ami,’ and reached for the cup before Korra could snatch it. Asami pulled it close and spun it in her hand to see what was written, and as her brilliant green eyes ran back and forth over it Korra’s cheeks burned hotter and hotter. Asami wasn’t being rude now. It was Korra. Korra was being rude because she’d purposefully written a lunch meat instead of the customer’s actual name, and oh god Asami’s eyes read the name and then left the cup to meet Korra’s. “Well,” she said, setting the cup back on the counter and putting a hand on her hip, “You got the order right.”

“I’m so sorry,” Korra blurted. Her hand shot out to grab the cup and without looking she threw it backwards over her shoulder. She heard it land on the cluttered tea counter behind her and knock something down. She winced at the loud clutter that hit the floor, cheeks shading darker as she said, “That was unprofessional and stupid and-”

“Here,” interrupted one of the other baristas, and he set the cup Korra had thrown back on the counter with an indignant glare. “You dropped this.”

Asami laughed. Like, an actual giggle, and she wasn’t smug anymore but genuinely amused. She reached out to take the stupid offensive cup and pulled it to her, but then she stretched across the counter again to grab a fresh one and she took the pen right out of Korra’s hand. Korra was confused and embarrassed and so put off when Asami’s fingers brushed hers. She was flustered, legitimately blushing and flustered.

“I think Asamay was my favorite,” Asami said lightheartedly, scribbling on the fresh cup and then handing it back. She’d written her own order with her name spelled correctly. “But it’s getting increasingly hard to recognize when they call my name.” Korra set the cup aside for another barista to grab and make Asami’s drink, too embarrassed to say anything. “Not sure I’d have ever guessed who Salami was.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra said again, distractedly punching the order into the register while Asami started to scribble on the offensive cup. “It’s just you always come in earlier when it’s busy and you’re on the phone so I didn’t think you noticed and-” as she bumbled Asami finished writing and handed the pen back. “Thanks.” Korra couldn’t see what she’d written, the inked side of the cup was facing the opposite direction, and so she read off the register, “Four dollars and fifty cents.”

As Asami handed over her card her phone started ringing. Korra expected her to answer it, but Asami simply looked at the caller ID, glanced at her watch, and let out a soft sigh as she hit decline.

“You’re running late this morning?” Korra asked, returning the card and finally feeling the heat in her cheeks returning to normal.

“I almost didn’t come in for coffee,” Asami confirmed, and her lips curled into a teasing smile. “I didn’t want to miss out on your latest misspelling though.”

“I’m sorry,” Korra whined, but when Asami laughed at her she couldn’t help but chuckle. Asami was nothing like she would’ve expected. She was late but she wasn’t rushing anything, and she didn’t take herself seriously enough to be angry about Korra’s stupid revenge. “You keeping that as a souvenir?” Korra nodded toward the salami cup.

“Asami,” called one of the other baristas, holding up the venti macchiato.

“This is for you, actually,” Asami said, pushing the cup across the counter. She flashed a parting smile, saying as she went to retrieve her drink, “See you tomorrow, Korra.”

Korra watched as Asami grabbed her macchiato and hurried out the door. It wasn’t until she was gone that Korra picked up the cup to see what was different. At seeing the seven digits written beneath ‘Salami’ her cheeks flushed again. Her phone number. Weeks of purposefully misspelling Asami’s name had earned Korra her phone number? She hadn’t even considered the fact that her casual revenge might seem flirtatious, but if it did she definitely wasn’t complaining. She was so unexpectedly delighted she let out a quiet squeal and spun in a happy circle, blushing darker as she faced forward again to meet a bewildered customer.

“Hi,” Korra greeted the customer, distractedly hurrying to write the number down on a piece of receipt that she could shove into her pocket. “What can I get for you?”

It took everything Korra had to wait until the end of the day to put that number to use. When it came down to it, she really only had the patience to wait until the end of her shift. She’d hardly hung up her apron when she punched in Asami’s number and a text that said, ‘I’ve got a venti macchiato for Salami. When’s she free?’ It was only early afternoon, but maybe they could grab a coffee later tonight when Asami got off work…

Korra didn’t live far, so as she walked home she held her phone in her hand, waiting for a text back. It didn’t come, not the entire twenty-minute walk, and by the time Korra reached her apartment she was panicking. Stupid. She shouldn’t have purposefully misspelled Asami’s name again, in a text to her. So stupid. She got home and didn’t bother saying hi to Mako or Bolin and sank into the couch. She put the phone on the couch next to her and sulked while absentmindedly watching TV. So dumb.

It took an hour. A whole torturous hour during which Korra considered how stupid it was to sulk like this when she’d never even thought about a date with Asami. Then the phone vibrated next to her. It was in her hands and unlocked in the blink of an eye.

‘Sorry,’ the message read, ‘crazy busy at work. I don’t suppose you deliver?’

One of Korra’s eyebrows ascended to her hairline. Deliver? As in Asami was actually asking if Korra could come to her place of business with coffee… did that count as a date? She punched in her response, ‘I’m a dedicated barista who is willing to make an exception.’

It didn’t take nearly as long to get a reply this time, and a minute later Asami had texted back. ‘Future Industries, ask for Asami.’ Before Korra could reply a second message came in, ‘Make sure you’ve got a drink too. IOU, on me.’

Korra grinned, flying off the couch and heading for the front door. ‘See you soon.’


Gravity Falls.

My favourite show as of a long while now. Very rarely has a show made me break my ‘doesn’t do fanart’ thing. I started with my own style but I swear to god as I progressed, the style of the show bled into my own style. I have no idea if that’s a good or bad thing. LONG STORY SHORT, I LOVE THIS SHOW AND PLAN TO DRAW MORE OK BYE.