i constantly wonder if they even have brains in their possessions

The Racist Treatment of Bonnie Bennett

I contemplated coming up with some cool title with a ring to it, or maybe something veiled that made you scratch your head and wonder, before reading further, BUT… why not just call a spade a spade? - “But, BB8fan, that’s such a BOLD statement to make!” I KNOW. But don’t worry, I have the facts to back it up! 

The definition of the adjective “racist” is showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another. In this article, I will prove that Bonnie Bennett has been CONSTANTLY treated, made, and portrayed to feel as though the predominantly white characters of “The Vampire Diaries” were superior to her. #RacistTreatment


Firstly, when it comes to men: 

Bonnie Bennett has been treated, made, and portrayed to be the least desirable of the three female leads of TVD. While Elena was sought after by the hunky Salvatore brothers… and Caroline by the all powerful, Klaus, All-American, Matt, beefcake wolf, Tyler, Professor Alaric Saltzman, AND STEFAN to boot… BONNIE was sought after by Ben (who only wanted to use her), Luka (who only wanted to USE HER), Jeremy (who was grieving over the ex, he later CHEATED ON HER WITH), and Enzo, who had literally exhausted all other options! 


Elena was given the show leads, Caroline was given literally EVERY GUY ON THE SHOW, while Bonnie was whiny Jeremy’s third choice (after Vickie and Anna), and irrelevant Enzo’s third choice, for that matter! (Don’t forget CAROLINE and Lily! ;)

WHY have BOTH of her only relevant love interests end up with her BY DEFAULT?! And WHY IN THE WORLD couldn’t Ben or Luka start out using her, and then GROW TO CARE FOR HER?! Why did her stupid STEP BROTHER not even want her?! She had to literally THROW herself at him! WHY DID THE WRITERS TREAT THE BEAUTIFUL BONNIE BENNETT IN SUCH A DEMEANING MANNER??! In my opinion, she’s the most gorgeous of all the females, but NO. TVD made her undesirable. They put her white friends on a pedestal, and portrayed her as the inferior oddball NOBODY wanted and NOBODY CHOSE FIRST. #RacistTreatment  

But in case you need more evidence… 

Secondly, when it comes to empowerment:

Bonnie Bennett has been treated, made, and portrayed to be the most powerless out of the three female leads of TVD. ‘How so? Elena was a weak human for 3 seasons! And Bonnie’s the baddest witch in the land!’ I’m glad you asked… YES Bonnie’s a fierce witch, and yes, Elena was human for 3 seasons. BUT! 

1) Bonnie was possessed, beyond her control. (S1)
2) Bonnie was held back by Stefan, while Damon KILLED HER MOTHER. (S3)
3) Bonnie was CONSISTENTLY FORCED to do magic for Klaus! (S3)
4) Bonnie helplessly witnessed her grandmother being tortured by the spirits, to the point where she lost the ability to do her magic. (S4) 
5) Bonnie had to lay there and watch Jeremy die right in front of her! (S4)
7) Bonnie lost her magic. (S5)
8) Bonnie became the anchor, and had to undergo enormous magnitudes of pain. (S5)
9) Bonnie was stabbed, chased, and tormented by Kai. (S6) 
10) Bonnie had no magic. (S6)
11) Bonnie was hunted by the armory and had no magic. (S7)
12) Bonnie had NO MAGIC! (S8)

So yes, Bonnie’s an all powerful witch! But HALF THE SERIES she’s spent WITHOUT HER MAGIC! Elena was weak and human, and used for the cure! BUT Bonnie has been used as a magical tool EVERY OTHER EPISODE - and by literally EVERY character on the show! It’s not just Klaus and Katherine who’ve made her feel powerless! BUT Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Klaus, Silas, Enzo, and EVERYONE!!! 

Elena watched Jenna die. But Bonnie watched Jeremy AND her DAD die! She found her Grams dead, and was held back while her Mom was killed! 

This woman has been beaten down in ways that are just deplorable and unheard of! She has been FORCED, she has been ABUSED, she has been TRAUMATIZED in the appalling ways she’s been made to feel and be POWERLESS! More times and with more damaging magnitudes than with any other female lead! Fight me on this! It’s #RacistTreatment

But just in case you still REFUSE to see the light…

Lastly, when it comes to worth: 

This is the most serious and damaging of them all! Fine! Portray your only lead POC character as undesirable! Portray her as powerless! But worthless? This is just unacceptable… But TVD did it! My gosh they DID it with Bonnie Bennett!  

Caroline doesn’t put her life above Elena’s so why should Bonnie? TIME AFTER TIME AGAIN??! And then not only does she do it with Elena, she does it FOR JEREMY TOO!!! She literally GAVE HER LIFE for the two them! For Jeremy to be alive, and for Elena to be “happy,” she GAVE UP HER LIFE, because it is worth THAT little! Or so the show would have Bonnie believe, - AND the other characters, as no one has ever corrected her, - and we, the viewing audience! 

This is unhealthy, abusive, and DAMAGING, this belief system! But it has gone unchecked and uncorrected for YEARS! AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY,  the one time people claim their “superior” white faves did sacrifice for Bonnie is complete BS! Talk about #RacistTreatment

The ignorance of the show BLEEDS into the fans/viewers of it, and it is SCARY! To say that Elena or Damon sacrificed ANYTHING in season 6, when Kai linked her life to Bonnie’s, is not only absurd, it’s HORRIFYING! I don’t know if people are losing brain cells watching this terribly written show, but Elena was IN A MAGICAL COMA! That was done! It happened! – NOW. The loophole is that she could wake up, IF BONNIE DIES! So when people say Elena sacrificed, and Damon sacrificed, they’re literally saying “Delena didn’t KILL Bonnie, they’re supposed best friend! What a sacrifice!” 

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

They’re literally patting them on the back, for not MURDERING their “friend!” Do you realize how messed up that is?!… But then again, a messed up ship breeds messed up fans! And a messed up show breeds messed up viewers! Bonnie’s life isn’t worth anything! That’s been the running theme of the show! So why wouldn’t viewers pat DE on the back for not killing her?! She isn’t worth crap! 

“Bonnie’s superiors are her white friends, and she needs to be ready and willing to lay down her life for them, at all times!” 

That’s the message of TVD. I am SICK. I am utterly disgusted and SICK! I cannot BELIEVE I wasted SO MANY years of my life on this show, thinking they cared about this beautiful person of color! CONVINCING myself they were saving Bonnie for DAMON, and that was the reason for her lack of love interest! Reasoning they were making Bonnie a stronger, more layered character, by putting her through so much crap! Believing they’d have the right man DECLARE Bonnie’s worth to her, and put a stop to her self harm!


They’re not saving Bonnie for Damon. Why would they put the “inferior black girl” with one of the most desirable males of the series?! Even though Bamon is canon in the books, they will not even share a KISS! They will be the only important book!ship left COMPLETELY UNEXPLORED (they even did Meredith/Alaric!), when if this were Bonnie Mccullough they’d already be MARRIED! 

You know, back in season 3 of the show, I started to wish for Bonnie’s death. I thought, ‘if her character is going to be used and abused THIS much, she might as well be gone… Kat Graham deserves better, and I deserve better than to be stuck watching this show for her!’ But TVD kept her alive. They kept their token black person to keep their demographic viewers.

And yeah, a couple seasons later things seemed to be getting better… but then season 8 happened. :/ But I guess I should be thankful! My eyes are OPENED because of it. 

Bonnie Bennett is ENDLESSLY treated, made, and portrayed to feel undesirable, powerless, and worthless, next to her white friends. It’s #RacistTreatment and she deserves better. Kat Graham deserves better. And we as VIEWERS deserve better. 

I am SO DONE with this show, and I hope you will be to! Don’t put yourself through the heartache! Don’t put yourself through the twisted brainwash! I wish more than ever now that Bonnie Bennett would die. There’s just no winning. :/ She deserves better than emo Enzo AND self-centered Damon, who doesn’t give a crap about her! So just kill her! The writers have been emotionally stabbing her from the beginning anyways… 

I’m hurt. This hurts me… In a world full of constant injustice for people of color, I thought I was finally witnessing a powerful character… an attractive and beautiful black woman, who would be cared for and loved by others… It turns out she was nothing more than a plot line punching bag, created to make Elena, Caroline, the writers, and the viewers of this show feel better about themselves. :/ The abuse Bonnie Bennett has undergone has abused me worst than I think I’ve ever experienced in life. They have subliminally consistently told me I am less desirable, less powerful, and less worthy. I didn’t realize it before unfortunately, but I realize it now! And I’m DONE listening to the lies!

Well, I hope this article has enlightened you all! Don’t get so happy next time you see a diverse cast! Pay attention to the way the show/movie TREATS their people of color! Don’t be fooled, and left heartbroken and damaged, after believing and putting your faith and support into complete filth… 

Last, but not least, don’t let the ugly behavior of this world turn you into the very thing you despise. Fight hate with LOVE! And remember, we’re all brothers and sisters, whether we like it or not! 

Pray for the writers of TVD. Pray for the actors. Pray for it’s fans. Pray that they see the error of their ways, and learn to love and treat others the way they’d want to be treated… We all make mistakes. We’re all human. “We all have sinned.” Now it’s about moving FORWARD from that, and not repeating the same mistakes! :)

P.S. Go show Kat Graham’s twitter page some love! As hurt as I am by Bonnie’s treatment, she’s probably 10x more hurt! It’s probably why she decided to leave the show! She knew things weren’t going to get any better for her… :/ Anyhow, go show her some love! Thank her for gifting us with the lovely Bonnie Bennett! And compliment her on being the gorgeous and talented PROFESSIONAL she has always been! 

God bless!

Robb / Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Jon/Robb admiring you from afar and asking you out when they realise your uniqueness.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello! I really like your blog! Can you please make a modern au with robb and jon please? Rest is upto you, whether you make it a love triangle maybe, fluff/smut anything’s fine! Thank you xxx

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

In the style of a preference however it’s two imagines.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: MODERN AU ♡ ♡ ♡

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alright but lemme give you this: harry being the bumble-ee like all 'oh eggsy i know you don't mean that it's alright' and eggsy being like you bet your sweet ass i did and harry just like '???????' like literally making the sound you hear when you read ?????

oh shit why didn’t I think of this because yes. I love suave, composed, intimidating Harry who is so self-possessed it’s almost aggravating how naturally he moves about any social scenario that would leave anyone else a mess

but I also love a Harry who has his insecurities and looks at Eggsy and can’t even begin to fathom what Eggsy would see in him; a man who, for all his pomp and bravado and self-assurance, looks in his mirror and only sees the wrinkles around his eyes and the greying hairs and the smattering of scars across his chest and thinks of all the flaws before anything else

and here you have Eggsy, who is just vitality and youth and kindness and all things wonderful personified, and Harry would never ever dare admit how desperately he wants Eggsy because Eggsy is good to him, is his friend and his protege, and Harry would rather have him at a distance than not have him at all

So after months of them dancing around each other, going out to lunch and Eggsy coming over for night caps and sparring at the gym and pulling pranks on other agents (no one ever knows if it’s Harry’s idea or Eggsy’s), Eggsy has Had Enough and after a few gin martinis, goes on a planned out speech of how much he loves Harry and damned being a gentleman and waiting and all this nonsense, he feels like he’s waited fucking long enough and Harry would please be so kind to take him back to his bedroom and proceed to fuck him because he knows Harry wants it to, he has to, god, Eggsy might not get down on his knees and beg

And Harry’s brain literally shuts down and he’s a trained spy god dammit, he has talked his way out of being tortured for god’s sake, and yet he has no idea how to respond to Eggsy because he honestly never knew, how did he not know??

(Probably to busy being a perv and ogling Eggsy’s arse in the gym that he totally missed Eggsy’s dopey “I’m so fucking gone for you” look that Eggsy is like constantly giving him)

“Blue Prompt”

webcricket’s 500 Follower Celebration

Item/Object: Blue

Word Count: 1343

Requested by: @willowing-love

(this one went a bit long for a drabble so I put in a keep reading cut)

(not my GIF)

Some people take a long and tortuous fall – rocky, bruising, full of sharp edges leaving you scarred, or worse, broken when you hit bottom. Others take the winding road – sure, the view is beautiful, packed with scenic smiling photo opportunities - but watch out for the sudden twists and turns, and be leery of the dead ends. For you, one look is all it took - a single lingering gaze into shimmering cobalt-blue eyes, and you fell within the narrow expanse between two heartbeats. It sounds simple. Like everything else about your life, it’s not.

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Angel Behavior

Requested by @youandno-other. Hope you enjoy it, friend!

Summary: Cas is acting strange. Dean gets a surprise when he figures out why.

Word Count: 1800ish

Warning: One minor description of a wound, but this is mostly just fluff. What happened to me?

A/N:This has enough Destiel fluff to give you a cavity. Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.

The thing about angels is that they aren’t humans.

Dean forgets that quite easily when it comes to Cas. Cas looks and speaks like a human. He smells and sounds human, too. And he’s Dean’s friend. Dean doesn’t want to associate him with the other angels, who are cold marble statues, and assholes on top of that. So it’s very easy for Dean to just make Cas a human in his brain. A particularly strong human, but just a human.

But the thing is, Cas isn’t human.

And sometimes, he just does weird shit.

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Torn Part 10

We finally get to see a sweeter side of Eric……even though it does not last that long because the possessive side of him comes out. There has been a shift in the relationship and the reader and Eric are close to realizing their true feelings for one another. Sorry it took so long. I hope you enjoy. Now off to write my Tom Hardy fic.

Part one through seven here. Part eight here. Part nine here

You came to with soft wet kisses all over your face. Eric kissed your nose as his blue eyes gazed into yours.

“What happen?” You asked hoarsely.

“You passed out.” Eric moved a strand of hair from your forehead. “Are you ok?”

Was that a look of concern on Eric Coulter’s face? You nodded your head in conformation that you were ok. You could not believe that Eric had caused you to orgasm so hard that you passed out.

Eric leaned in and softly kissed your lips, you sighed as you opened your mouth to him and moaned a little from the pain that pulsated from your lower half as you wrapped your legs around him. You both laid for a few moments as you melted against Eric’s body as he devoured your mouth. You were getting wet again.

“I have to go.” You announced as your brain started to clear of the fogginess and you thought about work. Eric did not move from off top of you for a few moments as he searched your face.

“You can leave when I say you can leave.”

You rolled your eyes and tried to push him off. “Come on Eric I have to get ready for work.”

You knew Eric was not the cuddling type so why prolong your time in his presence. He was going to kick you out eventually so why not beat him to the punch and leave.

Eric sighed as he rolled over off you. He sat up in the bed with his back against the headboard watching you as you struggled to get up.

“Shit!” You muttered as your lower half ached. You slowly got up with as much dignity you could muster and slowly got dress as Eric watched you.

“Y/N?” You looked up at Eric from buttoning your pants. “Don’t go near him again. I am dead serious.”

Eric’s face was stone cold.

“I won’t as soon as you get rid of Raven.” You challenged. Eric was out the bed and in your face in seconds.

“Are you telling ME what to do?” he seethed.

“Yes and we won’t be together again until she is gone.” You told him not backing down. You were proud of your new boldness toward him. Hell if you could handle what he dished out last night you could handle anything when it came to him.

“What makes you think I would give her up for you?” Eric smirked as he found your newfound courage amusing and sexy.

“If you want this pussy again you will.” You could not believe that just came out of your mouth and Eric could not believe it either as his eyes widen and mouth opened for a split second before his face returned to its usual coldness.

“You threatening me?”

“No I am just stating fact. If you don’t get rid of her we will never be together again.” You moved away from Eric’s opposing figure. You needed to get home. Eric grabbed your arm and stopped you in your tracks.

“You must have forgotten who you are talking too. You do not tell me what to do. I can have you anytime I damn well please.”

You shook your head no and snatched your arm from his grasp.

“Nope you will never touch me again if she is still with you. I don’t feel comfortable with you fucking her and me at the same time. I shudder to think if she has any disease.” You told him as you slowly headed to the door. You were in such pain. Eric followed behind you completely at ease in his naked state.

“I always use condoms when I am with her.” Eric told you as you began to turn the door handle. You looked back at him and could not help but to admire his flawless muscular figure.

“I want her gone.” You said again before you opened the door and quickly as you could walk out before he could say anything else to you. You instinctively looked over at Four’s door and it was shut. You walked to your apartment gritting your teeth from the pain between your legs and ass. You were glad Eric did not follow you. You hoped he realize how serious you were.  Four was right you needed to make a decision and you did not want Eric with Raven, as you needed to make a proper decision without being swayed more toward Four because Eric was with her. They both need to be single on even playing grounds so you could make your decision. You could not keep going back and forth between them.

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Dearest (Joker x reader) 2

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his

Chapter two. Smut is coming

You remained completely silent. Your brain felt like scrambled eggs, you couldn’t think of or utter a single word. You’d heard the stories about him. How the government had lost count of how many people he had killed. How he was a complete psychotic maniac. The lack of response coming from you seemed to agitate him. ‘’Answer me, doll’’ he said, his voice lower now. My jaw tightened and I bit my tongue. ‘’I’uhm ,- I’m sorry’’ was all I managed to get out. His expression softened which made me relax a little bit. ‘’That’s better’’ he growled. ‘’What’s a little bambi like you doing down here? Lost?’’ he asked me, his eyes still fixed on my body. ‘’I’m not lost.’’ I said with a surprisingly amount of confidence in my voice compared to what I sounded like earlier. He raised an eyebrow, well where his eyebrows were supposed to be. ‘’Come here’’ he said as he stood up from the bed he had been sitting on the entire time. He walked agonizingly slowly towards the glass wall. I figured it was best not to agitate him any more than I already had by not replying, so I carefully walked towards him, stopping before him.

As I looked into his eyes, I felt my heart pounding in my small chest so I automatically looked down at the cell floor, afraid I was going to have a heart attack. ‘’Look at me, dollface’’ he said sternly. I was breathing heavily and forced myself to look back into his eyes. It wasn’t until now that I saw how beautiful he really was. His eyes were so full of both life and death that it scared me. I completely forgot about all the horrific things I’d read about him. All the people he had mercilessly murdered and tortured, for his own amusement. Someone as crazy as that couldn’t hide that side of them even if they wanted to. The eyes never lie. Neither did his. You could see the crazy in him.

I didn’t realize that we had now stood staring at each other for about 20 seconds without saying a word. ‘’Tell me’’ he began, tilting his head. ‘’ What do they call you?’’ I bit my lip and wondered if I should tell him my real name. I mean what if he could find out all he wanted about me and murder me and everyone I know? Still, I felt like he would know if I lied to him, and the last thing I wanted to do right now was anger him. ‘’Y/N’’ I said in a soft tone. He smirked, ‘’Y/N.., I like that, it suits you.’’ I tried to seem as put together and strong as possible so that he wouldn’t take advantage of the fact that I was vulnerable. ‘’Thank you’’ I began, signaling him to introduce himself, even though I knew who he was. ‘’Mister J, doll’’ he said with a sick smile planted on his face. ‘’Y/N, how old are you?’’ I felt nervous to answer, considering I was an eighteen year old girl who was supposed to be at home in her bed, doing her homework. ‘’I’m eighteen, mister J’’ I said, a shy smile playing on my lips. He seemed to approve of my answer, his pupils dilated and a small laugh came out of his wicked smile. ‘’Aaah, eighteen. God, that’s such a perfect age for a young girl, don’t you think Y/N? They’re so pure and innocent.

I was caught off guard and didn’t really know what to say. ‘’Uhm, yeah, I suppose so.’’ I muttered. ‘’Are you innocent?’’ he asked, clearly enjoying me being on the edge of a nervous breakdown. ‘’I don’t know’’ I replied. His smile faded and he looked at my pink lips. ‘’Well, I think you are’’ he said in a lower tone. Again I was completely mute. I wasn’t used to having conversations like these and I had no idea what to say. I remembered to constantly remind myself of the thick glass protecting me from him.

 I was afraid to say anything. Everything about him was so unpredictable. This thought made me relax enough to continue the conversation. Somehow I was worried that it would die out and that he would find me uninteresting and ask me to leave. Why did I want to be in the company of someone so cruel? What the hell was wrong with me? ‘’I suppose I am.’’ I said, my voice not shaking anymore. He purred which sent shivers down my back.

‘’You should go, kid. Unless you want to witness something that’ll send shivers down your ankles’’ he said, more serious than playful. How the hell did he know? First, I didn’t understand what he meant, but then I heard footsteps from the hallway where I came from. I figured this had to be the acclaimed doctor he was referring to when I walked in. He nodded towards a door behind me at the end of the hall. ‘’I want you to come back.’’ This made my heart beat a little faster and I felt myself getting excited at the thought. ‘’When?’’ I said, perhaps a bit too quickly and eagerly. He chuckled and started pacing back and forwards in his cell. ‘’Eager, are we? Parting is such a sweet sorrow, dearest. Come to me in a week, sweetheart.’’ I blushed at being called out on my sudden eagerness. When Mister J noticed, his eyes looked at me with lust, as if his theory of my innocence had just been confirmed. I turned on my heel and walked out the door before the doctors busted me. Once the fresh air hit me I felt a huge grin form on my face. I walked home quickly and couldn’t keep my mind of the clown prince who had just possessed my thoughts.

Failed Picnic with Mukami Yuma

[ Edition: Yuma’s Birthday ]

Originally posted by chirusse

  • © 2016 Please, please, please do not repost it anywhere! Thank you!
  • Word Count: 3993
  • Themes: SFW

Half of your body draped over the vampire’s stomach whilst the other half continued to lay on his side, your head shuffled itself towards his chest a little more as your fingers started to curl. The two of you had simply laid there the whole day after he had finished tending his garden and just cuddled up as though you were two bears ready for hibernation; although if you hadn’t been half on top of him, he would probably have squashed your form into nothingness with how your height had differed to his own. Occasional circles drew onto his shirt slightly as you took another breath, perching your chin upon his chest as you look at him slightly. Eyes closed, brown hair messed and heavy breathes had breathed outwards, you untangled one of your hands from his shirt and brought to plop at his nose, waking him up if he had been asleep. Although with his ragged breathing and the ceased evident in his eyebrows, you were certain that he hadn’t been awake.
        “Yuma-kun,” the soft whispers of his name slipped passed your lips as another plop of your finger tip had touched his nose. “Wake up…” Your finger moved towards his two redden cheeks and then towards his forehead; although before your had managed to tap his nose once more, his fingers wrapped around yours as his eyes lazily glanced over to you. “It’s not nice to sleep on someone, you know,” the words whisper out softly as you pouted. “Hm… but I was wondering… Will you really not be celebrating your birthday tomorrow?”
        The lazy look written on his face didn’t faze you. You had asked him this question about multiple times, and the answer still remained the same. No. From how you had known them, birthdays were the day that you were suppose to be with family and friends where you share gifts and thanks for being there for them. It was a celebration where cake and lots of food were made in honour of that person -something you had a feeling that the big bear besides you would enjoy dearly- yet he continued to say no. From what you knew, the other Mukami brothers had done the same. Kou and Ruki did have a small gathering between the family, but you wouldn’t call it really a party as they shared food as though they were still eating dinner normally. Less bicker between brothers had been made, but it still had been the same; the experience had still been the same.
        Eyes closed, he released your wrist as his fingers pushed back his hair with a sigh. “How many fuckin’ times do I need to tell ya, Sow?” His eyes opened to glance back at you, his other arm adjusted around your waist to pull your body even closer than it already had been. “I’m not gonna celebrate my birthday. It isn’t even my real fuckin’ birthday… I don’t remember my actual birthday… None of us except for Ruki does… So there is no point in celebratin’ if it isn’t my real birthday, Sow,” Yuma explained once more with a sigh. The hand placed on your back slowly moved its way up underneath your shirt, his fingers slightly pinched along your skin as he had went. “Don’t ask about it-”

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Chara (the first fallen human) is a textbook case of a psychopath.
(note: this is not a slur, it is the criminology and psychology label for a person with a mental illness / criminal acts that match certain criteria, and Chara matches all but the sexual ones, for obvious reasons as they are a child).

People just don’t understand how horrible their actions really are or the reason they act this way. They have a mental illness, they are a perfect example of all they things they look for when diagnosing psychopaths as a subgroup of Antisocial Personality Disorders. They commit suicide in their plan to destroy humanity, they planned to not only force Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel watch them, their adopted child, die, but also take their biological son away from them to turn themselves into a god. People just haven’t looked at the text in the game and put the pieces together.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I recently found your blog and i got to say I really love the way you write!!!! Do you think I can get a style 5 scenario of them seeing you in your kimono for the first time??? Keep up the great work I really enjoy your blog!!!

  yo this is too fucking long i’m so sorry. i’m sure you meant the compliment for Admin Astrid,hence this was sent before I arrived, lol, so i’m sure she’s ecstatic. on another note, i’ll keep the opportunity for nsfw head canons up until tonight, 12 AM EST - Admin Tito

Edit: I made it under the cut cause it’s too fucking long omg i’m so sorry I imposed this monstrosity on you guys forgive me 

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The Portrayal of Indians in Western Children’s Media is Problematic and this is Why.

First off, let me get one thing straight. I’m not saying that all media has shitty representation of Indians. There are shows that have excellent representation concerning Indians, but these sadly, are few and far in between.

For now let’s focus on children’s media, specifically the Disney channel shows Phineas and Ferb and Jessie

To start off, lets tackle the less problematic one: Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is a great show in general. I myself have watched it for years now, and overall, its a very positive show. My only problem with it is the portrayal of Baljeet.

When I first started watching this show (back in 2009) I was super excited to see the inclusion of an Indian kid in an American show. Being the first generational child of two Indian parents and growing up in the States, I wasn’t really exposed to too much Indian representation in media as I grew up. Anytime I saw an Indian character on a western show, I used to get excited because I felt like I could connect to them in a way. 

Now before anyone starts yelling at me, let me just say that I love Baljeet. I love the inclusion of his character, and I love the brains and problem solving abilities they gave him, as well as his larger role in the series. 

What bugged me, however, was how they portrayed him socially. Throughout the series, Baljeet can be seen being bullied consistently by Buford. Now see, it would be fine if he fought back or at least acted like the bullying affected him in any shape or form. What I really found really irritating is that he would go back to being friends with Buford and bending to his will, regardless of how many times Buford picked on him. Baljeet was portrayed as the scrawny little awkward brainy Indian kid who couldn’t fight back. He was portrayed as weak and submissive and forgiving, which is a really bad thing to portray an ethnic minority as, especially in a kids show. 

As much as I loved Baljeet, it hurt me a little to see him not standing up to Buford throughout the series. I myself was bullied mercilessly as a kid, but I always went along with it because I thought that I was just a weak foreign kid who didn’t have a chance of standing up to the kids who weren’t foreign and were so much stronger and better than me. I hoped that Baljeet would stand up to Buford in the series, so that other Indian kids seeing the show could see that they are not simply brainy weaklings that could be tossed around at will, but the show never truly delivered on this.

Besides that however, they did portray Baljeet well, and the show was respectful when it came to Indian culture and heritage.

Ok now on to the really problematic one: Jessie

Jessie is a show about a girl who moves from Texas and becomes a nanny to a rich Brangelina-esque family in New York.

Disregarding its terrible cliches regarding the other kids in the family (Zuri, who is black is carnicatured as a sassy and bratty black kid, Emma is depicted as a ditzy dumb blonde, Luke is depicted as a dumb jock with no moral compass, and their butler is picked on just for being fat) the show is absolutely terrible when it comes to representing Ravi, an Indian kid who was adopted into the family.

Now don’t get me wrong, the kid who plays Ravi (Karan Brar) is an absolutely wonderful person, but the representation of his character in Jessie is absolutely disgraceful and offensive as hell.

For starters, most of the stereotypes Ravi is portrayed as aren’t even close to accurate. No, Indian people do not always have crystal balls and other magical ancient devices that they consult all the time. No, India is not some exotic type of land where wild animals roam free, there is no reason that Ravi in any shape or form should have a komodo dragon as a fucking pet. No, Indian people do not always wear Sherwanis 24/7 with Om symbols on them, or say stupid shit like “Great Ganesha! I’m a human samosa!” And why the hell does an 8 year old kid have certification in yoga? And no, we are not all obsessed with curry.

My mother used to love watching this show just for Ravi because she loved the fact that they included him in it, but after a while even she was disgusted by the blatant racism towards him that the show depicted. Ravi is constantly bullied in school, the food he eats is regarded as gross and met with a grimace from the other characters, his cultural practices are mocked and the other characters cheaply imitate them. He is often portrayed and possessing mystic knowledge from his country (what the hell) and as being interested in shit that is almost always nerdy or Indian culture based, which makes him (according to the show) a social outcast at school.

I would say more about Ravi, but his portrayal on Jessie angers me so much that I cant bring myself to watch the show anymore. His portrayal is highly racist and highly damaging considering that this is a show for children. It depicts and teaches children disrespectful stereotypes about Indian culture. Its also very damaging to Indian children who watch it. Imagine being a young child, excited about seeing representation of your race on television, only to find that its a gross caricature of your culture and ethnicity and that the show depicts your heritage as a goddamn joke.

Please don’t mess up representation in media, especially representation of minorities and especially in childrens media. Kids who watch this will grow up learning and being exposed to incorrect and racist stereotypes like this, and that’s damaging as hell. If you’re going to represent a minority or race, please do your research and consult someone of that race to make sure you are doing it respectfully and accurately .

beginner’s guide to autistic narrative (part 1)

Here in Autistic Worlds I explore and talk about a mental activity that I refer to as traveling or autistic narrative. It is a divergent, intense form of imagination or daydreaming. Previously I aimed my posts at people who are already familiar with the concept and are travelers themselves. Now I decided to try something different and write several posts for autistic people who want to try traveling and start engaging in it.

You might want to do it for several reasons. When properly controlled, autistic narrative can help with self-regulating and coping, be a way to recharge and calm down, help you communicate with the world around you and support you in time of need. You have better chances of becoming a traveler if:

  • You think in divergent ways: in sensory information, concepts or patters, and not just words
  • You are a lucid dreamer
  • You mental stim
  • You have a special interest in a fictional universe (book, movie, TV-show, videogame, etc.)
  • You are prone to zoning out and focusing on your own thoughts

Before I begin, I should say that I learn how to travel naturally and have been doing it for as long as I remember myself, so some of these techniques may be subjective or perhaps too advanced. I will try my best at aiding and helping you, but if you need any further advice, do contact me and I will try to correct or explain myself. Good luck!

What is traveling?

Let’s start with reviewing some of the terms I will use. I have plenty of posts written about traveling/autistic narrative, you can check out a masterpost of links here, and a short overview here. I will quote the ‘’traveling 101” post to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Traveling: a mental activity categorized by intense, divergent imagining. Traveling can be described as escaping the physical reality to explore another, imaginary dimension inside your own head. It is persistent, structured and associated with a sense of fulfillment.

Usually traveling involves creating and exploring sophisticated and detailed worlds that have little to no connections with the mundane physical realty. Often they are based on pieces of fiction such as books, movies and TV-shows. Traveling is different from casual daydreaming in several ways: it takes much more time and it is intense; it feels more realistic than simple wish fulfillment.  The traveler doesn’t have much conscious control over what’s happening in their world – the events happen naturally, as if you are watching a movie in your head.

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Nessian pros and cons

Hi, this is the nessian post I’ve been thinking about for some time already.

First thing I need to say is that I’m shipping nessian like mad, so if there is something that hurts you – it also hurts me. But there are some non-positive things that need to be said. I’ll start with the less positive (and even some negative) and then move on to the positive ones.

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This was not supposed to be almost 11k of words yet here we are. Another damn au of an au, namely @chokingonfeelings Falling Star AU and Transcendence AU. Thanks as always to my wonderful beta @marypsue for her invaluable help and encouragement, and to @perfectlylogicalexplanation for sharing Chaos!Mabel feels. 

Enjoy before this gets hella jossed by tomorrow’s episode!


She was a star, shooting dying expanding falling going nova burning burning burning. There was a rift above her head, a great searing tear across dimensions, a burning rip that dissolved reality into its component parts, a rift more powerful than any two bit demon that thought it could harness it, use it.

She was encased in a bubble in a prison in a cocoon. There was a great arching rift above her that fed her, loved her, took her and made her one of its own. She was cradled and enriched. She was harnessed and used, she broke her chains and became herself. She was Chaos incarnate, every possibility, everything that ever was or ever could be. She was everything and nothing at once, and even after Bill was defeated, even after the world and her brother Transcended, even after everything had changed, she hadn’t.


Dipper was beyond sense, beyond caring, beyond boundaries and the paltry frail limitations he put on himself. All that he could focus on now was the pain and anger that coursed through his body. The pain as information poured into his brain, unwanted, unneeded. It felt like his skull was constantly shattering and healing and shattering again, re-healing bigger and bigger every time to make room for the knowledge coursing into him. And even as the info dump rode him, driving him into further and further depths of pain, fire raged within his heart, within his soul. He was covered in blood and it wasn’t his. The scent of blood and terror had caught him earlier, tempted him, brought water to his mouth, brought him to this plane. He got there and the source of that pain was a little child, barely older than the triplets, and even as he arrived the little boy breathed his last and there were supplicants looking at him eagerly, ignoring the small broken body on the floor and how dare they h͍̗̹̮o̦͈w ̨̲̤̣͇͙D̦͎̭͖͕͈͡A̱͔͖̭R̥ͅE̥ ͙̲̰t̷̗̤̫̯ͅh͈͍͉e͎̙̝͖̺̰͡ͅy̯. But ripping them to shreds, ripping their souls out of their bodies with his teeth, laughing as they begged for mercy…none of it did anything to quell the anger that drove him, anger at every person who thought murder and pain was the only path.

Anger at himself, at the demon within him, the demon he was, for loving it, for wanting only to burn the whole world down, to play with the toys he had in front of him and b̩̲̣r̴̯̻͔͔̻e̬͔̘̱̰a̤͍̪̙̝̪k̶ ͎̬̼̞͔̩͠ͅt͎h͉̦͢e̼̫̹m and-

“Hey Dipdops?”

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Mycroft DID NOT help Sherlock fake his death

This one is going to be the first backing meta for the Analyzing the rooftop scene post. It ‘d be better if you have read the main meta first in order to be aware of all the points and arguments used there, but it works perfectly on its own as well. 

As I already explained in the main post, I don’t believe Mycroft and Molly helped Sherlock fake his death and the simplest argument for this is that in this case there was no reason for Sherlock to fabricate a false explanation when he returned to London. I will also remind you of my RULE #2:  When you see a character in a show or a movie act devastated, confused, scared or sad when they are alone or nobody sees them, then this is genuine, otherwise we are talking about poor writing, cheap tricks and huge plot holes, no matter what excuse is given afterwards.

In short the point of this post is that Mycroft knew exactly what would happen to Sherlock, he didn’t help his brother fake his death and he’s not a villain. Too crazy? Not really. 

First of all, I will explain why I am such a strong believer that Mycroft is a good guy. I don’t believe Moriarty works for Mycroft and I don’t believe Mycroft works for Moriarty either. And, in fact, a single scene as evidence is enough for me: 

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Greetings From The Cage

submitted by G!anon

It’s always genuinely surprising to Adam that he’s not tortured in the Cage.

He still thinks there’s a God out there, albeit one that generally doesn’t care, because otherwise he would not have been as lucky as he was.

There’s some sort of reasoning behind not getting tortured, too. He’s trapped in the Cage with two angry archangels. You would think he’s being tortured, right? Yeah, that’s what he thought, too. It was actually quite the opposite.

Turns out, Lucifer and Michael have some sort of a pity for him. They vaguely told him that they had looked into the future, and that Adam would be here for a while.

So there goes his whole future, apparently.

He was never meant to be dragged into this. He was only nineteen, and he was supposed to be studying as a pre-med student. It’s only because he’s a half-Winchester, and everyone knows that Winchesters have bad luck. 

It’s hard to tell time in the Cage. It feels like it’s been only a few days, even though it’s been months for all he knows. 

In the beginning, he spent a lot of time silently fearing the two archangels. He knew they were supposed to be torturing him, and even though it wasn’t like he was complaining about it or anything…He still had to wonder if they were even going to.

The Cage had been constantly silent. Adam obviously wasn’t talking, and there was no way that Lucifer or Michael would make a move to talk to each other, much less Adam. Right?

Well, eventually Lucifer was the first to speak up. He proposed a truce with Michael, to solve their differences. After all, they were both brothers; they still loved each other dearly, deep down, just like when they were fledglings. Michael was just an obedient child, as always, and his obedience to his Father was the only reason why he cast Lucifer from Heaven.

Adam, still shaken by the surprising peace until then, was absolutely shocked at what he was hearing. Lucifer? Proposing that they talk out their differences like they both hadn’t been intent on starting the Apocalypse. Hell, Michael was planning on wearing him for the occasion. 

Even more surprising?

Michael agreed.

They talked and talked and talked for days on end. Sometimes there was shouting, and there was a time when Adam swore he thought he heard sobbing. Not that he dared look up to confirm it. 

In the aftermath, the two archangel’s trust was somewhat restored.

Now, they were back to conversations and laughing. Adam was sure that they could even qualify for the “World’s Greatest Brother” cups. He actually started feeling like the third wheel. In the Cage. With two archangels.

God, his life is so weird.

He was actually startled when Michael mentioned his name at one point. 

There’s whispering coming from the other side of the Cage. He catches snippets of their conversation, like Maybe we should try and talk and a huff of Maybe you’re an idiot and a Shut up you imbecile and a Make me and then there’s some scuffling before Adam hears footsteps come his way.

He looks up and sees Michael walking toward him. 

“You’re Adam, right?”

Adam blinks. “Y-yeah.” He answered shakily, having not used his voice in God knows how long.

“Do you know how to play poker?”

Great. They are just trying to throw him off. 

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I’m going to be giving a lecture with Maja D’Aoust about the esoteric aspects of Wonder Woman this Thursday, April 2 at Otherwild in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

I first read Les Daniels’ The Complete History of Wonder Woman around 2011, while I was putting together The Cartoon Utopia. I noticed that William Moulton Marston had led a kind of kind of unusual life. He  had children with 2 women, and had invented the lie detector. Pretty interesting stuff. I’d never looked too close at Wonder Woman’s origin story before. It looked strange and exciting, and I had been toying with the idea of doing an adaptation of some old comic, as an exercise.

A few years later in 2014, I ended up making my comic DIANA. All the while, I wondered if there was anything more to Marston’s story. It seemed like something a journalist or historian outside of the comics world might turn into an article, or book, if they looked into it.

So a little while after my comic comes out, I am amazed to come across a New Yorker article about the Secret History of Wonder Woman! A harvard historian who writes for the magazine had written a book about William Moulton Marston! For once in my life, I let my little brain go & write my friend Dan at The Comics Journal to see if he can get me a review copy! He does, and I get to interview her!

So, I’m reading this great book, like a month or two before anyone else, and I start looking over 900 pages of the WW comics that Martson &  HG Peter did together before Marston’s death in 1947. It becomes really evident to me that there are aspects of western esotericism in these comics. I kind of try to shrug it off, because of course I’d be looking for such stuff. The original Wonder Woman comics are an early pop psychology mix, based on a heroic & utopian feminist agenda. She is a constant optimist, a blatant mouthpiece for the power of positive thinking. Although many superheroes display aspects of paranormal abilities, none approach these powers like WW does.

Wonder Woman’s activities in the psychic realm - her telepathy, mind control, clairvoyance & telekinesis all follow theosophical ideas. If you’ve ever read a new age book about ESP, you’ll notice right away that WW goes about doing it right. She is constantly having adventures on different layers of the astral plane, she brings herself and others there through trances, in sleep or while in dreams. She speaks of thoughts having physical form, and people appear in their imagined ideal forms on the astral plane.

So, in reading the details about Marston’s unusual life, I wondered what sort of esoteric things he may specifically been aware of, or had in mind when making this comic book character. His wife had Elizabeth had studied Greek at Mount Holyoke. Both herself and Olive Byrne, the mother of Marston’s other children, had taken part in providing ideas for Wonder Woman. As well as these two women, Jill Lepore’s book reveals a third woman who also lived in the Marston home named Marjorie Wilkes Hundley. Hundley was an unmarried, independent woman who came and went over the years and lived in their attic with her “incense & tarot cards”.

Marston first met Huntley in 1919 at an army base during WW1. She returned to live in Boston with him and his young wife, Elizabeth. This was years before Marston had a family with both Elizabeth & Olive Byrne. Huntley was also present at the mysterious “Aquarian meetings” that took place in 1924-25 at the home of Marston’s aunt Carolyn. It was here that Olive, Elizabeth, and William Marston first entered into some sort of cult of female power, which lay the groundwork for how they would live their secretly polygamous life. Lepore refers to a 95 page manuscript she found in the DC archives detailing one of the meetings. Carolyn Marston Keatley was interested in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, which is hardly a sex manual for a cult of feminine power. We don’t know anything else about what spiritual ideas may have influenced these people. Huntley remained part of the family for decades after Martson’s death. He died in 1947. Elizabeth & Olive raised their children together, remained a family, and lived into their 80’s.

Marston’s children recall playing in closet in Huntley’s Rhode Island home that contained “all of their spiritual stuff” Elizabeth Marston told her children that Huntley was in possession of a box of documents that would “explain everything”. Huntley claimed to have burned this box of documents, claiming that “the world wasn’t ready for what it contained”

I had so many questions after reading Lepore’s book. I was excited to interview her, and ask about some these things I was curious about. I was totally naive, and had no clue that her book was going to be the such a sensation in the press. She was on Fresh Air & The Colbert Report the same week I interviewed her, and there were features in many newspapers about the book. Her answers to reporters’ questions were mostly always the same, and on message - summarizing her book. My offbeat queries about the cult of feminine power at the center of her story seemed rude and distracting in context. She was polite in answering my questions, but didn’t offer much more insight. She did however note that she doesn’t believe that this supposed box of documents has actually been destroyed!

I told my friend Maja about my ideas regarding Wonder Woman, and we’d been hoping to write an article about it sometime soon, when we suddenly got the opportunity to give a talk to the Golden Dome mystery school. If I felt that this story was simply a curiosity, that it was just interesting that there are some new-agey aspects to the original Wonder Woman, I wouldn’t really be bothering with all this. It feels important somehow. There’s been this intensely patriotic character, this total witch of an archetype standing front and center, yet somehow totally invisible in our popular culture for 75 years. Do you “like” Wonder Woman? Have you ever known a woman who was “into” her? Why exactly has she persevered for so long, when she doesn’t seem to have much of a story going for her? Any child can tell you the origin story of Batman or Superman, but not Wonder Woman, even though she’s been around just as long. Our ultraviolent modern pop culture has finally got hold of her, too. They’ve done away with her “clay birth” and made her the daughter of Zeus. She carries large swords and murders people. This isn’t Wonder Woman. I want more people to know about how and why she was originally created, in the hopes that we might one day actually have a strong & spiritual female archetype in our popular culture. There’s more to this story, and I want to get the conversation started.

a/n: Here’s my first entry for Capriweek 2016! This takes place in an AU of sorts, where there was no war. Damen and Laurent are still princes, but form a friendship at a young age. All of my pieces for Capriweek will tie together, and will be written in this same universe. So keep an eye out for those! We’re going to get a good look into this universe this week, and I’m pumped! I’d also like to thank Blue_wire13  (bluewire13 on tumblr) for the help with Laurent’s character, the ending, and title brainstorming! You should definitely check out her fics! (She’s doing Capriweek too!!)

Title: In This Garden Where We Lie

Pairing: Damen/Laurent 

Word Count: 4k 

read it on ao3

“Damen?” A quiet voice broke the silence.

“Yeah?” He asked, his voice equally soft. Laurent’s face was scrunched up, and he was looking pointedly at the ground between them.

“Do you prefer the company of your brother or my brother, over my company?” Came the even quieter question.

“Of course I don’t. You’re my favorite person in the world after all,” Damen replied, a smile on his face.

Capriweek Day One: Memories

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First of all, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NAMJOON REQUESTS! I do apologize if it’s quite late~ All of the following are loosely based on what I perceive of him, lyrics he’s written in songs, subtle things I’ve caught/noticed on some of their shows/interviews/posts. It may or may not be true, but it’s simply what I think of him. 

This one is a VERY long post… but hope you guys enjoy reading~

Kim Namjoon. The devoted, passionate lover.

(fanart by: dlazaru)

There’s something I feel strongly about Namjoon. He’s not an easy person to love. I don’t see him falling head over heels in love quickly too, I don’t think he likes being exposed emotionally. However, I also think he is the type to really love someone deeply and passionately when he finally does fall for someone. 

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