i constantly thank god for jd

rain in soho (children piping in the main square / but no one’s dancing, no one’s dancing down there)

andrew eldritch is moving back to leeds (one suitcase in his hand, and an old army backpack / from the second world war / from a liepzig secondhand store)

the grey king and the silver flame attunement (leather and lace and good friends / most of them good / most of them friendly)

we do it different on the west coast (i heard some good things from some friends about chicago / i gotta see with my own eyes about chicago)

unicorn tolerance (the thing i’ve been trying to beat to death / the soft creature that i used to be / the better animal i used to be)

stench of the unburied (incoherent but functional / speeding like a dead comet)

wear black (check me out, i can’t blend in / check me out, i’m young and ravishing)

paid in cocaine (strapped in, visibly sweating / as happy as i’m ever gonna be)

rage of travers (eyes wild with fear / i don’t belong here)

shelved (you can’t pay me to make that kind of music / not gonna swallow that pill)

for the portuguese goth metal bands (candlelight playing its tricks on the walls of the cave / hauling these songs to the light, from the mouth of the grave)

abandoned flesh (the world will never know or understand / the suffocated splendor / of the once and future goth band)