i consistently make bad life choices

Someone: Sam Winchester is selfish.

Me, an Intellectual: Sam Winchester tried to make choices near the beginning of the series and before that allowed him to have a better life. He has since lost most if not all of his sense of self worth and despite feeling like a bad person, consistently tries to help people and retain hope. To call him selfish is a gross and inaccurate disregard and misunderstanding of who he is as a person.

I’m re-watching all of Gilmore Girls before the revival starts. And I just have to get my thoughts out about Rory’s relationships.

I have always been Team Logan - which isn’t to say that I don’t like Jess. Jess is one of my favorite characters, but I just don’t think he was the best fit for Rory long term.

I know that’s an unpopular opinion. And I could write an entire essay about why I feel this way rehashing some of the most popular #TeamLogan arguments: That Logan may have made a bad first impression, but the more you learned about him the better he became. That Logan challenged Rory. That he was supportive of her without being overbearing in his opinions about what she should do with her life. That he was always upfront with her about his sexual past and issues with commitment, but left his comfort zone to be with her. That he made consistent mistakes but was the only of Rory’s boyfriends to readily admit he was wrong, make the choice to do better, and actually SUCCEED in changing and growing as a person both romantically and professionally.

But those things are mentioned all the time, and I feel like there is another very important element of Logan’s character that doesn’t always get credit.

He was the only of Rory’s boyfriends that genuinely loved ALL sides of Rory Gilmore.

I have a similar past to Rory. I was born into a life of relative privilege, but I’ve also underwent a string of events that forced me to live a much more modest, simple, and harder life. As a result, my life really has been split into two sects of people - the ones I knew when I was growing up at the local Country Club, and the ones I know now - who have little to no idea that I came from that kind of money or privilege.

Speaking from personal experience, it is SO HARD to find someone who can fit into both of those worlds. Who respects me for my past AND my present. Who doesn’t judge me for being naive or spoiled as I was born with a silver spoon, or doesn’t write me off because I currently don’t have the income, or the education from the right school, or the right connections, or the means to be as glamorous as many of my older friends.

I like Logan because he was the only person who loved Rory when she was in Stars Hollow AND when she was at Friday Night Dinner with her grandparents. He didn’t pick and choose which parts of her life he liked and respected. He liked them all. Dean and Jess merely tolerated the aspects of her life that they didn’t like, and they didn’t even tolerate them with grace. They were both outspoken about how much they resented having to go to Hartford or wear a tux for an event. Dean and Jess both loved Rory DESPITE her connections to money - because they came from her Stars Hollow world. Logan came from her monied world - but he never loved her DESPITE her Stars Hollow upbringing. If anything, her humble upbringing only made him love her more.

But there are no wars in Earthsea. No soldiers, no armies, no battles. None of the militarism that came from the Arthurian saga and other sources and that by now, under the influence of fantasy war games, has become almost obligatory.
I didn’t and don’t think this way; my mind doesn’t work in terms of war. My imagination refuses to limit all the elements that make an adventure story and make it exciting—danger, risk, challenge, courage—to battlefields. A hero whose heroism consists of killing people is uninteresting to me, and I detest the hormonal war orgies of our visual media, the mechanical slaughter of endless battalions of black-clad, yellow-toothed, red-eyed demons.
War as a moral metaphor is limited, limiting, and dangerous. By reducing the choices of action to “a war against” whatever-it-is, you divide the world into Me or Us (good) and Them or It (bad) and reduce the ethical complexity and moral richness of our life to Yes/No, On/Off. This is puerile, misleading, and degrading. In stories, it evades any solution but violence and offers the reader mere infantile reassurance. All too often the heroes of such fantasies behave exactly as the villains do, acting with mindless violence, but the hero is on the “right” side and therefore will win. Right makes might.
Or does might make right?
—  Ursula K. Le Guin

Occasionally, Sam Wilson feels the need to think about his life choices. 

Not that he consistently makes bad ones, mind you.  Mama Wilson raised no fools and Sam Wilson was definitely not a fool. 

However, a man had to think about some things when he finds a HYDRA agent on his doorstep, trussed up all nice and tight and with a bright red bow on his head, with a big bouquet of flowers. 

The card reads:  “Steve Rogers.”

When an incredibly happy Steve reads the note aloud, it says:  “Dear Steve.  I’m sorry for shooting you.  Bucky.”

Okay, so he actually wrote “James” then crossed it out and then wrote “Bucky” but the grin Steve had on his face was practically blinding and something like that should have a warning label on it, okay?  Be still one’s heart and everything.

“He signed it ‘Bucky’ - did ya see it, Sam? Did ya see?”

“Yeah, yeah - didn’t your mama teach you not to fall hook line and sinker, just because he gives you ONE HYDRA goon and a buncha flowers?” Sam shakes his head. 

Also, there should be a Warning Label™ for the Steve Rogers’ Patented Kicked Puppy Look.  “But Sam….”

“I’ll say it in simple words, so it’s not hard to understand,” And then Sam makes a show of enunciating clearly.  “Make. Him. Work. For. It.”

So of course, a couple of days later, there are two trussed-up HYDRA goons on his doorstep, a flash drive of hidden HYDRA bases and intel and a new expensive sketchpad and pencil set on Sam’s doorstep.

Steve is ecstatic.  

Also, he immediately sets up a battle plan, suits up and of course, Mrs. Rogers’ and Mrs. Wilson’s boys have to go kick HYDRA ass.  And Sam is all for this, because he’s seen the Winter Soldier files, witnessed the brutality that was done to one James Buchanan Barnes and totally understands the look of cold, deadly fury on Steve’s face.   

Sam’s job is simple - watch Cap’s six and help him deliver the righteous wrath of God Himself on these people. 

Also, there might have been a Friendly Neighborhood Sniper Who Was Definitely Not Clint Barton™ also watching over them.  The help was appreciated. 

One day later, there is another HYDRA goon - a scientist who was apparently part of the Winter Soldier’s tech team - on Sam’s doorstep.  There was also a long letter, in which Bucky Barnes wrote a dreamy, loving, adoring Ode to Steve’s Ass Kicking Skills™. 

Also:  “Please tell Wilson I am sorry about his wings and he’s doing a good job watching your six." 

Hmph.  Sam’s not about to be convinced by simple sweet talk. 

Natasha, of course, thinks Barnes is the sweetest, most romantic thing ever.  But because Natasha is also one of Sam’s favorite people in all the world, she also tells Steve to hold out just for a while longer. 

"But why?” Steve whines. 

“Trust me, it’s more fun that way,” Natasha assures him. 

And then, somehow, Sam’s absolute favorite coffee crunch cake appears on the doorstep, along with a killer pair of red Louboutins for Natasha.  There wasn’t anything for Steve, surprisingly.

“Wooing the potential in-laws,” Natasha says sagely and then smiles when she finds the concealed weapons in the stiletto heels.   “He’s a keeper, Steve.  I give you my permission to marry him!”

Sam was in Cake Heaven™ and did not notice Steve’s put upon pout. 

To this day, Sam’s not able to describe the circumstances that led to Steve ending up in the Potomac when their morning run led to a HYDRA kidnap attempt.  However, Steve rose from the water like a wrathful god of war but also with his wet clothes clinging to every part of his anatomy, outlining it in exquisite detail. 

There may have been more than a few HYDRA agents questioning their sexuality at this point. 

Sam is trying to keep one HYDRA goon from shooting Steve when he hears a strangled, “Wilson, for the love of God, COVER HIM UP!”

Alas, Sam could not aid Barnes’ fraying sanity, not when Steve was in full on Wrath of Cap™ Mode, even with the wet shirt lovingly showing every detail of that infamous musculature and the jogging pants leaving nothing else to the imagination, leading to the hashtag #GodBlessAmerica trending high on Twitter for the next two weeks. 

Look, Sam was trying to help his friend not get kidnapped first, even as Steve sent one HYDRA agent after another flying.  Priorities, okay?
But at least Sam gets the basic formula down pat:  Wet Steve + Steve Kicking Ass = Barnes Catnip. 

Sam and Natasha know they have done their work well when James Buchanan Barnes, clean, shaven and looking completely dapper shows up on Sam’s doorstep with the world’s biggest Bucky Bear in his arms and greets Sam and Natasha with the polite charm and grace they’ve already seen from Steve himself. 

Steve, mind you, keeps him waiting only for five minutes before appearing downstairs equally as well dressed and with all the hearts in his eyes.   Bucky Bear gets a cuddle, which makes actual human Bucky give Steve huge pathetic Kitten Eyes when he doesn’t get one of his own.   However, Steve does make Barnes work for it, apparently, as they run off on the date that’s been over seventy years in the making.

Sam totally did not need to wander downstairs at Ass O'Clock in the AM only to find the Super Soldier Boyfriends “making time” - as they put it - on his own couch.  But then again, Steve was scheduled to move into his new apartment soon and Sam is totally making the idiot take the defiled couch with him. 

Steve totally replaced Sam’s couch with the most comfortable one in existence.

—  The Courting and Mating Habits of Geriatric Super Soldiers, as Observed by Sam Wilson (a Blanket Fort Fluff Headcanon Countdown to Civil War)