i connect with it on a spiritual level

Kishibe Rohan (Platonic) imagines

I wrote some trash imagines for Rohan Kishibae 

·         Imagine being friends with Rohan (surprisingly)

·         You guys connect on a spiritual level (Let’s say you’re passive and you just go with his overbearing manner)

·         And you (not having a stand) watch him getting attacked by an enemy stand

·         Let’s pretend the stand was ‘Cheap Trick’ and you caught him trying to get to Reimi

·         You’d just be walking across the town and see Rohan sliding across the wall

·         “Kishibe Sensei what are you doing?”

·         He’d scream out something about being attacked by a stand before realising you cannot see them

·         It’d be weird for you so you’d just walk away for the day (With him desperately wishing you had a stand)

·         The next few days would be consisting of you asking if he was getting attacked by a hotdog stand

·         Speaking of ‘Kishibe Sensei’, you’re a big fan of him and respect him so much you refuse to call him anything else

·         He once did say to call him Rohan (relationship goals) but you refused because “I don’t deserve the honour of calling you that Kishibe Sensei”

·         You don’t hate Josuke but (rip) you act like you do in front of Rohan (or at least don’t condemn him for his terrible treatment of Josuke)

·         Let’s say that you’re a training Mangaka

·         Expect the rare lesson from Rohan

·         Also, expect criticism for your shitty drawings (even if you’re good like me, he’ll consider you shit. This is Kishibe Rohan we’re talking about, not some decent human being)

·         Once in a blue moon though, he’ll find one thing you compliment you on

·         You also don’t talk about you and your past much and Rohan gets curious

·         So, while you’re looking (or not, doesn’t matter since you don’t have a stand) he uses it on you

·         Before the decent person inside of him emerges and he doesn’t read about your history

·         Though he quickly does a four sixty and goes to read your past

·         Lucky you’re his friend or else he definitely would’ve just read about your past withoutdouble thinking

·         Hard to tell but you and Koichi are the only ones he considers friends

·         Is flattered and annoyed by the high standards you hold him at

·         If you were hurt, he would (very very very very) reluctantly ask Josuke to patch you up

·         So there was this one odd moment when you were kneeling beside Rohan

·         The reason? Who knows, things just happen, maybe because you just had a long day at school and felt like kneeling beside your idol

·         Rohan lets out a deep sigh after working for a few days straight and unconsciously puts his hand on your head

·         He ruffles your hair once before even he realises what he’s doing

·         You realised almost instantly though and just sat there awkwardly

·         You’re his biggest fan but being treated as a dog is weird regardless, there was no way you wanted him to ruffle your hair ever again

·         Both of you never speak of this ever again and you now bring a hat whenever you go over the Mangaka’s house

@blackzucchini thanks for sending these in dude! They were great and I see that you also do RvB (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so I’m gonna be stalking your blog for some more of your A+ content 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this blog dedicated to my personal spiritual journey would gain the level of momentum it has over the 2+ years it’s been running.

I have connected with incredibly talented witches and sweet people who are looking for a place to talk, learn, and share ideas without judgement. I always welcome messages and asks. You have helped me think about my practice in a new way.

Thank you for helping to enhance my path. I hope to continue growing with you.



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Consider though

Talon treating Sombra like tech support because “you’re good with like computer stuff right I can’t connect to the wifi can you fix this”

“Sombra why is my screen blue”

“Sombra Reaper spilled juice on my computer and now it won’t turn on”

“Sombra I forgot my password”

And that’s the real reason she turned double-triple-backstabbing agent

When I began med school in august, I didn’t know anyone. I sat alone and focused on my work. I still do.

But now, three months later, I can’t help but reflect on how that has changed.

Sitting in the lobby outside the library, browsing instagram on a study break, I am gladly interrupted by peers. Friends from parties, friends from lab groups, friends who sat behind me in lecture.

If you are open and patient and are willing to relate with people on their own levels, you will make new connections. I appreciate my time alone and I also appreciate the spaces I create with other humans.

It sucks to have taken two exams today and now have to study for two finals I am taking this week. Yet in this moment during this little study break I can pause and be grateful for how things have unfolded thus far.

I am doing well academically, socially, and spiritually. I surrender the rest and continue to let the river’s current carry me on.

Namaste :)


2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA:

“There has been some grief, the occasional angst-riddled moment, but to be completely honest for me my queerness has brought mostly joy into my life. Whatever grief I have suffered comes as a result of other people’s internalized trauma and their need to lash out, which is separate from my queerness and my faith.  I feel most open and spiritually connected with Allah (SWT) when I hold myself to my truth. And I believe that in resisting colonial cisheterosexual patriarchal norms of interpersonal relationship building, I have the ability to strive for dismantling abusive power structures and thus more caring interpersonal relationships. I am blessed to always be surrounded by love and I am eternally grateful for it. My family who, regardless of their level of knowledge regarding my queerness or lack thereof, has helped build me up to the strength I have now that allows me to be honest with myself. The friends, and community of support I have around me always has my back and I feel honored to serve them in whatever way I can. And with the woman I love, a queer Muslim herself, I learned what it means to love without expectations, to truly be unselfish.”