i conflated the two sorry

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I'm a little confused; I thought that it's only in the dub version where Kaiba talks about reality being poorly constructed and firing the person responsible. I'm pretty sure, at least in the fansubs I've seen, that the speech is different in the original - with Kaiba talking about the futility of war, how ever the winners are trapped with in the prison of their flesh. Some anime sites and I think the early versions of the DVD used the dub dialog for subtitles with the Japanese VAs.

I’m probably either misremembering or conflating the two XD; Sorry about that. I saw a German fanfic talking about him killing the person responsible but it didn’t say if that was going off the dub or sub script, and I saw a couple other people talking about the killing line specifically and I knew that wasn’t in the dub so I assumed it was in a sub. I remember Kaiba’s dub speech being more about how awesome he and Solid Vision were and the ‘Look up because you’ll know Seto Kaiba gave this to you!’ part.

Official subs have started to come out; Lionsgate is replacing affected copies if you can send in the pertinent info, so we should know for sure fairly soon. ^^ It could also be a situation where stuff in the official subs is translated less literally than fansubs or given entirely new dialogue in some cases, or the opposite could also be true. There’s a lot of double meanings in a lot of what Kaiba says.

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Buffy's mom was named Joyce, not Joy. Also, one time she was sexualized as part of Xander's dream in "Restless". Because Xander is a guy and guys sexualize all the women they meet. Also, one time she had a boyfriend, but he was very much not sexual, and turned out to be an evil robot. And another time she had a boyfriend, but we never saw him and then she died. *goes back to lurking appreciatively on your blog*

I had completely forgotten about all those things, anon. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words so let me be a wizard and sum up everything i have to say about Whedon’s representation of Joyce in a succinct gif: