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I already loved you.

TITLE: I already loved you.


AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is planning to confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day, with orchids and a poem he himself wrote. Someone from the Avengers (who has a problem with Loki being in their team now) catches him in preparation and mocks him, saying “Oh, a monster in love, nice.” This gives Loki a pause as he is reminded of his heritage and his past deeds. He throws away the flowers and the poem, telling himself he is a deluded fool to think you’d ever reciprocate his love….Cont.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I loved this imagine so I did this for fun. It isn’t the best, but maybe someone will write one better. ;) Hope you enjoy. (I so wanted to make this smut, but I held back, lmfao) 

It was Valentine’s Day and although Loki had never celebrated the Midgard custom he was all too eager to use this day to confess his love for you. Since the day you arrived he had felt a strong pull towards you. He had been pleased when you had been nice to him, even forming a close friendship. He couldn’t remember a time when someone treated him with such kindness and genuinity. He realized some time ago he wanted to claim you as his own, but his own self-doubts got in the way but he had decided today, Valentine’s Day, he would finally admit his feelings for you.

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“I really hope that season 2 is going to have a more flowing plot- not just weekly akumas. I love the akumas, but having a whole overarching plot/conflict over the whole entire season may make the season better. Maybe involving Adrien’s mother, or Gabriel’s past (if he’s Hawkmoth/has any association with the miraculous with the vault w/ the peacock miraculous and book)”

I had a dream that I was in a neon-lit bar with all the class 1A characters. It was really cool just seeing them, but as soon as I saw Tokoyami I ran up and gave him a hug. He gave the best hugs. Firm but soft and warm still with his fluffy feathers.

I’m not hating Natsu, really. But I’m still angry at him because he threw Gajeel away when they fought against Sting and Rogue. Natsu reproachs Sabertooth for not caring about their Nakama, then why couldn’t he fight as a team with Gajeel to defeat the Twin Dragons? A victory in a team has more Nakama power for me than a lonely victory! (And I swear, I don’t hate Natsu)
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Virgo Venus Confession
  • I keep imagining these romantic scenarios that'll never happen. I'll tell you that I'm not all that into relationships. Hell, I've even convinced myself...mostly. There's a part of my mind though...that knows what I really mean. I'm not a conventional relationship person because I don't want all sunshine and rainbows. I'm drawn to emotional pain. I'm so critical yet I'm always looking for someone to fix. I'm so cold yet so attached. So, maybe it's safer if we're just friends or nothing at all. So then when I accidentally spill my heart, I can tell you I didn't mean it.

A while ago i submitted a confession about how no matter how badly I wanted a doll and how hard/expensive it was to find now I would never resort to a recast. The grail in question was SDC Renee, released ten years ago, who I just assumed I’d never even get to see in person, let alone have. Well, a few weeks after that confession was posted, Volks rereleased her. And I just got the email that I won her. NEVER give up! And may the doll of your dreams become more obtainable some day too! ;w;

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I’ll be honest with you, I can barely remember what fics I’ve posted beyond a week. I guess in recent memory, I would love to read a fic about the Blue Zircon and musicals saga.

I do it do.

Most of us are into that Mcelroy boys content. Honestly, there are other common interests, but that’s the only one I got at the moment. That said, we did all find each other through Homestuck one way or another.

Again, there are so many I couldn’t give you a list. All the fics I post on the blog have me laughing in some way. The last submission that really got me chortling was the Ronaldo in Vietnam one. Ironically enough, sometimes the ones I really find funny aren’t always the popular ones.

Ok y’all, here comes the Badficniverse backstory you’ve all been waiting for:

One night over 2 years, I was playing Civ 5 with a bunch of friends of mine (who some of which became mods for the blog) and I was going through different Steven Universe confession blogs between turns. I was talking to my friends about the different confessions and I jokingly suggested that I should submit a joke confession myself. The joke confession was essentially around the lines of “Help! I’ve been framed for murder! You can find me at these cryptic coordinates you can only unlock after these 30 riddles”. Mod Raids then tells me this is a terrible idea and it might sound like you committed an actual murder. I shrug it off and then go to the bathroom (Note:this is where the ideas happen) and thought about the time I ran an actual badfic blog and combined it with my fake confession idea. I came back to my friends and told them the idea and asked them if they would be willing to help out and they agreed. We wrote up 50 fics for the blog and two days later I started the blog up. And that’s how Badficniverse was born. 

Its kind of a lame story but I hope y’all enjoyed it haha.

Children literally having sex and anything overly too graphic. Which for the latter, I think my tolerance/what I consider graphic is pretty high because I’ve gotten yelled at for things I find extremely tamed. That said, please don’t let that stop you from asking me to tag stuff. I literally don’t mind doing so.

Qualifications for going on a date with me:

-Must be over 6 feet tall

-Must be extremely buff

-Must be able to let me ride their shoulders while we’re at the state fair

-Can wrestle a bear and win

-Knows show tunes 

Top five best pastas according to me (Rory):

1. Fettuccine Alfredo 

2. Any kind of ravioli  

3. Salmon pasta

4. Angel hair 

5. Lasagna 

This list is subject to change.

Well my personal favorite episodes are Hit the Diamond and Last One Out of Beach City. But that’s just me. 

Aw shucks!! I’m glad I can make people’s days!! I got the biggest grin on my face from this ask!! Thank you!!

I was really into Steven Universe at the time I created the blog. I still am, but if I were to make it today, I would probably do it for either My Hero Academia or Voltron. My Hero badficademia? Badfictron? Nah, neither roll off the tongue like Badficniverse.

Oh man. I don’t actually keep track?? I would say 10 during a bad week and 20 during a good week. 

Thank you! As far as I can remember, none are taken from any actual fics. I always give writers this choice if they want to. Most of the time when someone wants something linked, its their AO3 or FF.net page, and I’ve only done that a handful of times. 

I have seen a lot. I love cartoons. Shout out to all you animators, I love all of y’all, you do some hard work. I’m currently watching these animes this season:

Made in Abyss

My Hero Academia 

Centaur no Nayami


Ballroom e Youkoso


Also I just finished binging Voltron season 3 which was really good in my honest opinion.

Fear. I just asked them if they wanted to help write for the blog. It helped that most of my friends have watched Steven Universe. 

You’re right! I do use the eyedropper tool! Typically when it comes to picking out a color for a character that hasn’t spoken yet, I just use the eyedropper tool on the picture that is being used on the wiki for them. Lars color was decided because I used an eyedropper tool on his shoes. I try to make them as different as possible, but because more gems keep getting introduced, the harder it gets haha. Steven and Rose’s color being similar was something I did on purpose but they are two different kinds of pink. Here’s a list I made a year ago to keep track but its a bit outdated now:

I still use it though, I just have to go back to old fics to get the colors for characters that aren’t listed. Fun fact: Lapis’s and Connie’s colors were originally switched but because of a mistake I made, they’re the colors you see today. 

I feel like this whole reply is completely disjointed but I hope it made sense!!

Some of the greatest friends a person can have. And also they’re complete nerds, but they’re some of my favorite nerds. 

My cuteness secret: Having so many great followers. Y’all keep my skin fresh. 

You know, I don’t think I have one honestly?? I don’t know man, just give me a pizza with loads of cheese. I’m from the south and its not really known for its pizza. I have a friend from New Jersey who was horrified when she first came down here and found out how bad our pizza was. I mean, it tastes fine to me. 


And that’s it for the AMA!!! Thanks to everyone who sent us in questions!! Thanks again to everyone who followed us over the past two years!! You’re all fantastic!!