i confess i did love you for a book

I pretended to be brave
I didn’t shed a tear
As I watched you walk away.
Little did you know,
That was my biggest fear.
My heart broke while
My soul quickly shattered,
Why did I let you go when
You were all that mattered.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #15.
Would things have worked out differently for us if we’d met at a time when I was completely and entirely anything but myself? Now I can look back and say that I’ve changed, at least a little bit, but back then… I have no idea what I was working with. There was simply no me to begin with. I looked in the mirror and saw the same smile cut out of every picture but it didn’t mean much of anything. Did I even have thoughts back then? Did the sky have much of a color in those eyes of mine? I don’t even know.
—  🖤
While loving you I never wished for more, but I did wish for longer
—  Confessions
All you do now is tell me I’ve changed. Well guess what? I did. I’m not as nice as I used to be. I’m not getting dragged around anymore. Enough. I’m not as innocent as I used to be. What you did to me made me reckless. I’m a brand new person, and I know it’s better for me. I know how to protect myself now. It took me so much time to mend what you broke and become the person I am. You’re not ruining me again.
—  LM. People change People.
We hugged. And i didn’t want to let you go, but i had to. So i did. I could feel such a big lack of warmth around me when you left.
—  T.D
Full House (Young Sirius x Reader)

Pairing: Young Sirius x Reader

Requested: Yes.

Summary: After not being able to find any quiet place to read, y/n heads into the Gryffindor common room in hopes of finding someplace to read.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Warnings: Sirius being dramatic, confessions of love, mild language.

A/n: This is my first time writing for Sirius, so I hope it’s good!

Title: Full House


You sigh, grabbing your book close to your chest as you walk rapidly out of the library. After you’d picked out your book you had hoped the library would be quiet enough to sit down and read for a while, but the sound of kids walking around, whispering to each other, closing books, taking books off shelves- it was too loud for your liking.

It doesn’t take you long to find yourself in the Gryffindor common room. The first thing that strikes you is the odd lack of noise. It was almost unsettling how quiet it was; there was almost always some sort of ruckus going on. The next thing that hits you is a crumpled piece of parchment. Literally. It bounces off your forehead and falls to the ground with a soft whoosh. Your grip tightens around the book as your eyes scan the room madly, finally settling on a group of boys lounging on the couch.

Well, one boy is lounging, while the others are trying to take up the least amount of space as possible. “Y/n, sorry! Didn’t see you there.” Sirius exclaims, a look of shock barley masking the teasing glint in his eyes. You roll your eyes as a small smile stretches across your face, and head over to the couch. As you get closer to them, you can see that Sirius has obviously made himself comfortable, taking up more than half of the couch, while poor Remus is sitting smashed against the armrest. You glance around to find a spot to sit down and join your friends, but you soon realize there is nowhere to sit. James occupies the lone chair just to the left of the couch, and his face is buried in a book as he stays strangely silent.

“Y/n!” Remus exclaims, smiling brightly at you. “What brings you here?”

“I was trying to find a quiet place to read.” You say, smiling softly. “Which I didn’t expect to be here.” You murmur. “Is there some sort of trick you boys have got planned that I don’t know about?” You grin cheekily. “Is that why everyone’s so deathly quiet?” Out of the corner of your eyes you can see James stiffen slightly and move his face closer to his book while Remus blanches.

“A prank?” Remus laughs and waves his hand in the air. “Oh, no. Not at all. It must just not be a very busy day.”

“Remus…” You start.

“People must be tired.”

“Remus, the common room’s full. In fact, there’s nowhere to sit.” You sigh slightly and glance down at your book.

“Y/n, are you needing a seat?” Sirius asks, shifting on the couch slightly. Your eyes meet his, and you nod wordlessly. “You could always sit with me,” he drawls, “why don’t you come sit on my lap and read your book?” The words leave his lips effortlessly, and James shakes slightly in his seat. Your cheeks turn bright red, but you simply raise an eyebrow at him. You move forward wordlessly, holding in your laughter at the way his eyes widen slightly. However, before you reach Sirius you turn and sit down on Remus’ lap. You open your book rather quickly, ignoring the chuckle coming from James’ direction.

“Y-y/n!” Remus exclaims. You lift the book up slightly to cover your face, peering at Remus somewhat discreetly.

“Remmy, please.” You whisper so that only he can hear you, meeting his gaze and glancing at Sirius quickly. Remus’ eyes light up as he understands what you’re doing, and he shrugs. You turn your attention back to your book and begin to read.

Because of this, you don’t notice Sirius’ face turning a bright shade of red as he stares at his friend, mouth agape. His fist clenches slightly.

“I- I cannot believe this.” He grumbles. “I set up this whole thing! I got everyone I could to come here, we’ve been here hours, just waiting for you to walk in! I’ve made them stay in the seats, making sure there was no room for anyone! A few Sixth years came in wanting to sit down- I almost lost my life!” Sirius’ voice takes on a dramatic tone as Y/n looks over at him in puzzlement. “I- I know I’m not good at this stuff, but I never thought this would happen.”

“What? Sirius, what are you-”

“You’ve fallen for Remus! All I was trying to do was get your attention on me, hell, maybe get you to sit with me! I would’ve moved over, y/n! Bloody hell! I would’ve moved over.” You stare at him and tilt your head. “Oh, Merlin. How can you not understand this?” Sirius stands up, dragging his hand down his face. “I love you Y/n.” Your eyes widen at his confession, and you practically fall out of Remus’ lap.

“W-what?” You manage to stammer, staring up at him with wide eyes. As you stand up fully, the book falls out of your lap and to the floor. “What did you say?” You lower your voice to a whisper, trying to hide the smile that’s pulling at your lips.

“You heard me. I said I love you.” Sirius repeats, meeting your gaze. Now his eyes fill with confusion as you step forward. “But you obviously fancy Remus, so I don’t know why I’m bothering with this confessio-” You cut off his sentence when you practically tackle him. Your arms wrap around him quickly as a you giggly softly.

“Sirius- come on, don’t be silly.” His arms hang at his sides as his face heats up slightly.


You pull away and meet his gaze. “Do you think I’d actually sit on Remus’ lap if I fancied him?” Sirius begins to speak, but before you can you sit down next to Remus and pat the cushion next to you. “Now that you’re done being an asshole, there’s room for both of us.” You smile up at him, and at this moment James erupts in a fit of laughter, slamming his book shut and basically throwing it away from him.

“How did you- ever- think that was going to work mate?’ He asks, struggling to speak as he laughs loudly, doubling over in his seat and clutching at his stomach.

“Oh, shove it, James!” Sirius huffs, plopping down on the seat next to you. “I knew exactly what was going to happen. Everything went according to plan,” he murmurs, slinging an arm over your shoulders. You roll your eyes slightly, deciding not to say anything else as you rest your head on his shoulder.

SVT College AU  -  Wonwoo

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a/n: @ god & wonwoo thank you for giving this uk carat a reason to cry tonight your work was very much appreciated 



-tall emo child i love him a lot along with mingyu 

-can you tell that i love all of seventeen?


-the kid likes reading right?

-now wait

-think about this


-he loves reading so it wouldn’t be weird for him to take up english lit as a college degree

-yeah listen when i say this 






-when he gotta do work

-he do the work


-his favourite books that he studied had to be of mice and men and nineteen eighty-four

-they’re his favouritttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-he will read both books until he dies

-he really needs to come out with a list of books he reads wowowowowoow

-wonwoo reads late at night so uh

-in the morning he just wakes up

-gets ready

-and just goes to class

-room mates jun and minghao are a little worried that he doesn’t eat breakfast sometimes

-so they just place an apple and a breakfast bar in his bag just to keep him going through until lunch 

-they don’t want him getting ill or sick or anything :(((

-they care about hIM THAT SHIT IS SO CUTE

-other than him reading a lot he likes to hang out with friends a lot and it’s really cool and cute how his personality changes wherever he is

-with his friends he’s got this kind of cool and cute personality 

-and when he’s in class he’s kind of quiet and cool-looking

-he’s that one kid who has the cold stare when he zones out but he’s really a nice guy

-please befriend my tall emo child i beg youuuuuuuu

-and you do ! 

-you do literature too but you’re not in the same class as him

-so when your teacher decides to merge your two classes together

-you kind of just……..find yourself sitting next to wonwoo

-you’re so cute with your oversized jumper and denim skirts aww 

-like a mirror image of wonwoo…..but smaller and cute

-just like him

-i love me kiiiids


-you and wonwoo hit it off almost immediately 

-just because of a little debate you two had about two characters

-you found out that wonwoo likes to read a lot and so do you 

-and that you both like the colour blue and you’re both massive nerds for literature

-it’s really cute that you found a friend in wonwoo

-because you’ve seen him in the hallway a couple times before with the two boys from his dorm 

-and he always looks so cool!! 


-the plot thickens

-like his di-



-speaking of books

-one of the things you two do as friends is read in the library 

-it’s just relaxing for you two to read with each other

-you quietly discuss different books you’ve read before too

-sometimes you’ll sit on the floor with him and just read until it’s closing time

-”mr jeon miss y/n are you quite done it’s closing time…”

-”yeah…just a minute…..i’m nearly done with this chapter….”

-”would you like me to take it out for you…?”

-”…..yeah that’s a good idea”


-college is all about new experiences and you wholeheartedly welcome yourself to those new experiences

-staying up late

-going to parties

-trying different di-




-but wonwoo…..wasn’t the type to go to parties and stuff

-but it’s college! new experiences!

-you and your roommate were invited to a party that seungcheol’s friend was having

-so you and your friend obviously want to go  !!

-but wonwoo….of course jun minghao and wonwoo were invited

-but wonwoo wanted to stay in just in case you were free and weren’t going

-he didn’t think of you as the kind of party girl type

-boy was he wrong

-jun and minghao drag him along anyways

-god dammit 

-so he’s in there

-there’s alcohol….yay?


-@ me on saturday nights

-he wasn’t into it at all

-he then saw you

-he was suddenly into it


-i forgot to mention

-those times in the library brought you two closer and closer to the point where you……

-*drum roll*

-bOTH Like each other a lot

-but obviously you two can’t see it

-you will…….kind of

-he walked up to you and just tapped you on the shoulder

-”oh!! wonwoo….i didn’t know you were coming..”

-”i didn’t know you were here either…”

-”i thought you didn’t like these types of things…”

-”yeah jun and minghao dragged me here…..and they’re gone..”

-”yeah jun does that a lot…..”

-suddenly a man carrying a pillowcase came up to wonwoo asking him to take something out

-and wonwoo

-being wonwoo

-he said fuck it and decided to reach inside

-he got out a small bracelet…..weird

-because you wear the exact….same bracelet…..with the……exact same charms…….

-backstory as to why your bracelet is in a random pillowcase 

-people were playing seven minutes in heaven and you always play for shits and giggles so you just put your bracelet in there

-and conviniently wonwoo was standing where you were….

-next to the door

-he just looks to you with this look of pure and utter confusion

-he then grasps reality 

-he has to go into the closet with you 


-he could just feel his cheeks glow red

-he looks so cute 

-so you take his hand and you just drag him into the closet

-and the door closes behind you two 

-thing is….

-is that it’s really cramped

-as in you two are really close to each other

-not so close like you two are like mushed together

-but it’s kind of like you two are just a couple centimetres away from each other 

-so pretty close

-you’re still holding his hand for some reason

-”wait…..what do we do in here again….?”

-”well….i-i don’t know…sometimes people kiss in here….something like that….i didn’t plan that this would happen actually…”

-it was just the flow of things and how they were supposed to happen 

-he then kind of just……gripped your hand a little

-like a tiny squeeze 

-and you just look at him

-or at least try to….i mean it’s pretty dark in there 

-and you could swear you feel him closing in 


-”should we…kiss….i swear it won’t mean anything…”

-yeah it’s going to fuckin mean something to you

-and it’s definitely going to mean something to him 

-”s-sure….it’s worth a try…”

-you kind of just go with it because what the fuck have you got to lose?


-absolutely nothing

-you then felt…..his hands being placed at your sides…..


-you also felt him moving in a little closer

-you could feel the heat from his face being transferred to you


-then kabam

-you two kissed

-from the second your lips touched 

-you both knew this meant something

-something was definitely there 

-you kind of expected it to be a short quick kiss


-of course not

-nu uh

-a short quick one?

-you expected him to back up by now

-but no……..

-it’s like his lips were glued to yours

-your hands gripped his shirt slightly

-yep it was meaning something to the both of you 

-finally he backed up

-”….ok this might sound crazy but……that was nice……”

-”yeah……..that didn’t mean anything to you did it…?”

-”it….it did….”

-”oh so we’re in the same boat……because there was definitely something there….”

-a couple seconds of awkward silence…..check

-”wonwoo….do you like me-?”


-”..in the relationship way…?”



-”you like me back…?”


-you just…..

-closed the distance between you and wonwoo and kissed him again

-only difference being was that he was caught off guard and as soon as he melted into the kiss

-he kissed back and quite passionately

-someone outside called out to tell you two that the seven minutes were up

-and you two pulled back just in time

-you two got outside and braced the drunken world

-you could see minghao and jun pat wonwoo on the back while he was blushin and stuff

-and your friend walked over with those

-”i know what you did now spILLLLLLLL”

-but you didn’t tell her anything yet


-you just went up to him 


-”hey i know we just confessed to each other like 2.5 minutes ago and yeah i now know that we like each other a lot do you want to head back to my place?”


-and there you were

-under the covers

-close together

-investing in the new found relationship


-reading together while cuddling in bed

-fuckin nerds that i love so much 

-“hey y/n”


-”when the teacher made John Steinbeck’s books required reading….”

-”yeah–oh god no don’t”

-”……she made him an author…..”


-”…they couldn’t refuse !”

-”o h    m y    g o d    j e o n    w o n w o o    i ‘ m    g o i n g    t o    b r e a k      u p    w i t h    y o u

-”dont tear my heart into two pages of the same story”

-”w o n w o o”


-“that was a library boOK THAT YOU JUST TORE”

-”oh mY  G O D     N O O O O O O O O O O O O O”

Is it too late to just start over?
—  💜

Beauty to the beast

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3rd person POV

The Pit was emptier than what was usual, only  a few initiates that went here and there, if it wasn’t for a tattoo, it was to buy some clothes.

But there was a particular girl, (Y/N), who wasn’t interested in any of this, in fact, she could be seen in a corner, snuggled in her big black jacket and her hair in a neat ponytail, holding a book.

2nd person POV

“You should do other things apart from reading” huffing while crouching down your best friend back in Abnegation, Andrea, tried to take you out from your trance"But it’s the best part!“ You answered back, the same answer as always.

"That forsaken book…How many times will you have to read it before you grow tired of it?”


“You’re such an unusual person (Y/N), that’s why I love you” She snatched the book from your hands, a gasp escaping from your lips “Ah,ah,ah…Not before you come with me to get a tattoo”

Sighing, you made your way with her to the tattoo parlor, Tori waving us the neon lights danced creating curious patterns “So…What’re you getting?” Looking at her arleady tattoed wrists, you crossed your arms “I’m getting a…"She tapped her chin, spinning around to finally stop in what seemed like a tribal design.

After she disappeared behind the curtain, you retrieved your book, slumping down in a sofa.

"If it isn’t the Dauntless bookworm…The same as always I suppose” Your eyes widened at that voice. Eric, the one and only Dauntless leader.

“Yes and, as per usual, I was in the best part” You didn’t lift your eyes from the book, feeling Eric’s mocking gaze and matching smirk burning holes in your skull.

Eric was the only one who always started a conversation about you and your book. It made your day, even if he mocked your attitude sometimes.

“You know (Y/N), i’ve always been interested, which book is it?” “I’m sure you don’t know it” In fact, I don’t know if you have any knowledge in literature, you thought, but bit your tongue in fear those words would come out “I’ll be deciding that, initiate” You closed your book, puting it in your bag “It’s Romeo and Juliet. There, happy?”

Then, the unexpected happened. Eric laughed. A ghost of a smile appeared in your features, but was replaced by a frown as he spoke up.

 "Of course it had to be that one" “What? Any problem?” “The stereotypical one for a girl” “Oh! And Mr. I-know-about-literature-so-don’t-contradict-me wouldn’t happen to know which books are not the stereotypical ones?”

Crap, you had sassied beyond your limits the man that could kick you out of Dauntless even if you were ranking the first ones in the Initiation, which wasn’t even the case.

Well, at least I lived…

“Come” You opened your eyes, looking directly at his blue orbs “God, do I even have to carry there?” “Carry me where?” “Shut up and follow me”

You did as you were told, waving goodbye to Tori who had gone out a moment to drink some water.

As you made your way to an unknown place, you started to make possible scenarios ‘He could make me clean the dishes in the dining hall…Nevermind we passed it’ 'He might make me run a hundred million laps in the gym…Nope’

A hundred hypothesis later, you realised where you were “The leaders dorms?” “A quick one, aren’t you?”

He took a key from his pocket, and opened the door of his bedroom, you assumed and entered to a dark room.

“Watch out where you step” You stopped dead in tracks and waited for him to open the light. Wise decision really, you would have stumbled with…Wait, books?

You picked the first one you saw, which had a nice red cover. Turning it over, you read the title “So…King Arthur’s tales huh? It has love Eric, aren’t you a softie?” He just rolled his eyes and took the book.

You were surprised by how many books he had, and of all genres, from horror to comedy, going to philosophical and romance “I thought Dauntless people didn’t read?” “I’m not originally from here, I was an Erudite” “That’s why you’re such a smartass sometimes” You whispered to yourself “ I heard you initiate” You cursed under your breath, making Eric smirk “Don’t tell anyone you’ve been here, or you’ll be Factionless in a matter of seconds. Got it?”

Nodding nerviously, you went to exit the room when Eric’s voice called you “We should repeat this kind of stuff…I’m a little bit oxidated with the reading culture because of the Leader thing”

You smiled to yourself and bid him goodbye, before going to the Pit to finish your good old book.

Every afternoon after dinner, you met at his room and spent time reading and commenting chapters. Sometimes, you read eachother’s parts of a book which you really liked, enjoying the times. It became like a tradition for both.

Eric didn’t know how to feel about it, he tried to erase from his memory your smiley face, the voices you put when you read a part from one of your books or how you blowed the hair out of your face which prevented you from reading.

It was too much for him, for he didn’t know how to cope with this emotions.

As he sat in a reunion, Max sat beside him, smirking at how distressed the Leader was “You look somewhat distressed” “…” “You seem troubled for something” “…” “Is the beast in love with the beauty?” “Oh, just shut up Max” How did he know about it? “I saw you the other day how you talked at the doorway of your room about a book”

Eric got red instantly, for his friend had hit the bullseye “Normally, I’d ban this kind of things, but she makes you less grumpier than usual, so I’ll help you” “I don’t need anyone’s help” He muttered, clenching his fists.

After the meeting, he got to his room, thinking how he could confess to you in a creative way, for you weren’t a normal kind of girl.

He spent the evening thinking about it, until he stumbled your book, Romeo and Juliet “I’m gonna look like a brat…But, if she likes me back, then so be it”.

You skipped contently to Eric’s room, ready for a new reading session. As you knocked on the door, you found it was already open , and Eric was sitting at the end of his bed, tapping his fingers over a book cover.

“Oh, of course I forgot it here!” You laughed and went to get it back, only to be stopped by Eric “This is the most dumbass thing I’ll ever do…” You arched your brow at that statement “But if I don’t say it now, I might never have the guts again”

“What are you say…”

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss”

There was an awkward silence, your faces heating and turning bright red “God, now you think I’m such a weirdo”. You rose up from your seat and started the next dialogue

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss”

You smiled, looking down at your boots .

“Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” Eric stood in front of you, as if he wanted to hold your hands.

“Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer” Intertwining your fingers, you stared at his blue orbs.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair” As he finished the part, he leaned down and connected your lips with his in a tender kiss. Closing your eyes, you rested your palms on his chest and enjoyed the kiss.

As you parted, you smiled “Shakespeare?” “C'mon, you have to say it was genious” Eric smirked, crossing his arms in a cocky manner "And you said it was girl’s book huh?“ You mimicked his pose and smirk.

"For you, I can make an exception”

Amy lie alone in bed. At least she had gotten a couple extra nights sleeping next to her boyfriend. No. As she played with the ring resting on her left hand, she corrected herself. He was her fiancé now. She loved him, and even though things had been a little rough when he was here, they parted on good terms.  She missed him terribly. Somehow even more than before he came to visit—and propose marriage.

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It was @accidental-rambler‘s birthday this week.   Which means I had the perfect excuse to write Nessian smut!  Happy birthday, Kate!

He felt weary to his very bones.

              Cassian knew he should probably eat, but his appetite had been dulled by his visits to the camps, his fight to get the girls trained. All he really wanted now was his bed and her.


              The name was like a  prayer in his mind, and he found himself almost desperate for her, as he opened the door to the room they shared.  He wanted the familiar sight of her – so often, he’d come back to this room, to see her cross legged on their bed, wrapped in a heavy dressing gown, her hair tugged up into a messy mass on top of her head. Cassian knew he was the only one that ever got to see her like that; to the rest of the world, she was always carefully dressed, her hair wound into an impeccable braid around her head.

              He opened the door to the room, his weariness almost entirely replaced by eagerness, and came up short.

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My idea for an alternate ending

Before watching the finale, I thought of a scenario that would be a satisfying ending for me. I want to share what I came up with.

(Note that I’m not a writer and this would probably cause many plot holes as I don’t perfectly remember everything that happened on the show *cough* neither does Marlene *cough*. I just thought this would be a memorable finale and the story could be tweaked to suit this ending.)

The first scene would be the main group sitting together and chatting, like in the Lost Woods Resorts scene except without the unnecessary time jump (I would put the time jump after the reveal of A.D.). They could all end up having sex like in the show because fans love that blah blah.  I also wouldn’t include any “mystery” (lmao) in this scene like Mona spying on them with a Melissa mask on for no reason.

The next scene, the preparations for Ezra and Aria’s wedding begins. Now that the board game is over they want to move on with their lives. During the preparations, the liars receive a simple text message like in the old days. “I will always be with you, til death do us part. -A” the text reads (a reference to the episode title). The liars are surprised it is signed as A and they become a bit unsettled, but they come to the conclusion that it is either sent by Mona or just as a prank. They continue with the preparations, other characters interact blah blah blah.

Then the wedding day comes and the ceremony is held at the church (like it was in the show). All the girls are on the front row, where they sat in the first episode. Most other characters including Lucas, Jason, Melissa, Wren (assume they are still dating and that’s why Wren was invited), Jenna (the girls are surprised to see she is invited considering she worked for A.D. before, a parallel to how they were surprised to see her in the first episode) are there. Mona is absent.

There is a screen behind the stage, where a slide show of Aria and Ezra’s photos is playing. When all guests arrive, the ceremony begins. Aria and Ezra read their vows (written by them unlike in the show, since they are both writers…). Aria reads her vows first. Then Ezra reads his own and ends with “I will always be with you, til death do us part”, the exact same line from A’s text message. Everyone gets emotional except Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer who stare at each other in shock. Then the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Aria and Ezra kiss passionately blah blah everyone claps and Aria and Ezra walk the aisle together. As soon as they walk out the church the enterance doors close behind them and only a minute pass before everyone else realize they are locked inside.

After a few panicked moments,  the screen lights up again. It’s Aria and Ezra on the screen, in their wedding attires. Ezra is the first one to talk, saying something along the lines of “you must be wondering what’s happening” blah blah blah and he says he will explain everything. He starts his speech in a romantic manner, about how he met Aria and how much he loves her. He says their relationship is beyond love, that it’s something much more than that. Then he starts talking about A, as he/she has been a prominent  part of their lives. He talks about how A tortured the girls and it turned out to be Charlotte and how she was born as Charles Dilaurentis blah blah.

Then he reveals the real Charles Dilaurentis is not Cece a.k.a Charlotte, but himself. He says that there is only one A, the “uber” A and that it’s him. He reveals he was the A who took the game from Mona and he is also A.D. His motive for becoming A was 1) his obsession with Aria 2) to find Alison, his sister 3) that Mona being A inspired him for becoming A himself and writing a book about it. Over the time, his book became his main priority.

He reveals Cece was not the “real” A but only his minion, the Red Coat. They were really close because they are cousins and they grew up together in Radley (Ezra would later get adopted by a rich family and wouldn’t meet the liars until he becomes a teacher.). Ezra sent Cece to take the game over from Mona and Cece agreed to help because she hated the girls for causing her to get kicked out of Upenn and wanted to get revenge. They started torturing the girls together: the mastermind was Ezra while Cece did the dirty work. After a while, Cece got a little out of control and acted without Ezra’s orders because she was enjoying getting her revenge and having control over the girls’ lives. She thought Ezra was being too soft (I imagine Ezra would only play with the girls’ minds while Cece would be more violent and enjoyed causing them physical harm). Later Ezra found out and got really angry not only because she disobeyed her but also because she hurt Aria (everything terrible A did to Aria would be done by Cece and not Ezra). He threatened Cece and they came up with a deal: Cece would confess to being A and make up this story about how she is Charles. Ezra promised he would arrange that she gets released after a while. At this point, Ezra would be dating Aria, he would have found his sister Alison and most importantly he would have enough material to write his book so there was no reason left for being A and if they followed the plan, both Ezra and Cece would get away with it and noone would learn Ezra is the real Charles. (Ezra decides to publish his book post-mortem because otherwise it would basically be a confession)

Then Aria starts speaking and she says Ezra confessed to her about being A during the 5 year period before they all came back to Rosewood. She forgave Ezra over the time because he never hurt her as A (assume Aria is actually as shady as she was shown to be and not a total angel) but never told the girls about it to protect Ezra. 5 years later, Ezra arranged to have Cece released and Aria saying she doesn’t want Cece released at the hearing was just an act to prevent any suspicions. With Cece out, they thought everything had finally ended.

But shortly after Cece got released, she was murdered and Ezra became devastated and angry. Aria explains that Ezra thought one of the girls did it and he decided to become A again to torture them until someone confesses and Aria decided to help him out of love (She could say something like “I love you girls, I just love Ezra more” or sth? Sound cheesy I know haha). That’s how they became A.D. Aria explains A.D. stands for After Death (I saw this idea on Tumblr and it makes sense to me because of Cece’s death). They kept being A.D. until they learnt Mona killed Cece and that’s when they stopped the game (both in the literal and metaphorical sense). 

Then Ezra reveals that his book is finally finished and will be published soon, and that Aria is the co-author. The book is named “After Death” and he explains it’s a fitting name for the story in more ways than one: everything began with Alison’s “death” and they started working together as A.D. after Cece’s death. Then he admits they killed Mona just before the wedding as their final A act and they got revenge for Cece. After that, the screen goes black for a moment and then Ezra and Aria appears again, this time wearing black hoodies. They are both holding a gun in their hand and they explain they wanted to “leave a mark on the world” by writing the perfect book and all the characters (the guests who are watching them) including themselves are now immortal. Then they kiss before shooting each other. And it all ends where it began: The church, where the liars got their first simultaneous A text.

In the next scene, we see the rest of the liars in shock. They receive a text message saying “You wouldn’t want to miss the reception, would you? -A” (obviously this would be a scheduled message) and they reluctantly go to where the reception would take place (The Brew, I think?). They see that Ezra and Aria turned the Brew into A’s lair, with every single piece of material that they have used as A and A.D. throughout the years: All the things we saw in A’s endings are present. The liars look around and see some evidence for the things Ezra and Aria didn’t have time to explain. For example, Spencer sees that there is a photo of Melissa in the Black Widow costume and around it is evidence that she was trying to protect Spencer from A all along. Things like that (if I wrote everything I had in mind this would be thrice as long lmao). I think this would be a neat way to resolve some of the smaller mysteries to the viewers.

The next scene happens after a one year time jump. Emison has their twins, Hanna is pregnant, Spoby has gotten back together bla bla bla. Everyone is happy period. 

And the final scene we are shown is the infamous barn scene, the first scene of the entire series. The actual version of the scene ends with a close-up of Aria (you can watch it here to refresh your memory). This time, it would end with the same close-up of Aria, but instead, she would turn to the camera and make the “ssh” sign. 

Worth 10

When he threw the door open you were sitting on the couch reading a book, still mad at him.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?” Eric asked you.

“What do you mean?” you replied.

“Last chance, Y/N, do you have something to confess to me? Tell. Me. NOW,” he stated angrily.

You knew exactly what he wanted to hear, you knew he knew.

“Er, ahmm, Tyler kissed me,” you said, feeling embarrassed.

“Why did you lie to me?” Eric asked you.

“I never lied to you, I just didn’t want to upset you. It didn’t mean anything and he knows that, he knows I love you,” you said, with tears brimming in your eyes.

“So you thought it was better to hide it from me? He came to me for forgiveness because he felt guilty, but you didn’t, you decided it was better not to tell me. To hide it from me. You’re such a hypocrite,” you fell in love with the harsh cruel Eric and that was the man you love, but he was going too far.

“But I didn’t do anything, he was the one who kissed me, I didn’t even kiss him back, I pushed him away and now you’re accusing me? That’s not fair, Eric,” you were crying compulsively, he was hurting you on levels he could never understand.

“You should have told me, Y/N, you should have told me,” he said storming out the door and leaving you in a thousand pieces.

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There are days when it’s really hard to not fall apart. Those are the days when I feel a little like an unkept garden. My roses are just starting to wilt and my daisies have had all of their petals plucked in my attempt to figure out whether or not you still love me. Those are the days when I actually find myself almost sending you the “I miss you” text that I know won’t get us anywhere but that might still make me feel better..? Because I don’t know how to talk about it with other people, and a lot of me doesn’t want to talk about it with other people because nobody knows you the way that I did. Nobody tasted you the way that I did because that was the version of you that you only showed to me. That’s the person I need like water in those terribly dry moments, but he doesn’t even exist.
—  So what do I do now? - 🖤
I loved you so much. But then you broke me, and at first I didn’t understand why. But now I do. Some people are insecure, some people need to bring others down to feel content with themselves. Some people can’t help it, but others enjoy doing it, and you did. I spent time trying to mend myself after what you did. But I came out stronger, your words won’t hurt me anymore.
—  LM. You’ll get there.

please, wait until I’ve finished talking because I know if you interrupt me before I’m done with everything I want to say, I’ll never have the confidence to finish. I want to say… I like you. As in, I have a crush on you. Please, don’t say anything right now, I don’t think I can continue if you do. I know she still likes you and you like her, or maybe you don’t really know how you feel, maybe you still like her and maybe you don’t. I know you feel conflicted, and I don’t expect you to do anything different because of this confession. I wanted to tell you because I thought you deserved to know, and maybe this will help clear up some confusion you might have about us. You, make me feel so happy. I am eternally grateful that I had the chance to meet you. I was so sure that you liked me back, and it scared me because no one has ever had a crush on me before. Maybe I liked you so much that I started to over analyze everything you did, and that resulted in pushing you away. So here it is, one more time, and just know, that whatever you choose to do with this information, I won’t blame you for the outcome: I like you. And I hope nothing between us changes just because I said these three words.

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Five - An Excess of Phlegm

WE AT THE WEASLEYS HOUSE YALL!!!!!! time to party

“Hi, Tonks.”
Harry thought she looked drawn, even ill, and there was something forced in her smile. Certainly her appearance was less colorful than usual without her customary shade of bubble-gum pink hair.

is it wrong that it bothers me tonks is so fuq’d up over a man? but then again, the man IS remus so i guess its understandable. 

- I LOVE THAT THE FIRST THING MOLLY DOES IS FEED AND LOVE HARRY like it just makes me remember that all is well and good in the world at this house

- lol at every hand of the clock pointing at ‘mortal peril’ and molly just shrugging like ‘meh. nbd’

“What do you like me to call you when we’re alone together?”
Even by the dim light of the lantern Harry could tell that Mrs. Weasley had turned bright red; he himself felt suddenly warm around the ears and neck, and hastily gulped soup, clattering his spoon as loudly as he could against the bowl.
“Mollywobbles,” whispered a mortified Mrs. Weasley into the crack at the edge of the door.

arthur and molly know how to keep the sex game picante 

- fred and george live in a lil flat in diagon alley now bc their such big business tycoons and if i wasn’t already attracted to them before, things have gone to a whole other level

- THE TRIOS BACK TOGETHER YALL!!!!! ron got so excited he punched harry in the head!!!! it was adorable!!!!

Fleur turned back to Harry, swinging her silvery sheet of hair so that is whipped Mrs. Weasley across the face. 
“Bill and I are going to be married!”
“Oh,” said Harry blankly. He could not help noticing how Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and Ginny were all determinedly avoiding one another’s gaze.

MY GURL FLEUR!!!!!!! this plot line always pissed me tf off bc everyone hates on her the entire book when in reality she is truly the goddess we all aspire to be

- like forrealz they’re all plotting to stop their wedding and get bill to fall in love with tonks instead bc shes ‘ funnier/nicer/smarter’ than fleur and its like BISH yall dont even know her!!! and as harry (and I) have pointed out, she was in the triwizard tournament so UM she aint dumb!!!! LEAVE FLEUR ALONE

“She still hasn’t got over what happened… you know… I mean, he was her cousin!”
Harry’s heart sank. They had arrived at Sirius. He picked up a fork and began shoveling scrambled eggs into his mouth, hoping to deflect any invitation to join in this part of the conversation. 
“Tonks and Sirius barely knew each other!” said Ron. 

1. lol @ everyone thinking tonks is depressed about sirius 2. harry :’(  3. savage ron going in on a supposed mourning person is savage

- HAHAHAHA harrys finally confessing to ron and hermione what the prophecy said about him being the chosen one and then hermione gets punched in the eye by a telescope lololol really lightened the mood

“Hermione, will you shut up, you’re not the only one who’s nervous!” barked Ron. “And when you’ve got your ten ‘Outstanding’ O.W.L.s…”
“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” said Hermione, flapping her hands hysterically. “I know I’ve failed everything!”

if i havent said it enough over the past five books yet, i love hermione granger.

“How did you do?”
“I - not bad,” said Hermione in a small voice. 
“Oh, come off it,” said Ron, striding over to her and whipping her results out of her hand. “Yep - nine ‘Outstandings’ and one ‘Exceeds Expectations’ at Defense Against the Dark Arts.” He looked down at her, half-amused, half-exasperated. “You’re actually disappointed, aren’t you?”
Hermione shook her head, but Harry laughed.

if a ‘half-amused, half-exasperated’ look doesn’t spell out L-O-V-E to you, then idk what will

- aw at harry thinking he wont get to be an auror bc snape wont let him takes potions. JUST U WAIT LIL BEBE!!!!!

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aa--leksandra  asked:

Hey 😁 how about Gladiolus x Reader with some fluff. At first they don't like each other but their love for books and reading makes them fall in love in each other and Gladio confesses by giving the reader a sheet full of book titles, pages and numbers of words in them so the reader have to guess what does that code mean because he knows she loves riddles and please make it fluffy and cute and I love your writings 💖💖 thank you 😁😁

Page Numbers (Gladio x Reader)

Gladiolus Amicita.

You loathe that name.

You loathe the man that belongs to that name.

You wanted nothing to do with him.

He was always a pain in the ass whenever you would see him.

Oh boy, just his loud voice gave you migraines.

You sighed through your nose and walked into the bookstore, shrugging off your Crownsguard jacket and tied it around your waist as you easily navigated through the aisles of books.

The scent of old books and new ink roamed through the air along with brewing coffee grounds from the coffee shop mixing with that polished leather scent that was a bookstore.

You felt on going to the fantasy aisle this day, wanting to expand your horizon and knowledge for new authors.

Upon seeing a thick book bound in hard leather on the bottom shelf, you dove for it, wondering what it was.

Your backside collided with something hard…. Make that someone from the way they grunted.

“I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed as you spun back around with the book in hand. “Oh,” your face dropped to disappointment upon seeing the prince’s shield in front of yourself.

One of Gladio’s thick eyebrows twitched in annoyance, but he then spotted the book in your hand.

“Halvorstead,” he said calmly while keeping that slightly annoyed look on his rugged face.

“Excuse me?”

“You plan on reading a Halvorstead book?” he asked while pointing to the book.

“Oh, yeah I was. I never read his books before.”

“Well I recommend him, but not that book,” he said as he slid the book from your grip and slid it back into the spot it came from.

“Then which on?”

He turned his head slowly, his amber eyes searching until they landed on the book. He hauled it up and handed it to you.

It was another leather bound book, but a little thicker in page numbers.

“Where The Water Ends,” you mumbled as you read over the gold printed words.

“Yeah. I highly recommend it. It’s his first piece.”

You stayed silent for a minute and so did he until you opened your mouth.



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Imagine being Bella’s sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part Six

Finally! A confession, and DUN DUN DUN! Into the final part of the book.

Stumbling through the airport after landing from my flight in Japan, I am surprised by a gentle, icy cool hand catching my air, causing me to look up blurrily, finding a familiar blonde face, with smoldering medallion eyes, causing me to smile. “Carlisle.” I greet.

“I was only gone for 48 hours, did you stay up packing all night?” He teases.

“I wanted to get back quickly. Being alone in Japan, it’s not comfortable anymore.” I answer.

“I just needed to come into the hospital-” I shake my head, reaching up to pull him in a hug.

“I hated being there, it’s not that you were gone. I’m fine.” I answer, causing him to chuckle, hugging me back.

“Emmett and Alice are getting your luggage. You can sleep in the car.” Carlisle explains, scooping me up into his arms as soon as I leaned heavily against him, he starts towards the doors, but I’m too tired to care about the looks we’re getting, as I wind my arms up around his neck, cuddling close like a toddler as I rest my head against his chest, attempt to fall asleep. “Emma?” His voice encroaches my mind, what feels like only a few minutes later. “Emma, time to go inside.” He whispers.

“I have to get in the car.” I mumble, causing Carlisle to chuckle.

“No, I’ve already put in you in the car. I just can’t get you out of the car, without hurting you by accident.” He answers.

“To get on the plane?” I ask, yawning as I stretch.

“No, Emma, my darling.” Carlisle laughs. “I just need you to climb out of the car, I can carry you into the house.” I mumble as I reach up to rub my eyes, but he catches my hand. “Don’t do that, it’ll wake you up more. I just need you to stand.” He teases, causing me to nod, placing my hands on his shoulders, turning to clamber out of the car, stumbling to my feet, and step a few feet before everything goes dark once more, as sleep again claims me. The next morning, I feel muddy inside, a bit anxiety ridden, though that may have to do with my dream, of Carlisle calling me his darling, and him kissing me on the lips as he tucked me into my bed last night. Raking an anxious hand through my hair, I press my fingers to my lips, they tingle from memories of last night’s dreams as I stand, wandering out into the hall, stopping outside Carlisle’s office. “Come in, Emma.” Carlisle calls as soon as I lift my hand to knock, shaking my head I open the door, unsurprised that he knew it was me, and I slip inside the room, shutting the door behind me. “Good morning. Sleep well?” His smile is gentle, though it shoots a jolt through my chest, causing me to clench a fist, resting against it.

“You’re mate.” I state, the first thing that comes to mind, in my panic- it gives him a startled pause, his smile falling.

“What about her?” He asks, tilting his head at me.

“I want you to tell her. It’s request, as your friend.” I answer, causing him to stare at me in surprise.

“You want me to… tell her?” He asks.

“Yes. I put a lot of thought into this, while we in Japan. I want you to tell her. She deserves to know, that she has someone who loves her. Someone special, who’s amazing, and smart, and handsome, and a doctor. Carlisle, tell her because you deserve to be happy, with the one you love.” I look down, letting out a sigh as I rub my arm.

“Would that make you happy?” He asks.

“What?” I look up, tilting my head at him. “This doesn’t have anything to do with me, Carlisle.” He frowns. “This is about your happiness, instead of everyone else’s for once. Don’t you get that?!” I wince, looking down as I realize that I’m yelling.

“Emma,” Carlisle stands, crossing to my side at a human pace. “Why does this both you so?”

“You ask why?” I let out a laugh, shaking my head. “Because you are my friend! More than that, you’re someone that I can talk to, that understands my need to become a doctor! You’re compassion is rival to none, you are passionate about everything you do, you try to make yourself a better person, because you’ve come to harm with what you are, and you’re not a killer like some other vampires are!” I take a deep breath, my hands shaking as I clench them into fists, and look up into his ocher orbs, filled with a swirl of confusion emotions. “It terrifies me that you’re such a good person, that you are alone, and that you can’t seem to see that you deserve happiness. What terrifies me most, is that you have a mate, and yet-!” My hand flies to my mouth as tears burn in my eyes.

“Emma?” He asks softly, his voice is full of compassion, of worry, causing me to swallow thickly. “What were you saying?” Don’t mistake compassion, and friendship, for love.

“And yet, you do nothing about it.” I lie, causing him to frown, leaning down to look me in the eyes.

“I would rather do nothing about it, than to cause her pain.” He explains softly, his hands resting on my shoulders. “But, if you think that it would be wise to tell her, perhaps I should take your advice.” He presses his forehead to my own. “So, please do not cry.” He breathes softly, he captures a loose tear, causing me to frown as I reach up, pressing my palms to my eyes.

“I can’t… I can’t see you like this. It’s not okay for me to be crying.” I step away towards the door, and reach for it, when his hand comes to rest beside my head, pressing the door shut once more.

“Emma, where are you going?” He asks, turning me towards him.

“To compose myself.” I answer, causing him to chuckle.

“You’re fine. Please,” His brow furrows as he looks away for a moment. “please stay.” He asks, causing me to nod, following him over to his desk, where I sit down.

“Carlisle, I… I lied, about something.” He frowns as he looks me in the eyes, sitting across from me once more. “I lied about being upset, that you do nothing about having a mate.”

“Why is that?” He asks.

“Because, if I said the truth, you would hate me, or our relationship would change, and not for the better.” I answer, causing him to frown again, he tilts his head at me, and I swallow thickly, looking down as I clasp my hands together.

“You can tell me, Emma. My opinion of you, is impossible to change. Or relationship will always prosper.”

“I-” I look up at him. “What terrifies me most, is that you have a mate, and yet, I feel as though I cannot stop myself from falling in love with you.” I state, causing his eyes to widen as he freezes in his spot.

“I see.” He answers, causing my heart to stutter, painfully.

“See! This is what I didn’t want to happen.” I press out of me seat, starting towards the door. “Don’t worry, Carlisle, I’ve got two months to accept a new internship in France. I’ll be gone in two days.” Suddenly he’s slamming the door shut, looking down at me, his hand grasping my chin while his eyes are frantically wide.

“Don’t go.” He leans down, pressing his head onto my shoulder, hands moving the pull me into a hug. “Don’t…” His voice is soft, almost broken. “don’t leave me.” He begs softly.

“Carlisle, please, this is difficult enough without the mixed signals!” He pulls away.

“If they are so confusing, perhaps I should make them clearer.” He answers, suddenly he is kissing me, causing me to freeze in surprise, before the surprise melts away, and I form to the kiss, my hands tangling in his hair, his hands finding purchase, one on my waist, the other on my neck. Pulling apart quickly, I grasp for air, when it hits me, what I am doing.

“Wait!” I shake my head. “You have a mate, Carlisle. You can’t do this to her.” He lets out a slightly irritated sigh.

“For one so smart and in tune with others, you are truly oblivious to a person’s feelings.” He chuckles. “You are my mate, Emma.” My eyes widen.

“What? Me?” I blink rapidly, before he chuckles, leaning down to peck me on the lips, softly.

“Yes, you.” He pauses. “I would not force you into anything, you know this right?” He asks softly.

“Yes, I know.” I look at him, smiling. “I can say it, then?”

“You may say whatever you like.” He answers, softly.

“I love you.” He smiles down at me. “I want to live an immortal life with you. Not now, but one day.”

“I love you, too, my darling.” He kisses me softly, raking his fingers through my mahogany locks, being as gentle as always.

“Carlisle!” The door opens, causing Alice, looking a bit frantic, to pause looking at us in surprise. “I-I’m sorry, but…” She looks up at Carlisle. “Something’s wrong with Edward and Bella.” The words cause my stomach to drop, and for a moment, everything bright, goes dark.


Deadly Love: Part 1 (Peter Parker x Reader)

@shadowstark asked: Hey, i was wondering if you could write a angsty story with Peter Parker where he meets reader on the street when she feels bad and helps her, they keep in touch, but then he gets to know that she is sick pretty bad and he is devastated bc he fell in love with her and wants to save her and ask Tony $tark if he could help him and confess him that he cant loose her etc. Peter tells her that he is Spiderman and he takes her on a ‘web ride’ and confess his love to her. Love xxx

A/N: I decided to split this request in 2 parts, so it doesn’t take up so much space!! I will post the second part later today :)) hope y’all enjoy, and please let me know what you think!!

Word Count: 954

Warnings: Angst? Swearing? Mentions of death and cancer.

Peter walked along the streets of Queens after school, making his way to Ned’s house to finish building the Death Star he had messed up after Ned found out his secret. As he was busy on his phone, Peter did not notice the girl walking in his direction, rushing with a pile of books in her hands. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she did not take notice of the boy coming directly towards her.

Thus, they collided, Peter quickly shoving his phone in his jacket pocket as he discreetly used his web shooters to pull the girl towards him, while catching all of her books in his free hand, only missing one. The girl was clutching to his shirt, and as Peter looked down at her, he noticed the tears staining her face. He felt his face turned red as he thought about how beautiful she looked, even when she was sad. She felt his gaze on her, so she looked up to meet his brown eyes. She saw the small twinkle in them as he gave her a small smile before slowly letting her go. She quickly looked down at her feet as she pulled away from him, embarrassed.

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