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Are you gonna stop watching Supergirl if karamel end up just as friends?

If they split up and remain friends no, I won’t. I will, though, if they take Chris out of the series altogether. I stoped watching the show last season, I wasn’t feeling at all, everything sounded weird, the relantionships were weird (except for Kara’s and Alex’s one). 

To be honest I completly forgot about the show, for me it was like it didn’t exist (and that’s never a good sign for a tv show). One day I heard about Tyler being casted as Superman and I was super excited because I saw him as Derek and I knew how he got better as a actor, I was very happy for him and decided to give it a go. When heTyler left Mon-El was still asleep if I’m not mistaken, and I’ve stoped again because I once again lost interest on the story until a friend of mine mentioned the tumblr madness (not joking she took prints of the chaos here, because you know you this fandom has a bad fame), and I was like: Hum, interesting. I new that if people were so over the edge about a character CW must have done something right. So I’ve binge-watched until the episode they had that far (I think it was Medusa’s one? Or later I don’t recall now), and I as amazed. A show that I didn’t even remembered existing took me over because of him. I didn’t know Chris before this role and yet I thought this season was better than season 1 for so many reasons, that being the bigger one. 

Season 1 of the show was not inticing to me, I felt the characters revolved around Kara way to much, and she was too perfect for my liking. (I tend not to like characters that have nothing to evolve on, to get better at). Chris was one of the main things that got me to stay watching the show. He brings this new light to it, this joyfull thing and the madness that it was lacking. All this hate/love is actually a good thing. The worst thing CW could want is indifference. People either love him or hate him, and that’s exactly what they need. If people are indifferent to a character, they would have done something way wrong. And the raitings are there to prove my point. I know a lot of people that started to watch the show just because of the craziness that’s been going around him, so yeah I can assure CW must be like: muhahaha, we did it.

So, no, I won’t stop to watch if they break up but I will if they take him out of the show. I don’t think they can keep this pace without Chris, he became a huge part of the show in my point of view, it would be a huge waste to get rid of such an amazing character, and a shame really.


I did these a while ago when those pokemon cross breed were still a thing and then i completly forgot about it. I came across this again the other day and i decided to share it!

I based mine of my favorite pokemon, Lilligant, and basic RPG classes (I planned to add thief and Archer but couldn’t figure out which pokemon to fuse her with lol, must be why I didn’t finished it.)

Manny Imagine: You're Cute

“Y/N its a dog, shes not going to bloody transform, stop staring at her you’re scaring her.” Manny tell as me as I stare down at the adorable fluff ball that is Cookie.

She yaps at me jumping forward to lick me. I ribbher ears picking her up and putting her in my lap. Manny shakes his head as he looks down at Cookie.

“You are going to regret that, she won’t leave you alone and is going to whine when you try and put her down.” Manny tells me just like he does everything I play with her.

I pick her up holding her in front of my face . I move her paws and out on a high pitched voice. “Why you hating on me ?” I ask him. Laughing he pushes Cookie down into my lap again.

“Weirdo.” He says under his breath as he draped his arm over my shoulders. “What do you want to watch?” He asks me as he clicks through our watchlist.

“Errrmm… Cars.” I tell him as it comes up on screen. Manny presses it , playing it. “Best movie ever.” I tell him happily, hitting his thigh.

“Like I said before, weirdo.” He says again with his adorable little giggle.

As we are watching the movie Cookie stays on my lap, in a trance with all the colour on the screen.

I nudge Manny. “Remember when we met?” I ask him. His face is taken over by the biggest smile.

“What when you were in love with Jed?” He asks me nudging me back. Laughing I push his face.“I wasnt in love with Jed , it was Tobi actually.” I correct him. “Either way when I met you I completly forgot about him.” I tell him, intertwining our hands.

“Being cute doesn’t make me forget that you spilt an entire bottle of juice on me when you apparently fell in love with me.” Manny tells me. My mind flashes back to the day.


“Tobi this is Y/N, Y/N Tobi.” Mrs.Lerone introduced us. Little did she know I knew her son very well from constant stalking.

Tobi hugged me. “Nice to finally meet you, my mum raves out you all the time.” He tells me before imitating his mum, “Oh Tobi, you know (insert parents name) daughter Y/N she learned to fly a plane and talk to birds.” He jokes. I laugh along with him while his mum blushes, playfully smacking him.

“Well she is an amazing girl, maybe you two could go out?” His mum said wiggling her eyebrows before walking away. I blush a deep red as does Tobi.

“Ignore her.” He tells me as he slings his arm of my shoulder. “How about you help me set up the drinks table?” Tobi tells me leading me to an empty table at the side of the lawn. I mid my head and take my jacket off, putting it on a near by chair.

“Grab those bottles of juice and out them in the massive water cooler thing.” Tobi tells me as he grabs a few bottles as well. Tobi fills up first before I do. As I am pouring the last bottle someone comes up behind me and scares me. In defemse I turn and dump the entire 2 litles of mixed fruit juice over the person a very cute person may I add. I watched his face change a million times in a second before he waggled his finger at me and walked off back in side.


That was the first time I had ever seen and met Manny. Manny snaps me out of my little daydream with a clap in front of me.

“How long do you think we will last?” I ask him mindlessly.

I watch Manny as he thinks for a moment. “I don’t really see us breaking up if I’m honest. Your annoying voice has become a part of my daily life. I can’t really imagine life without you.”

A huge smile takes over my face as I kiss Manny. “I am so in love with you.” I whisper against his lips.

“I am in love with you too.” He says back and is about to go in for another kiss when Cookie jumps up and forces us apart. “Never thought I’d have to battle my dog for my girlfriend.” Manny laughs as Cookie growls. He pets her as we get back to watching the movie.

Final Day: Plastic Nee-San

So this is a 12 episode short series that you can watch in less than 30 minutes. Do it at parties because it’s Amazing.

Plot is about three girls in the plastic model club at school living their daily lives as dumb bullshit happens without in rhyme or reason and it’s the funniest thing ever so again, just watch it with friends at parties.

Tease : Calum Hood Smut

Word count: 811

Description: I suck at descriptions. 

P.S. : I am so sorry that i have not uploaded in god knows how long.( i think it was last summer tbh) but i completly forgot about this until i was going through my laptop a couple days ago. Never will this ever happen again. ( hopefully). 


Calum Hood

He has been teasing you all night, running his strong callused hands up your thighs under the table, while him and michael talked about who knows what. All your thoughts were on him. All you wanted to do was get him alone, even if it was just for fifteen minutes.

“I want to go home.” you whispered in his ear so only he could hear it. He cocks his head and does a sly grin, shaking his head letting you know he understood. You give him a small smile and get up heading for the door faintly hearing Calum tell the rest of the guys’ that you weren’t feeling well and that you were going to head back to the apartment, that you shared with Calum and the rest of the boys.

Getting home ten minutes later he had you pushed up against the front door licking and sucking on your neck, running his hands down your back and grabbing your ass and picking you up. Instinctively you wrap your legs around his waist and grip onto his shoulders for extra support. Calum found your soft spot, causing you to moan out in pleasure and roll your hips trying to get friction. Running your hand down his chest, tugging at his shirt and pulling it over his head, wanting to get him naked as soon as you could. He pulls your dress over your head and throws it to the end of the hall, leaving you on in your bra and panties. Groaning at the sight of you, you giggle and reach down to unbutton his skinny jeans opening his zipper to see the tip of his cock peeking out of his boxers.

“let’s take this into the bedroom. yeah?” you suggest wanting to be more comfortable.Calum nodded and grabs you by your thighs, carrying you to your shared bedroom. Setting you on the bed, and kicking off his jeans and crawling on top of you, squeezing your breasts through your black lace bra. Sucking the top of your right breast he trailed his hand down to where you needed him most. slipping his hand into your panties, and traces a finger over your folds, teasing you.

“Calum please.” you whined pulling at his dark hair. He kissed down your stomach pulling your panties down your legs. “What do you want baby” he asked nipping and sucking on your hip bones. “calum..” you whined.

“just tell me baby. What do you want?”

“your mouth.” He smiles and softly kisses your thighs. Hovering over where you needed him the most. “baby, please” you beg arching your back trying to get closer to his mouth. He gives in and licks up your folds causing you to bite your lip to keep from moaning out loud.  He starts to kiss your thighs then goes back to licking and sucking on your clit. Your hands grip the comforter, while you throw your head back in pleasure. Enjoying the feeling of Calum licking and sucking on you, he stopped.

“Calum!” you moaned out.

“Shhh calm down baby girl.” he said as he started rubbing a finger in between your folds. You whimper and arch your back. He chuckles then licks his lips while putting his finger at your entrance. “Are you gonna be a good girl?” he asks you while he kitten licked your clit. You moan and run your fingers through his hair while whimpering.


“promise?” he says slowly pushing the tip of his finger in your entrance.

“ I promise. Just please calum.” you pull his hair harder trying to get him to lick your clit again.

He laughs and starts kitten licking your clit again, While teasing your entrance with his finger. He started sucking on your clit and you arched your back to get closer to him. You could feel your climax coming. The way your breathing would get heavier and how your stomach would clench.

“Calum. i’m almost there. Baby please don’t stop.” You ran your fingers through his thick black hair and bit your lip trying to hold back your moans. He looks up at you with his dark brown eyes and shakes his head no, while keeping his head buried in between your legs. He gives your clit one last suck and releases you from his mouth making you whine in disappointment. He gets up off of the bed and starts to go to the bathroom. You sit up quickly.

“Where are you going?” you ask with a puzzled look on your face. He turns to you with a smirk on his face. “I am going to take a shower. The guys are going to be here any minute.” Your face turns to shock as he turns around and walks into the bathroom shutting the door and locking it. He was always such a tease.

Sorachi sensei from gintama vol 56

Thanks for buying Gintama volume 56. That’s a my thing, but the lovely dog that I keeped in my hometown died. The dog that when I had the chance to go to Tokyo, completly forgot about the person that loved him, and when I rarely made a comeback, showed me his teeth and bark to me. We had such relationship very similar to Vegeta and Kakarott, 

Before the serializzation, when I was still at home working on Gintama’s name, and I troubled my head, he used to be next to me and that Bakageta… “Z— Z—” fell asleep, and I thought “Sure to be a dog is good, they don’t need to find a job”. it’s strange how she sight of this lazy dog, gave me regrets and push me drawing my manuscript. he has such a value, and maybe without this guy we never had Gintama. In so many ways you were my strenght, so thank you very much Chappy. it’s with your help if that strange old man was able move from his home and find a job. I still hope you were here next this old man  showing  your teeth, or barking at me for more 10 years and then sloowly fall asleep. Come to bite my ass one more time and make me do some easy money with royalties, I will buy you a nice bone, that’s because you will always be my precious friend.