i completely lost my shit at this point

painted a spotted hyena as some practice, unfortunately i completely lost the source of the picture i used as reference for this one (´∩`。)

EXO Reaction to their video games obsessed girlfriend

I have to admit that I’m a little nerd, too. I love Zelda, ugh..final fantasy the crystal bearers..god <3

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined <3

/i don’t own ay of the gifs used, unless stadet otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Finish him! That’s my girl!” *He’s always next to you when you play, because he “secretly”enjoys it*

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Chen: *He tells you the complete solution, until the point where you just don’t want to play anymore* “And after that, you have to go to the Zoras, where you have to find princess Ruto and she is lost and..”

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Suho: *He watches you, while you’re killing the end boss* “Holy shit! That might..ugh!..” *dying inside*

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Tao:  *He saw your hidden mountain of video games* “Maybe I should tell her, that I sold them all.” *evil smirk*

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Lay: “No..you have to..what are you doing?! *he played almost all your games and is literally dying when you go the wrong way*

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Luhan:  “Yeah, I will just lay here and wait..until I’m grey and old” *He found your video game collection*

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Sehun: “Maybe you should stop playing for hours and do something else, maybe with..me?” *Sehunnie wants more attention*

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Baekhyun: *He tries to change the subject and kisses you until you finally put the controler away*

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Kai: *He’s really worried, because you played for hours now.* “I love to see you happy and obsessed with things you love, but it’s not good for your health when you play too much.”

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Kyungsoo: *he can barely keep his eyes open* “Jagi, please..let’s go to bed, the game won’t run away..”

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Kris: *He always lose and this..kinda..frustrates him..*

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Xiumin: “Jagi, you chopped off his head!” *shocked Xiu*

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Cry:Calum Hood Imagine

 Based off of the song Cry by K Michelle. Just a little something i began writing this morning, but request imagines or just talk to me in my ask :) Also make sure you click the links.

I can’t believe this. He did it again, he’s still doing it. He’s never going to stop and I’m too stupid to even realize it. No matter how much he claims he loves me he just goes back and throws it all away.

Calum Hood Seen with Mystery Blonde.

Calum Hood’s Mystery Blonde. Does Y/N know about this?

Y/N and Calum Hood Split?

I had all four magazines laying on the coffee table and sighed out of frustration. I’m passed the point of betrayal and even hurt. It’s been going on for so long. Brunettes, blondes, red heads, beach blondes, he’s been through them all. From high class models to bimbos in a club. It’s a cycle that never stops. Going out with the boys or with other friends, getting hella drunk, leaving with someone that’s not me, then coming back the next day apologizing when I say that I’m going to leave . Telling me that it’ll never happen again, that he’s sorry and that he loves me to the moon and back. We haven’t had sex in almost three months because he goes out and fucks those random girls almost every night. We barely even talk anymore,there’s no more good morning cuddling or late night talks. He basically acts like I’m non-existent and we live together! I wouldn’t even call it that at this point. He leaves home at 10 and comes back at 1 in the afternoon. You would think we hang out during those 9 hours he’s there right? Nope,he eats, gets on his computer, and then goes to sleep until he wakes up around 9 to get ready and leave again to repeat the whole entire cycle. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. I sat and thought for a few minutes about what I need to do. Of course I’m going to leave,but not without doing something about this. This blonde was the last straw.

                                               Yeah, yeah
                                          Nobodies off limits
                                       Not even your friends
                              I’m about to go in, about to go in
                                              bout to go in

Everybody needs to hurt for what he’s doing. Everybody’s acting like they’re okay with what he’s doing,not even telling me about it, just always letting me find out for myself in the magazines. I got this really cold chill down my back and I felt my pain and aches go away. I know exactly what I’m going to do. I smiled evilly and walked upstairs into our my room and pulled out probably the *skankiest* dress I could find. The kind of dress all of the girls he picks up wears. Then some *strap heels* and went to take a shower.

                              I’m gon’ do something I never do,
                                  I’mma try and hurt you, too
                                Feels so damn good to be cold
                             And I don’t even care if you know

I’m going to hurt him the way he hurts me. I’m tired of this. The hurt, the betrayal, the way he acts like I’m not even important anymore. As I got all of these evil thoughts of what I’m going to do and how my night will be, I felt all the pain and emotion go away. He’s made me an unemotional bitch who’s thirty for revenge. I’m turned cold, and I don’t even care if the world knows. I washed my hair and shaved until I was baby bottom smooth,then I brushed my teeth. After I got out I did my *makeup* flawlessly and did my hair up in big bouncy curls,how he used to like it when we first got together. I then went and put on my best and sexiest *lingerie*. The set he loved so much, the set he got me in Paris when we went there for out anniversary. He bought it for me because he just couldn’t walk past that window without imagining me in it. I made to sure put on baby oil to give my legs and arms a bit of shine, then I slid on my dress and shoes. I smirked, looking for my camera and set it up in front of the bed, hiding behind the TV but getting a good shot to see everything that went on tonight and I mean EVERYTHING. I sprayed some perfume then grabbed my purse and keys. I left my phone on the counter, nobody talks to me anymore anyway. Tonight’s going to be very….exciting. I laughed to myself and began to drive to the club.

                                     I’mma let him kiss my body,
                                              touch my body
                             Record it and make sure you find it
                                         How you gone trip?
                             Boy, you’ve been with everybody

When me and the extremely good looking guy got into our bedroom I walked passed the TV, sneakingly pressing the record button on the camera and stepping away.
I slid off my shoes and pushed him to where he laid back on the bed, straddling  his waist. I leaned down and kissed him slowly but deep, giving the camera a perfect view of my ass. During the whole time I was being a bit over dramatic, moaning too loudly at times, making sure I gave it my all, making sure Calum saw how much pleasure he was giving me. Sending the camera little winks and smirks and I even had the nerve to smile and laugh at times. The guy was good,I’m not going to lie but nothing will compare to the way Calum feels inside of me and I’ve grown to accept that. That’s just something I can’t lie about. When the guy fell asleep I walked in front of the camera and blew a kiss. Before I turned it off I decided to leave a little message for him.

                                   You started, I’mma finish!
                                        You made that bed,
                                      now you gone lay in it
                            You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                    For everything you did
                           You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                I done took too much of this
                    You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                           You gone cry,
                            you owe me for all these years
                                          You gone cry
                               ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                               it’s all about revenge so cry
                              I’ve learned from the best,
                                 I’ve learned from you
                        It’s easy to do the shit that you do
                           I could just switch it up on ya
               Used to be me, that was out here stressing
                          So give what came and cares
                         Now you missed your blessings
                      You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                              For everything you did
                             I’m not bitter, stay with her
                         Maybe she can take your shit!

                       I deserve to get my point across,
                           Before all we had was lost
              Now we are both hurt by the one we love
                                    I know it’s wrong
                            but I want to see you cry
                                      Cry, cry,cry.

●●Calum’s POV●●
I came home and laid my keys on the counter, plugging my phone onto the charger since it was completely dead. I jogged upstairs walking into our room seeing that Y/N wasn’t here. Probably went to run errands or something, I told myself shrugging. I grabbed my laptop, flopping on the bed, and opening it. When I did that a cd fell out.
“What the hell?” I questioned and read what was written on the cd.

                                            Watch me!
                                    You gone suffer for
                                     everything you did

I put it in the cd player and waited for it to load. When the black screen came up I pressed the play symbol and waited for it to load. At first I saw Y/N’s body standing I front of it and I smirked and bit my lip. She recorded herself for me, how sweet. As soon as she stepped out of the way my heart dropped and I held my breath. There was a brunette sitting on the bed. She walked over and pushed him back on the bed, straddling him and kissing him roughly. Within the first ten minutes he was down to his boxers and he was currently stripping her. I clenched my fist when I saw she was wearing my lingerie. Mine, the one she only wore on special occasions like my birthday or our anniversary and even award shows. He stripped her, kissing down her body eventually in between her legs. I watched the whole thing in anger and actually feeling pain in my chest. Pain from seeing him kiss her, taste her, fuck her,making her moan and arch her back, and I felt a few tears slide down my face. Their little scene ending with her sucking him off like she did me at times and then he held her as he fell sleep. She slid out of his grip and covered him up. She walked into the bathroom and brought back aspirins and grabbed a bottled water from the mini fridge we have in our room and sat it on the bedside table.

Y/N blew a kiss to the camera and picked it up, looking into it with a sweet smile. The smile I haven’t seen in months. Now I know how she feels when I go out with these girls. It fucking hurts.

“I love you, baby.” She said and I began tearing up again.” Doesn’t seem like it after you’ve watched us, huh? How’d you think I feel every time you say that after fucking some random bitch almost every night? You started it Calum,but I’m going to finish this. You did this to yourself so now you’re gonna suffer the consequences. I’ve taken so much of your shit and you’re going to cry for it. For all the pain I’ve been through, for throwing away everything we’ve built in these last 2 years. This isn’t about me loving you, it’s all about revenge now. I’ve learned this little game from you and now that I’ve done it,I realized it’s not that hard to go and fuck someone else while I’m in a “relationship”. I used to sit there everyday seeing you with a new girl crying, stressing, wondering why I’m not good enough. Now it’s your turn to stress over me cheating on you. I’m not bitter though, please stay with them. They can come over and pack your shit and deal with you, because I’m done. Maybe they can take all of your shit ‘Cause I can’t anymore. I think I deserve to get my point across before everything we had completely disappears from  my mind because I am leaving. That was the last straw. I know I always stay or say I’m leaving and come back to you but now I’m done. There’s no more us. It’s just you so you can fuck as many girls as you need to. Now we’re even, you’re hurt, I’m hurt. We’re both hurt by the one we love, well at least I love you. You stopped loving me a long time ago and I should’ve realized that. I’ll get over you quickly though, since you don’t care neither do I. You’ve turned me into a cold hearted bitch and I know it’s wrong but I want to see you cry. Bye baby,have a nice day.” She smiled and winked then the video ended.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone to call her and saw I had a bunch of twitter notifications, text, instagram notifications, almost every social media app I have. I clicked on twitter first.

Holy shit Calum have you seen the video?
That came from Michael. How have they even..?

Damn, Y/N’s cold as hell

I love you to death Calum, you’re my idol but you got what you deserved

She didn’t even shed a tear making that video, she really is cold hearted

Calum’s a dick

She loved you man why you had to fuck up

There was hundreds of thousands of tweets. Some leading me to a link on youtube where she posted the message part. She posted it for the world to see.

@Calum5SOS, the beginning was only for you baby. Feel special

After people had clicked the link they had already guessed with the sleeping man in the background that she recorded them having sex for me to see. I let out a sob and threw my phone across the room, hearing it shatter. I fell to my knees and felt like the world was caving in. I fucked up,I know I did and I can’t fix it. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it, but the person kept knocking.

“What the fuck do you want?!” I yelled, not even being able to see through my tears.
“Whoa there, tiger. Calm down.” I heard Y/N’s voice and I wiped my eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her. She kissed back for a minute but pushed me back, slapping me hard.
“How dare you.” She asked angered.
“Why would you do that? My lingerie, our bed, our-“
“Oh no,no,no.” She laughed.” I lived here alone. My room, my bed, my lingerie. You don’t have the right to say that anything I own is yours, you basically didn’t live here in my book.” She said, picking at her nails.
“Y/N, please. I love you.” I said and she laughed.
“Definitely not falling for that one again.” She walked right passed me and upstairs,coming back down with her makeup and hair bags.
“I accidentally left these here after I posted the video on youtube.” She smirked and walked out to the car.
“No, Y/N! You’re not leaving me.” I told her, grabbing her hand and she snatched it away from me. I noticed there were paps outside and even a few fans but I didn’t care. I couldn’t let her walk out of my life.
“How selfish of you to say that after all you’ve put me through!” She yelled. “Get the fuck out of  my face Calum.” She put her bags in the trunk with the rest of her stuff.
“I’m sorry! I mean it this time,honestly. I know I’ve been the worst boyfriend that anyone could imagine, I know I fucked up and I can’t rewind time and fix it,I can’t go back but I would if I could. Just please don’t leave me. I need you more than anything in the entire world. I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I’ll stop going clubbing and I’ll stop drinking just please. I love you so much it hurts and I don’t even know why I started cheating on you in the first place. The first time was an accident I got too drunk and I missed you and it just happened. I kept doing it and I can’t even give you an explanation as to why.”

I started telling her everything. From how I cheated on her during tour and then  now, even though she knew I did. I just told her the stories behind it all, especially how each one sort of looked liked her whether it was their figure or a few facial features. It looked like I was getting to her because her facial features softened a bit with everything I was telling her.
“I’m so sorry, please Y/N. Please.” I said, on my knees and hugging her legs,bawling my eyes out.  She leaned down and ran her fingers through my hair and then grabbed my wet cheeks.
“Oh Calum,” she said, a smile on her face she stood me up and wrapped her arms around my neck while I hugged her tightly, feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and leaned towards my lips, me leaning in with her. I closed my eyes and winced in pain when she punched me in the nose.
“Holy shit she’s strong.” I heard a fan say.
“Fuck you, Calum.“ She got in her car and started the engine, winding down the window.” Oh, and you should really stop going clubbing and drinking it’s bad for you.” She smirked and rolled it back up.
“Y/N no! Please don’t!” I screamed, banging on her window. She looked at me and blew a kiss before backing out. I chased after the car for a little bit but then I stopped, dropping down to my knees and just laying in the middle of the street feeling as if it was the end of the world or if I was shot and stabbed 200 times. I laid there for at least 10 minutes and I knew almost all of the paps were gone because now I only heard two people’s voices and a few camera flashes.

“Calum?"I heard Luke’s voice. They must’ve pulled up a few minutes ago.
“Cal…Buddy…CalPal?” Now there’s Michael.
“Okay,up you go.” And of course Ashton. He picked me up but I didn’t try to help him out. I let him carry me like a dead weight because I couldn’t feel anything. I had stopped crying and just became emotionless and got this numb feeling. I can’t live without her and I loved her more than I love myself or anything for that matter and I took her for granted. I treated her like shit,like she didn’t matter and now she’s gone. My world, my love is gone and she took my heart with her.

                                 You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                         For everything you did
                               You gone suffer, you gone suffer
                                   I done took too much of this
                          You gone cry, you gone pay me in tears
                                               You gone cry,
                                you owe me for all these years
                                              You gone cry
                                  ‘Cause it’s not about love,
                                it’s all about revenge so cry

What You Need

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“You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time”

Summary: It’s all fun and games until someone’s feeling get’s involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved

Previous Parts:

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Part 8 is here~

Part 9 Part 10



“I think if I eat another slice of pizza I am going to explode,” you said holding your stomach and you hear Bambam laugh.

“Well in that case, here take the last slice”

You gave him a glare and you both began to laugh.

Now was the moment of truth….

“Hey Bambam… can I tell you something?” You asked him and he stops laughing and looks at you.

“Yeah anything.”

You took a deep breath and finally let the words fall out of your mouth..

“I like you…”


You looked down at your hands and tried to avoid Bambam’s glare and you sighed. Was this a mistake? 

You hear Bambam sigh making you finally look up and he continues to look at you.

“Y/N I..” before he could say anything you began to speak.

“Look, Bambam it’s okay if you don’t like me back.. I just wanted to tell you how I feel because, we have an open friendship.”

Bambam started to give you those I’m sorry smiles and all you could do was laugh. 

“Look, Y/N I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way but you’ll find someone who likes you the way you like them.” Bambam says smiling and you nodded..

That’s all you could do..

Well now that you got the wrong message with Bambam and basically embarrassed yourself… it was time to go home. 

“I better go home, I have a lot of homework.” You said getting up and Bambam immediately gets up and looks at you. 

“Come on. Can’t you hang out with me for a little bit?” he says putting the puppy face and you looked at him.



You sighed and gave in. Things weren’t going to turn out like you hoped but at least you still had Bambam as a friend right?


Bambam’s Point of View 

As soon as Y/N admit her true feelings towards me, I couldn’t help but to feel shocked. 

I didn’t think Y/N would feel the same way I did… 

I was going to tell her how I felt till that’s when it hit me… Y/N was just a bet..

Imagine if I told her that I liked her and lead her on… And then as soon as she found out about the bet she would hate me…

I just want the bet over with and then I’ll tell Y/N nothing but the truth and explain the bet, try to get a fresh new start and hopefully ask her out forreal.

I mean it won’t take to long to end the bet..

All she has to do is get a guy's attention from the my group and get… asked… out…


“Bambam?” Y/N says moving her hand in front of my face and I shook my head.  

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even noticed that I completely zoned out.



Your Point of View 

“What’s our plan now?” you asked Bambam as you two walked out of his car.

“Let’s just say it’s time for some fun.” 

You followed Bambam into a dull looking building.

As soon as you stepped in your mouth dropped. You just arrived a indoor go-kart paradise! You’ve always wanted to race but just never knew where it was ever located. 

“By the way, the whole squad is here if you don’t mind.” Bambam says as he points to the right and you see everyone standing there with their helmets in their hands. 

Guess they were prepared before you. 

“Of course I don’t mind.” You smiled and walked over to the crew. 

“About time you two have arrived.” Jackson smirks as he hands both of you helmets.


“Thank you,” you smiled to Jackson and you walked to the side and looked at the area where you were going to race.

“Ready for some fun?” Jackson asks smirking and you couldn’t help but to smile.

“Of course. Time to beat you in your own game,” You said winking at him and you couldn’t help but laugh.

If Bambam doesn’t want you more than a friend, it’s time to move on the next one.

“How about we make this interesting,” Jackson says stepping right in front of you and you looked at him and smiled.

“More details?”

“If I win…. you let me take you out,” Jackson smirks and you looked around and then back at him and nodded your head.

“And if I win, you become my servant for a day.” you suggested and he pulled out his hand.

“Sounds like a deal.”

You both gave each other a proper handshake and exchanged smiles.

“Game on pretty boy.”


It was time for the moment of truth. Who was going to be the real winner here?

You took a deep breath and had you hand on the steering wheel. 

You glanced at Jackson and see him wink through the helmet making you instantly blush. You looked up and begin to see a countdown start.

5….4…..3…..2…..1 GO!

As soon as you read the word GO! without hesitation you pressed down on the pedal and began to drive thinking about your only goal, and that was to beat Jackson.

You felt your heart racing fast as you continued to steer trying to make it in first place. You feel a tap in your cart making you look right and you see Jackson right next to you.

You tried to press down on your pedal harder trying to speed up your cart but Jackson seemed to have the cart in control.

Minutes passed and Jackson and you were neck to neck. 

You glanced at Jackson and see him smirk. Shit he was on to you. He give you one last wink and speeds his cart and at last makes it to the finishing line.

You arrived second place… 

You stopped your go cart, got off and took off your helmet.

Jackson walks over to you and smiles. 

“Guess who won a date for tomorrow night,” Jackson says smirking and you giggled.

“You won fair and square.”

“Pick you up at 7?” Jackson asks you and you nodded.

“Perfect!” he smiles and walks off.


“How did you like the go-kart?” Bambam asks you as you two sat down in your front steps in front of your house.

“It was fun! I felt like I was in mario kart,” You said excitedly and you see Bambam laugh. 

“Out of everything mario kart really?

You both continued to laugh and you looked at Bambam.

“Hey. Can I ask you something.. again?”


“How would you describe Jackson?” You asked Bambam and he looks at you confused.


“Well.. he kind of asked me out…. and I kind of agreed..”

Bambam looks away and stays quiet.

“Jackson…. he’s a cool guy.”

“So accepting his offer wasn’t a mistake?” you asked bambam and he looks at you.

“No. He’s great. I’m sure you two will have fun.” Bambam says smiles and you smiled.

Guess tomorrow you were officially going to go on your first date.


Bambam’s Point of View

“So we agree? Tomorrow you meet me at my car after school to do a quick driving licence before your date?” I asked her and she nods and smiles.


“Great… Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Y/N says and just as I was about to awkwardly walk away Y/N walks up to me wraps her arm around my neck pulling me into a hug. 

I was caught by a complete surprise, but I hugged her back by wrapping my arm around her waist.

“Thank you. For being a good friend.” she says and she pulls away.

I watched her walk into her house and I looked down at my feet.

Why the hell do I feel so guilty?

I walked over to my car and before driving off I couldn’t help but to get mad at myself.

Jackson just asked Y/N out and here I am doing nothing about it!

I couldn’t help but to hit the steering wheel several times and hit my head back on the car seat and close my eyes.

Why can’t I just march up at her door and tell her how i feel..

I opened my eyes, took on last look at her house and drove off. 

If only this situation was that easy…


Your Point of View

“A date with Jackson? What happened with Bambam?” Soylu asks you and you two continued to walk out of the school.


You stopped and looked at her. 

“Yesterday… When we were eating, I confessed my feelings toward Bambam but just off his face expression… you could tell he didn’t have the same feelings..”

“Aw… i’m sorry Y/N,” Soylu says and you smiled.

“It’s fine. I mean Jackson is cute too.”

“Very true! But anyways call me later to tell me about the date.” Soylu says before hugging you and you both left to your own separate way.

You just giggled it off and started to walk your way to the parking lot just how Bambam and you were talking about.

He was going to give you another driving license and to be honest you were pretty excited. 

As you arrived you see Bambam, Jackson and Junior all talking in a group. 

Hm should you give them space?

No.. Bambam already knows your on your way.

So you continued to walk your way to Bambam and at some point you stopped as soon as you heard your name being mentioned…

“Now that you’ve made Y/N Popular, you have officially won the bet.” you hear Jackson say and your eyes widen and your stomach dropped.


Are you fucking kidding me?

“Here’s your money.” Junior says giving Bambam cash and you felt sick to your stomach.


“Okay, now leave befo-” before Bambam could finish the sentence they all stopped and looked at you.

“I was all part of a fucking bet!?”


to be continued! 

I don’t think I’ve been this angry since I was in second grade and a boy in my class caught a little baby horny toad and threatened to kill it in front of me because he thought it was funny to make me upset. Because I was small, and mostly friendless and read Harry Potter books at recess and saved parts of my lunch to feed to the ants on the playground. Because I was odd and easily angered used a lot of big words while all he had to do was find my weaknesses and push on them with a big stupid grin on his face. Because he was a bully, and I was an easy target. 
I remember staring up at him shaking with angry tears in my eyes while he taunted me, holding the little living creature out of my reach and feeling so small and powerless and indignant outraged and just unable to understand why. Why are people like this? 

That is how Donald Trump’s entire campaign has made me feel. That is why last night when he won I sat in my bedroom crying and clenching my fists, and woke up this morning crying still. He ran a campaign on nothing but lies and bullying and making others feel small and inferior and he won
I feel nine years old. Only back then all it took was kneeing that boy in the groin as hard as I could and when he dropped the horny toad, taking it and running as fast as I could to the end of the play ground to release it to safety under the chainlink fence.
The opportunity has not yet presented itself for me to knee Donald Trump in the groin. Though I feel very strongly that if it did, I would. 

The point is, Donald Trump is nothing more or less than a bully. He is unqualified, uneducated, and lacking most of all in the one area that a president should be strongest in: giving a shit about other people.
This morning I was laying on my floor devoid of motivation and full to bursting with disgust and confusion over that fact of how many people there are in the country around me whose perspective I could not possibly understand. I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump is evil or cruel. I have to believe that. But I sure as hell can’t understand they’re point of view, and that frightens me. 

The only thing that gives me hope, a small bit of reassurance that we have not completely lost all progress, is this: we as a country, though still full of flaws and broken pieces, have been moving towards acceptance and awareness and equality and inclusiveness with an increasing velocity these past few years. It may be that this election, this seemingly inexplicable and hatred-driven election, is just that last shattered cry of the broken pieces of bigoted ideals and antiquated oppression that are being left behind. A last hoorah for the bullies who never learned how to feel big without making others feel small.
As Florence Welch so poetically put it, “its always darkest before the dawn.”

The “Friend zone”

So perhaps the biggest (and possibly most valid) argument against Stydia is that it plays into the stereotypical “nice guy” anti-feminist trope. For those unfamiliar, let me explain: Guy likes Girl. Girl does not know Guy exists/does not care. Guy befriends Girl to win over Girl. Girl is bedazzled by Guy and cannot believe she was such a bitch for ignoring him all these years. Guy wins Girl. They ride off into the sunset.

A blind moose would be able to see that there is room for problematic interpretation here. These kinds of storylines, when handled poorly (as they often are) treat women as objects to be won. The Guy deserves the Girl simply because he is Nice to her, and isn’t an asshole like her Boyfriend (inevitably) is. Once the Girl sees how Nice the Guy is and how much he “loves” her, she falls in love with him back. Because that is how love works if you are a Nice Guy. You just have to be nice to a girl and show her you love her, and she will love you back.

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The tale of the fidgety father

I worked at Best Buy for a few months before we got news that our location was closing. At that point I stopped caring about the “excellent” customer service I was supposed to be providing. Don’t get me wrong - I wasn’t being mean or rude to every customer but if they were acting so towards me, I wouldn’t hesitate to return the favor.

One day a fidgety male customer - with child in toe - lost his shit because an item rang up higher than expected. Usually when this happens I would follow him to where the he found the item. However, on that specific day there was already a line forming so I didn’t want to walk away and of course, no one was answering their radios. I politely pointed him towards customer service (which was completely free of customers). 

He hesitantly walked over. 

I continued to ring people up when I saw fidgety guy return to my line. The entire time he was smirking at me. This… “I told you I was right” kind of smirk.

It was obvious he came back to my line trying to rub his correctness in my face. I’m not sure why. He could’ve paid in customer service already. 

When his turn came I was going to ignore him and check him out. 

That’s when the sass began.

“See?“ he said, "I told you I was right. You should’ve listened to me.”

It continued.

He dropped gems like  “Why were you trying to get me to pay more?” and “You should’ve done your job better.”

Finally it reached the point of refusal.

“I’m sorry sir,” I said, “I don’t like your tone. And If I’m not doing a good enough job you’re more than welcome to go to customer service. They’d be more than happy to help you check out." 

In the midst of our unpleasant exchange, a manager saw the bullshit going down and came over. Right in front of the demeaning dad, I told my manager I was not going to help the fellow. Fidgety dad/guy/person insisted on me ringing him up on principle but somehow, through some multidimensional slip, my manager did the unusual: he let me get away from that rat bastard. 

I know what I "should have” done. I should’ve rang him up and let him be on his way. But as horrible as it sounds I didn’t want the customer to be right this time. 

I didn’t want him to leave the store thinking that he could talk to employees like that. 

The manager took over and I helped the next in line. Fidgety douchebag spoke loudly enough for me  overhear him… apparently I was being rude!

It sucks that when I stand up for myself it’s considered  “rude”. I hate the “customer is always right” mentality. They’re not always right. Sometimes they’re fucking assholes and people need to put them in their place. 

Cheers to all the managers who understand this and aren’t full of the same shit these corporations throw at us everyday. 

Taylor Swift Cures Everything

I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl lately, and Schmidt reminds me of Black Star. Have some MaStar Brotp feels set in my New Girl AU where they help each other go through a breakup. And yes, I used Blake in place of his name for this because I feel it suits the AU better.

Living in Los Angeles had been everything she expected: high priced coffee, traffic was always at a standstill at the worst possible moment, and apartments were very expensive. She probably should have listened to her dad about staying home and finding a job there, but she had to move out. There was a certain point in a girl’s life that she had to experience something new, and moving to Los Angeles was one of them. Even if that meant living in an apartment with three other roommates. Even if that meant her three other roommates were male. Even if that meant she never had a moment of privacy, not even when she needed it the most.

“Blake, you really don’t have to be in here with me,” Maka said to the man sitting across from her at the table.

“Maka, you’re going through a difficult time–”

“I can handle a breakup.”

“–and as your best friend–”

“You aren’t, though. If I needed someone, pretty sure I would have called Tsu.”

“–I need to be there for you.”

“I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift and drink wine alone,” she mumbled to herself. “Yet here you are, and I really don’t need your help.”

“You and whatever that guy’s name was were together for a very long time, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, then I can be that shoulder,” Blake rambled, completely ignoring the girl he supposedly wanted to console. “I mean you’re talking to an expert here. When Tsu and I broke up, I handled it pretty well.”

“You watched The Notebook for an entire week, and refused to go out anywhere. I don’t think that’s handling it well.”

His green eyes finally snapped to hers, and he slammed his hand on the table. “That’s not the point, Maka! I’m trying to help you out here!”

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The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 4

Author’s Note: Sorry I’m a piece of shit and took like a week to post and write this. In my defense, I’ve been traveling since the 30th and finally found enough time to sit down and write for a few hours. This one is a little bit longer than the rest and it has smut in an attempt to apologize for being so late. What can I say, I take after 5SOS. Part of it seems like a filler but it’s gonna come back into play a little later on. Like usual, let me know what you think! (PS I just realized I accidentally gave Ivy the same last name as Malia on Teen Wolf but I kinda hate Malia so I’m sorry)

Rating: Mature (WEREWOLF SMUT)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

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Day 1

I tried my best to make my experience in med school, both the successes as well as the failures, as transparent as possible. I intend to do the same for residency. No holds bar, raw emotions, both the good and the bad. If for no other reason than to remind myself that I’m human and maybe to help someone else not feel so alone in this whole shit show called medicine.

My first day was awful. AWFUL. Outside of our inadequate 8 hr training course taught by non-clinicians, I’ve never used our EMR. Maneuvering through it during pre-rounds was torturously slow. My ability to navigate the hospital was non-existent. I got lost. A lot. I cut my time so short that I had to develop my plans on the fly. I missed a lot of stuff. I was a disorganized mess. I didn’t know how to do anything. I had trouble making even the simplest of decisions. I got the nervous shits just before rounds. I forgot to pee. I had to be reminded to eat. Every time my pager went off I cringed because it was yet another chance to point out how completely and utterly inadequate I was as a doctor.

Between a late admission and my slow pace in completing notes, I didn’t check-out to the night team until after 8 o’clock. The kicker to my day was when I managed to get lost while trying to find the parking deck and then forgetting where I parked. 

I got home and bawled like a baby. No shame. Ugly crying even. I doubted whether I made the right decision. I doubted myself–whether I was really cut out for medicine. I doubted everything and every decision I’d made leading to this point. I’ve never been so bad at something in my entire life. 

It took a while, but I finally calmed down. I’d tried my best. While my best hadn’t been good enough, it was all I could do. And so I sat down and attempted to correct my mistakes and identify ways to improve my organizational flow.

Today was a much different day. It was far from perfect, but it was better. I corrected some of my mistakes while making new ones. I still tried my best. And that’s the most I can ask of myself.


I didn’t read this pile of horseshit and her bitch ass blocked me after sending it and replying to my other post. Who tf does that? Oh yes. The myriad of cowards in the SS fandom that can dish it but bitch up when someone comes at them stronger. Maybe Miss I-don’t-understand-feminism (because there’s no way you can understand feminism and call Sakura a feminist icon) will stay out of the anti tags now.

So if you see this, feminismdumbass/crosstrash (I can name-call with the best of them), and you probably will since you stalk anti tags, this is my response to that garbage you added on my post;

“Imma be real with you. I didn’t read that essay. I skimmed at best and looked at the pretty pics.

Babe, I’ve already addressed the fact that "my side of the fandom” isn’t perfect. I said that in one of my first responses to you. You were having trouble addressing that about your own. Miss me with your victim complex. You entered my inbox with all that bass in ya voice so don’t try to play innocent now. UKL1997 is my sweet cinnamon roll, but she isn’t me. You making peace with her means diddly-shit to me. Just remember to be nice or you’ll have a different set of problems to deal with. And don’t think I didn’t see how you completely swerved around the way your fandom acts.

You contribute to the fighting. You are part of the problem. You are in no position to point fingers or whine about ppl picking on you. You lost that right when you crosstagged and BRAGGED about it. No one provoked you in any way except voicing their displeasure about the series and you not liking it. You’re like one of those ppl who derail posts about a marginalized group with “all” just so you can feel included. What makes it borderline homophobic is you saying they CAN’T be anything other than friends. It’s you erasing the possibility and putting other ppl down for it. Newsflash! That’s homophobic.

I start many sentences with “bitch please,” whether they be positive or negative. That’s just how I talk. If you didn’t appreciate it, you should’ve said something. But again, you’re the one who was all high and mighty talking about how you never insult or name-call. I never made that claim. You’ve been 100% hypocrite this entire time.

You’re using the FoD scene in part 1 where Sakura gives Sasuke a “cool down hug.” Is that where your analysis of their relationship ends? Sakura saved the lives of those Sound ninja more than she saved Sasuke, boo. He still fell into darkness. All she did was postpone it. But I get it. SS seems to cling to the FoD as if nothing else in the manga happened so I’ll let you have that. Naruto and Sasuke’s whole schtick was that they communicate with their fists. Sasuke said it. Naruto said it. Why the hell would Naruto use Sakura’s “method” if that’s the way they both have acknowledged that they communicate best?

Oh and great job Sakura did “saving him” in the Kage Summit arc. You know? That arc where she thought “saving him” meant killing him. Or has that also been swept from your memory along with the rest of the manga? Killing Sasuke was never an option for Naruto. Girl bye. There’s nothing good about that triggering pile of shit known as SS. Deal with it.“

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompt, how about Vivi messing up a spell or something, and the gang has to help her do damage control slash reverse its effects?

This did not go in the way I thought it would. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Also, since this is Tumblr, better be safe than sorry. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. IT’S JUST FOR FUN. CALM YOUR TITS.

“Holy shit.”

This hadn’t gone how she planned at all.

“Are you sure you’re alright? Should you even be standing?!”

“Relax, Lew. She can’t be hurt that bad.” Arthur paused and tried to hold back a laugh. “Tried” being the key word. “Or I guess I should say he can’t be hurt that bad.”

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A Thousand Natural Shocks - Chapter 3

Next installment of @notllorstel‘s Neverhuman AU fic is up!  (Psst, let me know if you want me to stop tagging you - I know this fic has gone a lot off the rails from your original idea.) 

Update was a while in the waiting, I know - if it’s any solace, this chapter is quite a bit longer than the past few I’ve posted. Sorry about all that. I have a relatively comprehensive plan of the entire fic so far, I just have to find time to sit down and write it out.

Introduced in this chapter is Shermy Pines - a bit necessary, since I didn’t want this entire fic to be Ford and his internal monologues. Seeing how their character barely exists in canon, any iteration of them is pretty much an original character. But here, I’ll be going with @trustme-im-a-pirate’s Shermy, who’s Dipper and Mabel’s grandmother, and who kicks all kinds of ass, honestly. No background knowledge is necessary (but y'all should check their fics on AO3 (under Sarielle), because they are amazing) but just giving credit where it’s due.

PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 AO3 (for longer comments and questions)

(And… psst.  As always, I’m up to answer questions about the fic and dole out hints through asks, though I probably am not creative enough to think of ciphers and all that.)  


The cold fear coiled in his gut promised a sleepless night.

Never one to waste time, Stanford Pines cracked open his brother’s phonebook and began flipping through the yellowed pages, in a vain attempt to keep his mind off of certain other topics.

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What Happened? (Part 2)

His P.O.V.


“Oh my god, Harry!” She lets out a laugh as she shoves me. “I have a better one, though. The best one I’ve ever heard!” We’re talking about dirty pick-up lines, and trying to one-up each other.

“Pfft! Try me.” I challenge her, a smirk on my face.

“Okay, okay.” She grins, probably internally laughing at her own joke. She stands up and sits on my lap, the starts playing with my shirt. “This is for the full effect.” She states, but I’m pretty sure it’s an excuse to sit on my lap. Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t mind at all. “You know, this shirt looks very becoming on you. But of course, if I were on you, I’d be coming, too.

I throw my head back and let out a laugh. Ok, that was a good one. She’s about to get up off of my lap, but I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her back down and lets out her adorable giggle. “Where do you think you’re going?” I chuckle. Our faces are centimeters apart and all I can think about is kissing her. I notice her eyes are darting back and forth from my eyes, to my lips, she wants to kiss me, too. We lean in simultaneously, but our lips hardly brush against each other’s when Louis’ loud voice interrupts us, and we pull apart.

“Get a room!!” He shouts.

I roll my eyes in annoyance, while Y/N chuckles and hops off my lap. Dammit, Louis! I flip him the bird, and he laughs, knowing exactly why.


It was supposed to only be sex. So why do I feel something more? I didn’t realize how hard I had fallen for her until then. Now she and Louis are all over each other, consistently flirting, like her and I used to do. I’m not normally the jealous type, but there’s something about her that makes me drawn to her. Is it her mesmerizing eyes? You can get trapped in those eyes. Whatever it is, I’ve found myself falling for her and she doesn’t talk to me anymore, but that’s my fault. I don’t mean to be so passive aggressive with her but I can’t help it and I have no idea why. I’m never like this.

I’m walking to my dressing room, passing the lounge where Y/N and Louis are sitting. I look straight ahead, trying to act like I don’t even notice they’re there. As I’m passing, I see Y/N in my peripheral get up from the couch and fast walk over to me.

“Hey, I saw this funny pic-“ She starts once she’s caught up to me.

“Is this going to be quick? ‘Cause I’ve got shit to do.” I snap and I immediately regret it.

Her face falls, “Never mind. I’ll leave you alone.” She scoffs and walks away. I reach out to grab her arm but she walks away too fast, going down the hall to her dressing room and I know I pissed her off.


At the club, I go off on my own to find someone to fuck and hopefully get Y/N off my mind. It’s a stupid crush and I need to forget about it. I find an attractive girl alone at the bar and I approach her. Turns out, she’s single and her name is Maddie, so I buy her a drink.

Next thing I know, I’m completely wasted. Maddie and I are outside of the club waiting for our cab to pull up. Her lips are on my neck and her touching me everywhere, while I’m getting scraped by my zipper.

The cab pulls up and Maddie enters it first. I glance behind me for a moment and spot Y/N walking towards the hotel. I want to say something but Maddie whines so I get into the cab, then close the door.

Back at the hotel, Maddie’s all over me, but all I can think about is Y/N. I think about her laugh when I make a stupid joke. Her sarcastic comments on just about anything. God, she’s so pretty. And when she fucks… God damn, she’s incredible in so many ways. She’s any guy’s dream girl! As Maddie goes down on me, think about how Y/N’s lips tasted after they were wrapped around my cock ever-so perfectly. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s bloody good at it.

Then I went down on her, she shivered at my touch, the closer I was to her pussy, the faster her breathing was. She tasted so damn good and felt so damn good around me, so fucking tight.

After about ten minutes I open my eyes and see Maddie’s face and the illusion is gone and I am no longer into this at all and I cut it short. Understandably, Maddie is pissed off and stomps out of the room. I lay on the bed for maybe five minutes, thinking about Y/N, I remember that she was walking back here, so she’s probably in her room by now.

I exit the hotel room and walk down the hall until I’m at her room. I hear the television on and I know she’s there. I knock on the door and it takes her a moment before she opens the door. I’m taken aback for a moment when I realize that she’s wearing nothing except for an oversized black t-shirt that barely covers her perfect ass.

“Can I help you?” She snaps at me, and I’ve completely lost my train of thought at this point.

“I… Um…”

“Is this going to be quick? Because I have shit to do.” She’s using my words from earlier against me and I’m once again feeling the guilt I felt when the words came out of my mouth.

“Y/N,” I start. “Can we talk?”

She scoffs, “What makes you think I want to talk to you?”

I sigh, this is my fault. If could just get over my jealousy. “Look, I know I’ve been an ass but just… hear me out.”

“I don’t want to.” She says angrily. “Where’s that girl you brought back here to fuck? You get sick of her, too?”

Fuck. She saw us, this looks bad. “Y/N-”

“Fuck off, Styles.” She growls, then slams the door shut.

Part One

Request for Part Three here

archangelimpala  asked:

But did you see the other angle of that cockles video where you can see Ruth laugh and acknowledge the faux pas, pointing at them?


something i havent rly said

how big dirty paws got the last few months still really blows my mind like it can be almost hilarious to me like “what do i do right”

but i actually get a good amount of messages and emails of people telling me that the film genuinely bettered their lives in some way, whether it be bringing them closer to their partner or giving them the courage to come out/ask someone out, etc. and that’s like????? amazing. crazy but amazing. i don’t really answer these messages bc they get lost or i forget bc i’m a shit but every time i read one it simultaneously blows my mind and warms the cockles of my heart

i’m so happy for everyone who took something positive out of my lil project. it’s hard to put into words how it feels to have impacted the lives of people i dont even know??? it’s?? scary… AMAZING….? idk how many of these messages i’ve gotten at this point but it’s far more than i’ve ever expected and they, more than anything tbh, made the year i spent on dirty paws completely worth it!!

so yeah, sorry i don’t answer a lot of messages but i always read them, and i often go “woah….!!”

A Streetcar Named Desire - with Gillian Anderson and special guest David Duchovny

This post is long and self-indulgent and mostly for me because I want to be able to remember this night for a long time, but I hope others enjoy this memory as well!

So when it was announced that A Streetcar Named Desire would be coming to NYC I knew I had to see it. I’ve been watching The X-Files for over a decade and followed Gillian’s career since then. She is such an amazing actress and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to see her perform live since I wasn’t sure I would ever get the opportunity again.

My friend Andrea agreed to go with me so we chose April 30th for our show since Passover began the weekend before and she wouldn’t be able to make it opening night. We bought our tickets the day they went on sale, front row in the section with only two rows. It didn’t hit me until about a week before the show that I would be just a few feet away from Gillian and this incredible performance. I hadn’t watched the filmed version because I wanted to see it for the first time in person. Needless to say I started to get a little nervous the week leading up to my trip and the show.

After a couple lovely days in NYC seeing another show with friends, Andrea and I headed to Brooklyn. We both decided we needed coffee, so we stopped at Starbucks when we got to Brooklyn and obtained caffeine and a sandwich. We are and then walked to the theater, coffee in hand. I had been up really late the night before just chatting with another wonderful friend who saw She Loves Me with me since we’re both NerdHQ regulars and love Zac Levi the most. But I was tired and a little concerned that I would have trouble staying alert during a three hour play with no big Broadway musical numbers. So. Coffee.

Anyway, all tickets are will-call so we got to the theater and went to the box office to pick up our tickets. The guy handed me my tickets and then as I was turning back around to Andrea I heard him say “David Duchovny” and give his coworkers a thumbs up.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. (Said my brain).

I have no idea what I said to Andrea. My eyes probably tried to escape from my head as I mouthed something about David to her. I quickly looked around for the man who had gotten his tickets ahead of me thinking maybe I was REALLY not paying attention and that it was him. But when I saw that man and confirmed it wasn’t David I stopped freaking out quite so much. At this point I’m sure Andrea tried to talk to me and I’m sure I rudely shushed her because the box office attendants were still talking about David. The guy was talking about his looks at attractiveness (which, more on that in a sec, because yum) so I calmed down a little more and stopped listening since the conversation wasn’t actually about David being there.

Once I allowed Andrea to speak words out loud again, we decided to go around the corner and continue drinking our coffee while we waited for the show. It was probably about 15 minutes to showtime at this point. So we turned and walked around the corner, and there he fucking was. Just standing there, being an adorable friend and supportive co-star and basically perfect. I’m pretty sure I punched Andrea in the stomach or something and loudly whispered “oh my god there he is there he is holy fuck” while simultaneously losing my goddamn mind.

I should take a minute to tell an anecdote from earlier in the day. I spent the night before at my friend’s apartment and was moving to a hotel for the rest of my trip the morning of the Streetcar show. I’ve been to NYC a few times but I’m not super familiar with the subway system, so when I emerge from a station, it takes me a few seconds to orient myself. I emerge from the subway nearest to my hotel that morning and find myself right in front of The Cutting Room. I texted my friend Hannah immediately and she told me that it was a sign. Little did I know.

ANYWAY. Back at the show. David Duchovny is standing in the middle of the room, chatting casually with his sister. No one was bothering him or even seemed to be paying much attention to him, but I very suddenly did not need my coffee to be awake anymore. I honestly do not remember what we did then. I immediately texted Hannah and a couple of my other friends who love TXF all caps messages that David was there. I took a creeper pic because I’m a terrible person while begging over text for my sanity back. No one that I saw talked to David while he was standing there, and eventually he and his sister walked past us going to other direction. He’s taller than I thought he would be in person and while I’ve never thought he was unattractive by any means, good lord. In person I was smitten. Yum.

I eventually gained back enough control over my body to realize I’d been anxiously CHUGGING my coffee, so I immediately tried to stop because I didn’t want to need the restroom in the middle of the first act. We saw a few of Andrea’s friends and chatted with them for a bit. They hadn’t seen David so we told them he was there and I showed them my creeper pic and we all collectively lost our shit again. At this point it was probably about 10 minutes to showtime so we went and stood in the line for the ladies room and I disposed of my coffee as quickly as possible. Meanwhile Hannah was relaying the reports that had already made it to Tumblr and generally trying to ensure that I didn’t lose it completely.

After we used the restroom, Andrea and I headed to our seats. There was still a bit of time before the show was supposed to start, so we were the only people walking in at this particular moment. We came around the curtains leading to the stage and seating area and David was standing in the corner with his sister again. I very rudely punched Andrea again and he looked over at us as we walked by but we didn’t say anything.

Once we got to our seats I was relieved to see the seats in our row were filled, but I was a little concerned he would sit in the row behind us. I really wanted the opportunity to watch his reactions to her in this play. Since I’m seeing the play again, I’d already decided to consciously spend time watching him during the play, since I would have an opportunity to focus on her 100% again a few days later. I felt a little guilty buying tickets to two shows since Gillian asked that people only come to one, but the second time I’m going is with my mom, is on my birthday, and I only get to NYC about once every five years or so despite loving musicals and theater, so I decided to see it twice. We’re sitting in the same section David ended up sitting in for the second show and I’m excited to see the show from a different perspective.

ANYWAY. I wanted to be able to take advantage of this insane opportunity and hopefully get to observe David watching his friend and co-worker of 20+ years playing the role of a lifetime. So when he came into the room to sit down and started walking towards us I started whispering “fuck fuck fuck not here no no no.” But luckily he turned up the stairs of the section to the right of us and sat down in the fourth row. Perfect.

He chatted with his sister and stood up a few times to let people in who were sitting in the middle of his row, but again, no one bothered him. Way to go, fandom. Proud of you.

The lights dimmed and the show started and honestly I was so concerned about where Gillian was going to show up from and looking towards David at that moment I don’t remember much about the show before she ran in from (I’m pretty sure) the same entrance that the audience had entered the stage area from.

I looked over at David a lot during the play (it probably annoyed the hell out of Andrea since she was sitting to my right). He’s a very stoic audience member. He smiled/laughed once that I saw in response to one of her lines, but that’s about it. He leaned forward several times, especially toward the most intense scenes at the end, but otherwise sat calmly watching, sometimes with his hand(s) at his face, and sometimes not. Because I’m a freak and terrible person, I looked over at him whenever she undressed (to a bra and skirt slip several times during the play) and when she kissed someone, but his expression never changed. I also paid attention to where he would look when Gillian was on stage but not part of the current action or dialogue. He would switch back and forth a lot, often watching Gillian for a few seconds, then looking back at the current action/dialogue, back to Gillian, back to the action, et cetera. But then again, she’s so captivating in this role, a lot of people probably do the same. The choreography ended up having her look right at the area he was sitting twice during the play, but I never saw any reaction from her or him to indicate she had seen him.

The play ends with her walking a very slow circle around the entire stage. She pretty much stares everyone in the first row in the eye. It’s broken and intense and once-in-a-lifetime to see someone who you primarily identify with another role so transformed into someone completely different. Amazing. I’m pretty sure years were added to my life in that moment.

When we got to the end, I spent most of the curtain call/bows watching David unless she was facing me directly. The whole cast immediately got a standing ovation, followed by the three main characters, and then Gillian by herself. She got the loudest cheers by far, and David stood clapping and smiling the whole time. She looked grateful and maybe a little emotional during bows, but she didn’t cry or anything.

Once the cast ran off stage (to the exit left of our section) we all got up to leave. David and his sister ended up a little bit behind us, and I kept looking back to see whether people were continuing to leave him alone. I saw one group ask him for a photo, which he took, and then we left the room. Andrea and I waited just outside to see if he was still taking pictures with people when he also exited, but it was just him and his sister so we did not bother him. We followed him out towards the box office/bar area, when he and his sister turned around and walked back past us with an employee, presumably to go backstage to say hello. That’s the last we saw of him.

Andrea and I got in line for autographs and about 15-20 minutes later she arrived (very quietly, no one made any exclamations or anything, she was just there all the sudden) and started signing. I’d been trying to decide what I wanted to say, so when it was my turn I ended up saying hello and thank you for bringing the show to the states, and that it was exquisite. She said hi and thank you and then we left. It was very lovely to see that she is exactly the same height as me (yeah short women!) and she looked gorgeous. She had some winged eyeliner on still, but otherwise no obvious makeup.

I am so, so grateful I get to see it again. There are a few things I want to pay better attention to, especially watching her transform back into Gillian from Blanche during the curtain call. I especially enjoyed watching her face when she didn’t have dialogue. She so completely embodies this character, it’s amazing to see it down to the tiniest detail. Also the amount of dialogue she does have is absolutely ridiculous. How the hell she not only remembers all of those words, performs them with a perfect southern accent, and acts with her entire body at the same time is beyond me. The character she plays is in high heels the entire time. Even her slippers have high heels. She plays this character that’s on the edge, so on the edge you’re afraid she’s going to teeter over both literally and figuratively at any moment. I was even afraid she was going to fall off the stage a couple times. At one point I noticed that her feet, during one of her many scenes with complicated and endless dialogue, were both tilted to one side. She not only plays the character as being emotionally and mentally on edge, she does it physically too. It’s incredible.

I may add to this after I see the show again tomorrow night, but I wanted this self-indulgent post to remember the evening by. I feel so lucky to have seen Gillian perform this live, and the fact that David was there made it one of most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

What do we know about Mormons and black people? Enough that the topic has its own Wikipedia page. Blacks weren’t allowed to enter the priesthood or take part in any ceremonies at LDS temples until 1978. The reasoning for that came directly from Brigham Young himself:

“Why are so many of the inhabitants of the earth cursed with a skin of blackness? It comes in consequence of their fathers rejecting the power of the holy priesthood, and the law of God. They will go down to death. And when all the rest of the children have received their blessings in the holy priesthood, then that curse will be removed from the seed of Cain, and they will then come up and possess the priesthood, and receive all the blessings which we now are entitled to.”

Technically, none of this should matter, seeing as how it’s all in the past and such. And I would have been completely on board with that line of thinking, if only this didn’t happen:

That’s right; at one point during their recent boxing match, Mitt Romney knocked Evander Holyfield down. Granted, it was staged and that was very obvious, but the crowd completely lost their shit when it happened. I know it’s barely my place to be offended, but goddamn, given their stance on race relations throughout history, seeing Holyfield pretend to get beat up by Romney for the enjoyment of an arena full of rabid Mormons feels gross to me.

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