i completely lost it at this point

I must have gone through phases of, not even unhappiness but like complete distortion of all my senses, completely lost kind of misery. And then I met Carlos and I recognise something similar. So we had each other, really. Ah… ain’t that romantic…
—  Peter sounding very pleased with how things turned out, 2002-2003. (Carl was mucking about in the background during this interview but was suspiciously quiet at this point for some reason)

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Am I the only one not mollified by the thought of Emma meeting Wish realm Hook in the spring premiere episode? That's not really romantic to me in truth it almost reads as cheating now that we know these are completely different people. I mean it won't be like with Past Hook or Deckhand Killian it won't even really be him at all! I don't want that, so any meeting to me just lost its appeal but that's probably just me after that episode I've lost all hope.

I see what you’re saying.  I honestly don’t think there will be anything between them at this point, other than the very strong connection they’ve always had.  Maybe there will be some flirting here and there (depending on how old he is) but I seriously doubt Emma is going to just flat out go for him.  She’ll be more concerned with getting back to her Killian in Storybrooke.  I think the meeting could be fun (because who doesn’t want to see Captain Swan’s 5th first meeting??) but I doubt anything will really come of it other than AU Killian might assist them in getting back.


I completely lost it at this point. No one like her, I swear. 

Leo Valdez is a fan favorite, but the fandom seriously discredits his intelligence

I’m re-reading The Lost Hero and he could literally complete math equations college students couldn’t complete at the age of 8. 

There’s no point going on about the Argo 2 and Festus, we all remember that.

The kid is literally a genius, yet I keep seeing memes of him where the punchline is ‘Oh leo, ur so slow xD’



I had been self medicating for more than half my life. And as the band grew, so did the introduction of more drugs and more alcohol. Each time I thought I had hit rock bottom I really hadn’t seen the worst yet. When the band broke up, my using had intensified and I fell into total darkness. In the true form of an addict, I disconnected from everyone I knew and pushed away every one I loved. At that point in my life, I was not only lost but in complete self-destruction mode. In February, I was told I should never have woken up.


This is probably my favourite scene this whole season. It actually brought tears to my eyes just as it did to Sam. These three people have done so much, have lost so much, but through it all they’ve always been there for each other. This scene reminded me of their sacrifices and continuous struggles and why you constantly root for them want what’s best for them.

And I like that we finally get to see Sam’s inner struggle. Sam is so emotionally drained and feels completely helpless at this point. We get to see a lot of that from Dean but not so much from Sam. So it was a lovely change.

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Perhaps in the interest of time, a moment like this was canned, but I’d like to think it’s not an opportunity lost.

It seems like a fleshed out convo regarding Ladybug’s behavior is inevitable, if only because her common sense and rationale is flung out the window whenever Adrien is involved; much to Chat’s bewilderment. At some point, I think he HAS to extract a reasonable explanation from her. 

I’m still a complete noob to this show, and episode wise, I’ve skipped around alot (which I realize wasn’t a good idea, because the show isn’t reeeeally serialized the way I’ve been told it is).

But anyway, right from the beginning, I crave the same thing everyone else does: more meaningful interactions between the mains. So I’m hoping that this last LadyNoir moment is a tease of “things to come”, rather than, “LOL this is all u get!” :P

I just think it would’ve been a nice little addition that punctuates Chat’s concern for her negativity. It wasn’t lost on him, and it actually bothered him. While I would’ve loved a startled Ladybug to stammer her way into excuses while Adrien interrogates unseen, time is almost as much a bitch as Lila is. If Adrien, perhaps unintentionally and out of sloppiness from concern, planted subtle ideas of his identity, we could have ended on the kind of uneven footing many a good show ends their finales on. Complicate that further with Ladybug actually understanding some of those implications and rampantly denying them thereafter would be a wonderfully eff’d up season ender.

Alas, I still would have been happy if  Ladybug simply deflected the question and said she was going to transform soon before taking off;– all of which would emphasize Chat’s precious little sad face at the end even more.

Think about it. Excluding Adrien in his room, the very last expression we see of Chat is a sad one, and the very last one of Marinette is curiosity and uncertainty. While this is clearly foreshadowing, if you’re going to go that route, I say push it further and extract deeper character development that validate those moments before the ep ends for greater impact.

I dunno. Just my two pesos.

The Signs When Their Fav Sports Team Loses
  • Aries: *flips over table* *hits wall many times* there's a lot of cussing at this point
  • Taurus: *throws chicken wing at tv* booooooooo
  • Gemini: "Yeah, my team lost but who wouldn't when the opposing team has a quarterback with an ass like that ;)"
  • Cancer: *cries* I barley even like them like idgaf *they are now hyperventilating from such a hard loss*
  • Leo: "Don't fucking talk to me. This game is fucking stupid. This world is fucking stupid."
  • Virgo: "The game had to be rigged. The statistics from past games of each players performance proves the longitude and latitude equilateral sum is completely improbable blah blah blah"
  • Libra: *talking about the halftime show* "lol why are there so many football players at Beyonces concert"
  • Scorpio: "Why don't they just allow knives in these games lol"
  • Sagittarius: "You think this is a fuCKING GAME"
  • Capricorn: "They shoold've tried harder. They started weak and couldn't recover. I'm not upset, just disappointed." *sighs*
  • Aquarius: "This is quite an unfortunate turn of events"
  • Pisces: *slept through game*
Okay...some ToG fans need to get something straight...

When Aelin loses her parents, she goes off and gets a new identity and becomes an assassin and starts butchering people for a living (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Sam, the love of her life, she makes a promise to herself that she will be the one to murder Arobynn with pleasure (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Nehemia, she launches herself at Chaol and mauls his face and would have totally killed him if Dorian hadn’t stopped it (again…I totally understand).


I understand that people can have their opinions about certain characters, BUT I think it is a completely and utterly selfish point of view to hate and be annoyed with Chaol by the actions of him in Queen of Shadows. Why is it okay for our beloved main protagonist to act in the drastic measures that she did when she lost someone, but when Chaol loses Dorian, all of a sudden people think he is a terrible person for being angry. People also say that Chaol was out of character in this book…but I don’t think he was at all…I think he had absolutely every right to act the way he did. Hell I would act even nastier…even Maas said she would act that way if she lost her best friend

He is 22 years old. And in the 22 years that he has lived, he had no family, and absolutely no friends…except Dorian. This boy literally never had ANYBODY in life besides Dorian. So when Aelin comes back 2 months after not seeing each other and not having any contact with each other, she tells Chaol that they would need to kill Dorian. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO CALL HER A MONSTER. She is talking about killing the only person Chaol ever had. And I UNDERSTAND why she would want to kill Dorian…hell I would say that too if I went through the experience she went through with the Valg. But Chaol doesn’t have clue what the Valg is capable of…and I don’t think he needs to listen to a girl he dated for literally only 2 months over the life of his best friend and brother since they were kids. 

Why is it so hard for people to understand Chaol’s mindset I will never understand.

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Hi I just saw your post and I'd like to ask, what is Bioware not doing (or, what can they be doing better?) in regards to LGBT+ representation? Out of curiosity's sake, thanks!

hi! i hope u don’t mind if i publish this ask bc just. i have words about bioware’s treatment of their lgbt+ characters.

i mean. they’re clearly trying to improve but at the same time  it kind of bothers me how the people at bioware keep patting themselves on the back for ~all inclusive~ in their representation, because right now it’s not enough for me. i’m p sure it’s not enough for a whole bunch of lgbt+ fans, either.

i’m going to list my main points in bulletpoints bc holy hell, somewhere along the way i completely lost all of my chill n the list became really long. so idk. go grab yourself some snacks n get comfortable, because this? this might take a while.

  • nearly all of the bi, pan & gay characters are coded as The Other (assassins, bards, characters who are pariahs in their communities, spies, rebels and misfits, etc.), while all the “good”, morally upstanding characters are f/m romance options. hell, the only straight romance option in da2 just happens to be a fucking chantry boy in shining armor.
  • there’s also the fact most of the straight romance options are usually the ones super important to the plot, like morrigan, solas and alistair. hell, if you romance alistair in da:o you can marry him and become the queen of ferelden. meanwhile leliana is super easy to miss unless you drop by the tavern in lothering, and you can fucking kill zevran when you first meet him.
  • f/m romances take priority in general over f/f and m/m romances. solas and cullen’s romances weren’t originally supposed gendergated, but the  m/m options were cut due to “““time constraints”““.
  • lack of promotional material for f/f and m/m pairings. u can see m!hawke & extremely whitewashed isabela and m!inquisitor & josie kissing in the trailers tho.
  • holy smokes batman, let’s talk about how krem’s character is treated in da:i. like… bioware literally gave us the option to ask krem all these really invasive n transphobic question without like. zero consequences. you don’t lose approval from bull, you don’t lose the chargers, there’s literally no repercussions to you treating him poorly. i didn’t even have the heart to exhaust all of his dialogue options, because a lot of them are really fucking gross (i could’ve sworn that one of the dialogue options literally reads something along the lines of “but why are you trying to pass?”).
  • bioware hates queer women.
  • no really tho, bioware hates queer women. like, they really fucked up in da:o, where the only other queer women besides leliana are fucking branka and marjolaine.
  • there’s also the fact that how the writers treat sera in da:i like. she’s literally the only companion you can kick out whenever you please, and the option to kick her out is literally in the same place where everyone else’s romance starting flirt is.
  • like. the writers literally gave zero fucks about sera or her romance. her sexuality isn’t addressed in the game at all & her romance is nothing but talking, while the other romances get extra scenes with plenty of intimate moments, while sera’s is just… talking. and talking. and even more talking. and an endless line of sexual remarks, ableism and barely concealed disgust from the other companions.
  • this might be going a bit of topic, but just. the next time you play da:i, do me a favor and compare how the narrative treats cole and sera’s neuroatypicalness. like. the player’s opinion of cole aside, the narrative clearly treats him in a more positive light, whereas sera is just. the game tries so hard to portray her as this selfish, unreasonable and unpleasant person who never makes any sense, and like. as a neuroatypical lesbian it’s just. it’s really fucking unsettling and distressing for me to watch.
  • this is a really good post that gets more in dept about bioware’s treatment of queer women, but yeah. bioware literally doesn’t care about f/f romances.

i think those are the biggest issues i can think of from the top of my head, but there are like ?? a bunch of other things that bother me as well. like the fact that anders’ writer made a conscious decision to erase his relationship with karl if you romance him with a female hawke, bc apparently him telling f!hawke about him and karl was “ooc”, lmao. never mind the fact he brings their relationship up immediately after he’s had mercy kill his former lover so like. he’s obviously not in a place where he’s looking for a new relationship, so it makes literally zero sense for anders to hide his relationship with karl from f!hawke.

god, idk. i just wish bioware would take a second to consider why their f/m romances differ from their f/f and m/m the way they do now. like. they really should think why their lgbt+ characters are coded as the other 99% of time while the straight characters are shining chantry types. granted, josephine’s romance is a nice change of pace from this and they handled her character really well, but otherwise i’m just. really not impressed with the way things are now.

like. i’m not saying that they should make all of their romances identical or anything like that just. maybe consider hiring a queer woman to write a f/f romance instead of handing the lesbian characters to a straight guy. and idk, maybe, just maybe, they should dial down w/ the fucking transphobia n cissexism if they add other trans characters into the future games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On how to write a history essay.


That’s probably the most important thing you should do, especially when you get to university. I’ve had multiple teachers who expect you to cite your source for every single sentence you write in your essay. It seems a little intense at first but as long as you have good articles/books/etc., you’ll be fine.

As for finding those good references, I definitely recommend going to your school’s library and also using online ressources. A trick I always use before starting an essay is finding out every thing I can on the subject through sites like wikipedia or even youtube (crash course for example), just to get an idea of the main things I’ll have to research. Also, the bibliography on wikipedia articles can be a great starting point if you’re completely lost.

Keep in mind that not every thing is easy to find online. I’m a classical studies student and most of the essays I’ve had to write were on really obscure subjects that don’t even have a wiki page. In those cases, you just have to work a little bit harder. Don’t underestimate mainstream ressources (such as magazines/vulgarizing books) but don’t rely on them completely. Also, if you are a classics student, check out « L’Année philologique » (The Year in Philology), it’s basically the bible.

Start by analyzing your subject. Is it about architecture ? an important emperor ? a long historical period ? Find a starting point and write a list of hypotheses. If it’s about a roman emperor, Augustus for example, you’ll have to talk about his rise to the throne, the emperors that came before him, how long his reign lasted, what kind of emperor he was, his biggest accomplishments, wars, art, architecture, religion, etc. Make a list of things and start researching.

The more you’ll research, the clearer everything will be. You’ll probably end up adding items to your list, items you hadn’t thought of before, and you’ll also probably delete some that aren’t important. Go through your list and create an outline. History papers are usually done in chronological order, meaning that in an essay about Augustus, you would most likely start with the death of Cesar and the battle of Actium, and finish with Augustus’ death. But if you’re writing a history essay on Babylonian art, you might want to create sections, such as sculptures, architecture, paintings, literature, etc. Also, make sure you have a research topic, preferably in the form of a question, that you introduce at the beginning and answer in your conclusion. It doesn’t have to be a super complex question, it can be pretty simple like « what were the impacts of the Persian War on Greece ? » or « what were Alexander the Great’s greatest accomplishments ? »

History essays usually have to be straight to the point. You’re telling a story, yes, but you’re also showing facts. You can add in anecdotes and fun facts, as long as you know your teacher will enjoy them/find them interesting. It’s all about knowing what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Some teachers are really fun : I’ve written essays on how  Commodus’ bisexuality is never acknowledged by historians or on how Cleopatra is the greatest female icon ever, and i got an A+ on both of those because the teacher was awesome. But I’ve also lost points on essays because the teacher was very strict and serious and didn’t enjoy my anecdote about toothbrushes in Ancient Greece.

A little more about conclusions : I was taught in high school that conclusions should 1) answer your research topic and 2) introduce some new questions. When I got to university, I realized that the second part was completely unnecessary. Most of my teachers ask for a simple conclusion, 5 to 10 lines, with just a summary of your paper and, if you had one, an answer to your initial question. 

Lastly, make sure you have a complete bibliography with a lot of references. Don’t forget to add annexes if they are useful, for example if you are talking about architecture, you can add pictures in your annexes, or if you are studying the death of Socrates, you can add an excerpt of Plato’s Phaedo.

Good luck yo.

Do you ever get to the point where you think, ‘Wow, I think I’m over you’ and for an all too brief moment, it seems like you can breathe again, but then the memories come washing over you like a tidal wave and all you know in that instant is how bad your heart still aches for that person you lost and that how unlikely it seems that you are ever going to stop loving them completely.

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but, like, stiles picking derek's halloween costume & derek's fully expecting some little red riding hood bullshit & so he's so confused when stiles just smirks & hands him this giant ball of white fluff but at least its not the wolf jumpsuit he saw stiles eyeballing so he goes to the bathroom & puts it on & comes out as the goddamn grumpiest sheep & stiles is just laughing his ass off.

*claps hands excitedly*

“I’m not wearing this out, Stiles,” Derek glares, but the effect is completely lost on Stiles who just clutches his side harder, not even trying to contain his laugher.

“But you look so adorable!” he coos, honest to god real tears streaming down his face. Derek glares harder. It doesn’t matter that Stiles’ heartbeat doesn’t stutter when he says it. It doesn’t. 

“No, look, it’s okay,” Stiles says, finally managing to get a hold of himself, pointing to an outfit on the bed. “I’m going as Little Bo Peep!” 

Derek raises an eyebrow. “This isn’t some weird sex fantasy is it?” He narrows his eyes, not entirely sure what answer he is hoping for. Derek was a pretty vanilla guy before Stiles. He’d never admit to it, but it kind of makes him feel special that Stiles…corrupted him (as Stiles likes to gleefully put it). “Is Lydia even having a party?”

“What? No! And yes,” Stiles says, but Derek detects the faint blush that rises on his cheeks, which, huh. Okay. Stiles isn’t usually shy about what he wants to try in bed, so Derek is definitely going to have fun teasing that out of him later. After all, he deserves it. He’s in a sheep costume. 

“Next year, I get to pick the costumes.”

Stiles stops laughing completely at that, eyes widening. “Y-you really think there’s going to be a next year? I mean-” he shakes his head, taking a step closer, suddenly hesitant. “You really want me?”

Derek rolls his eyes. “Of course I want you Stiles. That’s why we’re dating.”

“No, I mean…” Stiles ducks his head, scratches the back of his neck. “You really want me to…stay?” Hope and fear overpower his natural scent and Derek smiles, baffled, because oh. 

“You really didn’t know that?” he asks. Stiles shakes his head. “I love you. I- I want you around.” 

“You want me around?” Stiles repeats flatly, but his eyes are still wide. 

“Yes, Stiles. In my bed, in my life, in my kitchen. Around.”

There’s a long pause in which Stiles just stares. “But especially in the kitchen, right?” he waggles his eyebrows, breaking it, bringing the mood back to, well, semi-normal.  

Derek looks away, wishing he could pretend Stiles was referring to his cooking (which is amazing), but it’s not so easy to think about all the creative healthy recipes Stiles tries out on him before giving them to his dad makes him when he can’t stop picturing the first time Stiles fucked him, bent over the kitchen counter. He finds it difficult to eat even a bowl of cereal without getting a boner now. Stiles corrupted fruit loops for him.

“Move in with me,” Derek says, a little worried that Stiles’ ability to sexualise cereal is what makes him finally say it. 


“Move in with me,” Derek shrugs, like it’s no big deal, like this isn’t something he has been agonising over for months. 


“It’s okay if you don’t- wait. What?”

“I said okay?” Stiles’ heart speeds up and Derek just wants to kiss him, but he can’t, too busy being rooted to the spot because Stiles said yes. 


“Okay,” Derek whispers, looking down, grinning, unable to help it. “Great.”


Another long pause.

“…do I really have to go out in this?” Derek finally asks.

Stiles bites his lip. “No,” he laughs. “In fact…” he walks slowly towards him then, wearing a looking Derek knows means both good things and trouble. “I think we can skip the party. Watch movies instead.” 

“You want to watch movies?” Derek stares at him in disbelief, trying not to feel disappointed because good things and trouble

“I want to snuggle,” he says, and then, just to make sure Derek doesn’t hold back on that whimper, he goddamn winks. 

I’m choosing the movie,” he says weakly. 

“I’ll get the popcorn,” Stiles grins. 

painted a spotted hyena as some practice, unfortunately i completely lost the source of the picture i used as reference for this one (´∩`。)

Knot Magic: A Spell to Ease Connections and Dependency

I originally designed this little charm for my mother who had some severe trouble letting go, so to speak, which was severely impacting my relationships and mental health.  Knowing that it’s impossible to make a family member forget about you entirely, and not wanting to completely break off my relationship with her, this was designed to work as sort of a charm version of The Game – you know, it allows the other person to stop focusing on you so long as you don’t remember it exists.

Now, I made mine months ago and it has proven effective – to the point where it’s also affected my younger brother who’s in a similar situation – our relationship is honestly better than it’s ever been since I was a kid.  But I’ve since lost the actual charm (you’ll see why at the end of the instructions).  So this is more going to be a general guide on how to design your own rather than a step-by-step on how I made mine; which is better, I think, because it means you can really customize it.

What You Need:

  • Embroidery floss (I used three different colors that represented memories and forgetfulness/banishment to me – mostly associated with air and water)
  • Beads and other small objects you can weave into the charm (I used clear (air, memories) and red (banishment) seed beeds to boost the memory/banishment connection, and chainmail links to help really lock the spell in)
  • A small-ish object that connects the two of you and can be tied to the end of the charm (I used a penny with a heart cut out of it that my mother had given me years ago)
  • A junk drawer, shelf, the bottom of a large purse, or something where you do look but not often

What to do:

  1. Knot off the end of your floss and start working the Chinese staircase knot (tutorial here; I know there’s probably a less offensive name but I genuinely cannot find it, I’ll just refer to it as the spiral staircase knot from here on out; I chose this one because the act of deciding to try again, getting burned, and choosing to never try again … until next time was such a circular dance)
  2. Switch colors (if applicable) and add beads/findings as you see fit
  3. You might find it useful to repeat (either out loud or just in your head) what each aspect is intended to do as you build the charm
  4. Keep it relatively small, something that can be jostled around and inconspicuous (mine was about 2-3 inches)
  5. When you have it at your preferred length, tie the connecting object to the end of it, knot, and snip off the floss ends if necessary
  6. Take it over to your junk drawer or shelf or whatever you’re tossing it in, tell it (either out loud or in your head), as if you’re telling the person, that they will only think of you when you see or remember this charm
  7. Drop it in and forget about it.