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SHINee’s Reaction To Taking Care Of You When You’re Drunk And Giggly

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Onew stumbled towards the door with messy hair and bleary eyes. He’d dragged himself out of bed at this ungodly hour because he had heard the doorbell ringing. Reaching his hand out he lazily tugged the door open and took a step back in surprise as a very familiar person fell on top of him.

‘Y/N?’ Onew asked. You gazed up at him and giggled. You leaned forwards and gave him a big hug. ‘Are you drunk?’ He frowned ar you.

‘Maybe~’ You grinned and clung to him like a bear. He sighed and slung one of your arms around his shoulder before dragging you towards his bed. After tucking you in and turning the lights off he walked to the living room and fell asleep on the couch.


You and Jonghyun had been out hanging out when you’d had a few too many drinks. Although he had had the same amount his alcohol tolerance seemed to be higher than yours. The two of you were walking along the sidewalk towards your apartment.

Of course, you just had to trip and fall splat onto your face. You passed out. When you opened your bleary eyes you were greeted with the sight of a grinning Jonghyun waving his hands in front of your face.

‘Woo hoo, Y/N? Can you hear me?’ He giggled. You lifted up your hand and poked his cheek playfully.

‘Yep,’ A large smile was stretched across your face. He lifted you up and carried you the rest of the way home as you were in no condition to walk.


You had walked to Key’s apartment after a long night with the girls. He opened his door with a very unimpressed expression. He clearly didn’t fancy being woken up so early in the morning.

You grinned stupidly at his face and cried, ‘Kibummie!’ In a single moment his expression swapped to one of panic. He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside before slamming the door shut.

‘Y/N!’ He hissed. ‘You could have woken up my neighbours.’ Your eyes teared up at his harsh tone and you shoved him away from you.

‘Well I’m sorry,’ You grumbled in your drunken state. You turned to walk out the door when he tugged you back towards him. 

‘I’m sorry… It’s okay.’ He mumbled into your hair.


Minho stood sleepily infront of his front door, staring down at you. You grinned up at him and reached up to poke his cheek. He was obviously still half asleep and you found it hilarious.

He snatched your hand away from his face before you touched him. He turned and dragged you into the apartment after him.

‘Minho~’ You whined. Without answering you he threw you onto his bed and climbed on next to you. ‘I don’t want to go to bed Minho,’ You complained.

‘I don’t care,’ He groaned before stretching his hands out and falling asleep.


You were sitting on the floor staring up at Taemin. You’d turned up tipsy at his apartment around an hour ago. He’d quickly let you in and wrapped a jumper around you before leading you into the living room. The two of you had been playing monopoly on the floor for a while now.

‘You suck,’ You scoffed at him. It wasn’t even fun anymore, you’d bought at least twice as many properties than he had. You crawled towards him with a grin on your face.

‘How about we make this fun?’ He politely pushed you off and shook his head.

‘No Y/N, you’re not thinking straight.’ You frowned but went back to your original seat.

Taemin stood up and pulled you with him. ‘It’s time to sleep now, let’s go.’

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Anon request: MFW guys hear that their wife is with someone else (but it’s all a misunderstanding oops)

Phew I got super hyped writing back stories for my OCs and completely forgot about headcanons. Good thing I plan ahead and save extra drafts to keep you guys entertained haha

“Honey, I’m home!”
He throws open the door, earlier than usual, and calls into the apartment. Strangely, there wasn’t a reply today and he frowns, locking the door behind him. There was a patter of footsteps from the living room and his daughter scrambles into his arms.
“Hello, sweetie~” He nuzzles against her as he picks her up. “Where’s mommy?”
“She just went out!” Ayame cheerfully replies and her father cocked his head at the sight of a pair of new barrettes in her hair.
“You look beautiful today, did you get something new?”
The girl touches her hair accessories with a giggle.
“That nice uncle – I don’t remember his name – gave them to me!”
Saeki’s stomach felt unsettled as he kept a relaxed smile over his face.
“Uncle Kyon maybe? You never remember his name cause he’s hardly ever here.”
“It’s not him.”
Ayame shook her head firmly and Saeki narrowed his eyes in thought. If it weren’t one of his friends… And you had said nothing about it… His daughter didn’t seem to notice his change in mood.
“I don’t know. He came by with stuff for mommy and she just went out with him.”
Just then, the door opened again.
“Takamasa!” You sounded surprised, but not displeased to see him. “You’re home early!”
He sets down his daughter and patted her head, sending her back off to the living room. Saeki strides over to you and takes your hand with a dark, curious look in his eyes.
“So, honey, who’s this ‘nice uncle’ Ayame’s talking about?”
“What?” You looked baffled and his grip tightened nervously. “Hey, that hurts.” You shake off his hand and glare at him. “What’s wrong, Takamasa?”
“Where were you just now?” He couldn’t hide the questioning tone anymore.
You rolled your eyes.
“So that’s what you’re asking. If I’m cheating on you?”
“It’s just…” He looked a little taken aback at your boldness in addressing his curiosities. “I don’t know who that guy is and Ayame’s talking about him.”
You frown at him.
“He’s one of Daisuke’s friends. My brother’s busy, so he got a friend to drop off the stuff he was going to give to us, IF THAT’S ALRIGHT WITH YOU.” You snap and turn away. Saeki grabs your hand and yanks you back quickly.
“Sorry honey.” He mumbles as he wraps his arms around you. “I didn’t know.”
“Stop jumping to conclusions.” You grumble with annoyance. “You need to trust me.”
“Sorry.” He nudges a kiss to your jaw and you don’t pull away. A good sign. “ I do trust you, but my honey’s too amazing. I can’t help but be wary.”
“That doesn’t justify anything.” You say, but your voice had softened.
“It won’t happen again.” He promises softly and kisses your cheek.
“It’d better not.”
“It won’t. Cause everyone will know you’re mine, Mrs. Saeki.”
He walked into the restaurant to see his three kids huddled together, whispering as they peered over the back of the counter.
“It’s impolite to eavesdrop.” Takao’s firm voice made all of them jump as they turned around to face him with nervous grey eyes. “What are you all doing?”
“Mommy’s talking to a man.” Masao blurts out and his older brother bops him on the head.
“That’s not the point.”
“They look close!” Kiyomi squeaked as she clings to her brother. “Who is he?”
Takao pats her head gently.
“I’m sure it’s no big deal. You three go play with Michiko and Masaru. They just got here.”
As the kids scamper off, Takao sees you in the back of Kunihiko’s bar, talking to a stranger. The two of you were laughing, and his stomach twisted uncomfortably. The man embraces you, and you returned the gesture with a smile. He then turned to leave, pausing to flash a grin at a frozen Takao as he left. Takao glared at him. You finally noticed your husband and came over to him with a happy look still across your face.
“Where are the kids?” You ask curiously, oblivious to the stiff expression he was wearing.
“With Yamato’s kids.” He replies quietly. You try to head off into the backroom to find the children when your husband grabs you and pulls you into his arms.
He said nothing, and just tightened his arms around you.
“What’s wrong?!”
He stayed silent.
“Takao…” You twist around in his arms and look up at him. “Talk to me. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing…” He looked a little disheartened. Your mind whirled until you realize, and a smile graces your lips.
“Are you jealous?”
“You’re jealous and upset about that guy I was hugging, aren’t you?” You reach out and stroke his face tenderly. He looked embarrassed at how calm you were.
“I trust you, _______.”
“You look like you want an explanation.” You whisper as he pulls you against him harder.
“If you please.”
“I’m surprised you don’t remember Erik. My cousin? He lives overseas. He was there at our wedding!” You chuckle softly as Takao’s face reddens awkwardly.
“Right… Sorry…”
“He’s getting married and brought us an invitation.” You hold out the silvery white card to your husband and his cheeks burn dark red.
“Oh… That’s great.” Takao stutters out. “I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t… I-“ He looks away.
“You need to trust me.” You hold his face steady in your hands so he meets your gaze. “I love you, Takao, and you need to believe in me.”
He breaks out in an awkward, nervous smile.
“I love you too.” He leans in and kisses you softly on the lips, drawing back quickly. “I’m so sorry.”

His son was racing across the room to him.
He scoops up the boy and ruffles his hair. The boy looked worried.
“What’s going on, champ?”
“Mommy’s with someone.” Yoichi said anxiously. “She seems to like him.”
Yuta felt a growing jealousy inside him and he manages a grin towards his son.
“She is? I’ll go see. It’s nothing to worry ‘bout. Go play with the other kids.” He waves his son off and glances around the room looking for you. It was a party of sorts, getting the usual baseball guys and their families together. He spotted you against one wall, chatting happily with a man he didn’t recognize.
The growling envy rose inside him and he strolls almost casually towards you and wraps an arm around your shoulders.
“Yuta!” You exclaim.
“Am I cutting into your conversation?” His voice was sharp under the cheerful tone.
“No, not really.” The man, catching onto his tone, quickly excuses himself and vanishes back into the crowd. Yuta turns to face you.
“So, who was that? You looked mighty fond of him.”
“He’s just a friend, Yuta.” You shrug his hand off your shoulder. “Don’t make assumptions.”
“You guys got really close.” He points out.
“He’s a FRIEND.” You retort. “It’s not up to you to judge how close I’m physically standing next to a friend.”
“He was too close for my liking.” Yuta says in a quieter voice, looking like a neglected puppy. You sigh.
“Do you love me, Yuta?”
“Of course I do!” He grabs your hands, bringing them up to press your palms against his face. “Why would you even ask?”
“You need to trust me.” Your hands cup his face gently. “Stop getting so jealous over nothing.” You pause and glance around. No one else had been paying attention to you and your husband. “I love you, Yuta. Trust me. He’s just a friend.”
He puts his arms around your waist and holds you close.
“Sorry… I just don’t like you around other men.”
“Well, you have a bunch of fangirls too.”
Yuta breathes in deeply against your hair, sighing contentedly against you.
“True, I guess.”
You chuckle softly.
“Feeling less unreasonably jealous now?”
“Not really.”
His eyes fix on you with a playful glint.
“Anything I can do to help?” You offer.
He taps his lips innocently. With a laugh, you lean up and kiss him. Yuta grins, and the tension dissipates into your smile.

This is gonna be another Part 1 + Part 2 thing cause scrolling through 2000 words is such a pain in th-
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i kinda accidently deleted my save file while trying to get the project working again the other day, so i downloaded a completed save file today. …i had forgot how much i have been looking forward to doing the fierce deity (plus i got to do the mirror shield!)

this is just the rough first draft, i’m still getting colours, contrasts etc. down and the armour might undergo a bunch of revisions (depends on wether or not i can be bothered doing the iterative design for it that it needs)

A concept: waking up next to calum after a night of mind blowing sex, his arms around you and his face buried in your hair.You wiggle out to his grip to pull on his Maine shirt, which had been discarded on the floor the night before. The shirt, which your boyfriend perfectly, was huge on you, falling to mid thigh and  smelling like the cologne he always wore. “Baby come back to bed,” calum’s muffled voice calls to you. With tufts of his dark hair poking above the sheets and his sexy morning voice he’s completely irresistible. You crawl back into bed, his arms enveloping you once again and you fall asleep again right away, no obligations for the day and safe in your boyfriend’s arms.