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I may be completely wrong but usually comic sans results in a “cursive” font that isn’t working. So on desktop, go to edit your theme and go to edit html. Ctrl+F cursive and change the font family to something like Arial or whatever makes you happy. Hopefully that fixes it? Idk. I hope this helps! I can totally upload pictures and tag you if you need visuals, I know I’m not the best at explaining things…

Hey this worked! Thank you so much! I kinda forgot this post and had given up ^.^”

i always thought they’d be fun in a soul eater ish au…since they’re his sword an sheild lmao…and them learning team work is a fun concept…i say “ish” cause I can’t remember the technicalities in soul eater that well…i actually completely forgot the soul eating part until i was looking at pictures…which is sad, since…that’s the name of the show….all i remember is they turned into weapons, fought monsters, and crona made me cry a shit ton

21.09.17 • Long Time no see, I had my first lessons this week so this spread from last week is coming a little bit late… Sort of regretting my holidays now, as I am back into work stressing out about internships, mémoire and homework. I actually have a goal this semester it’s to do my homework the day I get them and not be lazy about it ! I got inspired by a lot of bujo spread for this one as I completely forgot how I did mine last year ! Hope you’re having a lovely week y'all 💕

Holy shit, so we get to dress up today at work, and this customer checks out at my line and looks me up and down and asks “what are you supposed to be? A middle schooler?” And not even a second later she’s like “I forgot it was Halloween, so bought cider and donuts to bring to work- you know, ADULT stuff” and holy shit this woman. Sorry my deciding to dress up for Halloween at work offended your Adult™ sensitivities. I’m sorry for your loss of your ability to enjoy yourself and let people have fun. Enjoy your cider and donuts and I hope they go well with your complete lack of zest for life.


Mod Christmas Calendar, December 1st.

I almost forgot to even post this because of my worn-out-status after work, but luckily i remembered! So i’m starting off the calendar by releasing the hair i created solely for my own OC that i never had time to actually create after completing her hair. I hope you like it!

Notes about the hair is in the description on the mod page.

You can find the mod here.


Who doesn’t love ospreys?

Saw my first wild one while in Egypt in 2011. Got really excited.
Then, on a trip to Florida in 2014, I saw so many that I lost count!

While most of the birds I draw are ones I personally work with, I do have to make the odd exception every now and then.
Oh! Please excuse the watermark. I forgot to post this at the end of last year, when this was completed. ^^;

Pencil, Pastels, and white Gel Pen on A4 Paper.

Amortentia (Draco x Reader)

The reader smells Draco’s hair in the amortentia and he’s start flirting with her..

Words: ~ 2000

Originally posted by draco-malfoys-wife

Potion was your last class before lunch. You were sleepy and hungry, and Snape’s monotone voice didn’t help you much.

„Now turn page 64. You’ll find the recipe of the amortentia. Try not to mess up completely.”

As usual, you’ve done most of the work. You were one of the best students of the year, and potions was your favourite. Draco was a smartass too, but sometimes he just doesn’t care about such unimportant things like making a potion right. The amortentia was almost done when your partner returned to the table.

„Oh, are you here? I almost forgot that I actually have a partner in this class. What’s happened? Your girls started to get boring?”

„Never, Y/L/N. Have you seen Daphne’s skirt today? A bit too short. I bet it’s just because of me.” – he smirked.

„Of course, Draco, you’re a center of every girl’s world.” – you added sarcastically before called Snape to look at your work.

„It’s already done?” – Draco asked in surprise.

„Yes, no thanks to you.” – you said a bit angrily. You really liked him, he was your best friend, but sometimes he was really get on your nerves.

„10 point to Slytherin!” – Snape added after he examined your potion. You smiled proudly while the other slytherins cheers for you.

„That’s my girl!” – Draco started. „So, what are you smelling?”

You didn’t even need to lean over to the cauldron. The smells were so intense and addictive you didn’t want to stop breathing. You were lost in them. For a few moments that seems like hours you forgot where you were until you heard Malfoy’s voice in the distance.

„Y/N! Are you still with me?”

„Yeah, yes, sooo.. it’s like old books. And kittens, and green apple, and…” – you stopped there because you realized you’ve said more than enough already. Green apple, what the hell.


„Pumpkin pie!” – and of course it wasn’t pumpkin pie. You couldn’t miss the last scent because it was the most intense from all of it. You couldn’t miss it because you’ve smelled that like a thousand times when you hugged him or when you felt asleep on his shoulder at the common room’s couch. Merlin’s beard, you smelled Draco’s hair in that bloody amortetnia! You knew that you had a crush on him for a while now but you haven’t realized that it’s so strong. Well, until now.

Of course you didn’t tell him, but before you could calm yourself down, that usual big smirk appeared on his face:

„Green apple, is it?”

„Yes, green apple. You know I love fruits.” – you explained like this is the most natural thing in the world.

„Especially when I eat that fruit, isn’t it true, darling? No need to hide your feelings anymore!” – he said it with so much confidence you could slap him right in the face.

„Are you done? And by the way, you’re very welcome. I know it was very kind of me to make all the work instead of you. Again.” It was never easy to make you blush, but in that moment you were need all of your energy to not to come apart.

„Don’t switch the topic, love. But I didn’t blame you, I can also smell myself in the cauldron.”

You rolled your eyes on him. After the class you went to lunch, and you hoped he’ll forget about the green apple-thing, but why he’d do such thing. He’s Draco Malfoy.

In the following days Draco didn’t want to stop teasing you. He was constantly making comments about how you fell in love with him, even if he was really just kidding. He also started to compliment you in a pretty dirty way, like „I bet you look beautiful when you have an orgasm”, or „Please wear a longer skirt or I’ll lose my self control”. You were getting angrier every day because he made you weak and very fustrated. Not to mention you secretly enjoyed it.

You went to study in the library with Hermione. Even if you were a slytherin, you made friends with people from other houses too. Your housemates doesn’t really approve this sometimes, but they didn’t dare to mess with you. You were kind, but you can also handle yourself well.

„Ronald, would you please shut up? Madam Pince will throw all of us out and despite of you, we’ll actually want to pass our next exam.” – Hermione threw knives with her eyes to Ron and Harry.

„Oh come on girls. Why the bloody hell do you two study so much for that, you’ll pass anyway.”

„Apperantly not, if you doesn’t leave us alone.”

You could hardly concentrate because your thoughts were far away, in the dungeons, with a certain blond haired boy. Ron grasped your arm and shaked you a bit to wake you up from your daydream when you heard your only one Slytherin Prince’s voice.

„Take your hand off my girl, Weasley!”

The trios reaction was hilarious to that comment. Hermione’s eyes widened open, Harry looked confused and Ron disgusted… a bit.

„I’m not your girl, Draco, now please go back to your whores and don’t interrupt our study session.” – you commented while Draco take a seat next to you, smirk on his face.

„Oh don’t be so jelaous, love, you know you can be the only one in my bed.”

Hermione’s eyes widened open even more if it was possible. Seriously, he can’t stop.

„I think she didn’t want you here, Malfoy.”

„Nobody asked you, Potter.” Harry was about to say something, but you cut him off. With closed eyes, you sighed:

„Please, Draco, shut up and get out of here before I’ll hex you. I’m not kidding!”

Draco smirked again. „Oh, I know you don’t you little nasty thing.” He stood up and take out something from his robe pocket.

„Here, you’ll need energy for studying and all those things that’ll come later tonight.” He placed a green apple in front of you before he winked at you and left the library.

The other were still speechless when you suggested:

„Okay, shall we continue?”

„Sure, Y/N! But first, please can you tell us why the bloody hell Malfoy calls you his girl?!” – Ron asked with a confused look, and Hermione and Harry was curious indeed. They hated Draco and Draco hated them, you wasn’t sure that you should tell them about what’s going on, but you also saw that this whole thing won’t end up easily. You sighed and started.

„Last week on potions… when we had to make amortentia, maybe I smelled green apple in it.” They still looked confused so you continued. „So who’s eating green apple almost everyday?”

„OH GODRICK!” – Hermione yelled. – „You have a crush on Malfoy?”

„Shhh!” – you started, but it was too late; the librarian already rushed over to you.

„Get out of my library! NOW! All of you before I’ll hex you all!”

Madam Pince looked like she can really hex you within a few moments, so you packed your things and run out from the library.

„I can’t believe you fancies him. This is insane!”

„Why him? I mean.. Why?” – Ron was shocked too. All of them looked at you like you’re out of your mind, so you decided it’s better if you go back to your dorm room. You were really need some alone-time.

You stepped into the Slytherin common room. You headed straight to your dorm, when you heard Draco’s voice again from one of the couch.

„Well if it isn’t my favourite potions partner! I knew you’ll miss me.”

You didn’t even look at him, you started to run to your room, slammed the door, fell in your bed and started to cry. You didn’t even know why. Too much stress, too much tension. Now Draco knows you love him, and he treat the situation like it’s a bloody joke. You were exhausted from keep your secret, exhausted from not to tell him how you really love him, exhausted from no to touch him. It was just too much to handle right now, and you let the stress flown out from your eyes.

The next day you overslept. You were late from Charm, and when you’ve arrived Pansy already took a seat next to Draco. You really didn’t mind it now, you wasn’t in the mood to listening the boy dirty comments. You sat next to Blaise, opened your book in a hope that you can choke your thoughts in your studies. After a few moments, Blaise whispered to you.

„Why are you cried last night?”

„I-I wasn’t cry” – you stammered and covered your eyes a bit, maybe it was red and puffy.

„Come on Y/N… Pansy told us.”

Us?” – now you were frightened.

„Let’s just say half of the Slytherin house knows that you cried out loud like a baby in your bed half of the night. – Blaise said with a smile. – „But seriously. what’ wrong?”

„Nothing, Blaise, I just overstressed.” You must be sound convincing (you didn’t even lie so big), because Blaise stopped asking questions. But damn, Pansy! Why she always have to tell everything to everyone? And you didn’t even cry out loud, maybe just sob a bit louder than you should.

When the class was over, you rushed out. You didn’t need people asking you what’s wrong and why you cried. You were halfway to the girl’s bathroom when you heard Draco’s voice. Oh Godric, why now.

„Hey Y/N! Can you slow down?”

You stopped, but when he reached you he grasped your arm and led you to a quieter place.

„What is it, Draco, why you brought me here?”

His hand was still on your arm – he was very close to you which make you blushed a little. „I heard that you cried last night.” – of course he did, thank you Pansy. There was no smirk on his face this time; his voice was gentle and his face was like he’s actually worrying. „What’s wrong? Somebody hurt you? If it was Weasley yesterday, I swear I’ll kill him.”

„Draco, calm down, I’m fine! And anyway, Ron couldn’t hurt a fly.”

„Than why did you cried?” He moved his hands from your upper arm to your face, gently stroked it with his thumb, made your cheeks red as hell now. You felt your head is getting hotter under his cold hands. You never felt this nervous around him or anyone else so you completely lost the control.

„I seriously smelled green apple in the amortentia.” – you started.

„Okay, I know, you love apples and not me, I get it. Sorry if I was out of the line…” – he apoligized while pulled away a little.

„Yes, well, the last scent wasn’t pumpkin pie, it was your hair.” your voice was a whisper, like you hoped he won’t hear.

Silence. He examined your shining eyes and your blushed cheecks very slowly with his icy blue eyes.

„Say something, will you? I embarassed myself enough for today, so…”

„I knew you love me, Y/L/N!” – he said with that smirk again. Here we are.

You started getting angry insted of nervous, but before you could shout at him why he joking on this, he wrapped his arms around waist, pulled you closer and kissed you gently. To your surprise he was slow. His lips was soft, and you felt that his cold skin getting warmer too. Your hands was on his chest, your knees were weak from your shaking legs.

He stopped, but not really pulled away from you; your lips almost still touching.

„What’s wrong, darling? You’re shaking  like I kissed some other parts of your body.” – he teased while he looked down on your body.

„Shut up.” – you commanded with a smile before kissed him hard, but after a few seconds he pulled away again.

„I also smelled your hair.”

„REALLY?” – you yelled from surprise and happiness.

„Stop shouting love, yes, I smelled you. And I couldn’t really handle this, that’s why I behave like this lately.”

„You are such a git.” – you rolled your eyes but also smiled.

He took your hand while you walked to the next class. You were not just relieved but also incredibly happy.


This was my first, hope you’ll like it! 

Wilderness Medicine 101

When regular people go on vacation, they get away from work and focus completely on relaxation. When doctors go on vacation we think about all the work we left behind, worry that we forgot to tell our partner something really important about a patient in sign-out, and spend our whole vacation hoping that we aren’t called into action. But inevitably (at least when I’m traveling) someone gets hurt or sick and we have to jump in and go to work.

On my vacation I was excited to see the fall foliage and take some nice pictures and maybe do some hiking and fishing. I found a short 1 mile hike that concluded on top of a mountain with a fabulous view. I decided to go mid-afternoon, taking into account the angle the sun would hit in my pictures because I’m a photography nerd like that and because I figure a young woman hiking alone is less likely to get murdered/raped/kidnapped when the sun is high, right?

I made my way up the mountain fairly quickly, planning to take more time for pictures on the way down during the golden hour. When I got to the top there were several people around, mostly bird-watching hippie retirees. I milled around for awhile taking pictures of the view and then sat down to eat my late lunch turkey sandwich. I noticed that one woman wasn’t getting up and walking around to see the view like everyone else. She had taken one of her boots off and her foot was wrapped loosely in an ACE bandage. 

I moseyed over to her and struck up a conversation. “Is that an old injury or new?” She replied, “I made it to about 10 yards from the end of the trail and I slipped and I think I really sprained it bad. I heard a big pop and it really hurts. Luckily my friend came prepared with a wrap.”

Uggghhhhhh….. Now I’m going to have to reveal my profession. Crap. I just wanted a nice non-medical hike. “Do you mind if I take a look at it? I’m a physician.” “Oh wow! That’s convenient! Yeah, check it out. We’ve called EMS but it’s going to be a while before they get here.”

I got down on the ground and unwrapped her foot. It was clearly not a sprain. A noticeable deformity on her lateral leg indicated that she probably had a displaced fracture of her fibula. It had already swelled to the point that she couldn’t put her boot on. “Umm… sorry, but it really looks like it’s broken. I think calling EMS was a good idea. You’re not going to be able to walk back down the mountain.” I thought back to the one hour elective wilderness medicine lecture I went to in medical school. I knew how to make a splint and an emergency stretcher with rope or bungee cord. But there was no rope or bungee cord around. I decided not to splint it, hoping that EMS would bring splinting materials with them. I re-wrapped her ankle tightly to keep her from flexing it and decided that I was going to have to be in this for the long haul.

I had hoped that “EMS is on the way” meant they’d be there in like 10 minutes. In actuality, it was more like an hour before they got there. The temperature was about 50 degrees and I was comfortable hiking in a long sleeved shirt without a coat, but once we were sitting still it got cold. One of the hippies pulled out a fancy hand-held doo-dad that informed us that the wind which kept trying to blow us over was gusting at 20-25 miles an hour. We sat in spots of sunlight to warm up. One hiker had one of those aluminum foil-looking emergency blankets and covered the woman up. Note to hikers: if you’re going to carry one emergency blanket, carry five, because they’re only about 5 feet long by 3 feet wide, which ain’t quite covering the average American. 

When a single paramedic finally came up the mountain - the same way the rest of us came, mind you - he splinted her leg properly and doled out pain medication in preparation for what was sure to be a very bumpy ride ahead. Another 20 minutes or so passed before several other EMTs and volunteer firefighters made it up with a basket stretcher. They talked amongst themselves and some of the hippies to try to figure out the easiest route down the mountain. We finally decided to take the longest–but least perilous–route down. 

The patient was loaded up into the basket and essentially rappelled down the first 25 feet or so before we could all gather around and lift it. Then a group of about 6 of us carried her about a half mile down the mountain until we could meet up with an ATV that could take her the rest of the way. Luckily as we went along the trail more people showed up to help lift so we got to take turns and rest. Overall I think about 20 people came to this woman’s aid. 

Definitely not the way I wanted my vacation to turn out, but it worked out okay. 

Marinette's gift part 1
  • Alya: (Running frantically, suddenly sees adrien.) Adrien! Thank goodness, I need your help.
  • Adrien: Hey Alya. What seems to be the matter?
  • Alya: It's Marinette's birthday tomorrow and I completely forgot to get her a birthday gift.
  • Adrien: That isn't good. How can I help?
  • Alya: (Smirks evilly) I need you to meet me in the library after school with a ton of wrapping paper and tape.
  • Adrien: No problem.
  • (Later in the library.)
  • Adrien: Alya? I brought the wrapping paper. What is that smell... (Passes out)
  • Alya: (Holding one of kim's dirty socks, nose pin on) I can't believe that worked. Now to wrap things up.

So, way back before the wedding in October I was working on a bunch of premade tails. In the mess of everything I completely forgot about them! I am going to be posting a few of them at a time this month to help cover Christmas for my family =]

First up are two pretty hyena tails! My hyena tails measure roughly 12" long and they attach via two elastic belt loops at the base of the tail. They are very fluffy and very bouncy too!

Normally $35+ shipping in my etsy store. I am now offering this one for $30 with free US shipping included! I can ship worldwide though, buyer would just have to cover it for anyone interested. 

Second, I have two cute little corgi tails! Super fluffy and super bouncy, they measure about 8″ long. Normally $28+ shipping they are now only $25 with US shipping included as well!

Please contact me to claim and if you have any questions please let me know.

rredheaded  asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing hair? I just cannot seem to get it right... and as always, I love your art so much!!

Omg I completely forgot about this post! Sorry!! So the trick with hair is to be as fluid as possible, and only imply the hair is there, if you know what I mean. Basically don’t attempt to draw every hair on the characters head, it won’t work and will look messy. Outline a basic shape and then put in a couple of strands to show which way it falls. Also avoid “Simpson Ends”, which are pointy triangle ends of the hair, it often can look to harsh. You can also try feathering out your brush for the ends of the hair by having a lighter pressure on the pen the further down the length of hair you go!

Hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

hey! i love your builds and use them all the time, but i've noticed you don't have any restaurants up, you probably don't take requests but i thought it'd be dope if you built one sometime?. <333

Thank you! I have this kid and toddler friendly restaurant that I was working on but forgot about so I think I’ll complete it so i can share it. I’m planning on streaming in a bit so if anyone would like to watch, that’d be fun. :D

by Pink Rabbit Productions
Author’s Note:
I completely forgot this and only ran across it because  @spaceshipsarecool tagged me to post the first sentence of my last twenty fics (I’m working on it), so I owe a thanks for that (or y’all can blame her if it annoys you…I kid, I kid, the horror is all my doing as are the typos).
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Cat was late.

Kara Danvers tamped down the unease that shivered down her spine as she barely resisted the urge to look at her watch again as though that would make Cat appear. Even fifteen years after arriving on earth, she still had issues when people she cared for weren’t where they were supposed to be. She knew it was irrational, that if nothing else, traffic in National City was problematic at best, but she couldn’t help it, she worried.

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long time no see, tumblr

firstly i want to apologise for being super inactive and relying almost completely on my queue. i’m not in a good place right now and need to take some time to get better. it’s in my nature to worry that i’m letting you down. maybe i am, but I need to for the moment.

unfortunately, because of this, procrastilate and the projects i’m working on are being slowed down (?) i am trying to be active but i just can’t guarantee anything

I’ve had a few questions about the study nuts recently and haven’t been able to reply so wanted to address it in this update post. 

  • yes, i am still accepting members but I am slow and I will get round to you i promise uspeohgosri sorry
  • literally everyone is welcome. i know in the original post it says studyblrs only but tbh as long as u are an ok human and care about studying and learning and stuff then that’s cool w me
  • also everyone so far in the network is lovely (maybe that helps who knows)
  • shout out to everyone in the network - ur gr8

also, have had a few asks about my phone case. it’s kind of complicated because I haven’t lunched it yet but basically it’ from my, yet to be announced, shop lol - more on that one day (hopefully definitely probably)

anyway, I’m really sorry for this messy post about nothing in particular. if you read this far, i’m very impressed. you deserve a hug. 

thank you for being patient and being lovely and accepting me as a horribly unreliable mess ily all

have a good day