i completely forgot her name

Message For You - Part Two

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader


A/N: I’m gonna do a part 3. Not gonna I struggled writing this and I don’t really like it. So, please be nice.

This is not really edited and English surprisingly is still not my first language.

As always, thanks to Lele for kicking my ass and helping me with this. I love you more than skittles. ❤️ @golddaggers


Part One 

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When We First Met IV (Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader)

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Summary: Over the years of riding the New York City Subway as transportation, Peter Parker had come across many interesting things. The one thing he had yet to come across on the subway until today was a 6 feet tall Asgardian warrior.

Pairing: Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader

Inspired by imagine

Chapters: Chapter 1, Ch. 2,  Ch. 3, Ch. 5

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im so bad at remembering names like ive legitimately forgotten the name of every single person ive ever met at least 4 times 

This exchange cracked me up. (From this video starting at 6:18)

Interviewer: Would you ever date a fan?

Liam: Niall is actually currently going out with one.

Harry: Yeah.

Louis: Yeah you are.

Niall: I’m going out with everyone.

Harry: (completely forgetting that Louis has had a “girlfriend” for much longer than Liam and really forgetting about said “girlfriend” altogether) Does Sophia like the music?

Liam: She loves the music. (Niall is looking off camera like “Oh shit”.)

Harry: She’s a fan.

Louis: (Forgetting himself that he also has a “girlfriend” who was supposedly a fan and not bringing her up at all.) There ya go.

Liam: We’ve been together a long time. (Not as long as the forgetful one Liam.)

Niall: (still looking awkward) Eleanor likes a couple of the tunes every now and then, doesn’t she? (Good thing Niall remembered there is supposed to be another girlfriend in this group.)

Harry: Fan. (That was all he could muster.)

Louis: She does yeah. So there ya go.

Harry: (still not concerned about Eleanor even though the subject was changed to her) She loves Liam so technically girlfriends are fans. (Wait, does that mean Eleanor doesn’t love Louis? You didn’t mention her again there Harry.)