i completely forgot her name


while my internet was down, i made some brownies & gave a few makeovers. also my best friend is a genius and she came up with all these back stories/personality thingies and OH GOD 

Salim Benali

Totally not based off on people you may or may not know -seriously, he has a generic face haha- he reads a lot of Kerouac, sometimes writes poetry, but can split a log in four in one movement. Also, he can spit pretty far and likes his tea with milk. 

Andro Meda

I completely forgot I named her that, and I have 0 excuses… By night, she’s just a girl sitting in neon-lit diners eating cake and sketching pretty ladies in their underwear, and by… also night, she’s an alien demon hunter coffee addict. By day, I’d imagine, she sleeps.

Quincy Arias

He’s basically a very snobbish chav, he gets into bar fights because of people making fun of him for not pronouncing Sartre’s name right. He loves cereal and secretly does yoga, and he just doesn’t have a favourite animal.

This exchange cracked me up. (From this video starting at 6:18)

Interviewer: Would you ever date a fan?

Liam: Niall is actually currently going out with one.

Harry: Yeah.

Louis: Yeah you are.

Niall: I’m going out with everyone.

Harry: (completely forgetting that Louis has had a “girlfriend” for much longer than Liam and really forgetting about said “girlfriend” altogether) Does Sophia like the music?

Liam: She loves the music. (Niall is looking off camera like “Oh shit”.)

Harry: She’s a fan.

Louis: (Forgetting himself that he also has a “girlfriend” who was supposedly a fan and not bringing her up at all.) There ya go.

Liam: We’ve been together a long time. (Not as long as the forgetful one Liam.)

Niall: (still looking awkward) Eleanor likes a couple of the tunes every now and then, doesn’t she? (Good thing Niall remembered there is supposed to be another girlfriend in this group.)

Harry: Fan. (That was all he could muster.)

Louis: She does yeah. So there ya go.

Harry: (still not concerned about Eleanor even though the subject was changed to her) She loves Liam so technically girlfriends are fans. (Wait, does that mean Eleanor doesn’t love Louis? You didn’t mention her again there Harry.)


So i met this guy at the grocery store two nights ago. I swear it was like it was straight out of a cheesy rom-com movie. I was looking at grape juice with my girl Maya and I’m like contemplating on buying this super expensive organic grape juice and she kind of like bumps into this guy while I’m talking to her. So they exchange their little “excuse me’s” and what nots and I think nothing of it after that. Then he comes around and starts talking to me about how good grapes are for you and how in his home country of Turkey everyone eats so much better than us Americans. So he pretty much just starts going on a rant about how shitty America is and while he’s talking I’m just thinking in my head “wow is this happening right now? could i be meeting someone i could potentially start dating in a grocery store? all because of some grape juice?” and its like the way he spoke was just so sexy. I’ve never actually been with a white man before but there was something that was just screaming “fuck me” radiating from his eyes. Of course he then asked for my name and he seemed like just so mesmerized by me lmao i swear I’m not trying to sound cocky but he just looked so amazed so amazed that he completely forgot to ask my girl her name so i had to check him on that real quick but other than that he was super cool. I don’t know i just think its so bizarre to actually “connect” with someone at a grocery store nowadays when in reality it should happen more often. I think my new job has helped a lot when it comes to speaking to new people because I’m starting to notice myself starting conversations with complete strangers just for the hell of it. People are really interesting i used to be so intimidated by awkward conversation that id never initiate any type of dialogue between me and strangers but now i can say theres absolutely nothing awkward about it at all. Its interesting to kind of get to know someone you might not necessarily have a lot in common with.