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say hello to Abominathan! Your friendly, college biology professor and… alternative-thinking scientist. He’s willing to sacrifice anything for his work. And I mean anything. He loves experimenting, even if it costs him a limb (or finger in this case). His students aren’t completely sure who (or what) he is. Only a few trust him completely. The faculty, however, just can’t seem to get rid of him. He deeply cares about his students and wants to make their learning experience one they will truly never forget.

Abominathan makes monsters of sorts; cruelly ironic creatures and inventions that don’t pose any real threat, but still kinda’ make you go “well that ain’t right.”   

First Apartment

A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath!

“Okay, I should go”

“Do you have to?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Betty sighed and leaned in to place a quick kiss on Jughead’s nose before pushing herself up to a seated position and placing her feet on the floor, “I’ve got to go back to my place before work starts. I left my computer there.”

Jughead groaned, grabbing Betty by the waist and pulling her back into bed, “Just five more minutes.” he mumbled.

Betty laughed and rolled her eyes, “Juggie, you said that five minutes ago. And again five minutes before that. If I don’t leave now I’ll be late.”

Betty sat up once more, and this time Jughead rose with her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck. Betty leaned into the comfort, releasing a small moan.

“Move in with me.”

“What?” Betty laughed, turning to face him. Her smile faded to shock as she registered the look of seriousness on his face. “Are you - are you serious?”

“Why not?” Jughead grinned, “You practically live here anyway! And you know how much I hate it when you leave. Besides… isn’t this what people do when, you know, they’re in our position?”

“In our position?” Betty smiled at his fumbling, eyebrows raised in jest.

“I just meant… I love you. And I don’t want to keep saying goodbye to you every morning. I want you to move into my apartment. I want it to be our apartment.”

Betty looked at his wide, puppy-dog smile in disbelief, “Okay. Okay let’s do this.”

“Yeah?” Jughead asked, eyes brimming with hope. 

“Yeah,” Betty smiled and leaned in, cupping his face in her hands and excitedly placing a kiss on his lips, “Yeah! Let’s move in together!”

Jughead grinned and tackled her back onto the bed, pinning her down and peppering her with kisses. “I love you so much right now it’s insane.”

Betty giggled, “I love you too. So, so much.” She practically squealed in excitement before kissing him once more. Suddenly aware of the time, Betty let out a laugh. “Well, I’m definitely going to be late for work now.”

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Percy Jackson AU?

I LOVE PERCY JACKSON! (Haven’t read it in forever, so I might totally mess up the canon, but oh well.)

1. Campbell, like Dionysus, is absolutely running the camp as some sort of punishment. Probably nothing sex related (though I wouldn’t put it past him), I assume something more along the lines of toying with human lives for profit. Maybe he was doing some sort of weird experiments on mortals. Maybe he was using god/monster powers – haven’t decided what he is. Thoughts? – to play the stock market and amass a fortune. Whatever it was, it was big enough to get the attention of the powers that be and he was put in charge of the camp. He takes it fairly well, though. Immediately starts hunting for ways to make money off of it.

2. David stays in Cabin 11 because he has no idea who his dad is. He stayed well past the age most campers move on (or die) because he has such an attachment to the kids, especially the ones who’ve never been claimed by a parent. Campbell lets him stay there because it’s hard to find help that’ll work as cheaply as David will. His talents don’t really make it easy to even guess where he belongs; he’s surprisingly strong and fast considering how skinny he is, but he doesn’t really have any special powers, it doesn’t seem like. He’s just … happy.

3. I feel like Gwen would be one of the few people there that’s truly an outsider; she’s not a demigod – maybe some sort of nymph or something? – and she’s really just there because she has nowhere else to go. She’s the only person there with as little reverence for the gods as Max, though she’s good enough at keeping her mouth shut that she hasn’t pissed any of them off yet. Mostly her (unstated) job is to keep David from doing something stupid and getting himself and the campers killed.

4. Max is a son of Hermes. He’s furious about it, and uses his powers to try and escape the camp all the time. Also every time he sees a god he tries to talk them into claiming David so he’ll be moved to another cabin. (Definitely not because it would make David so happy to finally be wanted by a heavenly parent. Absolutely not – this is purely self-serving.)

5. Neil is the son of Athena and lords his intelligence over … basically everyone. Nikki … I’m inclined to say Ares because of her violent streak, though I also feel like she’d choose to become one of Artemis’ Huntresses when she’s old enough to make that decision, because she loves nature so much and has little use for boys.

I Know All Your Secrets


When everyone came close to finding out about Annabeth and Percy because of his stupid mistake. 

Annabeth felt like she was in heaven. She was covered in bubbles and the lukewarm water was so soothing that one by one her muscles were relaxing. This must be heaven, Annabeth thought while sipping the cheap champagne and leaning against the cold porcelain bathtub, inhaling the mind-numbing pleasant scent of the bathing salts. Her eyes were closed but they snapped open when she heard her host’s infectious laugh. Oops, completely forgot my company.

Percy seemed like he was enjoying the view. He was covered in bubbles up to his chest and while it would normally amuse Annabeth to watch a man so nervous in normal atmosphere to be so  completely at ease in presence of another stark naked, her mind was just aware of the fact that he was stark naked. Percy noticed her stare and smiling boyishly, held up his glass. Annabeth followed suit and clinked her glass against his before taking a sip and looking around to admire the view- candles lit and a few roses lying beside the small bathtub.

“You have done well Jackson. I must say I am impressed.”

Percy raised his eyebrow and smirked. “The best for the best”

Annabeth blushed slightly at his praise but quickly recovered. “You look cute in bubbles.”

Percy smiled. “Ehh, you’re just liquored up.”

He leans forward and Annabeth follows. They were a few centimeters away from sharing a kiss when a knock interrupted them.

Leo, Annabeth thought begrudgingly I’m going to kill him.

“Hey, it’s me! I’m coming in!” Leo’s voice followed his knocking. Percy’s eyes were widened and she knew what he was thinking. They can’t find out like this.

Annabeth takes a deep breath and dives just as Leo opens the door. She could no longer see them but judging by the silence, she’d say that Leo is stunned.

Leo had always been the most hyperactive person she had ever met. While at times it serveed as a source of entertainment, moments like these when the only thing she wanted was Percy, Leo was nothing but an annoyance.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day.” Percy’s tremulous voice rang out in the silence and as an explanation as to why he had so many candles lit up and he was in the middle of a romantic atmosphere completely alone. Thank god Leo was as naïve as any person can be.

After two beats of pause, Leo drawled out “Ahh, I’m gonna go get some chicken. Want some?”

Chicken.  Sounds tasty, Annabeth thought.

Percy replied “Ahh, no thanks. No chicken, bye-bye then.” She tried to listen to the closing the door but after a few seconds she heard Leo asking genuinely “You sure? Some extra crispy? Dirty rice? Beans?”

She had to stifle her laughter as she heard Percy shout at Leo to leave. Getting the sign that he had departed, Annabeth came up for air.

Percy immediately looked at her apologetically and asked in a voice laced with concern,” Are you okay? I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t leave. He kept asking me about chicken.”

Annabeth’s stomach grumbled at the word chicken. She looked at him “Chicken? I could eat some chicken.”

Percy looked at her for a moment and nodded. He then raised his voice and called out for Leo. Knowing what to do, Annabeth dove underwater for the second time. Leo entered the bathroom and Percy listed” Yeah, can I get a 3-piece, some cole slaw, some beans, and a Coke-“

Before even finishing the sentence, Annabeth grabbed his leg and dug her fingernails in his flesh.

Diet Coke, you Seaweed Brain Annabeth thought.

Percy yelped in pain and called out “-Diet Coke?”

She heard the door closing and came up for air. Taking in deep breaths, she turned towards Percy and glared. “Never forget my orders”.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Annabeth was trying to understand her brother’s antics. Jason, her dear beloved brother, was panicking again. Well of course he should.

Jason had gotten married to his 72 day long girlfriend, Khione out in London, a long way from New York. As if he wasn’t stupid enough, while saying his vows, he accidently called her Piper(his ex and Annabeth’s best friend.) And as if he hadn’t screwed up enough, while waiting for his wife in the airport so that they could travel to Greece, he met with Piper and offered Khione’s ticket to which she agreed. Plot twist: Khione showed up and upon seeing her husband getting on their fight with the girl he mistook her with, she fled. Jason did what he was expected to do. He went after Khione and in doing so, he lost sight of her and found out the flight had taken off with Piper as a passenger. Complicated. Yes.

How could he possibly confuse his wife and his ex-lover-cum-friend was baffling to her. Then again Jason was the extraordinary child.

She glanced across the table to see Percy (in his navy blue suit that always sent a shiver down her spine) questioning his dear old friend about his inability to outrun Khione (“I can’t believe she can outrun you man!” “SHE’S FAST, OKAY?!!”)

Suddenly the door opened and entering with a suitcase and her natural glow was none other than Piper Mclean. Greece had suited her. She was wearing a simple chiton and her lush brown hair was done in multicolored braids. She looked happy and not at all as if she was going to murder Jason for bailing on her and shipping her off to a strange place.

Everyone sans Jason immediately gathered around her because a) it had been days since they last saw each other and b)it was Piper.

Jason, looking dorky and solemn, quickly apologized to her but Piper seemed too cheerful to care. She smiled and reassured Jason that he did what he had to do and so she was not mad at all.

Annabeth raised her eyebrow at that. Piper not blaming Jason was definitely baffling. In fact their relationship had ended because of the constant assignment of blame.

“Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece! That was a nice hotel! Nice beach, met the nice people. Not too shabby for Piper.”

Jason looked as if the world had suddenly lifted off of his shoulders and enthusiastically he quickly hugged Piper before saying that he had to go (something about buying 72 roses for Khione, Annabeth normally tend to block out his stupid ideas).

Percy smirked at him and said” Make sure to write KH-IO-NE”

Jason looked at his best friend since college  and pushing up his glasses on his nose, quickly banged his fists together (otherwise known as telling him off) and went away.

Annabeth turned towards her friend standing at the same place since she had arrived. “Pipes that’s great. It’s so good you had a great time in Greece.”

Like a snake shedding its skin, Piper’s smile slid off her face. She looked vicious and involuntarily Annabeth shifted towards Percy. Not so that he could protect her. More like she could use him as a human shield when Piper goes savage. Percy looked unbothered and continued to enjoy his blue pancakes (which Annabeth had proudly made herself).

“What?! I didn’t have a good time in Greece! Jason abandoned me! Okay, I couldn’t get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite with people coming up to me all the time going, “Oh, Mrs. Grace, why are you crying?” I mean, it was sooo humiliating. I felt like such an idiot! I mean, it’s all my fault! And you know why, because I make very bad decisions.” She paced around the room before grabbing a bottle and sitting down on the chair in front of her.

Piper finished ranting about her and Annabeth couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Jason and Piper. I mean, sure Jason was her dear brother and Piper was her best friend, but that didn’t stop her from thinking how both of them were too stubborn to really work things out at the same time too much attached to really let go. It was slowly interfering with everyone’s lives.

For the first time, her secret boyfriend and neighbor decided to take part in the discussion.

Percy, ever the mediator, tried to make Piper feel better. “Oh that’s not true”, he said but Piper was furious and self-depreciating enough to insist “Yes it is! It is true! I went; I went after Jason in stupid London.”

Before anyone could comment, Hazel cried out from her place on the sofa, “London is stupid! Stupid!”

Annabeth stifled her laughter. Hazel was surrogating for her brother Nico and his husband and was currently pregnant with three children. She was so pregnant that she could not attend Jason’s disastrous wedding in London. Since her friends’ return, Hazel has therefore been grumbling about how stupid London is. Annabeth liked to think that out of everyone perhaps she has gotten the best deal.

Piper was still not done with her tirade. “Hazel, you were right. I should’ve never gone to London, and from now on you make all of my decisions for me.”

Hazel-sweet Hazel- immediately protested.”  Oh… No, I did that for someone once and I’m not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone’s life.”

Before even turning to reprimand Hazel for giving up the opportunity, Annabeth raised her hand and called out, “I’ll do it.” Of course she’d do it. She was done watching Piper make bad decisions one after the other. And if there was Annabeth was amazing at, it was controlling people. That gave her a sort of adrenaline rush.

Piper gave her a tiny smile and uncorked the bottle. “That’s fine. So Annabeth, you are now in control of my love life.”

A sense of happiness blazed through her and she could not help staring and giggling at Percy who was quietly finishing his breakfast. He gave her a quick smile and stood up. Keeping the plates in the dishwasher, he turned around and addressing Annabeth he said “Okay, I gotta go to work.”

Before both of them even understood what they were doing or even cared, Percy had leaned down towards Annabeth and captured her lips in a rather passionate kiss. Her mind went blank and all she could register was that Percy’s eyes looked impossibly green and his jet black windswept hair was tickling her forehead. They broke apart and for a moment it was all quiet and blissful.

Quiet and…blissful?

Annabeth turned towards the sound of silence and silently cursed Percy. Piper was holding an open-mouthed bottle and staring at them in shock and disbelief. Hazel’s eyes were widened and her mouth gaping open like a fish. Had it been anyone else, Annabeth would have started laughing. Now she only felt the dread of her friends finding out.

Annabeth and Percy had been friends since the day he moved in the apartment in front of hers. Before they had been acquaintances as Jason and he were best friends since college. After a few mishaps with him (incidents in which he accidentally cut his toe off), they became friends. And that’s what they were.

Till Jason’s wedding day anyway.

After consuming too much alcohol and being insulted and painfully single, Annabeth needed to have a hot one night stand. And Percy, being sweet and charming, had completely taken her off guard by declaring her to be the most beautiful person in the wedding.

Annabeth had then made an impulsive decision. Sleep with Percy, her brain had screamed and unquestioningly, she had flung herself at him. Percy was resistant at first but he soon succumbed. It was supposed to be a onetime thing. It turned into a ‘what happens in London stays in London’ thing. And now it’s a secret relationship type thing. She should feel guilty but when Percy kisses her senseless, she becomes selfish enough to not share him with anyone.


Percy-bless him- seemed to understand the situation and his blunder .He glanced at his girlfriend and noted that he had a few seconds to do something productive. He strode over to Piper and smilingly said “And uh, Piper, glad to have you back.” He then leant downward and kissed her too.

Annabeth was torn between bursting out laughing at her friend’s gob smacked face and shooting her a glare for kissing Percy. He’s trying to contain the situation Annabeth thought. Yeah, try explaining that to her jealousy.

Percy finished kissing her and turned towards the only occupant in the room who he hasn’t kissed.

“Haze!” He strode over to Hazel and captured her in an awkward kiss. Hazel looked stunned but did not push him away. It looked more amusing than it had done with Piper.

At last he pulled back and bowing to all of them, he said “Always a pleasure ladies” and strutted out of the room with the girls staring after him in wonder.

There were a few moments of silence which was broken by Piper spluttering out “Did that just happen?”

Annabeth nodded at her and looked away from her so that she could not see her smiling like a lovesick idiot.

buried in broken dreams

Magnus figures he’s going to have to tell Alec eventually. Tell him who really is, what’s he’s done; the truth about him.

It goes nothing like he expected. He expected shock, disgust, outrage, even silence. A part of him expected Alec to walk away and never come back. Magnus knows that’s what all the others have done at one point or another after learning who he truly is.

What he didn’t expect was for Alec to cradle his face and tell him there’s nothing ugly about who he is, then wrap his arms around him.



November 7th is Shinachiku’s birthday!

It’s been 3 years since he was officially adopted by the NaruSaku fandom (he existed before then, but was much more obscure in case you weren’t aware)

There’s so much more I’d like to draw on how I imagine his world, but it really is taking forever huh? ^^; I’m really sorry about that, but hopefully in the next few months Shina will be around to answer a lot more questions.

(Harry Potter) Fred Weasley X Reader: Wicked {Part 1}

Summary: Reader and friends are from ilvermorny, at hogwarts to represent their school, but not compete in the Triwizard tournament. Seeing the super flashy entrance of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, they decide to put on a little show of their own. This ends of impressing the twins who decide to befriend the reader.

(Made this into a oneshot, Oops! Supposed to be just a imagine… Oh well!)

Disclaimer: Sorry if any information is wrong, I haven’t seen or read Harry Potter in like three years. Oh and the last name of the friends are just a name I picked off of the list of the 28 pureblood families. Sorry if there is already a character with that last name in the book that I forgot about. And most of the facts about Ilvermorny are complete BS that I made up on the spot. 

I don’t own Harry Potter!

     Having to leave Ilvermorny was bad enough, but you and your two best friends were being forced out of the whole country. All for some stupid tournament that you couldn’t even compete in. In your, and your friend’s, opinion, this was a huge waist of time. They insisted it was to mend some broken bond with the school that was hosting it. You couldn’t remember the name, something like Hogwash, or equally as stupid.

     So now you sat in the driver’s seat of the magic car your charms teacher had lent you, A very nice ‘77 Camaro, and were on your way to the school. You were told to arrive before six, since that was when the other schools would get there, but you and your friends were tempted to ditch the trip and stop off in France or Italy instead.

     Though, that would probably get you expelled, so you opted to take the safer, but more boring, route. To Pigwelt, or whatever it was called, it was!

     Through the dense fog, you started to make out a large structure, which looked like a castle, and a field below. Off in the distance was a Quiditch Pitch, making you a bit more excited about this trip, but only if you got a chance to play. In the field outside of the entrance, there already seemed to be a carriage. A large lake sat a few hundred yards away from it, a large ship floating in the water.

     “Looks like we’re late, as usual.” Said one of your friends, Alice. Samantha, sitting next to you, nodded in agreement, but went back to reading her book. Keeping your eyes ahead of you, trying to land safely, you smirked.

     “It’s never been a bad thing to be fashionably late. Just remember, no one here likes us so…” They all looked to you as your smirk widened into a full blown smile, “Lets make this entrance one they will remember.”

     The Camaro revved its engine, slowly descending to the ground. Through the overcast weather, you could see a huge group of people watching your decent to the ground. The car hit the ground mostly smooth, but still jostled slightly. You skidded to a stop, foot on the break, and turned to your friends.

     “Let’s make this count.” They nodded and you all opened you doors at the same time, stepping out from inside the car. Your black jeans and white button-up shirt did little to keep out the cold, but you withstood it. The grass was most definitely wet, covering your black converse in water and a bit of mud, but doing no real harm. Your friends met you at the front of the car, Samantha smiling, before whispering to you and Alice.

     “I could practically hear their jaws drop. I am feeling much better about this trip.” Her voice raised a bit at that last part, but you sighed in annoyance.

     “I’m not. We don’t have many purebloods in America, here they are an abundance. You guys may be related to the only pureblood family in Ilvermorny, but I’m still a muggle-born. This will not be fun.” Alice wrapped her arm around your shoulders, trying to cheer you up with her always chipper mood.

     “If anyone tries to call you anything or do anything to upset or anger you,” Her expression turned dark, “I will personally hit the with the killing curse.” 

     You smiled, they were the greatest people you knew. But you conversation was cut short when you were herded by a teacher through the halls. They took you through the hallways with moving pictures, up stairwells that changed, and past a bathroom with the most annoying ghost you had ever met. They finally ended the tour outside the dining hall, or Great Hall as they called it. The other two schools that were visiting were outside as well, their groups much larger in number then yours. A woman, wearing emerald green robes told you that you would be called in by school, then herded to the house table you would sit at.

     Durmstrang would sit with Slytherin, Beauxbatons with Ravenclaw, and Ilvermorny would sit with Gryffindor. Beauxbatons was called in first, walking in and making a grand entrance. It was all very ladylike and made you want to gag. The moved aside to sit at the Ravenclaw table, leaving the entrance open for Durmstrang. While their entrance was much cooler, with all the fire, it was still nothing interesting enough for you. It was all to flashy. While they made their entrance, you turned to Sam and Alice.

     “Remember second year, the prank we pulled in transfiguration?” They nodded, beginning to smile. You turned to the entrance, muttering under your breath with Sam and Alice.

     “Now or never guys.” The headmaster, Dumbledore, motioned for them to sit, turning back to the students of Hogwarts(Which you finally remembered).

     “Now last, but not least. I have to introduce a small group of special guests. Though these lovely young ladies won’t be competing in the Triwizard tournament, they were sent to represent their school in a show of good faith and support. Please welcome, (Y/N) (L/N), and Samantha and Alice Travers of Ilvermorny!” He finished his introduction, leading you three to walk in. You kept your heads held high and walked with confidence, but not too much. When you made it about halfway, you held you hands up and all three of you stopped. The hall was silent as you smiled, and in a cloud of white smoke, disappeared. 

     A few people gasped looking around to find where you had gone. It wasn’t long until a startled Gryffindor first year noticed you were sat in the once empty spot at their table. The whole hall clapped, as one of the Gryffindor student went to pat you on the back, only for his hand to pass right through you. The smoke decoys disappeared, leaving you three to be revealed sitting in the headmaster’s chair. You were on the comfy cushioned seat, Alice and Samantha each on a armrest.

     The students applauds doubled, making you all smile as you saw two students close to the front smile and say ‘Wicked’. Noticing that you saw them, they smiled and winked, only to elicit a wink back from you. Moving away from the chair and to your seats at the table, you ended up next to the two twin redheads who had winked at you. You smiled at them, holding your hand out.

     “(Y/N) (L/N), nice to meet you.” You expected them to shake your hand, but instead, one moved to your other side, trapping you between them. They wrapped their arms around your shoulders and spoke in sink.

     “Fred and George Weasley, pleasure to meet you.” The one on your right leaned down to your eye-level, being much taller than you, and spoke with a smile.

     “I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship, don’t you agree Georgie?”

I’m sorry this was trash. I just couldn’t leave this at just an imagine like I planned. I literally stayed up until midnight writing this. Holy crap I need a life. 

I hope you like it anyways, and please don’t forget to request! 

My request box is open and I do Imagines, Oneshots, and Multi-part Oneshots(Which I am hoping to turn this into)

Although I do not do Smut/Lemons!

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accent challenge

i was tagged by: @bonnie-wee-swordsman @anoutlandishidea @mibasiamille @owlish-peacock36 and there’s probably more i’m sorry if i’m forgetting you this was so long ago ily

THE RULES: Record yourself answering the following questions, and then post here under the tag “Outlander Accent Challenge″

You can do it as an audio file or as a video, but I’ve done just the audio.

Then tag some blogs you’d like to get to know better and encourage them to play along!


  • Name and username
  • Where are you from?
  • Pronounce the following words for us:
    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Fraser, Brianna, Master Raymond, dirk, Lallybroch, mo chridhe, bannock, Edinburgh, Fraser’s Ridge, Adso, Bouton, Fergus, Marsali, Laoghaire, Castle Leoch, plaid, bairn, Murtagh, dinna fash, Culloden, Craigh na Dun, Blood of my blood/bone of my bone.
  • Favorite side character?
  • Favorite way you engage in fandom?

Show questions

  • When/how did you first get into the show Outlander ?
  • Favorite episode(s)? and/or moments?
  • Favorite quote(s)?

Book series questions

  • How long have you been reading and how far are you into the series?
  • Do you have a favorite of the books?
  • Choose one: Fergus or Roger? Rachel or Marsali? Adso or Clarence?
  • Your thoughts on the side novellas and/or the Lord John Series?
  • Things you are most looking forward to in book 9/ Go tell the bees?
  • Finally, pick a book passage and give us a wee reading!

Feel free to talk about more or less! These are just to get you started

ok i said 1x09 where they rescued claire from wentworth but it’s not wentworth it’s fort william my b

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Can you write a cute domestic Rafa x reader drabble? Like just something about their daily routine?

Oh wow, I completely forgot this was in my inbox oops. 

With you and Rafa both having busy and full schedules lately, it’s been hard to find a lot of time for the both of you to spend together. That’s why, your favorite part of the day has become the early mornings. 

It’s the only time of the day where you really have time together, where neither of your phones are turned off and you have a chance to actually enjoy each other’s company. 

It’s at that time of the morning that yo get to see a side of Rafa that not a lot of people get a chance to see, sleepy Rafa. Before he has his coffee in the morning, his moves are slow and sluggish. As you make the coffee he stands behind you, his arms loosely wrapped around your waist and his chin resting on your shoulder as he presses soft, lazy kisses to your neck. 

 “What’s on the agenda for today?” You ask him as you hold up his cup of coffee for him. 

He unwraps himself from you before taking the cup from you and pressing a finger to your lips. 

“No work talk until after coffee,” he mumbles before taking a sip. 

You chuckle softly, pushing his hand away as you start to sip your own coffee and Rafa leads you towards the couch. He sits down, careful not to spill either cup of coffee as he pulls you down onto his lap, his chin once again finding it’s place on your shoulder. 

“This weekend, we’re gonna go somewhere turn off our phones and just spend time together,” he decides firmly. 

“Where do you wanna go?” 

“I don’t know, we’ll find a quiet little town somewhere take Friday off work and drive out there. We can just enjoy each other’s company for once,” he says. 

“Sounds good to me, I miss you.” 

“I miss you too baby, this weekend will be just for the two of us,” he assures you with a kiss on your cheek. 

K guys I’m not the best at anatomy lmfao but I am learning pls don’t judge it too harshly 😢😜

Sasusaku in the shower!!! AU where sauce has both his arms! (Also cause I completely forgot about it oops). I tried to keep the theme very “I live in a village” -y

This is what I imagine it’s like when they don’t see eachother for a long time and sasuke comes home and Sakura helps him wash off probably weeks worth of grime. And they just miss eachother so much they just kinda… stand in the shower hugging. Also it’s steamy for a reason ;)

BTS Reactions to: Heart racing (Read description)

So ‘reader’ (if you will) has had a sudden accident, gasp, however she’s doing just fine, but is being hospitalized. Her childhood best/friend(BTS) turned into pop star finds her in the hospital doing just fine but with a twist, since she has a heart monitor whenever her heart races the monitor beeps. Making an ordinary scene sticky. (Sorry that this lengthy and if I miss worded anything) (From Hyung to Maknae) Bruh this straight up took me so long.

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Suddenly! Jinnie’s dearest childhood friend was told to be in the hospital and he had to stop ever thing he was doing and go back home, to you. Although at first he didn’t understand it him self why had the urge to rush to you, he just blamed it on his motherly instinct. After taking the quickest (and the most expensive) flight back home from an over sea’s trip causing the the group to put promotion on hold. It wasn’t until he reached the taxi cab and talked to the driver, who he was rushing, about a very important, special girl he had to see as as possible. The taxi driver merely suggest the idea that she was his girl friend and that’s when it hit Jin, all this time he love her, you. 20 minutes later he arrived at your hospital room and stayed until you wake and hour later, mind you he heard of your accident at 8:34 pm (Korean standard time) then made it home at 7:52 am.

“Morning sleepy head.” You hear as your eyes slowly unjust to the dimness of the room. You see a silhouette of a beautiful man with very board shoulders near the window placing flowers in a vase with his back facing you. You innocent heart races and the heart monitor machine hooked up to you beeps, startling Jin, he turns to look at you.

“What’s wrong? Oh! Do you feel alright? Do you need some more pillow? Are you hungry? Should I get a blanket? Better yet would you prefer if I used my body to warm you up?”

“Ehhhh….” With a uncontrollable heart racing at his naughty words, you blush. It seem you won’t be able to hide your true feelings.

“Just kidding.”He flashes a cheeky smile and with that your heart rate slows. He goes back to tending to the flowers after asking if you need anything. You felt a certain feeling of comfort from see his back, his wide should saying there is more than enough space for and you problem to lend on them and his muscular frame that made you feel safe. He left to use the bathroom assuring you he’d be back, while he was gone you started to wonder if he was on break, seeing how he’s and idol there’s no such thing. A guilty feeling flooded you along with thought that it was your fault, although tripping on your skate board and falling into an 8 ft ditch happens to the best of us, you still couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt and the idea that you had made Jin come all the way here from an over seas tour. With these thoughts and the fact he now has less time to spend with his fans made you brake into tears, this guilty feeling was too much. Jin walks back to a room full of snuffles.

“I-i’m sorry Jin…”

“W-What are you sorry for, this wasn’t your fault… I-”

“No, it was. I took time out of your busy schedule to have you see me and I-i’m so sorry.”

“Wait that’s what you’re crying about? Really?”

“Yes, why else would I then?”

“I don’t know, but I had to have come. I could’ve keep touring, but you see on my way here I realized I loved you, so that’s why I had to come, otherwise my heart wouldn’t have let me rest.” 

Beep beep beep beeep

“You alright there? Goodness you look just like a blushing bright red apple.” He leans down kissing my forehead after receiving an unofficial confession from your heart, literally. “I guess I should be taking my leave, see how your fine, in more than one place.” He winks.

Beep beep beep beep

“Uh… Where are you going?”

“Back to work, you know I was in America promoting.” 

“Oh my goodness, you must have been so far way and left for me, I am sorry.”

“I told already you, I didn’t have to come I wanted to, so I could rest my heart, because I love you.”

Beep beep beep’ Jin takes a look back at me as he heads out the door before I stop him.


“What the matter?” He looks back concerned.

“I-i… I wanted to tell you that I lo-oved you…“

Beep beep beep

“But didn’t you already?”

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She would never talk to me about serious stuff. Our childhood together proved that. So, I just assumed nothing serious ever happened to her. Except today was different…

4:45 am

Ring ring

“Hel-ah~-lo” I greet while I yawning.

“Yo-yoongi… save me…”

“Y/N? Is that you..?”

“It hurts every where…” I could hear her sob.

“Just hold on, where are you calling from?”

“Please… I’m at the park..” I came running and usually I am not the one to run. 

“Ha ha.. Y/n? Y/n… Y/n!”


“Y/n..?” She was on the ground, panting. Her body was covered in bruises and I was the one to call 911. I stayed by her bed side through the whole night wondering why I felt the anxious feeling. I tried to blame it on sleepiness or the fact she a good friend of mine, but that wasn’t it.

“Yoongi…” I heard a reminisces of her voice call.

“Yes..” I answered half a sleep.

“I’m sorry..”

“Yeah, you better me. What kind of idiot aggravates a group of thugs, then after being beating, you call me instead of 911?!”

“I.. um.. I saw this little puppy get beat by these high schoolers. I thought since I was an adult I could just scare them a little… but.. as you can see that didn’t work.”

“Tsuk. Okay so what were you doing so late out anyways?”

“I was walking to get some late night snacks, I had a crap tone of home work to work on so I needed some fuel.”

“Then where are your snacks?”

“They took it..”

“Why those bas-”

“Try not to get so angry, I mean they are kids.. and seeing what they did to me.. I think we should just leave it to the pol-”

“Shut up. You don’t have any right to suggest anything especially after scaring me like that.”

“… I’m-”

“Don’t apologize again. If you did it would just be pathetic.”

“Yoongi… why are you being so mean..”

“Oh, should I be kinder? I was worried sick because of you! I spent the last 10 hours waiting for you recover after the surgery!”

“.. no one asked you to..”

“What did you say?”

“I said- No one asked you to! If you were going to be this rude about it I shouldn’t have even called you. Sorry for wasting your time. You can go now.”

“Fuck you! You don’t get to have the guy that’s been in love with you for the past 24 years, worried like this! So… there you have it!…” I sit down now realizing the painful confession I made towards her. Blushing out of embarrassment I hear her heart monitor sky rock, I turned to her worried this much information was too much when I saw her hand to her chest, just as embarrassed as me.

“Yoongi, I have to tell you something… I called you first because you we’re the only one on my mine. I didn’t even think about call 911. I’m-” I interrupted her with a kiss, only to hear the sound of her heart monitor be out match with the sound of the other patients in the room clapping and cheering. I had completely forgot about.


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Jung Hoseok. Before he was formally known as J-hope he was known as “Oppa” to me. I was like his second sister. He’s 7 years my senior leaving me at 16, but I always saw him as my smiley prince and to him I was his adorable little sister. I wanted to break that image of me he has. So, that last couple of months I had been trying to be more “adult” like. Meaning I started wearing make-up more often, started dressing sexier, anything to get him to notice me. Just yesterday it started to work, he was falling for me,

The night was raining, traffic was unbelievable and Hoseok happened to stop by before this uncalled for weather. When I found my chance.

“Came on, both my parent are gone for the night, because of the weather. Just one little kiss won’t hurt no body.” He looked conflicted like what he was harming a small child. So I inched closer and boy I could see he was so close to-

“We can’t!” He grabs my shoulders and pushes us apart. “I’m sorry, but I only see you as a little sister.” He shuts his eyes like the one he’s trying to convince was himself.

“Hoseok. Haven’t you find me a little to pretty to be you little sister?” I met his gaze, I could tell he wanted to give in. “Hoseok, don’t you find it weird that a girl my age would have had at least boyfriend, but the one I’ve waiting for is you!”

“No! you- your ..my..”

“Jung Hoseok! I don’t even call you Oppa! Your not my brother, but my first love that I think is rejecting me..” I felt the tears form at the edges of my eyes.. I wanted to yell and slap this idea out of his head, but… I could only cry. 

“N-no, that’s not… it..”

“Then shut up and kiss me!” He leaded in when he suddenly stop, got up and uttered,

“I’m sorry, I have to go.”

“Hoseok… Hoseok… Hoseok!” I chased after him when I almost got hit by a motorcycle, I fall and lost consciences. 

When I wake I felt the pain of morning light seeping into my eyes and the warmth of my hand be held.

“Hoseok..” He instantly wake. 

“A-are you okay? Are you hungry…? O-or do you want some water… do-do-”

“I’m fine, I’m just a little tried…” 

“Thank god. Speaking of which… I.. I… um I-”

“Just spit it out,” I giggle.

“I made a promise to God that if you ended to turn out fine that I’d tell you… that..”

“You know you always had a problem when it came to beating around the bush.”

“Screw it! I love you.”

Beep beep beep

“I’m so sorry for not telling you the truth, I should’ve came out about this, it took until now for me to realize that. I’m sorry.”

Beep beep beep

“If you want… I could give you that kiss I owe you.”

Beep beep beeep beeeep beeeep

“Hey, are you alright, you’ve been staring at the ground looking like a red tomato.” He giggles.

“I- I didn’t think tha….”

“Oh! Was I being to forward with the kiss, would you rather start with dating..?”

“You idiot! You were so cool up until a couple of minutes ago… way to be lame…” I chuckle, “But I think right now I’d like a hug.” He stands hugging me, freeing our sweating palms.

“Wait, so when your heart monitor thing goes off does that mean… hehe” He flashes me a devious smile before asking.

“Admit it, when you were in the third grade you took my 10th grade study guides for finals week!”

“Oh, come on get over that will you.” I huff.

“Came on! I needed that to study for finals! I know you took it.” He glared straight in to eyes.

‘Beeep beeeep’

“Tsuk, idiot, why’d you do it, oh? I deserve an answer.”

“I-it was because I… I hated how you started to study more then play with me so…”

“So you took the thing I need the most…. Idiot if that’s how you should’ve started to seduce me instead of taking the thing I need the most to study. Do you have any idea how many butt I had to kiss just to study off of others?”

“..I’m sorry”

“Forget it, you can just pay me back later.”

“Oh~ that’s my Hoseokie~ forgiving as ever~”

“Who said I forgave you? Uh, no you’re going to pay me back, it’s just with you body and I want start asking until you at least 50!”

“Isn’t that a little to old?”

“Well then when do you suppose we start to…. um..”

“How bout after we marry,” I extend my hand for him to shake, “Deal?”

“Deal, looks like we’ll be marrying soon, don’t think I can wait for too much longer.” He giggles

Beep beep

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(”Got any game on yo fone?”)

I’m the type of guy to take all I want. For example, in 12th grade I wanted Jung Kimmie from class 3-A she was smart, funny and a sexy girl. And boy did I do her hard. But she wasn’t Y/n, the smartest, funniest, and sexiest girl, the only thing I want but can’t get. I’m just not good enough. It seemed after finishing school and Joining BTS, that was my life. Ever now and then I’d go back home and would walk past her house, I don’t have a right to come in anymore. You see, I lost that right 4 years ago. I was the night after I fucked Kimmie’s brains out and Y/n had some questions.

“Just drop it already…”

“I have to know, do you love Jung Kimmie?”

“Why do you care so much?”

“Because there’s roomer about t-the two of you.. um..”

“What, you can’t handle saying sex. It’s a simple three lettered word. S-E-X.” Don’t Namjoon

“So what? What if I can’t quite saying it, but even so… I have a right to know!”

“What right! Oh what, do you think you own me just because we used to bathe together?!” Her eyes started to get weak, I could see tears and she fall to the ground, streaming tears. And for the first time I saw her so vulnerable, so like any predator hunting it’s pray, I wanted to push it.

“My… my right steams from the fact I love, and so I want to know the truth… Do you lo-” I angrily took her first kiss, swallowed her protests and pinned her beneath me. Oh how she struggled to free her self, but she was no match for me.

“N-no, Namjoon…please s-stop it…” I had forcefully taken her shirt off, leaving her bra exposed. It was white, with pink polka dots, as cute as it was, it wasn’t something one who would where when they’re about to lose their virginity and it hit me.

“Please Namjoon..” She whimpered a face full of tears I had never seen a person cry so much… I..

“I’m sorry,” I helped her stand up placing her shirt on and hiding my new grown erection. I formal bowed and left. After wards I ignored her, until I gave her no other option, but to talked to me the day of my graduation party. 

“Hey, ass hat, forgot something?”

“Y/n! W-what brings you her-”

“Cut the crap, I’m here to say bye. You may not want to hear this, but I wish you the best of luck.” She hands me a signed autograph of Big Bang.

“I can’t except this… it-”

“It was a pain to get, I waited in line for a total of 10 hours, and as silly and naive as this sounds, the only thing getting me through it all was the imaged look on your face I thought you’d have. That was enough to keep my heart warm in that cold line. But then again I got that a few months ago, before you became an ass hat.”  She throws it at me and turns. I pull her into my embrace and confessed.

“I’m so sorry… truly if I had known that you felt that way a long time ago, then this hate I started directing towards you would’ve been the rest of my love, Y/n I lov-”

“No! You don’t get to say that to me!” She sobs as she continues. “Not after scaring me like that, you don’t get to apologize out of nowhere. Don’t forget, you ignore me! LIKE YOU IGNORED ME!”

“I’m sorry, you need to understand that I-” 

“Save it Namjoon,” She breaks from my hold and her back staring back at me. She sniffs in her tears and stares me straight in the eye. “Namjoon I loved you so much you could’ve had me like you had Kimmie, now, you can go to hell.”

She walked and I let her, she’s too good for me to stop her. I’d occasionally write about her in my lyrics, but I tried my best not to be to specific. And this was my miserable love life. I simply didn’t allow my self to be with anyone else, in some weird hope she’d wait for me. Even thought I knew that wasn’t likely, a unfortunate miracle would need to happened.

Ring ring

“Hello?” I answered seeing a contact’s name I thought I’d never see. ‘Y/n Mom.’

“I-it’s Y/n she’s badly hurt… and she’s asking to see you, hurry!” I jumped out of bed. It was a lazy Saturday morning and I’d usually spend it resting, but after that call I need to rest my heart. So many question’s ran through my mind. What happened? Is she going to be okay? Why does she want to see me? Why didn’t she call me her self? Does she have much time to live? 

It’s a good thing I was in my home town.

“Thank God you came.” I heard Y/n Mother sign out of breath.

“I-is she going to be alright…?” I ask with my voice breaking.

“Yeah, the Doctor just said she need some rest, however, she was so hell-bent on you coming here… So I’m sorry I kinda made up the ‘Badly’ hurt part.” I stepped in to the room while Y/n Mother sat outside. Then, I flop my self on the nearby chair to Y/n hospital bed and relaxed a bit knowing she’d be alright. 

“N-namjoon… is that you?”

“Cut the crap your mom told me you’ll be fine.”

“Bu-ut I’m not…”

Beep beep

“I know you’re lying…”


“So, why’d you call me?”

“I wanted to.. Look this whole accident reminded me that life’s short and that I should spend it with the one’s I… the one’s I… ya know… l-love…” My eye’s widen at her expression, my face grow hot when I saw her heart was racing. She was being honest about her feelings and I wanted to hug her, hell.. I wanted her… but,

“You do know I’m no good, right?” She giggles a little and looks at me again.

“Yeah, but that just means there’s room for improvement.” I reached my hand out towards hers and held it.

“There you go again, seeing the best in people.” With her heart monitor beeping in the back, I inched in seeing if I was okay for me to kiss her again, and she inched closer.

“You do know I still want my pay back for you taking my first kiss.”

“What do you want?” I chuckle.

“A date.. hehe”


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It was something I only did when he was around. When he was here I’d always film him, and even when we we’re younger I knew he was picture perfect. Like a jewel in a sea of grass, I wanted to keep him here with me, to my self. But the day came when his true calling snatched him away from me and I was left here, alone.

Ring… ring...’

“Y/n? Oh my! How long has it been since you last called me?”


“You still must be pretty angry that I left… I’m sorry but I did take your feelings into considerations… and even so… I.. well I wanted to still go, forgive me..”


Ah Hyung, get over here.’

What do you want Jungkook?

Namjoon made Jin mad and so he’s cooking now.. ‘

“Damn it Hyung…Look, I have to go.. Y/n? Hello?”

“Jimin, in the case you never hear from me, I’m sorry…”

“Y/n what are you saying… Are you hurt! Are you okay? Where are you? Answer me!”

“Just want you to know, I’m proud that you’ve became what you wanted. You group is slowly gaining more followers, pretty soon you’ll forget all about me so…”

“No! No way I can forget about the women I love, you know that!”

“Jimin keep fighting… I love you…”


I hung up and went back to sleep in my hospital bed. Although it sounded like I was going to die, really I’m fine. You see Jimin and I hadn’t talked in over a year, when he left to become an idol. It’s not like I hate Jimin, as you can see I love him, but after he left I felt betrayed. I mean, even thought I had no right, I made him pick, me or his dream. And well, you know how that ended. However, I know Jimin has feelings for me, he told me this before he left, he wanted me to know he’d wait for me. Funny thing is I’m actually quite calculative, I know after hearing that call from me, he’d come, first he’d call my mom, she tell him everything, then all that’s left to do is act sick.

Y/n are you alright?!” I hear a voice from the hallway call. Wow, I called him only 3 hours ago, I didn’t think he’d came so quick.

Beep beep’ Somehow this makes me happy…

“Y/n! Are you alright, your mom said you fell of your bike and now your in the hospital. The Doctors said that you’d be fine, but if your not feeling well I coul-” Before he could finish his sentence I was talking pictures of him. “Oh… I see know, you just wanted to take pictures..” He sits next to his chair, curled in to a ball of blush.

“Sorry, hehe, I just really wanted to see you.” I giggle.

“Then, why don’t you schedule a date… or something.”

Beep beep beep’ 

“I’m guessing that sound means you want to…?”

“But aren’t you made..? Don’t you want to at least yell at me for lying and ignoring you?”

“Yes and no… I don’t get to get mad, I’m the one who left you… and the lying thing wasn’t that bad or anything..”

“No but I made you pick, and that’s like the one thing I’m not suppose to do…I’m sorry..” He chuckles at my response and stands up redeeming him self. He heads over and looks me in the eye. Toweling over me, holding on to the bed’s railings, I saw the side to Jimin only my camera ever caught. He had a look of hungry that appeared simultaneously, I feel as thought this hungry grow because of the year a part. He saw the look of lust as well as fear in my eyes, he laughed deliciously still pinning me to my bed. 

“Well, I mean if you’re that sorry over this, you could always show me… in other ways..”

Beep beep beep’ He chuckles knowing full well I wouldn’t, at least not now. For whatever the reason his words trapped me in his spell, I couldn’t help but fall for his words as I innocently stare into his seductive eyes. 

“N-no we… can’t… not in a place like this at lease..”

“You that doesn’t mean you have do something dirty… pervert.”

Beep beep beeep

“Are you going to just hover over me or what?”

“I like the belittling image of you I get from above.” I snarl at his response, slowly taking my phone out. 

“Oh, this thing again. You know I always found weird how you loved to record me. You’re the reason why I’m not camera shy. What, did you want to record me kissing you? Or better yet, when I fu-”

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“Hi, hello, who is this?”

“Yes, I presume this is Mr. Taehyung?”

“Depends, who’s asking sweetheart?”

“I’m calling on the behalf of your wife, I’m nurse on stand by duty and she wants to talk to you badly.”

“Huh, I just know that crazy bitch want stop at nothing to get my attention.. Are you one of her crazy friends… bird of a feathe-”

“Excuse me, I am a actual nurse and you ‘wife’ by not be dying, but she is hooked to a heart monitor and the only person she can thing of is your ungrateful ass.

“Sigh, I’ll be right there.” But I was in no hurry, because I knew this was fake. She always does stuff like this. We used to be childhood friends you know, but the she started like me a little to much and I had other things on my hands. But when ever she does stuff like this I know she’ll be in her house waiting for me. I mean just from the last month along she called five time making stories up and two of which was she was supposedly at the hospital. I made it to her house an hour so later even though I could’ve taken me about 20 minutes if I was in a rush. I reach there a knocked on there doors, her parents answer and told me she was actually at the hospital that crazy bitch was telling the truth? I felt my heart sink and I ran towards her.

“Y/n! You crazy bitch, you we’re telling the truth?!”

“T-taehyung” Her face lit up so quickly.

“What. Did. You. Do. Did you do this so you’d see me! Did you hurt you self! What wrong with you! And why did I rush here like an idiot for you!”

“Taehyung… calm down… I think you should sit.”

“Don’t patronize me, you’re the crazy one, not me.”

“Have you thought, maybe you love me.. hehe” My face turned blue… L-love her? Me? Am I even capable… I mean come to think of it she has really pretty eyes, and she does always have that body, not to mention she smiles so sweetly. A-and even when I’m cold to her, she still shows me love. Don’t even get me started on her beautiful scent.

“Tae… H…ha.. haha I was only kidding… haha..” 

“No… you’re right.”

“I am…?”

“Y/n, there’s only one thing left to do, lets get married?”

“Um… b-but aren’t we jumping the gun a little too soon…?”

“Not at all, we had the past 21 years to get to knew each other, so not all.”

Beep beep beeep’ I give her a cheeky smile.

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Isn’t it funny, how love works?


“Shh! You being too loud you’ll wake up the others?”

“Huh…?” I breathe.

“Look she walking up!”

“How many times do I have to tell you, shut up!”

“Sis… I think you’re the louder one…” I chuckle weakly.

“Anyways,” I hear the irritation in her voice. ”Do you remembered what happened?”

“..Yeah, I.. um”

“You tripped on a rock while walking with this idiot and hit your head.”

“Wait, now I remember.. and it’s not his fault, I should’ve watched where I was going. Speaking of going, what about you, Jungkook I was walking you to your taxi to get to the air port!! Did you miss you flight!”

“Yeah, but don’t worry about, really, after all I couldn’t have gone until you were all better.”

“But aren’t you busy?”

“Hell yeah I am.” Out of guilt I look down.

“You idiot, that’s not what she wants to hear.” My sister elbows him.

“Oh… um I mean I not busy..” He weakly smiles.

“I think I’ll give you guys space.” She exits and Jungkook and I are left.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry. I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“It’s fine, I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“B-but if I had looked then you’d-” He cuts me off by giving me a hug.

“I saw a guy do this in a drama, so… I gave it try.. hope you don’t mind….”

“Jungkook… what we’re you going to tell me before I tripped?”

“Wait! You mean you don’t remember..?”

“You said just as I feel…?” And his face was so flustered.

“Never mind…”

“Oh, okay..”

“No, wait, today showed me how short life is, and who knows if I’ll ever get a second chance to tell you… I love you!”

“Jungkook I,”

Beep beep beep beeeep beeep

“A-are you o-okay? You heart it’s racing! Do- Should I call a doctor…?” My sister walks in.

“You know these walls are thin right?”

“Eh..” He blushes along with me.

“Beside even an idiot would know that her heart was racing, because you make her nervous.”

“I do..?” He says looking at me, noticing my blushing.

Beep beep

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Lol sorry for a crap up date schedule I just need ideas and time, that’s all. Thank you for reading, sending love. 



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Twilight’s an hour later than last year, 11:37am, it will be dark again by two.

I kind of hate it but oh well.

15 words.

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superfuckmelamps  asked:

#4 with Andrew and Neil. Maybe after Andrew graduates and it's been awhile since they've seen each other

Thank you so much for this prompt! Sorry I took so long to do it… And sorry that it’s kind of… pointless and not great… I tried.

Edit: I completely forgot to list what the prompt was. Oops. It was: 4. “How long has it been since you’ve slept?”

Neil was tired. It had been cool this morning, but not cold, so he’d jogged to the court before practice. He’d warmed up with the team, seen about fifteen minutes of drills, and then –

Well, then it had ended. Wymack had called him off the court and told him to go, that he was done for the day. For the next three days, actually. “You can afford to skip a few classes,” Wymack had told him. “Show up for the game. Your team will survive without you until then.”

The team surviving wasn’t what was needling at him. Neil had seen just enough of practice to leave his muscles aching for more. He’d spent the last ten hours wishing he could just get out of the car and run to Pennsylvania. He might have, too, if it hadn’t been for the fact that the fastest way to Philadelphia went through Baltimore.

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the day after anxiety attacks and urgent care

we decided to ADULT

we got the houseclean for the landlord to do a walkthru

(mostly the husband, while I was sleeping, he has evil insomnia, but now our house is so pretty?)

and then we got a realtor

and actually went and looked at a house

with a horror movie room, istg 

it made me think of that twitter spiel that’s been wandering around, with the lady who said she suddenly realized she was every dumb white lady in every horror movie ever and all because of some roses and a porcelain tub? I mean, we actively noticed the creepy, but still

for one thing the place didn’t smell right

the realtor was all, dogs maybe?

but I’ve been in scuzzy pet stores and shelters, I’ve known people who had sick pets or sick people and got behind with the pets

it was not dogs

(speaking of, they just had the dogs in the backyard, running around while no one was home, so not only is that not safe for the dogs, we the people viewing the house couldn’t actually look at the back of the house, or the foundation, or the yard, or the fence, because free-range unknown dogs jumping about.)

the smell also wasn’t, you know, oh we forgot to take the trash out and it sat for a week, or oops we should’ve shampooed the rugs this was

unpleasant and yet completely unidentifiable

(I mean, I don’t think it was a dead body smell, to judge from previous experience with roadkill and that one time we got squirrels in the walls when I was a kid? but it was not a good thing either)

and one of the bedrooms was locked

both doors 

including the one from the bathroom, like, have you ever seen a bedroom-to-bathroom door that is lockable from inside the bedroom rather than the bathroom?

and no one was home, but both doors were locked so like … how did the owner get in there?

why would you lock a door when you have an appointment for a realtor to show your house so people have to be able to walk through it?

what were they hiding?

so yeah, we’re definitely not getting that one