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YEY, so now you're officially my "practical colleague of English Grammar" LOL I don't know how nominated it. If I make a mistake, please, correct me?! Well, this afternoon I went to my English class but was terrible, because I've got flu 😷 I'm lazy after took a medicine. I understood everything my colleagues said but I couldn't talk because I'm so sleepy... Autumn problems 😂 but how are you? Tell me about your day. (BN)

Oh that sucks that you have the flu!

My day was…okay. I was supposed to put a bunch of boxes together but I completely forgot. And then I had to go to yoga and I haaaaaaate yoga. But other than that, it was a pretty good day. It was a really nice day where I live: sunny and warm. Although, tomorrow it’s supposed to storm all day which I’m not looking forward to.

good things about That Scene

- “I answer the door, completely naked” is a line that will go down in history

- “Do you want talk before… or after?” if that first line didn’t make every perc’ahlia shipper explode with glee then this line sure did

-Percy literally forgot what he was going to say. You know he came up there with a speech prepared and ready and everything planned out and it took Vex 0.2 seconds to derail it all

-Like you can count the instances of “Speechless Percy” on one hand it is a wonder to behold

- “We start with courage”

- if we get a TPK tonight at least Percy won’t die a virgin

happy anniversary to this random blog

Hello! January was the month when I started to blog about the otome games I’ve been playing. I never thought I’d make it this far… It’s been a year since I joined the fandom!

I forgot about it completely until I saw Niji’s anniversary post, so I made a little something.

It’s not much, but I’d like to express my endless gratitude for following me, for supporting the contents of this blog, and most importantly, for being my friends. 

I wish I could have made something grander, but like I said, I completely forgot about this little event so I kinda just rushed a bit. Enjoy anyway! :D

Leo Crawford X Viktor Nikiforov crossover~

(I just thought he’d look nice, right, Ma-chan @lustfullyleocrawford ??)

Please DO NOT repost without permission. Character belongs to Cybird, but the costume is obviously Viktor’s LOL


Xena & Gabrielle/Beowulf and Emma&Regina ft. fighting new personalities & memory loss
Xena: Warrior Princess 6x09 & Once Upon A Time 6x10 27/∞

X: It was like I was in a dream, too. I forgot everything. Even thought I didn’t remember you, I felt your presence. I knew that I would never be complete unless those shadows were brought into the light.

R: You remember?
E: When you couldn’t hurt Henry - he was about to actually kill and become everything I never wanted him to be. That’s when I knew. The person I was here just wasn’t me. The fighting and the pain it’s what makes me me. I’m good with that.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

Amortentia (Draco x Reader)

The reader smells Draco’s hair in the amortentia and he’s start flirting with her..

Words: ~ 2000

Originally posted by draco-malfoys-wife

Potion was your last class before lunch. You were sleepy and hungry, and Snape’s monotone voice didn’t help you much.

„Now turn page 64. You’ll find the recipe of the amortentia. Try not to mess up completely.”

As usual, you’ve done most of the work. You were one of the best students of the year, and potions was your favourite. Draco was a smartass too, but sometimes he just doesn’t care about such unimportant things like making a potion right. The amortentia was almost done when your partner returned to the table.

„Oh, are you here? I almost forgot that I actually have a partner in this class. What’s happened? Your girls started to get boring?”

„Never, Y/L/N. Have you seen Daphne’s skirt today? A bit too short. I bet it’s just because of me.” – he smirked.

„Of course, Draco, you’re a center of every girl’s world.” – you added sarcastically before called Snape to look at your work.

„It’s already done?” – Draco asked in surprise.

„Yes, no thanks to you.” – you said a bit angrily. You really liked him, he was your best friend, but sometimes he was really get on your nerves.

„10 point to Slytherin!” – Snape added after he examined your potion. You smiled proudly while the other slytherins cheers for you.

„That’s my girl!” – Draco started. „So, what are you smelling?”

You didn’t even need to lean over to the cauldron. The smells were so intense and addictive you didn’t want to stop breathing. You were lost in them. For a few moments that seems like hours you forgot where you were until you heard Malfoy’s voice in the distance.

„Y/N! Are you still with me?”

„Yeah, yes, sooo.. it’s like old books. And kittens, and green apple, and…” – you stopped there because you realized you’ve said more than enough already. Green apple, what the hell.


„Pumpkin pie!” – and of course it wasn’t pumpkin pie. You couldn’t miss the last scent because it was the most intense from all of it. You couldn’t miss it because you’ve smelled that like a thousand times when you hugged him or when you felt asleep on his shoulder at the common room’s couch. Merlin’s beard, you smelled Draco’s hair in that bloody amortetnia! You knew that you had a crush on him for a while now but you haven’t realized that it’s so strong. Well, until now.

Of course you didn’t tell him, but before you could calm yourself down, that usual big smirk appeared on his face:

„Green apple, is it?”

„Yes, green apple. You know I love fruits.” – you explained like this is the most natural thing in the world.

„Especially when I eat that fruit, isn’t it true, darling? No need to hide your feelings anymore!” – he said it with so much confidence you could slap him right in the face.

„Are you done? And by the way, you’re very welcome. I know it was very kind of me to make all the work instead of you. Again.” It was never easy to make you blush, but in that moment you were need all of your energy to not to come apart.

„Don’t switch the topic, love. But I didn’t blame you, I can also smell myself in the cauldron.”

You rolled your eyes on him. After the class you went to lunch, and you hoped he’ll forget about the green apple-thing, but why he’d do such thing. He’s Draco Malfoy.

In the following days Draco didn’t want to stop teasing you. He was constantly making comments about how you fell in love with him, even if he was really just kidding. He also started to compliment you in a pretty dirty way, like „I bet you look beautiful when you have an orgasm”, or „Please wear a longer skirt or I’ll lose my self control”. You were getting angrier every day because he made you weak and very fustrated. Not to mention you secretly enjoyed it.

You went to study in the library with Hermione. Even if you were a slytherin, you made friends with people from other houses too. Your housemates doesn’t really approve this sometimes, but they didn’t dare to mess with you. You were kind, but you can also handle yourself well.

„Ronald, would you please shut up? Madam Pince will throw all of us out and despite of you, we’ll actually want to pass our next exam.” – Hermione threw knives with her eyes to Ron and Harry.

„Oh come on girls. Why the bloody hell do you two study so much for that, you’ll pass anyway.”

„Apperantly not, if you doesn’t leave us alone.”

You could hardly concentrate because your thoughts were far away, in the dungeons, with a certain blond haired boy. Ron grasped your arm and shaked you a bit to wake you up from your daydream when you heard your only one Slytherin Prince’s voice.

„Take your hand off my girl, Weasley!”

The trios reaction was hilarious to that comment. Hermione’s eyes widened open, Harry looked confused and Ron disgusted… a bit.

„I’m not your girl, Draco, now please go back to your whores and don’t interrupt our study session.” – you commented while Draco take a seat next to you, smirk on his face.

„Oh don’t be so jelaous, love, you know you can be the only one in my bed.”

Hermione’s eyes widened open even more if it was possible. Seriously, he can’t stop.

„I think she didn’t want you here, Malfoy.”

„Nobody asked you, Potter.” Harry was about to say something, but you cut him off. With closed eyes, you sighed:

„Please, Draco, shut up and get out of here before I’ll hex you. I’m not kidding!”

Draco smirked again. „Oh, I know you don’t you little nasty thing.” He stood up and take out something from his robe pocket.

„Here, you’ll need energy for studying and all those things that’ll come later tonight.” He placed a green apple in front of you before he winked at you and left the library.

The other were still speechless when you suggested:

„Okay, shall we continue?”

„Sure, Y/N! But first, please can you tell us why the bloody hell Malfoy calls you his girl?!” – Ron asked with a confused look, and Hermione and Harry was curious indeed. They hated Draco and Draco hated them, you wasn’t sure that you should tell them about what’s going on, but you also saw that this whole thing won’t end up easily. You sighed and started.

„Last week on potions… when we had to make amortentia, maybe I smelled green apple in it.” They still looked confused so you continued. „So who’s eating green apple almost everyday?”

„OH GODRICK!” – Hermione yelled. – „You have a crush on Malfoy?”

„Shhh!” – you started, but it was too late; the librarian already rushed over to you.

„Get out of my library! NOW! All of you before I’ll hex you all!”

Madam Pince looked like she can really hex you within a few moments, so you packed your things and run out from the library.

„I can’t believe you fancies him. This is insane!”

„Why him? I mean.. Why?” – Ron was shocked too. All of them looked at you like you’re out of your mind, so you decided it’s better if you go back to your dorm room. You were really need some alone-time.

You stepped into the Slytherin common room. You headed straight to your dorm, when you heard Draco’s voice again from one of the couch.

„Well if it isn’t my favourite potions partner! I knew you’ll miss me.”

You didn’t even look at him, you started to run to your room, slammed the door, fell in your bed and started to cry. You didn’t even know why. Too much stress, too much tension. Now Draco knows you love him, and he treat the situation like it’s a bloody joke. You were exhausted from keep your secret, exhausted from not to tell him how you really love him, exhausted from no to touch him. It was just too much to handle right now, and you let the stress flown out from your eyes.

The next day you overslept. You were late from Charm, and when you’ve arrived Pansy already took a seat next to Draco. You really didn’t mind it now, you wasn’t in the mood to listening the boy dirty comments. You sat next to Blaise, opened your book in a hope that you can choke your thoughts in your studies. After a few moments, Blaise whispered to you.

„Why are you cried last night?”

„I-I wasn’t cry” – you stammered and covered your eyes a bit, maybe it was red and puffy.

„Come on Y/N… Pansy told us.”

Us?” – now you were frightened.

„Let’s just say half of the Slytherin house knows that you cried out loud like a baby in your bed half of the night. – Blaise said with a smile. – „But seriously. what’ wrong?”

„Nothing, Blaise, I just overstressed.” You must be sound convincing (you didn’t even lie so big), because Blaise stopped asking questions. But damn, Pansy! Why she always have to tell everything to everyone? And you didn’t even cry out loud, maybe just sob a bit louder than you should.

When the class was over, you rushed out. You didn’t need people asking you what’s wrong and why you cried. You were halfway to the girl’s bathroom when you heard Draco’s voice. Oh Godric, why now.

„Hey Y/N! Can you slow down?”

You stopped, but when he reached you he grasped your arm and led you to a quieter place.

„What is it, Draco, why you brought me here?”

His hand was still on your arm – he was very close to you which make you blushed a little. „I heard that you cried last night.” – of course he did, thank you Pansy. There was no smirk on his face this time; his voice was gentle and his face was like he’s actually worrying. „What’s wrong? Somebody hurt you? If it was Weasley yesterday, I swear I’ll kill him.”

„Draco, calm down, I’m fine! And anyway, Ron couldn’t hurt a fly.”

„Than why did you cried?” He moved his hands from your upper arm to your face, gently stroked it with his thumb, made your cheeks red as hell now. You felt your head is getting hotter under his cold hands. You never felt this nervous around him or anyone else so you completely lost the control.

„I seriously smelled green apple in the amortentia.” – you started.

„Okay, I know, you love apples and not me, I get it. Sorry if I was out of the line…” – he apoligized while pulled away a little.

„Yes, well, the last scent wasn’t pumpkin pie, it was your hair.” your voice was a whisper, like you hoped he won’t hear.

Silence. He examined your shining eyes and your blushed cheecks very slowly with his icy blue eyes.

„Say something, will you? I embarassed myself enough for today, so…”

„I knew you love me, Y/L/N!” – he said with that smirk again. Here we are.

You started getting angry insted of nervous, but before you could shout at him why he joking on this, he wrapped his arms around waist, pulled you closer and kissed you gently. To your surprise he was slow. His lips was soft, and you felt that his cold skin getting warmer too. Your hands was on his chest, your knees were weak from your shaking legs.

He stopped, but not really pulled away from you; your lips almost still touching.

„What’s wrong, darling? You’re shaking  like I kissed some other parts of your body.” – he teased while he looked down on your body.

„Shut up.” – you commanded with a smile before kissed him hard, but after a few seconds he pulled away again.

„I also smelled your hair.”

„REALLY?” – you yelled from surprise and happiness.

„Stop shouting love, yes, I smelled you. And I couldn’t really handle this, that’s why I behave like this lately.”

„You are such a git.” – you rolled your eyes but also smiled.

He took your hand while you walked to the next class. You were not just relieved but also incredibly happy.


This was my first, hope you’ll like it! 

It sucks knowing that you are living your life to your fullest potential. It sucks knowing that your hands are probably intertwined with someone else’s. It sucks knowing that you moved on, and found someone better. It makes me sad to know that you completely forgot about me. And even though I miss you so much, I know in my heart I can’t do anything about it because you are happy with the life that you built yourself without me. And who am I to destroy the happiness of the only person I have ever loved?

One thing about Percy that I’d forgotten about until my reread is that he too is nuts for Quidditch just like the rest of the fam

I feel like in most fanfics I’ve read Percy doesn’t care for quidditch and sits out all the games between his siblings and never even like, watches them??? And so in my mind Percy doesn’t only not play but is like, completely anti-sports???

But I’m reading PoA and here he is making bets on the games with Penelope and telling Harry he has to win and “jumping up and down like a maniac, all dignity forgotten” when Gryffindor wins the cup I love him

little teaser for a pmv I’m working on (yes there’s gonna be zadr in it calm your beautiful tits)
This is just a storyboard so if it’s a bit confusing, I’m willing to clarify a few things :
This is based on my personnal headcanons, meaning none of this is canon /!\
Dib’s mom is dead, Membrane completely neglects his children to “study science”, it’s like alcoholism but with his job, he willingly forgot about his social life.
Gaz is angry against everyone : against her mom, against her uncaring father. She closes herself in her room and plays video games, her anger and her addiction pattern her thoughts and she, too, lives in corruption. Dib, in the middle of all that mess tries to make sense out of his family’s broken behavior and gets interested in the occult and you know what happens next.

Months & Days of the Month

Hey guys, I’ve officially completed my second year at university! All of my exams are over and I’m really excited to be back at home with my family. I realised however, a while ago I made a post about the days of the week in Japanese and I forgot to make a follow-up post about the months in Japanese. So I’m sorry about the delay in this post~ I hope everyone is doing well with their studies, and good luck if it’s also your exam block time!

  1. 一月・いちがつ・January
  2. 二月・にがつ・February
  3. 三月・さんがつ・March
  4. 四月・しがつ・April
  5. 五月・ごがつ・May
  6. 六月・ろくがつ・June
  7. 七月・しちがつ・July
  8. 八月・はちがつ・August
  9. 九月・くがつ・September
  10. 十月・じゅうがつ・October
  11. 十一月・じゅういちがつ・November
  12. 十二月・じゅうにがつ・December

As you can tell the months are really easy to remember as long as you know how to count in Japanese, as it’s only “one month = January”, “second month = February”, etc.

However, days of the month are a bit trickier to remember and will require you to just memorise the days rather than following any patterns or rules.

I hope this helps you out and please feel free to send me lots of requests about anything you would like me to make a post on, or something you’re not sure about!


the signs as self-titled by twenty one pilots

aries- air catcher || you’ve stolen my air catcher that kept me safe and sound || i was doing fine on my own and there wasn’t much i lacked 

 taurus- isle of flightless birds || now, is the climax to the story that gives the demons and angels purpose || we’re lining our homes against winding roads and we think the going is tough

 gemini- the pantaloon || you have learned, way too soon, you should never trust the pantaloon

cancer - friend, please || i feel for you, but friend when did you think you were alone?

leo- oh, ms. believer || your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder inside your head || the winter of dead

virgo - a car, a torch, a death || you reached in the back and buckled up your heart, for me to drive away with || and when i looked inside, i saw it held your heart, for me to walk away with

libra- johnny boy || he never really told a lie, but this time he decides that it’s alright 

scorpio- trapdoor || nobody knows his real name || as you watch him fall through a blatant trapdoor

sagittarius- fall away || i’ll keep the lights on in this place || but i don’t want your way, i want mine

capricorn- implicit demand for proof || i know you’re not a liar and i know you could set fire this day 

aquarius- taxi cab || either way, you’re by my side until my dying days || or am i dreaming dead?

pisces- addict with a pen || i try desperately to run through the sand ||  end of my ways

So I went back to physical school for the first time since late April earlier today (I’ve been doing online courses only while away, and today was for a single period block)

My speech teacher wanted to give me a fist bump when I completed an assignment, and I did that “SNAIL!!!” fist bump joke where you specifically hold up two fingers and fist bump with those

While explaining it to him since he didn’t know about it before, I wanted to say “the fingers make antennae” but I forgot the word for antennae

Instead I called them “snail antlers”