i completely blame caitlin for this

About Julian Albert

I’ve seen lots of people complaining about Julian’s characterization recently, and I can understand why. He hasn’t really found his place on the team, outside of “Caitlin Snow’s love interest.”

I can see why that would be frustrating, but for me, at least, it makes sense?

This is a man who spent years unable to trust his own mind, losing hours of his life at a time, using sarcasm and rudeness to keep people at bay. 

He was completely lost, and this team, Team Flash, they found him. They SAVED him from Savitar, and offered him a place on their team, even after everything he did, (albeit unwillingly, but we’ve seen that he still blames himself,) all the ways he hurt them. 

But he still JUST came out of an incredibly traumatic situation. He’s still lost.

He sort of attached himself to Caitlin, maybe a little more than was healthy. (This coming from a passionate Snowbert shipper, by the way.) She sought him out, she showed him kindness… She GAVE HIM a place on the team. 

And yes, there was darkness in her. He knew what that was like, all too well. He had a ton of emotional issues he needed to deal with, the fall-out of Alchemy and Savitar, and instead, he focused on Caitlin’s issues.

I think, on some subconscious level, he was locking onto her to keep from having to deal with his own trauma. 

And for awhile, it worked. She was getting better, they were growing closer… Yes, the thing with the Stone hurt, and he shut her out, but they were moving past that. 

His life was finally feeling stable.

Then, Caitlin “died,” and Killer Frost was unleashed. 

Everything fell apart. 

Savitar was free, (and could turn Julian to Alchemy at any moment, surely that wasn’t far from Julian’s mind,) Caitlin was destroying everyone and everything in her path, Iris was still going to die, Jesse had left… It was all a mess, and Julian had to be blaming himself for all of it. He ripped off the necklace, after all. 

Every day, things seem to get worse, and the emotional issues caused by Alchemy, the ones he never dealt with, rise to the surface more.

Julian, like many other characters on the Flash right now, is having an emotional overload. 

Yes, he’s snapping at people, at in the last episode, his attitude toward Cisco wasn’t ideal.

Yes, he’s acting desperate and scared, BECAUSE HE IS. 

He’s scared of losing the woman that, at the very least, he cares deeply for.

He’s scared of losing the team that he only just now found. (The family he was accepted so quickly into.)

He’s scared of losing his mind to Savitar once again.

I doubt he’ll always be “reduced” to fretting about Caitlin, but right now, that’s all he has. 

It’s like a mantra in his head, I think: “If I can just get Caitlin back, everything will be alright.” Even though this is now much bigger than Caitlin Snow.

If he sticks around for the next season, I think we’ll see more of him finding his place on the team, and finding who he is as a person, but for right now…

He’s a lost boy, scared because his world is falling apart again. 

Just like Cisco, and Barry, and Wally. 

The difference is, they’ve already found their place.

The only place Julian knows is by Caitlin’s side. 

Give him time, guys. Please.

Barry Allen Does Deserve Caitlin Snow

I’m tired of hearing some of my fellow Snowbarry fans say Caitlin deserves better than Barry. I really don’t agree. I actually think it’s Caitlin who has to make up for what she did last season, (not saying that to bag on Cait, though. I love her character. I just think there should be some sort of repercussions for her actions, though no one will probably beat Caitlin up about it as much as she will herself). As much as I hate WestAllen, sadly Barry loves Iris, so it’s only natural for him to spend time with her and put her first. If it was Caitlin Barry was dating, he would be putting her first. That’s just how relationships work. But this season, Caitlin stabbed Barry twice, tried to kill him, and helped Savitar plot to murder Iris, who as much as we may hate it, is the woman Barry is in love with. So, when people tell me Caitlin deserves better, I kind of think they’re being irrational. I don’t really blame Caitlin for her actions as Killer Frost, since even though she could fight it, it was extremely hard so she isn’t truly responsible, but at the same time, she should face the consequences for her actions just like any character should. 

But, just because W*estAllen sadly happened, it’s not like Barry completely abandoned Caitlin. He talked her down from being Killer Frost the first time when everyone else had given up on her, including Cisco who agreed with Caitlin when she said some things that break can’t be put back together again, Barry gave up his job to protect her identity, he never got angry with Caitlin for stabbing him, trying to kill him, or trying to help murder Iris, he was the first to go to her in the graveyard at H.R.’s funeral, etc. So, come on, Snowbarry fans, if we’re going to ship Snowbarry, it has to be because we love both Caitlin and Barry. Let’s not be like the W*estAllen stans who nine times out of ten only care about Iris. I think Caitlin and Barry are both worthy of each other. Barry made a mistake with Flashpoint, but you know what? Caitlin and Cisco made a mistake with the particle accelerator. Barry didn’t blame them for creating metahumans which he now has to fight all the time, so he shouldn’t be blamed for Flashpoint. Caitlin did horrible things as Killer Frost and no doubt feels extreme guilt for them and is going to strive to make up for them the way Barry did with Flashpoint when he had to let Thawne murder his mother again and was beating himself up about Flashpoint all season. I love both Barry and Caitlin which is part of the reason why I love Snowbarry so much. I think that regardless of how much the writers try to force W*estAllen, Barry and Caitlin are made for each other. Barry does deserve Caitlin and Caitlin does deserve Barry. The only person who’s unworthy of her significant other on this show is Iris.

I don’t understand why some people are hating Danielle because she had been nominated for the TCA! This is ridiculous, she does not choose who will be nominated or not!

And this is not about skin color, she was nominated because she deserves it! She’s a great actress! I’m not saying that Candice isn’t a good actress or that she doesn’t deserved be nominated, I’m saying that Danielle has no blame for Candice not be nominated!

Danielle did a great job as Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost, two completely different characters, and for being a good actress and the public like her performance on the show, she was chosen to be the nominated! End. That’s it.

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Prompt #156

“I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”

Requested by: @omahaaf1211

A/N: Thank you for requesting this! It’s a little short, but I hope you enjoy!

           “Barry Allen, what do you think you’re doing?”

           Barry looked over at you, half of a doughnut sticking out of his mouth. “I mph hnry,” he smiled sheepishly.

           You rose an eyebrow, “what?”

           He took the doughnut out of his mouth and repeated, “I was hungry.”

           You went over to the box of doughnuts to notice most of them were gone and you crossed your arms over your chest, “those were for everyone, Barry. Now we only have two whole ones for five people.”

           “Sorry,” he pouted.

           You smiled and forgave him anyway, knowing that he would probably make it up to you later. After reading his brainwaves, you knew he was sincere, but you were still slightly ticked. Oh, yeah, that was something definitely interesting that resulted because of the particle accelerator explosion: you could read minds. Well, sort of. You could read brainwaves, and different connections told you something they were feeling or trying to understand. You liked if better than reading minds anyway – less background noise.

           You went to set up for exercising your power when Dr. Wells rolled in. You greeted him and continued to work on your little exercise machine when he spoke up, “Barry, how do you feel about time travel?”

           It was as if a record scratched. You looked up, Barry looked over at Wells, Caitlin and Cisco poked their head out from different work rooms. You could see Barry’s brainwaves trying to comprehend what was just said and you didn’t blame him; it confused all of you. “Is it even possible?” Caitlin asked, walking over to Wells with Cisco on her tail.

           “With the right amount of speed it is.” Wells nodded.

           “Why would I need to time travel?” Barry asked.

           “It’s to save someone who shouldn’t have died when they did. I need you to save them,” Wells explained.

           Barry’s mom? You thought. Why didn’t Dr. Wells mention this earlier? You could see realization come to Barry and an expression crossed his features, but you weren’t sure whether it was excitement or complete fear. “I can save my mom?” Barry asked.

           Wells hesitated, not looking Barry in the eye. “Eventually, yes. But that’s a far greater speed than you can handle right now. I need a favor from you, Barry.”

           Barry looked down at his hands and nodded, “Will Y/N be coming with me?”

           Wells nodded, “she can help you with this mission, yes. But you only have a limited amount of time. You’re only going a couple years back so it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. You’re going to need to be able to run fast enough and hit something with enough force to send you back. You’ll need to carry Y/N to take her with you.”

           “I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan,” you say, a slight sarcastic tone to your voice.

           “Solid is what we need. Cisco, can you help me set a mechanism up that can send Barry back? Y/N and Barry, you go work on Barry’s speed. He needs to get up to at least 700 miles per hour,” Wells waved you away.

           You grabbed the pack with all the practice equipment and Barry picked you up and ran to the empty plane hangar. He had a dejected look on his face when he set you down. You placed a hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry that you can’t save your mother, Bar.”

           He shrugged and took your hand off of his shoulder, but kept it in his hand and he stared down at them. “When he said the words ‘time travel’ that was the first thing I thought of. But then I thought of everything that I wouldn’t have if I saved her. I’m… glad I didn’t have to decide yet. Or if I never do, that’ll be okay, too.”

           You nodded, “but if this does work, it’ll always be in the back of your mind that you can go back.”

           “I know.” His voice was soft.

           You squeezed his hand and he looked up at you. “I won’t let you do it alone, okay? Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be right by your side.”

           You went up on to your tip-toes and gave him a light kiss on his lips. A promise.

           “Now, let’s get you up to lightning speed,” you smiled.

So I want Iris to have more girlfriends but I seriously have a problem with the whole Flash Ladies thing that I always see because all of these women are lovely characters who are wonderful and in theory I love Iris with but in actual canon interactions:

-Caitlin continually actively lies to Iris with absolutely no fucking remorse. This is despite the fact that Iris was the SOLE FUCKING PERSON who allowed this woman to locate her apparently dead fiance. And worse, each of these lying scenes has been represented as funny?? Caitlin also hasn’t really ever been genuinely nice or appreciative of Iris. She’s only ever described Iris as *exasperated* ‘She talks a lot’. Also every time I say some shit about Caitlin’s fucked up behavior I get ‘Stop dragging women down to facilitate other women’ without anyone realising that A. That’s what Caitlin is doing to Iris in universe. B. That’s what the Flash writers are doing out of universe.

It could be fixed by Caitlin sitting her ass down and thanking Iris and returning back to her days of shading and berating Barry’s gaslighting bullshit and not doing it herself.

God, I wanted #Parkwest so bad and still do. But I can’t deal with Linda actively framing Iris as a bitch for being honest and then turning around and saying that Barry, the only one deserving of blame in that whole situation ‘Didn’t do anything wrong.’ Linda was done so badly and I want more for her but Iris was *not* solely to blame and I’m going to need some ‘I completely misjudged you’ scenes before I jump back on that.

In honesty, at this point no one at all apart from Mason Bridge deserves Iris’ friendship because they all have actively lied to and gas lighted her from the very first episode. I need her to have her own supporting cast of people who trust and need her. I’m also gonna need everyone (With the exception of Cisco who is slightly less involved) raked over hot coals and grovelling at her feet for her help.

In all honesty I think the female thing is male writers having no idea how to write female-female scenes that aren’t bitchy or male centered and they need to step their shit up quickly.

Like imagine a scene with Caitlin and Iris like the scenes with Cisco and Barry where they make fun of one another and talk about things they love just because.

Imagine a Eddie/Barry dynamic between Iris and Linda where Iris *really* wants Linda to be her friend and Linda shows Iris the ropes at work with an arrogant but endeared edge.

Imagine Iris having an amazing mother who talks constantly about how much having Iris brightened up her life.

Imagine Iris having a female mentor who teaches her the way of being a boss bitch and taking no crap. Imagine them in matching pants suits.


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really love this blog and your writing! do you think you could please write a fic where both iris and caitlin are in danger, barry saves both of them but without even questioning it saves caitlin first, leading him to realize that iris is no longer the girl he loves, caitlin is :)

Note: Sorry forthe brief hiatus. I’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork and such!!

Set somewhere between 1x09 and 1x12.

Rated: K+




Being a superhero was rarely good for one’s sleep schedule. Between the extra training, making sure his friends were okay, finding and fighting metahumans, saving citizens from burning buildings, and worrying about Oliver and Starling City, regular sleep wasn’t a regular thing for Barry.

That’s why he was so relieved when he actually got to bed at a reasonable time and why he was so pissed when a phone call woke him up at 7:00 am. “Hello?” he says groggily into his phone without bothering to check who called.

“Barry, I need you down at the station,” the voice—Eddie’s voice—says from the other end of the phone.

Barry tries to keep the complaining out of his voice, but he can’t help it, “Really, Eddie? Can’t you do this one without me? It’s my day off.”

“No, Barry, we need you at the station now. It’s about Iris.”

He sits up, suddenly wide awake, “W—what about Iris?”

Eddie sighs in frustration, “One of those crazy superhuman guys took her. Took her right from home. Right from under my nose…”

In an instant, Barry finds himself at the station in his regular work clothes, forgetting that Eddie wasn’t supposed to know about his speed. However, Eddie is, for the moment, too preoccupied to worry about how Barry got there.

“Hey,” Barry immediately finds Joe, grabbing his arm, “What do we have?” Joe shakes his head, eyes on the ground. Barry decides not to press him and turns to Eddie.

The poor guy looks terrible. His shirt is untucked, his jacket thrown carelessly on the floor, and his usually-perfect hair is sticking up in strange places. Barry walks toward him, speaking as he goes. “Okay, Eddie, I’m going to need you to tell me exactly what happened.” He tries to speak calmly, knowing that whatever happened to Iris, Eddie would probably blame himself.

Eddie sighs, running a hand through his already messy hair. He’s staring at his phone—a picture of a smiling Iris staring back up at him. Seeing Eddie so worried, only makes Barry more worried. “Who took her, Eddie?”

“I don’t know, Barry,” Eddie snaps, “If I knew that I wouldn’t be standing here right now, I’d be kicking his superhuman ass.”

Barry’s phone buzzes again, making him jump. He glances at, and Caitlin (complete with a picture of her looking over her shoulder and smiling) shines up at him. He answers immediately, praying she found new information on Iris’s kidnapper.

“Caitlin, please give me some good new—”

“Good evening, Mr. Allen,” a voice, low, rough, and accented, says evenly.

Barry feels his heart accelerate to a speed that’s abnormal even for him. He steps away from Eddie’s desk, out into the hallway. “Where the hell is Caitlin,” he hears himself snarl. His voice has taken on a different tone, this one threatening, “I swear, if you hurt one hair on her head—”

The voice on the other end chuckles, “My, my. We haven’t even been properly introduced, and already you’re making threats to me? Where are your manners?”

“Where. Is. She,”

The voice sighs, “Alright, I see you’re not in the mood. I’ll tell you where I am under one condition: you come alone. Come with the police—even one officer—and I’ll start cutting pieces out of your lovely doctor here.”

Barry feels his jaw tighten; somehow, he knew that would be the condition. “Deal,” he says, “Now where are you?”

“I have here at S.T.A.R. labs a very special woman—”

Barry doesn’t care if he was finished or not. He’d already heard enough. Without bothering to say goodbye to Joe and Eddie—there was no way he’d put Caitlin at risk—he turns and runs to S.T.A.R. labs.

It’s not hard to find them. They’re on the roof.

When Barry sees them, he thinks he’s going to scream. A large, completely unfamiliar man stands in behind her. Caitlin. Hands tied behind her back, a bruise forming on her forehead. She’s being used to bait him. Again.

“Who the hell are you,” he growls. He notices how he’s holding Caitlin, and he’s willing to bet he has a weapon to her back.

The man feigns being offended, “You mean your friend Oliver never told you about me? Goodness, I am hurt.”

Barry feels his hands curl into fists as he glowers at the man. “Let her go. She has nothing to do with me or Oliver.”

The man smiles, “You may call me Deathstroke. Oliver and I are old friends. His oldest friend, in fact.”

“That I seriously doubt,” Caitlin mutters, rolling her eyes. Despite the situation, he can’t help but be proud of her. Here she is, kidnapped and terrified, used to bait him, and she refuses to just be victimized.

“What do you want?” Barry asks.

Deathstroke smiles a smug smile, “I want Olive Queen to suffer. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. You’re going to take me to him.”

He tries to play it cool, but stick to the truth. In his experience, the best way to lie is to stick to certain truths, “I don’t know where he is. He’s gone.”

Deathstroke sighs, “I was afraid you’d say that.” Before either Caitlin or Barry can react, he pulls a gun out of his belt and presses it to Caitlin’s head, “Take me to him, or I kill the woman you love.”

Caitlin forces out a laugh, “What—me? You think Barry loves me? If you think for one second that he’s in love with me, or that he would give up Oliver for me, then you’re definitely not smart enough to beat him.”

He chuckles quietly, “I won’t make the same mistake twice, Miss Snow.”

“What the hell are you—”

“Miss Smoak tried to convince me of the same thing. I used the woman I thought Oliver loved against him, and it didn’t work. Like I said, I won’t make the same mistake twice. This time, I’ve taken care of both women. You’re choice, Mr. Allen. I’ve got a certain Miss West downstairs, and I’ve got Miss Snow right here.” His hand tightens on the trigger, “When I pull this trigger, two things will happen. Of course, this woman will die. But, there’s something you don’t know—a good plot twist. I love a good plot twist.”

“Just get to the point,” Barry snarls.

“This trigger is also rigged—rigged to a weapon downstairs. A weapon that is threatening the life of Miss West.”

He’s already given Barry all the information he needed. Without hesitating, Barry launches himself at the two of them. As time seems to slow down, he takes a hold of Caitlin, grabbing her waist and pulling her away from Deathstroke before he can pull the trigger. Holding her close to his body, he runs from the building, stopping only when they get a sufficient distance away. He sets Caitlin down on a park bench before turning and running back to S.T.A.R. labs.

As soon as he reaches the building, he hears something. Voices. Eddie’s, Joe’s, and Iris’s. his heart nearly stops—now not only is Iris in danger, but Eddie and Joe as well. Then, he hears what Eddie’s actually saying, “…you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you…”he’s making an arrest.

Coming out of the building is first Deathstroke…handcuffed. Eddie is making an arrest. Barry breathes a sigh of relief as he sees Iris and Joe also exit the building. Knowing they’d be safe, he turns and runs back to the spot where he’d left Caitlin.

She hasn’t moved; she’s still sitting exactly where he left her.

Without thinking, Barry pulls her into an embrace, muttering, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.”

She hugs him back, tightly, “It’s not your fault.” Then, she pulls back, “Iris?”

“She’s fine. She’s with Joe and Eddie.”

She leans back, “Okay. Good.”

They sit there in awkward silence for another moment. “Uhm. I’ll get you home,” Barry says uncomfortably, standing and helping her to her feet.

“Barry?” Caitlin says. He looks at her. “I…you didn’t have to choose me over Iris. I mean, you shouldn’t have chosen me over Iris. You…when given the choice, you should first save the woman you love.”

Barry thinks about her words for another moment before answering as honestly as he can, “I was.”


He gulps, “Was…I was saving the woman I love. I was saving you.”

Maybe a Valentine’s Day one next…what do you think?