i completely and unabashedly love this movie

Time to Fangirl

Guys, I’m hyperventilating. 

There’s a movie coming out in November called The Man Who Invented Christmas

I shall unabashedly fangirl over this movie about one of my favourite authors and how he wrote one of my favourite books EVER!


Seriously, it’s about how Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. This is the story I have always needed in my life. Because nothing makes you love a book better than more stuff about the book, am I right?

Besides, Captain von Trapp is playing Scrooge, so I think my life is basically complete with that knowledge.

This is the book I read every year. We watch all sorts of versions of A Christmas Carol. It’s famous and wonderful and they’re making a movie about it!!!!!!!

Bleah. Sorry for all the emotions. But seriously …

I’m going to go swoon in a corner, now.