i completely agree with this though


“Sakura’s fight with Shin was just so Fucking Epic and Perfect!!! I’m so fucking glad she finally had the screen time she deserved!! Naoki Koboyashi highlighted all her skill set!! Evasion, Strength, Speed, Medic ninjutsu!! He did her justice!! More than Kishimoto did cause he completely forgot about Sakura’s talent for 500 chapters!! And I’m so glad she finally had one again!! Anti’s (And by anti’s I mean Hinata and Karin stans) Do nothing but shit on Sakura’s character and worth!! They call her useless and weak!!(Look at your fav first!! As @amitds said “Get your fav prompted above chunin and than come at ours”) I really really wish SP gives us more badass sakura moments!! She’s no housewife!! And she sure ain’t hell useless!! She is the student of the 5th hokage, A pupil of the sanin, the holder of the yin seal and the strongest konouchi in the world!! She is Haruno Sakura and she is legendary!!”

-Submitted by anonymous

anonymous asked:

I have a craving for talking about werewolf!Cas. What's something about werewolf!Cas you love, or a headcanon, or maybe an idea you have about him or his appearance - anything at all, the world needs more talk about werewolf!Cas!

I LOVE werewolf!Cas with my whole heart!! 
Let’s talk about werewolf!Cas Nonnie!!!! Things about him that I love:

• seriously, no one saw him completely clean shaved, ever. 
• very professional at work, all sharp suits and even sharper smiles
• excellent when it comes to team work, even though really likes to be in charge 
• competitive and a skilled strategists 
• can be quite impatient 
• loves to run and does so almost every day before work 
• lives in a small house in the middle of nowhere 
• addicted to coffee 
• growls at people in the mornings 
• really doesn’t like how the guy from security team at work smells 
• sniffs a lot 
• adorable nose scrunch when he smells something he doesn’t like
• the closer to full moon the more he has troubles to keep his emotions on the leash - he snaps at people a lot 
• exercise helps with it 
• really likes physical contact 
loves to cuddle
• very good lover, even if he tends to be a little bit rough 
• loves to leave hickeys and bite marks 
• also that’s another part of life where he likes to be in charge
• actually loves lazy mornings 
• always smells like woods and storms; it’s dark and fresh and spicy
• very soft toward kids 
• wild, wild hair 
• deep rough voice that makes people feel things
• really, really strong 
• sharp canines
• walks with the grace and confidence of an predator

stagesiren  asked:

Pokemon Rocketshipping James 😊

thank you so much for the ask!!! I love James sm

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: James is a truly special character, and while I can’t say I’m a “fangirl” of his in the traditional sense, I completely understand why he is so popular. He is kind and loving and talented and giving, and he is all that despite the abuse he went through in his childhood and teen years. He is unapologetically himself, and though some don’t agree with it, unapologetically queer. He never lets his friends or his pokemon down, and he loves them to the point that he’ll sacrifice his own happiness and goals for them at times (something which is unhealthy, but which really resonates with me). As someone who went through parental abuse, James is a character I admire and aspire to be more like. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: JESSICA (OTP obv), Kate (she’s really sweet and I think they would be happy together), Butch (I don’t think they have the same animosity as Jessie and Cassidy do, just a playful rivalry), Gardenia (grass type babies), Sycamore (both incredibly kind and intelligent and they would be the cutest professor couple), Harley (the fuckening sexual tension jfc)
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Meowth!! (best friends, really important relationship), and I would love to see James and Clemont, and James and Lillie interact, because I think he’s very similar to both of them
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: lots and lots! He’s bisexual and bigender, he enjoys crossdressing purely because it makes him happy (not because of trauma or because Jessie forces him to), the story he told about running away/dying as a child is completely untrue and actually symbolizes the death of his innocence and he lived at home with his parents until around 15/16 (when they sent him to Pokemon Tech)
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I’m honestly very satisfied with where James is in canon right now. What I’d like to see happen for him in the future is to build more confidence through honing some of his skills (such as cooking, inventing, caring for pokemon), and to have his team acknowledge and appreciate that. I don’t want him to confront Rumika again, because I think he’s been through enough shit with her. I’d like to see him befriend Lillie and give her some advice about her parents and brother, because I think their situations are similar in a lot of ways. Obviously I want the rocketship. 
  • My OTP: ya know…
  • My OT3: YA KNOW (platonic OT3 is rocket quartet, other OT3 is Jess/Jim/Harley~)

▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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I love you and I agree with you 99% of the time, but you seriously support Hillary Clinton? I thought you hated right-wing politics??

I do hate right-wing politics, and the suggestion that Hillary Clinton is on the right wing of American politics is just completely divorced from reality.

As for the issue of support, please remember that in this last election, the choice we had in November was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. One of them was going to be president. That was an easy choice for me, even though I voted for and supported Sanders in the primary. I do not regret my campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and I don’t regret my vote for her. The world and my country would be profoundly better off if she had been elected.

How to Zookeep: Job Interview Basics

So I was tagged by @why-animals-do-the-thing in a post about what not to say in a job interview. It’s a bit overdue, but I figured this was a good opportunity to continue some of “How to Zookeep” and give y’all some insight on interviews. I’ve actually conducted quite a lot of interviews for an entry-level position. Here are just a few Do’s and Don’ts…

Originally posted by principessadesu

General Maybe Do’s:

  • Wear an outfit that looks pretty nice, but don’t go too formal. You should be able to get muddy or hop a fence - just in case. Most of the time you’ll know if it’s a true working interview, but some interviews will involve a tour, meeting an animal, or other situations where you might get messy.
  • Show that you’ve researched the facility and the position. This is especially true for phone interviews or if you’re not from the area. If you’ve ever visited the facility, mention that. Mention specific parts of the job description and why you’re interested or why you would excel at it. I know I always make a good note if candidates reference something on our website or from the job description because it lets me know they’ve done their homework. (One time a candidate quoted something verbatim and it was a little jarring only because I wrote that part of the website and it was strange to hear someone quote me).
  • If at all possible, have specific examples from your past experiences that you can talk about. These could be examples of training, working well with others, strengths & weaknesses, general animal care, etc. Try to be able to tell a story about when you worked around a training difficulty or resolved an issue with a coworker. And yes, have a real answer for “strengths and weaknesses”.
  • Try to use the most ‘updated’ zoo language you can. Zoo terminology changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. Try to use some of the research (website and job description) to see what kind of language this particular facility uses and attempt to mirror it. Examples are “in human care” instead of captivity or “habitat / enclosure” instead of cage/exhibit. It’s just a bonus way to make a good impression.

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

General Maybe Don’ts:

  • Don’t get political. This is what @why-animals-do-the-thing was asked about - mentioning animal rights activist groups in the interview. Unless you are completely sure that it is specifically relevant to the position try not to get into any heavy areas of debate, any controversial news stories (think Harambe), or politically charged organizations like PETA, HSUS, etc. And even though you might think that everyone in the zoo world agrees that US politics are terrible for zoos/the environment or something along those lines, a job interview is not the time to mention it.
  • Don’t ask for tips about a specific facility on a public forum. It’s important to do research, but this one crosses a bit of a professional line. I would advise against going on any public forum (like the facebook groups You Know You’re a Zookeeper When and Zookreepers) and asking for interview advice about a certain facility. Most people won’t want to comment publicly about their facility as it can be seen as unprofessional and a lot of their coworkers will see it. Most of the time the research you need can be done on the website and with some googling, but if you feel you just need to talk to someone who works there, try flexing your networking muscle a bit.
  • Don’t say you love animals. This sounds contradictory but hear me out here - this job is about much more than loving animals. A lot of interviewers are used to hearing this answer or seeing it in cover letters of people who think that liking animals is all you have to do for a job. Yes, you love animals, we know that. But what do you love about working with them? Do you like enrichment, exhibit design, training? What do you love about the career of zookeeper / aquarist / etc? It’s important to go beyond the surface of just wanting to be around animals and go into the details of how you will improve their lives when you literally have their lives in your hands. I’ve heard from a lot of interviewers that they’re tired of hearing about ‘passion’, they want to hear about action. They want to hear about cleaning, hard work, the real nitty-gritty of the job. This don’t also leads to a general tip (what if you don’t have examples of what you like yet?)

General Tips

Here’s a common problem: you’re applying for your first entry-level position and you don’t have any animal experience yet. What do you talk about? Here’s some ideas:

  • Academic research or fieldwork - did you go on birding trips? Did you do mist-netting? Have you worked in a lab that uses live animals? Those things can be beginner animal experience.
  • Volunteering - zoos, vet clinics, etc.
  • Formal domestic animal experience - even if it’s not with exotic animals, the basics of caring for small domestics (cats, dogs, rodents, fish, etc.) in a formal setting (vet, pet store, rescue) has some aspects that apply in zoos, such as restraint and medical care.
  • Personal pets (very carefully) - It’s not that personal pet experience isn’t helpful when you’re just starting out, but sometimes newer keepers come in with an idea that their pet experience is on the same level as caring for animals in a formal career setting. It is not. Caring for your own animal in your own home is VERY different from caring for it in a zoo, aquarium, vet’s office, etc. In a formal setting, there are legal guidelines to follow, teams of people to communicate with about animal care, and lots of formality/red tape that doesn’t exist in a home setting. Pets can be useful as examples in interviews if it is relevant (medicating, enrichment, restraint) but they are almost never seen as an actual qualification. Side note, please don’t list personal pet care on a resume. 

Overall in an interview, you want to try to be as collected and confident as possible. BUT if you get nervous and you’re really struggling, just tell us! It’s better to just laugh a bit and say sorry, I’m nervous, than to completely freeze up. I have done plenty of interviews where the person is nervous and that’s okay. I’ve hired people who were nervous or misspoke in their interview.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line. I’ve interviewed and hired people for just three years now, so I may not be particularly seasoned, but I can lend a little of my expertise.

Telenovela(?) Expressions

Things you can use in your daily life… maybe!

atreverse a (hacer algo) = to dare to (do something)

¿Cómo te atreves? = How dare you?

¿Te atreves a hacerme esto? = You dare do this to me?

¡¿Cómo te atreves a volver ahora?! = How dare you come back now?!

¡¿Cómo te atreves a decirme que me extrañas?! Tú me abandonaste. = How dare you tell me you miss me?! You abandoned me. 
[Latin America; Spain would say me echas de menos for “you miss me”]

descarado/a = shameless
el descaro = shamelessness

engañar = to deceive, to lie / to cheat on

No me engañas. Te conozco. = You don’t fool me. I know you.

Ella te engaña. = She’s lying to you. / She’s cheating on you.

engañarse = to fool oneself

No te engañes. = Don’t kid yourself.

Puedes seguir engañándote. = You can keep lying to yourself.

mentiroso/a = liar

la traición = betrayal, treachery / treason
traidor(a) = traitor

canalla = swine, lout, scoundrel

malnacido/a = bastard, ill-born
desgraciado/a = miserable, wretched, pathetic, unfortunate

Haz lo que quieras. = Do whatever you want.
Haz lo que te dé la gana. = Do whatever you feel like. [snarkier?]

Nunca te perdonaré. = I will never forgive you.

Te lo juro. = I swear (to you).
Te lo prometo. = I promise (to you).

¿A qué has venido? = What did you come here for?

No quiero excusas, quiero resultados. = I don’t want excuses, I want results.

salirse con el suyo = for someone to get away with something.

No te vas a salir con la tuya. = You won’t get away with this.

No permitiré que te salgas con la tuya. = I won’t let you get away with this.
No permitiré que se salga con la suya. = I won’t let him/her get away with it.
No permitiré que se salgan con las suyas. = I won’t let them get away with it.

estar embarazada = to be pregnant

Estoy embarazada pero no sé quién es el padre. = I’m pregnant but I don’t know who the father is.

¿Qué más da? = Who cares? / What does it matter?
¿A quién le importa? = Who cares?

Qué va. = No way.
Ni hablar. = No way
En absoluto. = No way. / Absolutely not.
Para nada. = No way.
Ni muerto/a. = Absolutely not. [lit. something like “not even if (someone) were dead”]

la mosquita muerta = two-faced liar / back-stabber

el/la amante = lover
el esposo, la esposa = husband, wife [“spouse”]
el marido, la mujer = husband, wife [sometimes “man” and “wife” in weddings]

el novio, la novia = boyfriend, girlfriend
el novio, la novia = fiancé, fiancée
el novio, la novia = groom, bride [wedding]

el prometido, la prometida = groom, bride

la boda = wedding

casarse con alguien = to marry someone
estar casado/a con alguien = to be married to someone

Acepto. = I do.
[in a wedding; literally “I accept”; in Spanish wedding vows typically start with ¿Aceptas este hombre / esta mujer como legítimo/a esposa…? “Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife…?” …….Saying acepto “I accept” is the equivalent of “I do”, though aceptar is normally “to accept” or “to agree”]

ser un caballero = to be a gentleman
ser todo un caballero = to be a complete gentleman
ser una dama = to be a lady
ser toda una dama = to be very ladylike

Nos vemos. = See you soon.
Hasta pronto. = See you soon.

Chau. = Ciao.

Adiós. = Goodbye. [can be a little formal like a “farewell”, and in some places it can carry the meaning of “I don’t know when we’ll see each other next]

Buenos días. = Good day. / Good morning.
Buenas tardes. = Good afternoon.
Buenas noches. = Good evening.

Buenos. / Buenas. = Hello. [a shortened form of buen@s (whatever time of day), works as a simple and informal greeting]

saludar = to greet / to wave / to salute
despedirse = to say goodbye, to say farewell

el saludo = a greeting / a salutation
la despedida = a goodbye

¡Salud! = Cheers! [when toasting] / Bless you! [when someone sneezes]
[literally la salud is “health”]

Hasta nunca. = See you never.

¿Pero qué te pasa? = What’s wrong with you? / What’s up with you? / What’s your problem?

conocer = to know / to meet

Lo conozco. = I know him.
La conozco. = I know her.
Le conozco. = I know him/her. [regional, or more polite]

Es un placer conocerte. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [informal]
Es un placer conocerlo. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [formal, male]
Es un placer conocerla. = It’s a pleasure to meet you. [formal, female]
Es un placer conocerle. = It’s a pleasure to meet you [formal / regional, or very polite]

Lo conocí pero estaba disfrazado. = I met him but he was in disguise.

Lo conocí antes. = I met him before.
La conocí antes. = I met her before.

Lo conocía. = I used to know him.
La conocía. = I used to know her.

Nos conocimos. = We met.

Nos conocíamos. = We used to know each other.

Nos conocimos hace mucho, pero no éramos amigos. = We met a long time ago, but we weren’t friends. [can be amigas if it’s two female friends]

volver = to return
volver a hacer algo = to do something again

No pienso volver. = I don’t plan on going back. / I’m not going back.

Jamás volveré. = I will never return.

Nunca volveré a amarte. = I’ll never love you again.

enarmorarse de alguien = to fall in love with someone
estar enamorado/a de alguien = to be in love with someone

Estoy enamorado de ella. = I am in love with her. [male]
Estoy enamorada de ella. = I am in love with her. [female]

Estoy enamorado de él. = I am in love with him. [male]
Estoy enamorada de él. = I am in love with him. [female]

No pienso enamorarme de nadie. = I don’t plan on falling in love with anyone.

No me interesa enamorarme. = I’m not interested in being in love.

verse las caras con alguien = to deal with someone [lit. “to see each other’s faces (with someone)” or “to face off against someone”]
vérselas con alguien = to deal with someone

Dile que tendrá que vérselas conmigo. = Tell him/her that they’ll have to deal with me.

Ahora tendrás que vértelas conmigo. = Now you have to deal with me.

plantar cara = to stand up to (something/someone) / to confront, to face
enfrentarse a algo/alguien = to confront something/someone, to face something/someone head on

hacer(le) caso (a alguien) = to listen to someone, to heed someone

No me hacen caso. = They don’t listen to me. / They don’t pay any attention to what I say. / They ignore me.

Te lo advertí, pero no me hiciste caso. = I warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.

Te lo dije, y no me hiciste caso. = I told you, and you didn’t listen.

Siempre tengo razón pero nadie quiere hacerme caso. = I’m always right but no one wants to listen to me.

Haces lo que quieras, no me haces caso. Pues, yo (hago como Pilato y) me lavo las manos. = You do whatever you want, you don’t listen to me. Well, I (do like Pontius Pilate and) wash my hands of it.

lucir(se) bien/mal = to look nice/bad
verse bien/mal = to look nice/bad

Luces bien. = You look good. / You’re dressed nicely.

Te ves bien. = You look good.

Qué raro que me siento tan mal pero me veo maravillosa. = It’s so strange that I feel so awful but I look so amazing.

estar genial = to look amazing
ser genial = to be great

estar espantoso = to look awful
ser espantoso = to be awful

estar horrible = to look horrible
ser horrible = to be horrible

Ah, querida, estás horrible. ¿No has dormido bien? = Oh, sweetie [f], you look awful. Are you not sleeping well?

Estás espantosa. Yo genial. = You look awful. I look great.

No es tan terrible como parezca. = It’s not as terrible as it looks.
No está tan terrible como pienses. = It doesn’t look as bad as you think it does.

¿Estás enferma, querida? Estás fatal. = Are you sick, dear[f]? You look awful.

Qué horrible. = How awful.
Qué terrible. = How terrible.

The Price Of Everything // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Six [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Shower Sex, Unprotected Sex, Hella Violence, Extreme Angst, Mitch Rapp Suffering, Very Illegal Endeavors, Underage Drinking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 11,884

Song: One More Time by Jon Bellion (this song is fucking hilarious and a big middle finger to Rose’s dad)

A/N: Grab popcorn and some tissues ‘cuz y’all are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. This is my favorite chapter yet, I really love it. Special thanks to @mf-despair-queen​ for providing me with canon American Assassin information. Love ya, babe. Also, can’t wait for your reactions at the end lol I might get death threats.

The air stilled and you could feel the thick tension dancing on your skin. In that frozen second that we realized my father had heard it all, I see his eyes flicker from mine to Mitch’s. Never in my life had I ever seen so much hatred in a man who believed in nothing but pure love before. Other than that, his face is completely unreadable which made it really hard to expect his upcoming action. Something I never would have thought to see my father do — never in my life.

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Kiss It Better

Originally posted by gliceria

Bucky x Reader

Inspired by the song Kiss It Better by Rihanna

Warnings: NSFW

You stared at the T.V. screen without seeing much of anything. Your brain ran through your fight with Bucky earlier in the evening, overanalyzing everything you said. Should you have phrased something differently? You didn’t want him to think you didn’t care about him.

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— move like you want | (m)

Originally posted by heavenly-minds

pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre/warnings: smut, explicit descriptions of sex, fingering, oral, dirty talk
words: 7,960
summary: where you meet the gaze of an incredibly attractive red head at a music bar and one thing leads to another…

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Hatefuck C.H.

This imagine is based on this song

You can read part 2 here

Trigger Warning: it contains smut and swearing 

Word count: 2,5k+

A/N: I’m thinking about doing a second part to this. Should i? Anyway, hope you like it.  


That was the only thing I could feel in that moment. Life was slipping through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything about it. All I could seem to do was sitting on the floor, trying to stop the tears from falling.

Numbness came right after. The tears had already dried; my swollen eyes could hardly see anything. I heard the noise that came from the TV, my chest hurt. Everything was a blur, and not only because I couldn’t see anything because of the tears, but because my mind wasn’t even thinking straight. Trying to steady my breathing, I looked around my apartment. There were smashed dishes lying around the floor, a few picture frames also accompanied them.

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Here on the studyblr community everyone seems to have neat and organised notes, not the ones written in that hurried and messy handwriting that pretty much all of us take in a daily basis. I decided to write this short guide with the intention of giving tips on how you can have a neat notebook, so when you finally seat down to study and revise, you will have clean and easy to understand notes looking back at you. They do not have to be pretty or aesthetically pleasing in any way, just neat. That is enough to reduce a lot of stress while reading through your notebook before an exam!

Now, this is what I do and works the best for me. It might not be the right method for everyone because it requires a bit of patience and extra time. Even so, I have been doing this for quite a while now and it is what I like the most. I hope it can help you!

1. Buy an additional notebook

Instead of writing directly into your notebook, owning another one for the sole purpose of note taking is the first step. I have only one notebook for all subject and once it ends, I buy a new one. Simple as that. 

As you can see, my handwriting here is ugly (heh, at least for me), hurried and for some people probably barely legible. It looks that way because I was writing what the teacher was saying and writing on the board at that time, so I had to quickly write down everything otherwise I would miss pieces of information. 

At the beginning of each class I write its name and the date, then proceed to take notes under them so later on I will know when the notes were taken.

2. Rewriting notes

The next step is rewriting the notes you have taken on your actual notebook. That is when I do those fancy titles, use coloured pens and write calmly so my handwriting will be legible. 

However, I do not only rewrite them but I also check the textbooks and other online resources to make larger summaries and explanations, to complete them. So, rewriting your notes is also a method of studying in more detail and revising. It has helped me a lot with subjects such as History and Physics!

Here is the outcome! This is a very small example though, my notes are usually much longer, but you can get the idea. Reading something which is written neatly is much better, I bet you can all agree, so that is why I always go through all of this. 

Again, I hope this can be helpful to some of you! Good luck on your exams! :)

anonymous asked:

i'm really pissed about what Frances said about OC in hte new chapter. It's horrible to speak of your nephew as a spare, no wonder OC has such a low opinion of himself.

Um, hold your horses for a sec, Anon. While I can understand not liking the harsh words, our!Ciel’s inferiority complex is not just Frances’ fault so if you could avoid this kind of shortcuts, it’d be easier to discuss this. 

I can totally understand not liking what Frances said, however it fits Frances’ character to a T so, to me, it makes sense that she of all people would address the subject in the first place.

It’s something I’ve spoken about times and times again, but Frances was born and raised as a Phantomhive, had her mom who surely was the Queen’s watchdog, so she knows the ropes of this “game”. This is Frances:

And you could say that her primary reason for being as severe as she is probably is that she lost her mother (and then her brother) because of the Watchdog’s duty. 

So when she says “the burden of the watchdog’s duty is far to great for [our!Ciel]”, it’s not that she’s worried about what the Queen would think of the P family were they to fail, but rather that she doesn’t think that our!Ciel would be able to survive and she probably doesn’t want to lose more relatives simply because they took on a burden that was too heavy for them.

And isn’t she completely right though, Anon? I mean, without Sebastian, I don’t think Ciel would have been able to survive for long as the Watchdog. Not that I believe his twin brother would have done a better job at ten years old either. 


…Vincent doesn’t seem to agree with her anyway, that’s why he answered pretty dismissively in the first place, so it’s not like Frances convinced her brother to get his second son out of the inheritance.

Where you’re right though is that this kind of discussion definitely played a role into the development of our!Ciel’s inferiority complex over time, even if what happened 4 years ago mattered the most in my opinion:

However, it’s not just our!Ciel, look at Edward thinking…

…”compared to everyone else” (and mainly to Lizzie and his mom; it’s an inferiority complex as well, although not as deep as our!Ciel’s) and finally, look at Lizzie’s self-worth issues, because no one explained to the twin why having a strong wife later would be the best thing he could wish for => it’s a regular pattern in this family, these children aren’t happy with themselves for a reason.

Obviously it would be easy to blame Vincent and Frances for this, but I’ll never agree that they seem to be awful parents, even if there certainly is miscommunication involved, because in my opinion it’s the family situation that sucks. Were the Phantomhives a normal family…

  • Frances wouldn’t have walked to her brother and said “because your second son is sickly I’m afraid of him dying quite early on if he’s to ever become your heir”. 
  • Lizzie wouldn’t have been trained to be as invincible as possible, because marrying into this normal family wouldn’t mean risking her life.
  • Even Edward, who’s the heir to the Midford family, wouldn’t have belittled himself because Lizzie wouldn’t have been meant to be stronger than him in the first place. 

TL;DR All Frances was asking of Vincent in that scene was for him to think of a solution so that his second son wouldn’t possibly be killed because of a burden too heavy for him and, as often, because she knows how this game is played, she was right to address the subject, since our!Ciel would have died many times already without Sebastian.

I hope it was understandable and that you won’t be too pissed at her from now on. Have a nice day Anon!

anonymous asked:

I know that you're old enough to be writing about sex, hence you don't have to give a shit about it but I think it's unfair that many fanfic writers feel obligated to write smut to receive attention and recognition only because so many people are biased. Angst and fluff writers don't really get the chance to show their talents and you can compare most of a writers fic notes and 9/10 their smuts will have 30% more notes than their other stories what kind of sucks. What do you think?

I think preach the fuck out of this. I completely, one hundred and ten percent agree with you and I am certain that many of my other fellow fanfic writers agree too – in fact, I know they do as this is a discussion that has come up plenty of times when conversing with them, and they share the precise same opinion as both you and I do. No matter the age of the writer, it is definitely something to give a shit about because it develops an “unhealthy” writing pattern where the writer, despite their level of experience with writing fanfics (though it can certainly be a defining factor for first-time fic writers and whether they “make it or break it” in the fandom’s fic scene), can begin to doubt whether to write or post a story, solely due to the fact that it does not include smut.

Personally, when planning most of my ideas, they generally begin without any smut unless the main focus of the story is sex itself, like An Oath For Sinners is. But I always notice once I am at a certain point of developing upon the idea, I will end up narrowing the direction of the plot down to two questions: “Will it include smut? Is smut a detrimental piece of the plot, and, if not, will that ultimately minimize the audience that will end up reading the story if I cease to include at least one sex scene?” It is a sad truth, most especially since hundreds of successful young adult novels never pass the barrier of kissing, or even have a romantic element in the first place, yet we as fic writers feel the dire necessity to involve at least a blowjob in order to appeal to a wider audience in the fanbase.

This is also not to say that writing smut is a bad thing because hey, like I said, I literally have a series dedicated to a girl who is an escort and it was something that I genuinely wished to write. But there are many, many ideas that I have put on the backburner because they cease to fit smut into the plot, and I have read a ginormous number of fics that have been without smut, yet are absolutely incredible nonetheless. Though you are right – those fics definitely lacked the 30% extra recognition because of it.

Continuing on, most of us write for ourselves. I certainly do, as the vast majority of my fics are based on ideas that I have developed myself; hence why I rarely take requests from the public. But that does not mean we wish to have zero feedback on a piece we have slaved over for days, as hearing the voices of our readers provides us an insight on the elements they enjoyed that we will then proceed to weave throughout our future pieces. We still desire to appeal to an audience, and at least eighty percent of the time in regards to fanfiction, you have to include a smut scene to do just that.

So I will completely admit that it is a punch to the gut to see that my smut-based oneshot Do You Feel It Sugar? has over a thousand responses in comparison to A Ticket To The Sun that, even still, has a very vague smut scene that I put in there to draw an audience to a genre (dystopia) that can be touch and go when it comes to piquing a reader’s intrigue. It might sound ridiculous, but it begins to plant seeds of doubt in my mind where I think: “Is my writing only considered good if I slather it with sex, and then more sex?” This most especially occurs if I receive a message that asks whether the future chapters of a series I am writing will include smut, which I have been questioned about for The Orange Girl, The Devil Skates On Thin Ice, An Eternity of Red, etcetera.

I am not saying that all fic writers may think such a thing, but that kind of thought process especially occurs to me as somebody who is pursuing writing as a career. It happens all the more so when I reflect on my first persona, sugasmut, which was hitting follower milestones on a fortnightly basis because these people adored reading my collection of fics that I will freely admit were baseless, pwp smuts that hardly ever breached 3,000 words. Now, I am putting out stories that generally exceed a count of 10,000 words, have fully planned out plots with much less smut and more extensive character development – but I rarely receive twenty new followers a week. I am not stating that to sound selfish or upset, because I really could not mind how large or small my follower count is, but rather to show a comparison of what most people are desiring to read. And that, very clearly, is plotless smut.

Let me tell you that there is a grand audience of those who could not care less for reading smut and enjoy a fic just as much without it, and I do certainly have plenty of those types of readers amongst my followers that I am ever grateful for. Yet no matter that, the obligation to write a smut scene lays heavy upon my own, and many other writers’ shoulders if they are hoping to branch out and reach a wider audience, which yeah, can really suck!

I will make them pay for this

Originally posted by dailyalexhogh

Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3735
Warning: Mention of rape and death, a little bit of blood, cursing, a fight

Notes: Hello everyone! Here’s my second one-shot which prevented me from studying for my upcoming exam! But I’m not complaining! English is not my native language, I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

You could hear the laughs and music coming from the feast, which took place in the great hall, not too far from the hut you shared with your husband Ivar. It was a celebration night, like every night was since the sons of Ragnar came back a week ago, boats full of gold, silver and slaves. You wished you could have gone with them; it’s been a long time since you fought and you missed it. But, you were a mother of two beautiful babies now, your son Sigtrygg was 5 years old and your daughter Freydis was 3. They became the most important thing in your life; you had to stay alive to raise and protect them. 

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random-b-l-o-g  asked:

Hi! First off, I want to say that I like your take on the situations and your writing. Could I perhaps request something? It has to do with the end of Jumin's 10th day. When V comes and picks us up he says that we'll be safe at the apartment. Could you perhaps write how the RFA + V would feel if MC was kidnapped by Unknown after she got to the apartment? It's very angsty, but oh well. If you can't write it then that's fine. Thanks!

This is an interesting request! I don’t think I’ve really written much angst since I got to this blog… (well. Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks.) I’d like to write more angst—send in asks, guys, haha! Let me practise and get better for you all <3

By the way, I love how you refer to MC as “us”!! Anyway, I hope this meets your expectations ^~^”


Click Here for: [Part 2]

“Thanks for bringing me back, V!” you bid him goodbye, and walked off into the apartment. Your keys jingled as you unlocked the door, and you felt a wave of nostalgia wash over you. You hadn’t lived in this apartment very long, and you’d only been gone for a few days, but you already felt attached to this place.

The lights flickered on, and you smiled at the familiar sight of the living room. It was just as you had left i- huh?

The light switched off, and you freaked out a bit as it became pitch black.

Using your phone’s flashlight, you searched for the light switch, hoping it would work properly. Could the light bulb have gone out in the few days you’d been away?

To your relief, the lights turned back on, and you sighed. You would have had to change the light in the dark, otherwise.

But when you turned around, your relief was cut short.

A masked person with bleached hair stood in front of you, dressed in black, leather clothing. He had a tattoo on his arm, and teal eyes that stared right back at you.

“Wel – come home!” he greeted you mockingly in a creepy tone. “Too bad you’ll be leaving again. You must be tired, hm?”

No. No. V had said you would be safe.

“I need you to swear to me. Considering all the secrets you know, is MC safe?” Jumin demanded, a concerned undertone in his voice. It was clear that he was already close to giving in to V’s request, but he was still reluctant in letting you go.

“Swear…” V replied tiredly.

“I tend to believe numbers more than words, but if you are sincere, I’ll believe you.”

“Alright. I swear that MC will be absolutely safe on my life. Is that enough?” V had said.

V had promised you’d be safe. HE SWORE YOU’D BE SAFE. So why? Who was this man in your apartment? Why was he waiting for you? What did he want?

A blurry of thoughts passed through your mind. But none of these questions would be answered. You were knocked out, and soon met darkness. Betrayal was the last emotion you felt before everything faded to black.


  • V had lied. Again.
  • It was the second time he’d lost someone, and both times it was because V was careless.
  • You had gone missing, and even when Yoosung begged and begged Seven, you could not be found. Seven really did try to find you, but all traces of your disappearance had been skillfully erased
  • Yoosung snapped.
  • He screamed at V, pushing and shoving him to the wall.
  • Yoosung was a mess at this point, sobbing into his knees. He had his hands on his head, looking as betrayed as he felt.
  • His voice quieted down to a whimper, “You swore with your life, V. So why are you still here?” He laughed humourlessly, eyes glazed over coldly.
  • “You lied, V,” he choked on his tears, “You lied, again.”


  • He tried to stay optimistic, he really did.
  • “Seven, you can hack into anything, right? You’ve infiltrated countries, this should be a piece of cake, right?”
  • But he couldn’t hide the fact that he was only desperately holding on.
  • He’s an actor, so he should have been able to act like he was okay. He should’ve been able to act like this didn’t affect him. But it did.
  • You had always been so supportive of his acting career, despite hardly knowing him. He’d genuinely felt a connection with you. And he respected you for being able to tolerate Jumin Han, the man he despised. And now you had been kidnapped.
  • Your disappearance hit him so hard, he got drunk every night, and he was so hungover in the mornings, he couldn’t even go to rehearsals.
  • He went for long, LONG rides on his motorcycle. He couldn’t sleep.
  • He hadn’t even known you for that long, but it just hit him so hard.
  • Why did good people like you have to suffer bad experiences?
  • He just couldn’t understand.


  • God.
  • You know, she had been working under Jumin for so long, she had become unable to express herself and her own desires. Her first priority had always been her work, and she was generally emotionless and went along with her orders.
  • Until you had come along.
  • You had really talked to her. Not formal business talk, or careless small talk, but you had REALLY talked to her. You had listened to her.
  • Jaehee had always had to listen to Jumin, listen to her boss, listen to orders, listen to her colleagues making fun of her for being so busy, listen to Seven’s bullshit… It had always been her who listened to others. But not you.
  • YOU asked for her opinions, and you would agree with her at times. You really took an interest in her interests and hobbies, like her coffee and watching Zen’s plays. You… you had been her friend.
  • And she’d already lost you.
  • She still had to go to work, and she was just as efficient, but if someone really paid attention, one would find a tired Jaehee burying her face into her hands in stress every now and then. Aha. Not that anyone would pay attention now. You had been the only person who seemed to care, and you were already gone.

(I wasn’t sure how to write this, since I didn’t know if he should be aware of Mint Eye or not… I decided against it. It can be requested though..)

  • He blamed himself more than anyone else could.
  • You had trusted him and his words, and he had completely betrayed your trust.
  • He had never wanted you to be in danger. God, no. You were innocent in the entire situation. You had been dragged into this all because of him. All because he had agreed to let you join the RFA.
  • You could’ve been safe at Jumin’s apartment. So what if Jumin was a little possessive? Your safety would’ve been guaranteed. There were bodyguards to protect you there, and there would definitely be more evidence to work with.
  • V had been the last person to see you, as he had been the one to drop you off at the apartment. He should’ve walked inside with you. He should’ve checked the apartment before he left.
  • Instead, he’d pushed all responsibility to Seven, foolishly believing that Seven would be able to watch after her from the security cameras.
  • V hated himself for letting you down. For letting everyone down.


  • He had trusted V.
  • V had never, ever lied to him, and he was fully aware that V was a kind man, and had no bad intentions.
  • So when V had sworn that you would be safe at the apartment, Jumin let you go.
  • … He should’ve trusted his own instincts.
  • But he didn’t blame V.
  • All these years, V had remained by his side, through thick and thin. V had always been more considerate of others than himself, and Jumin felt that he was a good friend. His best friend, even.
  • On one hand, he knew that it wasn’t V’s fault. How could it have been predicted that you would be kidnapped? On the other hand, shouldn’t V have checked more carefully that it was safe for you to return to the apartment?
  • Jumin buried himself in work, silently taking on difficult tasks in a large quantity. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to doubt V. He didn’t want to worry about you. He just didn’t want to feel, and he didn’t want to think.
  • But every day he got home, he was reminded of you.
  • The clothes he had bought for you that you left behind… the laundry that you forgot to wash… the dishes you had used… the way you had played with Elizabeth the 3rd… the way you had laid down comfortably on the couch…
  • He kept your bedroom the way you had left it, locking it shut. When he’d seen a maid trying to open the door one morning, he ended up snapping at her, “DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t even taint the doorknob with your filthy hands, goddammit! Get away from the door. GET OUT!”
  • Some nights, he gave into his emotions, drunkenly calling RFA members and begging them to return you to him. To stop hiding you. To stop pretending you were missing.
  • He wished it was pretend.
  • Even Zen felt tears brim in his eyes when he heard the broken tone and tears in Jumin’s voice.
  • He missed you.
  • They all missed you.


  • He couldn’t even be bothered to continue his cheery, annoying act after you disappeared.
  • He turned away all of Vanderwood’s missions, ignoring it completely.
  • Instead, Seven spent hours upon hours, days upon days locked up in his room, searching every tenth of a millisecond of the security camera’s feed. He kept trying to find clues of your kidnapping. He hacked into the city’s cameras to find the car you were in, but to no avail, there was nothing.
  • Seven lost his appetite for even Honey Buddha Chips, throwing it up when he tried to force them in his mouth. He was living on purely Dr. Pepper now, and god knows when he’ll get tired of that, too.
  • Seven was simply devastated.
  • He felt responsible for your disappearance. He should’ve been more careful.
  • He could’ve attached a GPS to your body, not just your phone. He could’ve installed more security cameras, even if it invaded your privacy. Security > privacy. He could’ve gone to your apartment to protect you, instead of cowardly hiding behind the screens.
  • Could’ve.
  • But didn’t.
  • It was too late.
  • He could never protect anyone. Not his mother, not his twin brother, not you.
  • He was useless. Absolutely useless.
Take Me Out

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Bakugou Mitsuki, Kaminari Denki (brief)

Other tags: Misunderstandings, Bakugou’s Particular Brand Of Flirting, Some Heteronormativity

Anonymous said: For a bakushima prompt, I would love to see aggressively flirting Bakugou.

— — — —

Mitsuki eyed her son. He was glowering down at his curry, teeth clamped as though to bite back the words that just left his mouth. She wished Masaru were there, just so she could confirm her bewilderment with such a question. Was it unusual for a boy to ask his mother that? No. But Katsuki.

She raised her eyebrows at him, even if he was trying to glare a hole through his plate instead of looking at her. “You never want to hear that,” she informed him, noting the jump in his shoulders.

Katsuki swiped at his own hair, gripping at the roots. “Well I want to hear now,” he snarled.

“Even though every time I tried to tell you before, you threw a fit?”

“What did you say, bitch?!”

“Watch your mouth, brat!”

They locked eyes, Mitsuki challenging, Katsuki already wavering. “Fuck!” He snapped, “Are you going to tell me or not?” His voice didn’t have it’s typical inflections of rage. She studied his face, the turn of his brow. Mitsuki’s own irritation faded.

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Come On

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @destieldrabblesdaily !!!! Shirley, you are the best. the absolute best. HERE IS A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A HIGH-SCHOOL AU FOR YOU <333

Dean let out a long, slow breath.

He’d imagined this moment so many times that he’d managed to make the reality of it feel like another daydream. Should he do it at school, or somewhere else? Separately, or all at once? Slowly, or bluntly? Seriously, or as a joke? Over and over, round and round, he’d pictured how he should come out to his friends.

And now here he was, with them all gathered around one of the tables at lunch. It was too hot for them all to be hungry; the summer had set in early, and it was all around them - in the discarded juice boxes littering the floor, and the scent of hot tarmac outside, and the whine of the air conditioning. It was putting sheens on foreheads and turning skin to gold - and Dean and his friends were at one of the outside lunch tables, enjoying it.

Jo and Anna were laughing together about a video that Ash was showing them on his phone; Charlie was talking at length to Garth about the Dungeons and Dragons game that they were both a part of, and Hannah was quietly biting into an apple as she listened in. And opposite Dean, Castiel was reading his book.

Dean watched them all for a moment, unnoticed. He had his bare arms resting on the hot metal of the table, his t-shirt sticking slightly to his lower back in the heat. Soon, they’d need to move inside - but first, he had something he needed to tell them. They were his friends. He wanted them to know.

He took a deep breath, and let it go. He could feel his heart pounding.

“Dean?” Castiel said softly; when their eyes met over the table, Dean swallowed. Castiel’s face shifted; it was the barest hint of a frown, the tiniest tilt of the head, the gentlest clouding of his blue eyes - but in the silent language that they’d built up over the years, it was a clear question. Of course, Dean thought, Castiel would realise that something was wrong.

He cleared his throat.

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Like Father, Like Son

Request:  Could you do a Harry x reader where they have a child around 4 or 5 and while the reader is at the store she leaves them with their kid and she comes back to Harry giving her/him a mini hook and tries to teach them to sword fight?

Warnings: Cute Daddy!Harry, lots and lots of cute Daddy!Harry

Words: 1,366

A/N: I love these sorts of fics omg I was hoping someone would request something like this! Thank you so much for requesting!

Harry Hook was a lot of things. He was psychotic. He was impulsive. He had a thirst for violence and he was well-known around the Isle for his explosive temper. He followed Uma like a puppy dog, but he was no follower. Despite all of this, he was a great boyfriend, even though others didn’t see it. You did, he just wasn’t exactly the most affectionate of boyfriends, to the point where the Harry the world saw was a cold and distant boyfriend.

So that’s why when word got around that you were pregnant with Harry Hook’s baby, the words ‘loving dad’ was not what came to mind. Most people were afraid that he’d end up hooking the kid in the middle of the night during a colic episode. It was either that or he’d just up and leave you to care for the baby yourself. 

But the Isle once again got another surprise: Harry Hook was an amazing father. Upon you going into labor, while even you thought he’d be running around like a chicken with his head cut-off, he was calm and collected, having everything ready and planned out. He knew just what to say to calm you down in your labor, and after your son was born, he did everything he could to make your life just a little easier. 

He did late night store runs. You both took turns to change diapers. He got you as many pillows as he could find on the Isle so when you nursed the baby you would be comfortable. He even saved up enough money to get a small house by the docks. “A ship is no place ta raise a baby! He could fall in the water! We’re moving. End of discussion.” He had said. 

Overall: Harry Hook was a great dad. And your son absolutely adored his father, similar to the way that Harry adored his own dad. Just about every day your son begged to follow Harry to the ship, although you just weren’t comfortable with that yet since your son was still in that overly hyper stage and he didn’t think much of the dangers of being on a pirate ship. 

“Aye, Henry, listen to ye mother. If she says no, that means no. Don’t ye argue with ‘er.” Harry would tell him, although he would never let your young son know that he agreed completely. 

One day, you realized you needed to do your weekly grocery shopping, although you really didn’t want to bring Henry along with you. You loved your son, but even you had to admit that taking a four-year-old grocery shopping was a bad idea. “Harry, baby, will you watch Henry while I go shopping?” You asked, watching as Harry looked up from the television. 

“Aye, sure, love. When do ye think ye’ll be back?” He asked. 

You thought about it for a moment before shrugging. “I don’t know, to be honest. I won’t be too long though, I’ll be back in time to fix supper.” You said, smiling as Henry ran in from his room with an old toy that Gil had gotten him, Henry jumping onto the couch next to Harry. “Henry, mommy’s going shopping. I’ll be home soon, listen to your father.” You said, smiling and going to kiss his head. 

“Bye mommy!” Henry said, kissing you on the cheek before you grabbed your things to head out. You had moved off the Isle about a year before, so you were now living in Auradon as a happy little family, which made life about a hundred times easier since you didn’t have to worry about getting robbed every time you close your eyes. 

Not long after you left, Harry went and looked out the window to make sure you were gone before looking at your son. “Aye, I got a present for ye, lad.” Harry said, going into the bedroom you both shared, your son running after him.

“A present? For me? Really daddy?” Henry said as he followed Harry, going to sit on the bed as Harry went to dig in the closet. 

“Aye, I did. But ye can’t tell yer mum about it. So this is going ta be our dirty little secret, alright Henry?” Harry said, looking back at Henry who nodded and pretended to zip his lips and throw away the key, Harry chuckling before getting a small box that was very poorly wrapped, going over to Henry and sitting down next to him. “I wanted to wait for yer birthday next month, but I figured now’s as good a time as ever,” Harry said, watching as the young child shook the box to figure out what it was. 

“What is it?” Henry asked curiously. The young boy looked up at his father and watched as he motioned to the box to tell him to open it, finally tearing open the wrapping and opening the box that was inside, screaming with joy when he saw what it was. “A hook a hook! It’s like yours, daddy!” Henry said, grabbing it and bouncing up and down.

Harry laughed at the young boy’s excitement, reaching over and patting his back. “Calm down, son! Ye’ll poke an eye out and then yer mother will have me head on a stick!” Harry laughed, watching as he swung it around as any child would. “Careful with that. Now Henry, listen to me, son.” Harry said, making the child stop to look at him. “That isn’t a toy ta play with like ye other toys, son. Ye can’t just swing it around, ye can hurt yerself or someone else.” Harry told him. 

“Then what can I do with it, daddy?” Little Henry asked as he looked up at his father. 

“Well, as of right now ye can just carry it around like what daddy does with his hook. I just don’t want ye gettin’ hurt, son…so no running while you have it in ye hand, okay? When yer a little older then we’ll see.” Harry said, just wanting to let his son know that he could seriously get hurt with that if he didn’t go about it carefully. 

Henry frowned, but gave a nod since he could tell his father was being serious. “Okay, daddy…” He said sadly, holding the hook in his hand and looking at it when Harry got an idea. 

“But, with me bein’ a pirate, I suppose I do have ta teach ye how to sword fight,” Harry said, smiling as he looked at the boy before leading him out back to play with a couple plastic swords that they had gotten him so he could play with some of his friends. 

The two of them got a little carried away, neither one of them noticing when [Y/N] arrived home from the store. “Harry?” You asked as you carried in armfuls of groceries, usually Harry being right there to help you unload the car. Upon hearing laughter from outside, you raised an eyebrow and looked out the back door, smiling some as you watched the two most important men in your life playing with plastic swords. 

Henry struck a ‘blow’ to Harry’s chest, to which Harry pretended to grip at the wound. “Oh no! Ye got me! I’m dying! Tell me girl I love her!” Harry said, causing his voice to fade as he hit the ground and pretending to die, opening one eye when you started to laugh. 

“I leave for one hour and you’re already killing each other?” You laughed, and Henry grinned as he ran over to you.

“Mommy mommy!” Henry yelled, smiling and hugging your neck when you picked him up. “Daddy got me a hook and taught me to sword fight!” Henry yelled. 

“Henry! I said that the hook was a secret.” Harry said as he got off the floor. 

“I’m not good at keeping secrets from mommy,” Henry explained, laying his head on your shoulder, to which you laughed and smoothed his dark brown hair. 

“As long as you don’t hurt anyone, I don’t mind you having a hook.” You assured them both, smiling and looking at Harry. You really did have a perfect family.