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Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at bearhuggy626@yahoo.com. I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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These should be called “help me pay rent” commissions.

It’s (almost) June, and you know what that means! It’s summer and it’s time to get your favs drawn. 

I accept Paypal only, and I will send you an invoice for the amount. One invoice per piece. (So if you get two pieces, you’ll get two invoices.) Characters from any fandom, DnD and MMO characters, face canons, OCs, etc, are all accepted! 

These are digital only, no prints will be done. You’ll receive a full-sized, 300dpi .png file in an email. There will be a signature, but no watermark! Art will be posted on tumblr with the commissioner’s permission.

Contact me at yasirael0@gmail.com and title the subject as SUMMER COMMISSION

Specify the character you want drawn, along with a reference photo and a short description. Fandom characters, rvb facecanons, and OCs are all welcome! The only characters I won’t draw are anthro characters, mostly because I just can’t draw them. Make sure to include a name you’d like to be recorded as (for future reference and invoicing), and a yes/no regarding whether you’d like your piece posted on this tumblr.

For some more specific info, check under the cut! Thanks guys <3

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is life just an endless working towards your dreams but never accomplishing them? I stg it just feels like the main thing keeping me going is “if I do this now, I will benefit later” in everything (school, fitness, art, etc) but I’m just not at any of my goals yet and I haven’t actually really accomplished any dreams and I dk man

Updated commission info !

What i am willing to draw:

-Ocs (including my own Ocs, human-monsters, doesnt matter)

-Fanart (for example one piece fanart)

-slightly NSFW

-Furries (depends though, bc i cant draw every animal)

-Character designs 

What i won’t draw:

-explicit NSFW

-gore (extreme gore, blood is fine )

-incest, pedophilia etc.

Payment through Paypal

(I am uncomfortable with drawing most ships, so please ask me about it first !)

( If you are interested, please message me through tumblr or email evaisonart@gmx.de )

Posting this on tumblr too!
My amazing @playdencos and @elfeyarts helped me purchase clip studio paint because it’s on sale and I’ve always wanted it!
I was messing around with its screen tone functions and how they worked and did something super simple! The process was so much easier than Sai and PS this time around and it runs so smoothly, I might just switch over once I get the hang of it! I’m gonna be studying it some more on my own and find some tutorials and such to get a better grasp on it and hopefully be able to start makin’ cute comics and dounjins like I’ve always wanted!

First commission from the second pack (has one more open slot and one slot open in the waiting list for the third pack!) is done!

Primarch Artemis Prima belongs to @thenewmandalord​ and she is a-a-awesome I must honestly say.

Was really, really glad to make her portrait and to work with you @thenewmandalord​! Hope I wasn’t too noisy, heh <3