i commend you sir!

You know what’s always really funny… when one white says some fucked up shit and makes a shitty half assed “apology” and some other white comes up and is like “wow so rare to see people own up to their mistakes, I don’t agree with what you said but I commend you good sir” or some other corny shit

I’m seeing a lot of people on my dash who sported MAGA hats on their profile pictures are now disavowing Trump. Many of these people were self-proclaimed monarchists. Yet, they threw aside their supposed convictions and jumped on the Trump Train, thinking that he was going to build the wall and bring about the “ethnostate.” They willingly ignored his big business connections background, his daughter converting to Judaism, his switching parties several times depending on who was in office, but instead projected on him all of their aspirations that he couldn’t possibly live up to or would ever embrace. A lot of his opponents on the right criticized Trump for not being a man of deep conviction, but, hey, they were just cucks anyway. Now, their criticisms appear to have been valid.

Now, the Tumblr Monarchists have remembered their monarchist convictions, and are beginning to call for…Rand Paul to be president. Really? A libertarian who is fairly “meh” on immigration is your savior now? It’s like they haven’t learn a thing.

Some of us who weren’t on the Trump train - low energy cuck beta-males, if you will - were quite aware that he could pivot at any time, that he wasn’t the “savior of white civilization.” You made him into something he wasn’t, and now you’re angry that he’s betrayed a worldview that he never completely subscribed to.

The one person I will name is @kingoftheromans, someone who has at least been consistent in his skepticism of Trump, mainly because a monarchist would naturally have disdain for any elected head of state. I give him points for his consistency, and someone who didn’t herald Trump as the Alt-right’s champion. He seems to take monarchism seriously, and not as an online LARPing persona. Good sir, I commend you.

This was inevitable: Daddy Trump was going to betray you, and now he has. Now, I suspect that Rand Paul will become Toryblr’s champion, bringing them in line with Freeblr and other libertarians they have - often rightly - reviled. If he becomes this tag’s new daddy-figure, I’ll be convinced that Tumblr Monarchists have learned nothing.