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this is quite possibly my favorite blooper EVER because I can 100% see Uhura wanting to dance with her man and playing him like a fiddle to make it happen. Let’s be honest there’s not much he would or could deny her.

“Nyota if I’m not mistaken this is one of your favorite songs.”

“as per usual you’re right,” She smiled at him. “you know what I would like even more; if you would dance with me.”

“Nyota I doubt that would be appropriate," the tips his ears flushed green like they always did when he felt embarrassed  "particularly with so many of our fellow crew members present.”

“Well maybe I can convince you in a way you’ll understand,” Uhura laces her fingers in his. “Ok how’s this Don’t think of it as dancing infront of people and embarrassing yourself. Think of it as an exercise in compatibility."  

"would you elaborate in that please?” he inclined his head curiously.

“when you dance being compatible with your partner is crucial.” she knew she had this one in the bag once a logical argument was presented the end result was almost guaranteed. “You have to trust the one your with and move together within the confines  of the music. so the question Mr. Spock is do you trust me?"  

"Implicitly,” Spock nodded rising from his chairs at their table and extend his hand in offering. “May I have the honor this dance Ms. Uhura?”

“of course you may,” she accepted and allowed herself to be lead to the only truly open space on the Mess deck.

 They didn’t touch at first the tune was set to a Vulcan lyre  so the dance was almost a waltz as they mirrored each other moving in a tight circle. “we appear to be attracting attention,” he was most certainly right every eye present was on them and nearly all chatter had died away. “should we stop?”

“nah lets just finish the song,” she whispered so only Spock could hear her. “just act like no one else is around and keep your eyes on me.”

“that is most definitely a feat I can manage,” he placed his hand at her wait waist drawing her close using his other hand to capture hers. when asked
what he was doing he quietly replied. “Deviating I’m trusting you and also the music.” at a particularly long chord he increased the distance between then spinning her and then renewing their positions

when the song ended there forehead were intimately touching and the deck erupted in applause after which they left the deck to the turbo-lift. “thank you.” she placed a soft kiss on his lips. “admit it you enjoyed it.”

“I found it exceedingly pleasing yes.” the corners of his mouth twitched to the Spock equivalent of a smile “you and I appear evenly matched and compatible for the exercise.”

“As well as others commander,” it was a start at least. “as well as others.”

#and not a logical thought was had for the rest of the night 

Here, I was waiting all this while for our ‘Mother Teresa’ Armin to become the most inspiring dedicated Commander of the Survey Corps for the generations to come and then the latest chapter makes me want to 'Levi-slay’ Isayama as well as punch my fist against the wall.

This world is so cruel yet, so beautiful?

are you done, Isayama?

no, srsly, are you?

Started working on Room events and Advanced triggers. What you see above is an example of a Room that will be generated and placed randomly in a dungeon (this one I created by hand). I re-wrote all the code for room exits and gates to make them one thing. Now every exit has a gate and can be locked without a problem which allows me to quickly shut off every exit in the room with one command.Combining the new exits/gates with the old Trigger system (I posted a bunch of stuff about that ages ago) allows me to do neat stuff like this.

A lot of modern action roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and more recently Enter the Gungeon (amazing game btw) depend on the mechanism of ‘Enter a room > Defeat all enemies to unlock doors > Move to next room > Repeat’ and while I didn’t want my game to be like that, I still wanted to include it as a feature that can happen once in a while. Also this is required for events like bosses and other stuff.

“Once, I was making ‘The Bridges at Toko-Ri’ in Japan, and we had to do a long shot of me kissing Grace Kelly goodbye, before I boarded the aircraft carrier. Grace wasn’t out there but we found a woman who looked exactly like her, the wife of a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy, and we used her for the scene. But at the moment I was supposed to kiss her goodbye, the woman suddenly panicked and said: 'Don’t you kiss me.’ 'Why not,’ I asked her. 'Because,’ she said, 'my husband is watching us with a pair of binoculars from his ship over there.’ —William Holden ( excerpted from Art Buchwald of The Evening Independent, 6 July 1962 )



So tonight was the first time in a long time I drew directly with my tablet. But since I’m done with my comic, I have some time to draw for fun :) If you don’t know Holly yet, you have to at least watch her let’s plays, I’ve watched them so much in the last week! And she has vids with her birbs that make me so happy!


whether they’re making a vow to each other, a promise to one another or saying goodbye, this will be a very important moment and emotional (for me at least).

the way Lexa grabs ahold of Clarke’s arm so gently, sliding her hand against her arm so reassuring like “everything is gonna be alright

& the way Clarke grabs ahold of Lexa’s arm firmly like “i hope it/we will be”


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