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I'm that guy who cries all day. I don't think I can fix it. I don't think it's possible. I probably haven't been outside in 4 months. I quit my storyboarding job about a year ago because I was accused of sexually harassing a co-worker and I couldn't deal with the stress. I survive off comissions now, and I don't want anyone that knows me to see how I live. I have no friends in my city. I've gained and lost significant weight. I think I'm dying, and this is the first time I've told anyone.

You can make small changes that will start to break the chain. Just walk around the block and that is good for the day. Then go eat in a restaurant. Then go walk to a mall and look around it for a bit. You’ll see that you’re fine. Also see a doctor. Tell someone exactly every piece of how you feel and become comfortable with that. You’ll get through all this. You’ll feel really good someday soon and plow through your goals. Just start! It really happens! I swear, my guy!


I finally open commissions!  (´• ω •`)ノ

Here is my art tag!

I will draw: original characters, fanart 

I won’t draw:
irl people 

highly detailed outfit  +7$
 if your character has more than two arms/legs +35$
 I also won’t draw irl people in “portraits”, every “portrait” costs $35

If you are interested or have questions contact me via vikconder@gmail.com
or my side blog @vikcon

Payment via PayPal only!


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warmth you left behind.

cg redraw of jaehee’s christmas dlc end ft. mc3 !! 

just a small sketch between comissions. i’m planning to redraw the rest of the cgs but i don’t know who to do next lol ;;

                                      ✨️  do not repost/reuse/re-edit ✨️


@snuffes is a mad genius, and there is no arguing this fact. 

Somehow, she managed to distill the sprawling, ridiculous, dark, bloody, messy Gates of Summer into three perfect paintings – and I can’t stop looking at them. She captured so much energy and so much of this fic’s mythology and plot arcs in these paintings, and guys, my heart is just so full

I could look at these for hours, and keep noticing new details. The tiny hands in the right painting, April’s tears on the left, the Elsewhen family fading into nothing, how the Boar is almost showing its true form as it and Donnie race toward their confrontation – it’s all so amazing, and so fitting that I get to post these tonight, when the whole fic ends. I wish you guys could see it as one piece, because it’s even more striking and emotional that way. 

I’m honestly a bit teary, and I’m so damn happy and in love with every tiny piece of this masterpiece, but most of all I’m lucky to know @snuffes, who has been yelling at me for this fic for years now, and who shared her genius like this. 

So thank you, thank you, Snuffes! May these hurt everyone as much as they’ve hurt me! <3<3


a speedpaint of these lover bois to my favorite song !! ♡ link to muh channel hereerereer


Here’s a Special Christmas Present for @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl ~!

I comissioned the amazing @qosic to create this comic~ SO far, the world only knew of the original, but now I present the colored version for the first time~!

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