i come off as condescending

Diary of a Wimpy Kid isn’t about the gay love between Greg Heffley and Rawley. It’s about philosophy, life and death, growing up, anxiety and depression, family politics, meta-tragedy deconstruction, zoo wee mama, eternity, politics, etc. I don’t want to come off condescending, but I get a little frustrated that the tumblr Jeff Kinney fandom consistently reduces the grand wimp’s work to be simply a collection of secret queer relationships.

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

I feel like a lot of writers would have a lot more fun if they realized that suffering while pining isn’t limited suffering because of *~feelings~* and *~romance~*

sometimes the suffering’s because you have to come to terms with the fact that you’re legitimately attracted to a ridiculous tool. a wonderful, amazing, incredible, absolute shithead. obviously you love them with all your heart, but god, at what cost

also guys i love you all to death but pls no more messages about “This is just how Blizz is” and “Just look at how they handle WoW”

not everyone has played Blizz games in the past, and it doesn’t do anyone any favors to pass it off as “It’s just how they are”


Well shoot! Thank you for the compliment! I just saw a post about how tumblr was glitching & not telling people when they had asks, so I thought what the heck, maybe I have one, and this gem hahaha haah was sitting in my inbox. I hope this isn’t too late, it can’t have been hanging out too long since my @gemanimate post isn’t that old. Either way it’s probably worth posting?

I used toon boom harmony. And I hope this is helpful, and not just a mess of things I think are coherent. It’s a lot of answer for a simple question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as condescending, but the glow wasn’t just one glow, it was a bunch of slightly different things and trickery that made the efx what they are. Efx are so cool and I like animating them so much in case that wasn’t clear. Each image has a caption clarifying what process it explains if it’s not super clear. 

Please feel free to ask for more clarification of anything if you’re more of a ‘words’ learner. I felt like it’d make more sense with visuals, especially since the network is a confusing concept if you’re not familiar with it. At least, I think it is.
On to the second part of your ask: how long this mess took me to throw together? Time for another absurdly long answer to a simple question! And if I’m real, I’m writing this all out because I need to admit it to myself more than anything haha. 

My shot is only ~3 seconds long, and I started the animation portion of my shot
two-ish weeks (maybe more) before the due date of august 29th. I should have been able to finish with tons of stress free room for technical error/other unforeseen issues, but I actually took another week and a half past the 29th to finish (thank you @gemanimate team for being understanding).

So here is a friendly, caring, and cautionary reminder–to anyone reading–to plan for both the practical aspects/requirements of a shot as well as your personal mental/emotional capacity to work. The hours needed to finish a shot aren’t necessarily the hours you need to finish a shot, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you plan accordingly. Bolded for the cheap seats (it’s for myself, I am in the cheap seats in my own life). For example, the first few nights I was working on it, I set up a file. Next night, laid out the characters, etc. Eventually, I got into a groove where I was actually animating, but I hadn’t planned for that slow start, or any of the snags I hit in life that tripped up my work flow along the way. Plan cushions for that mind game stuff that I can’t seem to acknowledge if that’s something you deal with, in addition to the technical needs of a project. 

Moving off the soapbox, the hours I put into it that were actual work hours were maybe 15 - 20 hours? Maybe more? I unfortunately did not keep time, and I’m not great at recalling stuff like that. It’s like it wasn’t finished one day, and now it is, and heck if I know what happened between then and now.  

But I guess if you were asking about time because of the complexity of the compositing/glow stuff, that was the last 1 - 2 hrs of work. Once the animation is done, the comp is just throwing in some modules and messing with them until they look the way you want. Messing with their settings is how you learn about them & how they operate. There are tons of different means to achieve the same end in toon boom, a lot like photoshop. None of what I’ve said here is a set in stone ‘correct’ way to composite for a glowy effect, but it is one way. 

Happy animating! And again, please let me know (anyone) if there’s anything that you’d like further clarification on!

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I hope this doesn't come off as weird/condescending, but from one tired queer neurodivergent to another, your stims are very cute and I get happy every time I see them ❤️🤗

Aww thanks, and I’m glad my stims can make you happy 🌱🌳

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Hey so I was going through your King Arthur tag and saw your morgana gifset about her being labeled a villain which was very lovely and beautiful. I saw your tags tho about how merlin did worse and I was just wondering if you could explain? I hope that didn't come off condescending I'm genuinely curious bc I can't rly think about how merlin did worse and I just want to see your perspective on it??

I am sorry for taking so long to answer! I’m full of exams and didn’t have time to write a proper answer. I’m glad you asked that, because it’s something I think a lot (and was thinking when I made that gifset) but I had never put these thoughts into words.

Well, first of all, i wanted you to know that Morgan Le Fay is my fav, so I’m not very impartial, I’m rather passionate about the matter than rational. But I’m gonna try to make sense. I’m Morgan le fay’s fan. Not just in bbc’s merlin, but in the Arthurian legend as a whole. I was a huge fan of the show. Actually, I think I still am, but now, as an Arthurian reader, I can see its flaws. The truth is: it’s bad written. They started with something and suddenly it’s something else: the whole “Morgana is evil now” thing is so shallow.

The first two seasons had a great potential, and even the third one, but after that the show just kept the same good vs. evil storyline: Morgana, full of hate, trying desperately kill the noble king Arthur and get her revenge while Merlin helps Arthur with magic and wins all the time (and Arthur knows absolutely nothing). Well, I know the show is about Merlin  and his relationship with Arthur, but what I meant when I wrote those tags is that everything Morgana does, Merlin also does. For me, he’s done worse than her because he had more knowledge, he was aware of things: he knew about magic, she didn’t. She was alone, he wasn’t.

All effort of the 1980’s Arthurian stories, to give  Morgan le Fay a voice, to explain why she is against Arthur, didn’t mean nothing to the show. Morgana wants the power that Arthur and Merlin have (the power that the men have): the crown and the magic. Everything she does is for these motives, same as Merlin! I’m not denying that Morgana choose to do bad things, she did, but she is never forgiven about it while Merlin always is. He betrays her, he lies to her, he leaves her alone because he believes she is a threat for the magic and the crown and he doesn’t even know if it’s true. He did not give her a chance.

But the show classified her and not him as “the evil one”, so all Merlin actions against her is somehow forgiven. Meanwhile, her actions against “the good ones” is punished and she’s the villain again.  I’m gonna try to explain it better: Merlin is always in a certain position of power because he knows about magic, Morgana didn’t. Everything was happening to her and Merlin chose not to tell her because he feared her. He didn’t give her a chance. And that’s the mistake of the show: it lacks complexity of the characters. Morgana is not a bad character, she is not the villain, she’s only in the dark. It’s always a misunderstanding! In the beginning of the show, she is kind and deeply cares about her friends, and she may truly hate Uther, but she does not hate Arthur. It’s clear when they meet in season 4, they both care deeply about each other but have to be in opposite sides because they are both ignorant about the things Merlin hides. Merlin puts Morgana aside because of an unknown future. C’mon, the writers just needed a bad guy to put Merlin in a hero position. Morgana always loses because she’s evil and deserved the bad things that happened to her, when we all know that it’s not the truth: Morgana is a martyr as much as Merlin is! She suffers as much as he does.

You can compare Morgana with Gwen. Gwen is a strong female character in bbc’s merlin too but even when you think she’s in a position of power, she is not… because she is always supporting blindly Arthur and Merlin. She is in the “good” side. She and Arthur didn’t even know Morgana’s side of the story. And that’s the problem: Morgana is only “the evil one” of the show because they chose to ignore the bad things that happened to her.  Or do you think that if Arthur (or Gwen) knew anything about Morgana (how she had magic, how Merlin poisoned her) he would not give her a chance? He gave Merlin a chance (in the last episode, but he did). The problem of this show is that everything is dark, nothing is really explained: Morgana, the evil woman, Merlin, the solitary hero. I don’t like things that are one thing or another. Do you? I want complexity, I want to hear Morgana’s voice, and all bbc’ merlin lets us hear is her hate! And her “reckless motives” against the ones they call heroes! She’s just another woman, silenced by history, remembered by the things other people labeled her. Morgana, the evil witch.

Did I make sense? Do you understand what I mean? (I’m sorry if I was confuse). What I really wanted to say is that in the end, It doesn’t matter who’s done worse. What matters is: Merlin’s excuses were accepted, Morgana’s were not. Two different ways to measure the same thing. And, for me, that’s the huge problem.

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I'm not sure if you've done a post about this before, but what do the various pronouns suggest in terms of nuance/self image? For example, how does "boku" used by a girl actually come off to a native speaker? (if you'd know the answer to that)

Well, it sorta depends on the person.

I noticed in a lot of songs that female singers use 「ぼく」 and when I asked why, native speakers said it’s so that men feel less uncomfortable singing along. Same with きみ in the sense that it’s used by men for love songs and girls can use it, but they wouldn’t normally use it other than to sing along.

I can’t speak for the absolute majority, but here’s what I’ve deduced from conversations about this:


わたし is the most common form, of course. It’s like your default. 

あたし is a slang feminine way of saying watashi. It’s kind of cutesy. If a guy says it people will usually think he’s gay.

ぼく is a friendly male “I,” and my Japanese professor once said to most definitely opt for that pronoun if you’re a man under 20 (as opposed to わたし) because わたし sounds a little too feminine when you’re that young. You still want to use わたし in formal settings, though. It has a kind of humbling effect. Sometimes girls use it to be boyish.

おれ is also a male “I,” but very informal and kind of…insecure-sounding, at least to me? I guess that’s not a widely-held view (maybe), but when using it, it kind of gives the impression that you’re trying to look really masculine or tough. However, at the same time, it can also give a “you’re my friend, so I don’t need to worry about being too polite around you” impression. 


あなた is the most common and opted for “you,” but you’re supposed to avoid “you” in general. It can sound kind of accusatory. Just use the person’s name (if you need to specify the subject).

きみ is “you,” used for kids and talking to someone you’re really close to. It’s in a lot of love songs. I wouldn’t recommend using it if you’re a woman. Even using in a situation like addressing someone younger than you, it’s quite condescending (if you’re a woman). You never use it when referring to a male.

おまえ is you, but kind of a gruff one. In general, おまえ is used for people below you in age or status, but can come off really condescending. 

I think most important of all is that using anything besides the default わたし etc. will always say something about your image. It’s kind of like going out of your way to give off a certain impression, especially if you’re a foreigner. People expect you to say watashi, so you’re very obviously going out of your way to use a different pronoun, save just trying to sound more natural.

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lesbians did coin the terms butch and femme by the way and many butch lesbians were put through a lot of shit for it!! mental and physical abuse! and they were lesbians; it's a lesbian coined term by lesbians for lesbians. don't be a jerk

hey I know you mean well but I’m a lesbian and it just comes off as condescending when you act like I’m not a part of your community and I already asked you to stop so if you could leave me alone that would b great

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Are you proud to be american? What do you love most about your country?(I hope this doesn't come off as condescending)

I’m not really proud to be an American. The parts of this country that I love are the people I love. This country as a whole can kick rocks.

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I'm going to have to agree with the previous anon...I've also noticed you've been a little short with some of the asks that you answer. It comes off a little condescending.

…I broke my arm. Answers will be short for a while. Sorry if that comes off as rude.

self care posts abt hygiene & beauty are so…. Annoying??? I can’t place the reason why exactly but they come off condescending 9 times out of 10 lmao

Socially Inept INTJ and Over the top ESFP

ESFP co-worker came over to my desk to use my pencil sharpener.

INTJ- Thank you.

ESFP- *laughs and looks at me weird*

INTJ- Wait, why did I just thank you?

ESFP- I have no idea, you are welcome for the visit I guess?

INTJ- Yes, thank you for choosing my sharpener. I know there are many sharpeners to choose from in this office and I feel honored that you chose mine. Please come again soon…. I think I just showed you my amazing social skills!

ESFP- Hey at least you were awkwardly polite.

INTJ- That’s a change, normally I come off distant or condescending when I don’t mean to. Or I am overly polite sarcastically. This is the first time that I accidentally was overly polite for no reason to someone I don’t hate.

ESFP- Aww, You don’t hate me! Good because you are one of my favorite people here! I am so glad are desks are next to each other.

INTJ- Hey, slow down, this is not an emotional moment! This is you using my pencil sharpener without asking, not that I care.

ESFP- Well, I made it an emotional situation and your going to have to deal with it.

*Beware: this is a long post.*

In January of 2015, I created this blog. I live in an impoverished area with an underfunded school district. My family lives below the poverty line. Growing up, my motivations to get good grades and standardized test scores was to make sure that the schools I attended did not get closed (because a school in my district that fell below a particular threshold ran the risk of getting closed) and to make sure I could provide for my family in the future. When I found out there was a community of people here on Tumblr that enjoyed studying and learning for the sake of knowledge, I was curious & excited. I joined the studyblr community because I saw a group of people who were dedicated to learning and who were always striving to better themselves and others.

However, I have recently become quite disillusioned with certain parts of the culture this community has established. For many months, while I was on hiatus, I debated within myself about leaving altogether. I have since decided against doing that but if I am to continue here, I must address a few concerns I have about the studyblr community:

THE “IVY LEAGUE OR BUST” IDEOLOGY: not all studyblrs ascribe to this philosophy (in fact, many studyblr don’t do a lot of the things I address in this post) but it is one I have seen go rampantly unchecked within the community. Honey, high school is already stressful without the ridiculous stress of trying to make sure you get into one of 8 colleges (when there are hundreds of colleges in the U.S. alone) and for what? Prestige? “Better opportunities”? My love, you make what you want out of college; college doesn’t make what it can out of you. Ivy Leagues can be great if they are the right environment for you. This kind of ideology is not something that should be promoted in any way

ABLEISM: I must start off by saying that the studyblr community is absolutely amazing when it comes to addressing the obstacles that differently abled people face in their studies, especially when it comes to mental illness. However, making posts for coping with chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and disabilities is only the tip of the iceberg of what we can do to make this a truly inclusive space for everyone. I suffer from several mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety, and I have often had to log off Tumblr when I am already in the middle of a panic attack and I see posts about being productive every day or posts asking whether I “have done anything today to accomplish my goals”. I have seen posts where people include pushing through negative feelings and discomfort during study sessions as a study tip – when sometimes, these negative feelings are indicative of larger issues that may or may not have to do with studying that might need to be addressed nonetheless.

STUDYSPO / “PRETTY PICTURES”: This is a topic that has been addressed in the community ad nauseam, and I don’t really have too much to add. I have nothing against “studyspo” posts; if you say you need pretty notes to study and aesthetic images to be motivated, I promise to take you at your word. 

But I absolutely hate two particular things regarding these kinds of posts:

1) the fact that some of these posts literally add nothing to our community: The best kind of studyspo, in my opinion, are the ones with descriptions of a person’s day or of the supplies in the photo. When I see studyspo with no caption or a mere link to someone’s blog, I know that this is just a gimmick for followers.

2) the fact that these posts have essentially become synonymous with the studyblr community: We all (should) know that studying is not a glitzy process - it is riddled with frustrations, disappointments, and failures. The most important thing we as studyblrs do is support each other through tough times. But for many people, studyspo is what they noticed first about our community – in fact, that may have been what drew them in. I think we are much more than that. The “studyspo culture” has become so bad that some people feel like the easiest way to get popular in our community is to steal other people’s pictures and post them as their own. I’m not defending these people at all – it’s despicable behavior & I have another post coming about that alone – but the fact is if unique and effective study tips were as popular as many of these studyspo posts, people would be stealing those instead of pictures. 

(The classism and ableism perpetuated by a lot of these posts are also important to me as well, but we’ve discussed those things at length and I have nothing more to add to what has already been said.) 

ACKNOWLEDGING CRITICISM & DISSENTING OPINIONS: Talking about studyspo, the way I have seen many studyblrs address the issue has me very concerned. Many posts seem to take criticisms about “studyspo culture” as personal attacks or brush them off as mere “studyblr drama”. All community have rifts; we do not have to be happy, go-lucky group of friends. I promise you, we can have debates and differing opinions and we will be just fine. But ignoring people who don’t agree with what we have accepted as our status quo or belittling their views only makes our rifts larger and further alienates people who already don’t feel like they belong. I don’t want to be a part of a community with a sort of hive mind; I want my communities to be diverse in every aspect including in our opinions. 

Look, I know it looks like I just have a million criticisms. This whole post may even come off as condescending (my particular brand of neurodivergence doesn’t allow me to really notice how I sound to others, sorry). But I love y’all and I just want our community to be equally conducive to learning for all of us. I want us to address the ways we fail each other as members of this community and take measures to make this a more inclusive community for all of us. I want us to have real conversations about these things. I want people to see us as a community of real people who are passionate about learning not just a bunch of pretty note creators, Apple laptop operators, and white desk organizers.

(quick s/o to @academiclesbian for inspiring this whole post in the first place – follow her, she’s a genius – and @hexaneandheels for encouraging me to post this – you’re missing out on some quality content if you’re not following her)

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what saying?

“harry loves louis more than you do” i hate it because 1) it comes off as extremely condescending and 2)  its just shitty to say that because who are you to say something like that to people? how does it make non-larries/people who are only here for louis feel? i have a lot of mutuals and friends who fall into those categories and you have to be a special kind of asshole to say something like that. especially when what’s being seen right now can completely nullify it but that’s a whole other conversation, it reminds me too much of “pick someone supportive” when used in larry contexts and its just stupid. 

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Are you aware that you come off really condescending? This isn't a diss, I just genuinely wonder if it's a part of your online persona. ContraPoints said that he had to actively try to seem less condescending in his videos because he gets in trouble for it in real life. Have you ever been called condescending in real life?

I don’t think I come off condescending, and I think a lot of people will disagree with you that I come off condescending, but of course people have their own perceptions and opinions. I’ve gotten this claim before, but it’s usually from people who haven’t actually watched many of my videos.

And people who disagree with my opinions are likely to say I’m being condescending. I think that’s going to happen whenever you express a strong opinion on anything.

I’m particularly emphatic about facts and people who don’t believe facts, so maybe that’s a way I can be “condescending”, but if you don’t believe facts, I am okay with being dismissive towards you, I don’t think that’s worth the same acknowledgment as reasoned opinions.

Creepypasta #686: There Are Cruel And Fearsome Things That Prowl In The Ocean

Story length: Super long

Mankind believe themselves to have escaped the horrors that preyed on them in bygone ages. Perhaps we are right. Mostly. The torch of scientific progress kindled by Newton and his contemporaries spread like wildfire in the centuries that followed, and drove the beasts that dwelt in our shadows scampering back to the darkened pits that spawned them; turning the hunter into the hunted. 

Physics, the idea that our world operates through universal and comprehensible laws, castrated the secret magics that had once left kings and peasant children alike shivering in the terror of all-concealing night. Darwin and his concept of evolution banished the ancient monsters with such speed and determination that Heracles himself would have been envious,

But there are still places in this world where the light of modernity hasn’t reached. A number of San tribes (commonly known as Bushmen) in Namibia speak of the ¯koo-b¯u*, or Bone Eaters. A tall (7-8′), grey, lanky, bipedal creature with lean yet protruding muscles capable of tremendous speeds; large rock hard hands that taper into sharp nailless points with bulbous knuckles and joints; hollow, deep set sockets holding round white eyes that roll about in them like a billiard ball; and of course the mouth, stretching across the entirety of its face, holding spiked teeth as a hard and bright as marble that seem to glisten even at night, always cracked into a broad grin when it encounters a straggling child who has wandered too far from the rest of the tribe.

The Nukak people of the Amazon basin speak of the Kanábéyáa, or Black Jaguar People. Little is definitively known about them, save the resemblance between their black fur, retractable claws, round pinprick eyes, and those of their namesake; their ability to shift between a bipedal and quadrapedal stance; and their propensity for hunting nearly anything, including humans foolish enough not to guard their campsites at night. 

Again and again, anthropologists hear tales of night sentries looking on in terror as bright eyes; first two, then dozens, circle and dance about the periphory of their encampment. Hellish yowls and hisses cut through the air, followed by panicked shouts and the chaos of men brought into the waking world by their greatest fear. And then, in a brief moment that seems an eternity to those caught within it, silence. The inevitable return into the veil of night. 

Of course, war stories are always told by the survivors, so there is a lack of testimony from those unfortunate groups who were either caught off guard, or else, for one reason or another, were deemed to be worth the fight. There are also tales of hunting parties finding one of their neighboring tribes eviscerated, stripped of flesh and meat, and left to rot in the coming sun.

But these stories will have to wait for another time. I come to you not with a tale of some hidden crevasse deep in the heart of the wilderness, but of that endless sprawl that surrounds all of humanity’s achievements. The last great uncharted territory. The ocean.

I had just graduated, and, like many that come from families of considerable means, viewed the gap between getting my diploma and getting a job as an oppurtunity for exploration. Unlike many of my peers, I was not content to use this period merely as an opportunity to get wasted and sleep around in a different corner of the globe. Not that I’m trying to come off as superior or condescending, I have no right for that. 

I started off in Europe just like everyone else, moving from Paris to Rome to Zurich to Vienna to Berlin and then Prague, indulging in the careless excesses that tend to characterize these trips. But at the same time, I wanted more than that. I wanted to ride the back of an ox drawn cart down a withered trail to places my fellow Americans never laid eyes on. I wanted to slum it in the homes of destitute village inhabitants despite the fact that I could easily afford a four star hotel. I wanted something new, something unseen, some amazing forgotten secret.

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The signs as things I've said:
  • Aries: "I don't know why people think I won't fight them. I will. I'm a ball of rage."
  • Taurus: "Oh I love that show, I binge watched it last week."
  • Gemini: "TFW you're not fake but you're super fake as hell."
  • Cancer: "We should buy a puppy. I want someone who will love me, even when I'm bloated."
  • Leo: "Of course they love me. Have you seen me?"
  • Virgo: "I must analyze the poor choices I've made thus far."
  • Libra: "Here, take a picture of me pensively looking at this painting for my blog."
  • Scorpio: "But I can't tell you. Or I won't be as enigmatic. That's my thing."
  • Sagittarius: "My favorite feature in my lovers is variety. ;)"
  • Capricorn: "I'd be a good rich person. Like super rich. Bill Gates rich."
  • Aquarius: "Do you think rocks know they're rocks or do they just tumble through life unaware?"
  • Pisces: "I try to be nice but it just comes off as condescending. But I try!!!"

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im an independent, so im not asking this question as someone who's pro-conservative or pro-reagan, but why do you hate reagan so much? im just genuinely curious, because i dont know much about him. love ur blog tho

well, because of some personal issues going on, i haven’t been able to research him a lot. or anything else honestly. so take this with a grain of salt as i may be getting some things wrong, and i’m sure he hasn’t done only bad things (no president is only good or only bad). but, the main reason i hate him so much is that i’m LGBT and he was anti-LGBT (and that’s just putting it nicely [and i don’t want to hear any of the ‘it was the time period!’ stuff]).

i’m sure you’ve heard of the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s - but i’ll just assume you don’t know the details because public high schools, etc. uuusually don’t really teach LGBT history. 

anyway, reagan served two (2) terms during the 1980s. when doctors began to notice that people were getting this virus called HIV/AIDS in the 80s, the reagan administration ignored it. entirely. he didn’t even mention the words until around 1985 (if i remember correctly). 

Lester Kinsolving brought it up to reagan’s press secretary, Larry Speakes, who just … laughed it off. literally, he and everyone else were laughing at it when Kinsolving said that it was known as the ‘gay disease.’ and didn’t take it seriously at all, when people were dying on the streets. he even joked that Kinsolving had it because he mentioned it!!! here is an amazing video on their conversations and the fact that Kinsolving kept bringing it up with no use. it’s not even 10 minutes, if you’re interested.

reagan didn’t listen to the people. people were DYING on the streets and begging for medicine, and they denied them help because they were LGBT and people claimed that it was a punishment from god for being LGBT (which, of course, is disgusting). gay/lesbian people were infected, trans people were infected, bi people were infected - and bi people were blamed for transferring the disease to straight people. honestly, the whole situation was a mess.

oh- oh, and something that REALLY bothers me- i’m unsure if you’re interested in old hollywood, but the actor Rock Hudson was a gay man, and he was friends with the reagans (on the left). when he contracted HIV/AIDS, he needed help and he needed better treatment. all he needed was to be moved into a different hospital. he sent first lady nancy reagan a letter asking for help, and her response was basically …. “Sorry, we can’t move you because the White House can’t seem like it’s favoring friends :)” and then rock hudson died from complications due to the virus. and the reagans had the audacity to say they lost their ‘dear friend rock hudson’ or something - dear friend?? but you let him die from HIV/AIDS because you wouldn’t move him to a different hospital????

so, really, i hate the reagan administration overall, but mainly ronald reagan because he was … the president, of course. he’s supposed to help in times of crisis. my anger is valid and i still mourn my LGBT brothers and sisters who died in the crisis.

also, from a political standpoint regarding republicans looooving ronald reagan, i’ve heard that he was pro-gun control and pro-amnesty, but please don’t quote me. and his son, ronald reagan jr., is a democrat - take that as you wish.

thanks for the question anon, and i hope i answered it!! and im glad you like my blog! i hope i didn’t come off condescending or anything, i just become..blunt when explaining serious things!

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Hi, I'm a voice actor (and only a decent one) and I really want to do some voice acting for this blog, but don't think I'm good enough to do it for ANYTHING. I mean, I'm only 14 and am afraid I'll be looked down on because of my age. That's always my fear. And my confidence lacks so badly, I really need some advice on how to better my confidence. Nepeta or Kanaya, please?

I Apologize If This Comes Off As Being Condescending In Any Way

But Darling

Why Should Your Age Be Such A Concern


I Was Only Six Sweeps Old When Our Game Began

Which As I Understand Is Even Younger Than You Are Now

Besides Which I Believe That You Are Very Close To The Average Age Of Those Who Practice Voice Acting In This Particular Sphere Of The Internet

You Are Good Enough

Here Allow Me To Emphasize That Point With Repetition And The Inclusion Of A Shout Pole

You Are Good Enough


(I Hope My Volume Was Not So Great As To Bother Your Ears)

If You Wish To Improve Your Confidence I Suggest Getting Yourself Out There And Transforming From A Person Who Wishes To Voice Act Into A Person Who Has Done Voice Acting

If You Take The First Step I Believe That Confidence Will Follow Over Time

And You Will Improve Your Skills As Well

I Do Not Know What Your Voice Is Like But I Can Tell From Your Sweet Demeanor That It Must Be Pleasant To Hear

And If You Happen To Think You Might Like To Attempt A Vocal Reproduction Of My Own Words I Would Be Greatly And Deeply Flattered

Good Luck My Friend

I Know You Can Do It

(Mod Freeverse here, I just want to say that I am actually way older than most of my voice acting friends, so I know what it’s like dealing with an age difference. And it’s not something you should let get in your way. No one should shame you for your age and if they do, they aren’t worth your time. I personally know at least one voice actor who is younger than you and most I know are in their teens and couldn’t give a shit that you’re 14. In fact we had a lovely follower a little while ago who voiced some Nepeta responses from this blog and they were around your age. No one seemed to give them any trouble about it and I was personally moved to fucking tears ‘cause they voiced something I wrote. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t voice act. I will not let that kind of bullshit stand and neither should you. I know that us mods would all like to hear you do some voice acting for the blog. And I would personally be ecstatic to have someone else voicing our responses.)