i come off as a psycho in my tags


TFW when you’re sad and remember Ageswap AU for Mob Psycho 100 bless

I have read and seen lots of awesomeeeeee things for this AU, but recently I read On The Other Side by @tofuandnuts​ so I credit that awesome fic/author as my muse/push Go read it please. Check out the Ageswap AU tag. Support everyone~Bless 

(The pics have captions)

So I used to work at a Main Event. I worked games, the prize store and I ref laser tag games. Once during a round of laser tag, a boy tried to bash another much smaller kid in the head with his laser gun. I put his vest on a ten second time out so he couldn’t play and told him if I saw that again he was out of the game. He gave me a long death stare, then promptly turned around and smacked a kid running by in the face with the gun. I radioed my coworker on desk to come watch the game, checked on this psycho little shit’s victim (who was fine) I sent them back in to the game, then turned that little fuckers vest off and escorted him out. He called me a bitch (mind you he was barely ten) and complained all the way out. I took his vest and gun, marked his laser tag wristband as void and sent him out. Thirty minutes later, I’m on desk filling in the laser tag sheets for the next game, and that little demon’s back with a shit eating grin and his mom stomps up to the desk, screaming at me and demanding to know why her son couldn’t play laser tag anymore. I calmly told her that he injured another player and used inappropriate language when asked to leave. She fell silent with a look of pure mom rage, thanked me for informing her of the situation and apologized for her son’s behavior, took her now petrified son by the arm and marched him out. Right before they were out the door, I heard the kid shriek “MAMA NO!” I hope that kid learned his lesson, and never comes back to that Main Event again.

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You're saying you don't give a fuck about their personal lives and yet going on and on about how "Camren" is probably real...lmao you Camren shippers are just bitter cause you asked for them to deny it and they did. Get over it psychos.

I believe in what I want to believe, I just have a fucking blog, in my posts I don’t tag Lauren or Camila, I’m not harassing them, I don’t ask them if camren is real, like i’ve already said in other questions, the important is their friendship, and don’t ever call us psychos or at least come off as anon, don’t mix up camren shippers who are happy when c and l interact and those who harass them on social media! and now get the fuck off because I’m so tired of people insulting us basing on ‘crazy’ shippers who are in the fandom for like two months and know nothing about the situation.