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Secondary Check

A/N: A tradition in my family is that we all must become (basic) first aid certified. My younger brother is working on getting his, and I was reading through one of his books when I came across secondary checking. I know what it is, of course, as I am certified myself; but rereading the procedure made me think about how awful it would tickle if used gently. Solangelo is literally my joy in life, so I used them in this fic. It’s based… shortly after the Heroes of Olympus series, I guess?

(Also, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a while… please accept my apology along with this mediocre fic.)

“Please, Nico?”


“Oh, come on-”

“I said no!”

Will huffed at his boyfriend, annoyed with his stubbornness. 

“Nico, I just want to practice secondary checking. Is that so wrong?” Will asked, crossing his arms. “No, but I don’t want to be your guinea pig!” Nico responded, crossing his arms as well. 

“You make it sound like I’m some evil scientist,” Will mumbled, rolling his eyes. 

“You could be! We just got together, I don’t know what you’re capable of yet,” Nico retorted in a sassy tone, and Will couldn’t help but smile. Nico was just so cute when he tried to act all stubborn and tough.

In consideration of recent events, Will had decided he wanted to completely perfect his first aid; he had been practicing on everyone, constantly asking other campers to be his next “victim”. Hey, is it a crime for a medic to make sure they know what they’re doing?

“Come on, just once? I want to really know what I’m doing. Son of the god of healing or not, I need to review stuff!”

With a sigh, Nico looked up at his boyfriend and rolled his dark eyes. “Fine, but just because you’re annoying me, and doing this will make you shut up. And only once!” He reminded as Will gave him a bright grin.


“Yeah, yeah.”

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anonymous asked:

idk about the transphobic stuff other than shit he said years ago but im afraid to come off anon for this: please believe me when i say he drew nsfw art of me when i was a minor and asked to use nudes of me as references. i would PM you proof of this if you had that activated rn but i do not feel comfortable sharing this publicly. i have more than one example of this pertaining to myself and one for my friend. we were under 18 when he did this.

submits are activated for you now anon

Get To Know Me!

Hi Everyone! So, I have been desperately trying to figure out a way to meet new people on tumblr and make friends and feel like I am a part of the community, since I barely ever interact with anyone and it’s always me trying desperately to just talk to someone. So I thought that I would do a get to know me thing so that people can understand who I am! All I ask is that if you read this and like it or decide to replicate it yourself, send me an ask or a message with your favorite emoji! That is is! It can even be anonymous if you want!

I wasn’t tagged in this, but I wanted to do it so here you go! I threw together a bunch of different Get To Know Me lists that I saw so here goes!

Name: Julianna

Nicknames: Jules, Mamma J, J, I had some friends once that called me Kitty and a couple friends that called me Sexy Beast as a joke, and my best friend calls me Peaches

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′6” (and like 1/5 or something idk)

Ethnicity: I’m American, and my family mostly comes from Europe, so I am literally white.

Favorite fruit: It’s a tie between Strawberries and Pineapple for me.

Favorite Season: Autumn! (all 4 seasons in order from most to least favorite are Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Favorite Book: This is an extremely hard question for me soooooo I am going to give my top 3: Garden Spells by: Sarah Addison Allen; Dirty Pretty Things by: Michael Faudet; A Natural History of the Senses by: Diane Ackerman

Favorite Flower: This is such a hard question because I love flowers. I mean, roses, orchids, buttercups, peonies, lilies, camellias, lilacs, etc. I just really love flowers.

Favorite Scent: Hmm that’s tough. The smell of sweets baking in the oven. The scent of incense burning in my room. The smell of fresh rain or snow. The smell of a wood burning fire. The smell of fresh cut flowers. But I think I love the smell of the air after it snows in an open field. It smells clean and fresh and sharp and cold and just… amazing.

Favorite Animal: Wolves and kittens

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: hot cocoa

Cat or dog person: BOTH

Favorite fictional character: Even Bech Næsheim (come scream at me)

Dream trip: I want to go EVERYWHERE. But I really want to go to Norway and Finland and The Netherlands. Norway is definitely #1, like spend a long time there and fully take in all that is there.

Blog created: I have had many tumblr blogs over the years, but I started on tumblr 4 years ago. This blog is probably a little over 2 years, even though I come and go I suppose. I am trying…

Number of followers: 319 (and I love each and every one of you. please come talk to me and interact more!)

What do I post about: Well, on my main blog, I post stuff about studying and furthering myself in life, advice, important things in terms of social movements and culture and society, and just anything I think is important. I have two side blogs though, one dedicated to the tv show SKAM and another dedicated to learning to speak Norwegian.

Do I get asks on a regular basis: No :( I honestly never get asks or anything, and I know that I don’t always post a lot of original content, but I am more than willing to talk to people. I really want to, and it honestly makes me so sad that people don’t talk to me. I try to do ask games and tumblr sleepovers and stuff and nobody participates so hopefully more people will!

Aesthetic: If you mean my blog, I really don’t have one. My tumblr was originally made just for me to compile information and important things, and also to motivate me. I haven’t worried about the aesthetic much. If you mean me personally… do you have a few hours for me to just word vomit at you???

Favorite band/artist: NOPE CAN’T DO IT! I love all genres, and I have SO MANY favs that constantly shift so I just can’t! I can list a few that I am CURRENTLY obsessed with??? Gabrielle, Troye Sivan, Rihanna, Panic! at the Disco, The Arctic Monkeys, Sabrina Claudio, Robyn, Black Veil Brides, etc. Also I am a diehard classic rock and grunge fan (current oldie fav is Gloria by Them)

Fictional characters I’d date: Even Bech Næsheim, Isak Valtersen, Sana Bakkoush, Eva Mohn, Dean Winchester, Jughead Jones, Noora Amale Sætre (there are probably a lot more than that who I would want to date or at least be super close friends with and these ones I listed are MOSTLY listed in order from most to least, but not really)

Hogwarts house: Slytherin or Ravenclaw, it’s a toss-up

Song Stuck In My Head: Gay Bar by Electric Six

Last Movie I Watched: The Belko Experiment (freaky as heck but good I suppose, jury is still out on this one)

Favorite Color: Purple!

Relationship Status: In a Relationship/Taken

Lipstick or Chapstick: This is so hard cause I love makeup, but the softness and hydration of my lips comes first, so chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: Well, I am listening to music while doing this, and the song that is currently playing is Lantern by The White Birch

Age: 18

Birthplace: NJ, USA

Horror yes or Horror no: Horror yes

Sexual Orientation: I am not a fan of labels, so I just say that I am fluidly sexual. I like who I like, regardless of gender. I suppose I am out of the closet, but I was never really in it. I just let myself feel.

Pet: I have a dog that is a mixture between a Shitzu and a Poodle, and his name is Shadow.

Gender: Female

Selfie: (sorry I’m so ugly lol)

So that’s me in a nutshell! If you are curious about anything else, please feel free to ask me! I really would like to make some friends on tumblr because I do care and I am nice and friendly and I promise I will NEVER find you annoying or anything! SO please come talk to me!


Since I did quite a few of the blush things for people I realized that it was hella fun - so to get back into writing again I’m going to be doing a little thing ^^

If you want me to write a lil smutty scenario in your inbox then please reblog this and include your fav (or a character you’d like to see) and I’ll come up with a lil something something for you ;3 

(Please keep in mind that I’m heading to bed now so I’ll be answering the reblogs in the morning but other than that go wild! ^^)

anonymous asked:

As a person who identifies more with Keith and stans Lance, I am actually really offended by your post about Lance stans. I think you're right about a lot of things (the others aren't awful people for not bowing to Lance all the time, etc.) but Lance is team-oriented, considerate, and would be a way better leader than Keith in my opinion. Please don't make it sound like Lance has no good qualities and people who stan black paladin Lance are just projecting their insecurities. It's offensive.

That theory was under a “Read More” for a good reason and yet here we are

I never said that Lance doesn’t have good qualities. All I’ve ever said is that I don’t like the way most Lance stans take the other paladins’ good qualities and apply them to Lance, and when someone says “that’s not one of Lance’s character traits” it’s suddenly… making it sound like he has no good qualities?

Aren’t they basically saying that his own qualities aren’t good enough?

I agree, he is team-oriented, he’s smarter than some people make him out to be and he’s got a lot of potential for character development. I’ve never denied that - in fact, almost every time people have messaged me regarding Lance I’ve stressed that I don’t dislike him as a character. I merely (heavily) dislike the fandom’s portrayal of him.

As for Black Paladin Lance: Build-up, storyline and common sense aside, I don’t believe Lance would even want to pilot Black. Like, on the one side y’all are making him out to be this super-insecure walking meme and on the other hand you believe he’d want to take over as leader if given the chance? Okay lmao

I apologise if you took that personally, but then again… I’ve said that most Lance stans tend to project their insecurities, and I’ll stand by that.

furyfiregirl  asked:

Can you do a hc where Tyler has some sort 6th sense kind of thing where he can tell that reader is stressed or depressed about something?

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- He’d come in and mama Tyler has been engaged

- Food and water at the ready

- Forehead kisses cause you can’t be too stressed

- Taking away from the situation to cuddle

- ‘Stop stressing… chiiiiiill’

- Making sure to give you little rewards and such so you know you’re doing a good job so you’re not as stressed

- You being happy that at least he’s trying

- Good job Ty, you doing a great 👌🏽

anonymous asked:

So how can i tell if I'm actually ftm or going through a phase... Ive been feeling like this for a few months now and a year or two ago i questioned my gender but thought I was being stupid so ignored it all.. People have told me to imagine being old and grey and do i see myself as a man or a woman and i cant even imagine myself old at all.. I'm so stressed please help. I don't want to come out to anyone or start binding if it is a phase. The thing is i dont even know what brought it all on

Okay, well I’ll tell you something that I saw a lot on here when I was going through my questioning.
Usually cis people don’t question their gender or spend a lot of time considering that they’re trans.

Its okay to question, and if you discover in a few months time things aren’t like they thought you were that’s okay too. But you need to allow yourself to question too.

And even if you can’t see yourself old and grey, you need to consider, what would make you happiest as you get older. As you move onto the next stage of your life could you see yourself still feeling the way you do now?

I hope you figure things out and if you ever need to talk my direct messaging is always open! 💙💙

leesh  asked:

[text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you. 😏

harry paulie

hey baby

hi, what’s up?

nothing, was just thinking about you.

awww!! are you enjoying your day off? (without me ☹️)

yeah but i’m a little bored. what are you doing right now? is it busy in the store?

no, the usual. why?

can you make sure you’re alone? i don’t want anyone else seeing what i’m about to send you.

am i getting a dick pic?

do you wanna get a dick pic?

well… yeah? i guess

could you sound any less excited?



you’re not getting a dick pic.

oh come on, i was joking!

no you ruined it for yourself

oh baby. can i please have a dick pic?




you’re an idiot. come on send me the pic

please? (i’m pouting)

you really want it?


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Friends, please

If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, please remember I am here for all of you!

If you’re feeling down, need to clear your mind, need a friend, or anything to keep going, please come talk to me.

I don’t want any of you to feel alone or unloved because I am here and I will do my best to help you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, please.

totallydiabolik  asked:

(Diaplushie RP! So I'm going to continue the bag plushie~) *they eagerly try to fit in your bag no matter what* Subaru: ha don't fool me! There is no point if we stay quiet and the people still wanna take us away from you! Shu: *puts mini pillow inside the bag with him* make sure when you walk, don't walk too fast I'm going to sleep. Ruki: livestock you should carry some books with you all the time to get some knowledge. Look at this empty bag..

*carries bag, the part they’re all in next to my hip* I mean, if you guys are really okay with coming with me, just please behave. You don’t have to be completely quiet just… Behave yourselves. And well, if I put things in there, you’ll all get cramped, right? Plus, this’ll just be your bag since I already have my regular book bag for all my other things. *whispers to self* is this really a good idea?.. Classes start soon and I’m bringing the plushies with me.. I mean, how bad could it be?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recs about the team finding out about Steve and Bucky's relationship? The coming out tags seem to all be fore Steve and / or Bucky coming out the the press, but I'm really craving fics where the team assume Steve is straight, and Steve just doesn't care, and then when he's reunited with Bucky they're more focused on their relationship then letting their friends know they are together. Does this make sense? It's been super hard to find fics like this. Please help.

i think the coming out tag would be the best bet, and the only other ones i could think of would be  these

Me, Currently - by Chelsea Buyce

I’m quite easy to please when it comes to poetry: it takes just one good poem, one that speaks to me and stops me in my tracks, to really win me over. And this book was full of them.


“I am falling apart daily Somehow, I continue to be Held together only by dreams.” Everyone deals with the Heat of romance, the Pressure of life, and the Madness of mental health. Me, Currently provides an insight into some of those moments and feelings verbalized as the author has dealt with, witnessed or fantasized them. This collection of poetry is written by an unfinished woman who has felt like a bit of an outcast throughout her life. Her poems prove that we are all more alike than we know. For the author, these poems are an escape and more importantly, they are a release. For some readers, these poems can connect them to a world they may never have otherwise entered. For others, may these poems serve as a hatch from which they can unleash their love, hurt, and hopes.

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