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When King Regis calls (part 2)
  • Noctis: Guys it's my dad again PLEASE shut up!
  • Everyone: Okay
  • Noctis: Hey da--
  • Ignis: That's it! I'm making pot brownies!
  • Gladio: *Actually smacked Noctis's ass causing him to yelp* Grrr!
  • Aranea: Come to momma pretty boy!
  • Prompto: *a weird selection of sexual noises*
  • Noctis: ....
  • Noctis: Dad I swear it's not---
  • -dial tone-
  • Noctis: seriously fuck you guys.
Beautiful soul, the time has come to dry your eyes.
I was once you not so long ago and I’m here to tell you that everything will be alright. I know how it feels to give so much of yourself so openly to somebody who cast you aside and smashed you to pieces…
I know you feel as though you are an ugly wreckage, broken beyond all repair but I’m here to tell you that you’re not.
You are beautiful, you are brave… and you will heal.
Your smiles may hold back tears for now but I promise you one day they will be real. You need only believe in yourself, as I believe in you and we’ll walk this road together
—  Ranata Suzuki | Dry your eyes
Super Shelagh, now with awesome prenatal powers
  • Patrick: You can come back to work. We'll start off with half-days and secretarial duties ONLY. No nursing rounds or rushing off into explosions.
  • Shelagh: Of course dearest. That will give me just enough time to look for a new flat, help out Fred and Violet, read the paper, tidy up the house and have dinner on the table by six.

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when i discovered this au, i was like "heh, probs just another fells au." and proceed to read it. AND THEN I REALIZE, I WAS SO FUCKING WRONG. SO MUCH WRONG. VERY WRONG AND REGRE MY POOR LIFE CHOICE FOR UNDERESTIMATE THIS AND THE TEARS WON'T STOP COMING OUT AND AS FOR NOW IT HAS BECOME AN OCEAN OF SADNESS. why you do this, cas. i have been slay by angst once again.

Your salt is like sweets to me, darling. GIVE ME MORE

Honestly, I’m quite proud of being able to make people taking back what they were thinking about this story and the whole AU ! Thank you for telling me, you make me have an ego again rofl

im sorry for making you cry so much

Victuri (?
  • Yuri: Victor, do you know where is my cellphone?
  • Victor: *tries to hide Yuri's phone* I have no idea
  • Yuri: I know you have it there. Give it back to me
  • Victor: look! Otabek is kissing Yurio!
  • Yuri: *disappears behind the door*
  • Victor: *changes the wallpapers into pictures of him*
  • Yuri: *angrily comes back* They weren't even here
  • Victor: oh! Found it! *gives Yuri the phone*
  • Yuri: Next time this happens, I'm going to...
  • Victor: *kisses Yuri in mid-sentence* love you too
  • *Later that day*
  • Victor: *runs as fast as he can*

Traviss never created a Mando'a word for door, or entrance, or specifically to enter. She did create a word for to arrive or to come, olaror, but I feel like that has too different a connotation. You can arrive without entering.

There’s the adage that all entrances are also exits, and vice versa. A door opens to both sides. Traviss did give ba'slanar a definition of to exit. Therefore, I propose that Mando'a makes no differentiation between exits and entrances, emphasizing that they’re the same thing. There’s, then, no differentiation between exiting and entering. You’ve just got to clarify if you exited from (ba'slan'teh) or exited to (ba'slan'at), similar to how one clarifies if one went from a place or went to it in English.

It can be said that a Mandalorian never enters a building, only exits outdoors.

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A lot of blogs that talk about trauma, sexuality, gender, abuse, etc are very hardcore here (which isn't bad but can't be a bit much) so I love coming to your blog where you just give a very relaxed vibe and talk about those things softly and gently

this means a lot to me…thank you. I feel the same way a lot of times about those harsher blogs, they’re important but they take me back too heavily and it’s not the ideal way I need to heal. I think I ended up approaching trauma and abuse this way because it’s what I needed myself.

So yeah. Bottom line is this message made me very warm, it’s a good feeling knowing I can provide something to people that I lacked as a kid and teen

  • Altair: Tiz, could I use your body for a moment? I have to go number 1!
  • Tiz: Come on, Altair! Last time I gave you permission to use my body, you gave yourself a wedgie and then immediately switched back.
  • Altair: This time, I am serious.
  • Tiz: Oh, really?
  • Altair: Is this not the face of a man who seriously needs to go number 2?
  • Tiz: You just said it was number 1!
  • Altair: Now it’s number 3.
  • Tiz: What the hell is a number 3?
  • Altair: I don’t know, but I have to do one.
  • Tiz: It isn’t even a thing!
  • Altair: Give me your body!
  • Edea: Look, guys, Tiz is arguing with his imaginary boyfriend again!
  • Magnolia: I have one of those, too! I call him Yew!
  • Yew: … What?

Hey there babes, let me start this off by saying I love and appreciate you all. And since you guys have only ever been kind to me up to now, I trust that you’ll understand when I say I need to log off for a while. 

My next two weeks are going to be full of mid-terms and I really need to give it my full attention. And I’m afraid the only way I’ll be able to do that is if I force myself not to come on here at all. I wouldn’t have the time to write anything either way, so it’s not like you’ll be missing out on a lot, apart from my fresh selection of daily shitposts.

You won’t hear from me as of tomorrow. I’ll be back at most on March 3rd. I’ll be missing in action until then, but the good news is that when I’m back I’ll be on break for a week! 

I can’t wait to see you again. It’s only a matter of time xx

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“Damn,” You hear your wife say from the couch. “We haven’t got any pink nail polish.” You smile at her from the doorway. “Is it really that important that your paint your nails pink?” “Yes, it is a matter of life and death.” She says, only partially joking. “Alright, I give in.” You sigh, and hold up the universal sign for ‘one minute’ and head into the attic where you grab a box and come back down.
“Bring nail polish?” “No,” You say, setting the box down. “But I do have a mess of sharpies here.” Her curiosity turns into a smile, and you help her do her nails the way you often did when you were younger, until they’re a nice shade of pink.

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I'm upset, because Stan only appeared in only 2 Soos' Fanfics. You're a liar Soos, according to you, you like Stan, but at the end is false, because you give Ford more protagonism than Stan.

Well I think it’s more about the STAN BROS fan fiction. Because it’s never ONLY about Stan. And Soos has known Stan for 10+ years of his life whereas he’s only known Ford for a few months at best. There’s more creative opportunity when it comes to Ford, anyone in this fandom could tell you that. And same would go for Soos. He can imagine what the Stan bros are doing NOW but anything could have also happened back in the day with Ford. Honestly, I thought that last short was really sweet and the artists from the behind the scenes are very proud of that giant cardboard axolotl they made. I also like @sovonight rendition of things, that that’s the reason Jheselbaum took such a notice of Ford. So yeah.

Met by Accident (Shall We Skate?-YOIWeek2017) - paxton1976 - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 31- Sweet Sixteen (And Other Birthdays)

We’re up to Chapter 31.  Can you believe it?  I never thought this fic would span this long, but it has and we still have a very looooong way to go.  This is a main point chapter.  I want you to feel this one, but I did give a short non-hook summary.  You already know I mentioned Yurio’s birthday late last week.  I’ve brought back two characters we haven’t seen in a while and briefly brought in a new one.  They’ll all be making more appearances in the future.  

This is a sweet little chapter.  It focuses mainly on Yurio with quite a bit of Otabek thrown in.  Otabek will continue to surprise us in ways no one (even me, where the hell is this coming from??) had anticipated.  But anyway, I hope you like this chapter.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


Chapters: 31/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Victor Nikiforov’s Mother, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice), Katsuki Hiroko, Katsuki Toshiya, Katsuki Mari, Okukawa Minako, Otabek Altin, Christophe Giacometti, Yakov Feltsman, Emil Nekola, Michele Crispino
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, First Meetings, Car Accidents, Attraction, Developing Friendships, Crush at First Sight, Viktor is an editor, Yuuri is a computer geek, Slow Build, Mild Language, Mutual Attraction, Slow Burn, Snark, Companionable Snark, Illnesses, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Language, Angst, Homophobia, Rejection, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Male Homosexuality, Confessions, Love Confessions, Falling In Love, First Kiss, new family member, Surprises, Acceptance, Aftermath of Domestic Abuse, Drunkenness, Consent, Frottage, Past Child Abuse, Revelations, Past Suicide Attempt, Birthday Presents, Birthday, Blow Jobs, First Time Blow Jobs, Birthday Party, Gag Gift, Fluff and Smut, Lapdance, Drinking Games, Heavy Drinking, Regret, New Year’s Eve, Drinking to Cope, Intervention, Unconditional Love, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Fluff, Sweet Sixteen, Brotherly Love, Brotherly Bonding

Yurio celebrates his sweet sixteen along with two other friends in their lives.

“Happy Birthday to you.”


He groaned and pulled his pillow over his head.

“Happy Birthday to you,” the voice sang loudly.

He moved the pillow slightly and opened his eyes, glaring at the intruder.

“Happy Birthday dear Yurio, happy birthday to you.”


As soon as the door opened, Heda jumped up from her seat in front of the vanity and pointed at Siobhan’s face in excitement, turning to Fyfe, who was playing his bass in the corner of their dressing room. ‘See?! I told you it was Siobhan Karim! And that is Shawn Curtis! Oh, my God, they are alive!’ 

Fyfe looked up from his bass and cursed. ‘Well, fuck me. It really is you!’ 

‘Hi,’ smiled Siobhan. ‘It’s Eze-Karim actually. And you… you were just amazing!’ 

‘No, you are amazing!’ cried Heda back. 

‘No, you are!’ 

‘No, you are!’ 

Catherine sighed, crossing her arms over her chest with an amused smile, before muttering, ‘I see. This should make for an interesting night.’ 

‘Oh, come on! You liked the show too!’ teased Shawn. 

She gave a snort, but had to give it to the band. They were pretty good.

Siobhan, who was still grinning and nodding signed Heda’s journal, while, Heda signed hers. It seemed the two of them will go on patting each other’s back for the rest of the night, so Catherine stepped right into it, making sure nobody starved. ‘Hey, I don’t know the rules here, but are you guys free to go somewhere else, or are we stuck in this dressing room?’ 

Heda smiled at her, mischief in her eyes. ‘Of course we can! Our manager loves it when we change plans!’ 

‘Great. Is anyone hungry? A friend of mine from school just opened a new restaurant two blocks away. Maybe we could go to check it out.’ 

‘Yes!’ cried Fyfe in excitement, pointing at her. ‘That! I’m in. We can get…’ 

Heda shook her head, cutting him off. ‘Alright, alright. Hold your horses, fae-boy. You will get your food. Give me a moment to take a quick shower and we can go, ‘kay?’ 

‘Great,’ they all agreed and watched her walk away, as Fyfe counted off all the dishes he wanted on his fingers, asking Cait whether she had any particular combination she thought he should try. By the time Heda returned, he decided to just try it all. She would have loved cooking for him. He was a bottomless pit. Couldn’t wait to see him in action. 


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Do you know how they say if you love someone let them go and if they come back then you know they're yours. Well I've let go but I'm constantly waiting for that moment they come back. How do I just move on. It's been months. And it's making me crazy. Please I need your enlightening answer

well i’m prob the last person who should be giving relationship type advice but since you want it, i will give my opinion..

I think that everything is written….if its meant to be or happen, then it will. dont spend all your time wishing and hoping for something to happen. because then if it doesn’t, you will be disappointed and will have wasted all that time you could have used to make yourself better or happier or stronger or whatever it is. just focus on yourself and do what you love and good things will happen…if they don’t come back it wasn’t meant to be and someone out there that is meant for you will find you. just my thoughts

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Okay but Sasuke have you heard 'Spring Day'? It reminds me so much of you and Naruto growing up and him trying to get you to come back. You should give it a go. :) It's by BTS

You mean this? 

Sasuke//looks at Naruto and whispers//:”I will be damned if my future love song is going to be a k-pop song.” 

Naruto:”It isn’t going to be a Taylor Swift song neither, dattebayo.” 

Sasuke//opens mouth to say something//

Naruto: “Or a Selena Gomez song.”

Sasuke:”I swear to God I ain’t going to dance at my wedding to  any fucking Disney song like you probably would.” 

Naruto :”I will make you.” 

Sasuke:”You can’t force-dance me.” 

Naruto :” I can…If I am the groom.” 

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Have you ever imagined a coffee shop au with your Tumblr friends?

I haven’t, but goddamn if you didn’t give me a reason to think about it now!

@grandegarlic owns the place. There is a cactus and succulent garden out the back. There are plants everywhere, strangely contrasted with the pale  pastel theme of the decor.

@artisanshatter comes to sketch people and read. Finds the furtherest corner and stays there for a long time. Tries every kind of tea at least once.

Me: I only come in once a week, if that. I try to be really nice to the staff so they don’t mind me hogging a table all day and using the free wifi, even though I only buy one cup of coffee.

@pennwrenn: The coffee maker. Gets to say the drawings behind the counter are hers. Regulars will fight customers that are rude to her.

@electricgrandmas: Sits outside with her cat on a leash. The cat always seems mildly alarmed. Is it because she’s on a leash? All the strangers? The fact these plants will bite back? Who knows.

I would put more people but I am afraid of tagging them ;_;

1. There is so much that you will accomplish in your life, and believe me when I tell you that you are going to amount to great things.

2. So many people in the world are filled with hate. I honestly hope that you will help stop the hate, by first starting to love yourself. I hope you discover who you want to be.

3. I want you to be happy with whatever choices that you made in the past because at one time or another that choice is the choice that you wanted. But, remember things always happen for a reason, so don’t get to upset when things don’t work out the way that you want them to. Something better will come along. It may not be immediately, but it will come.

4.   Remember to keep you head up even when you feel like everyone is forcing it down. If you fall down get back up. Never give up on what you love just because someone disapproves or you are trying to impress someone, what you love is what makes you, you.

and lastly,

5. Please remember to smile again.  Even if it is stormy in your life right now, and it feels as if the world would be better with one less person in it. Even the darkest of storms pass because the sun will always come out again.

—  Things I’d tell the younger me, but never got the chance so now I keep an open letter to you, my dearest daughter. 45/365