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I recently finished a story for an important project, the longest I have ever written. I edited it in small parts so I did not have to read through the whole thing. Now, whenever I try to read it, I start cringing so hard I feel like disappearing into a cave for the rest of this century. This is quite a problem, as I would like to pursue writing as a career. How would you suggest getting around such debilitating self-doubt?

Self-Doubt, Revision, and the Inevitable Self-Cringe 

I feel this. I feel this so much. I struggled with this problem for years, to the point which it affected by grades because I sometimes couldn’t even reread my essays so I was pretty much handing in draft 1.5 (I do not recommend this. Do not do this.)

Give yourself some time away from your writing. Allow yourself to forget about the details, about your painstaking word choices. Come back to your story as a reader and you might end up thinking, “Hey, this isn’t as bad as I remember. It needs a bit of polish but I’m loving this,” because if you’re writing what you love, then you should love it.  

Get positive feedback. You’ll always look upon your own work with a more critical eye, so do manuscript swaps with a trusted writing buddy, and shamelessly remind them to note down things about your manuscript that they like. When they ask you how thick-skinned you are, be honest. Don’t get me wrong, you will need constructive critique to improve, but too-harsh criticism can do more harm than good if you’re not ready for it.  

Power through. Sometimes, you will just need to read through all that cringe. Take notes as you read, write in the margins, fix things, do whatever makes you more comfortable. Tell yourself that you’re doing this to improve your writing, and with every revision, you will cringe a little less. 

There’s no overnight solution for this. It takes time to slowly But remember, with every word you write, your writing will improve, and one day, you will love what you write.


Could Annie’s diamond ability be used to take down Zeke?

In the manga Zeke destroys Reiner with ease and punches through his armour easily. Reiner’s armour is like stone… Diamond is a lot harder than stone and could potentially guard against Zeke’s hits. It would also give Annie a reason to come back as I don’t think that Levi (+Mikasa maybe) VS Zeke would go as well the next time as Zeke underestimated Levi so they no longer have that advantage. 

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If your change is over $30. I have them count it before I close my till. 'Check and make sure that's $70. Half time I get a huff response. But had a guy accuse me once of giving him the wrong change. Supposedly forgot a $20. Now I make sure it won't happen again. 'Oh so you can't count?' No it's just a large amount, and you can't come back complain later. Cause you counted it.

I train all my cashiers to count all change three times (at least). One when you’re pulling it from the drawer. Again to yourself. And a third time to the customer. If you do this every cash transaction no matter the amount you can make it second nature and you make it almost impossible to be short.


Marichat May: The Argument




On one hand Adrien can count the number of fights he’s had in his life.

This marks number four.

“You are wrong,” Chat growled, giving Marinette an unimpressed look.

She just peered back, equally unimpressed. “I know what I’m talking about Chat,” Marinette stated, arms crossed, giving him a slight stink eye from the corner of her eye. “This comes with being an artist and designer. I know what I’m talking about.”

He gave her a scowl. “I am there, Marinette. I would know best.” He drew near, went on her laptop, and brought up a chart. With a point, he stated, “Ladybug’s costume is a ruby red.”

“No Chat, it is scarlet! I know my colors, and I certainly know my reds. It’s scarlet.”

“How often do you even see Ladybug?” Chat pushed.

“A few times!” Marinette insisted.

“Ha! I’m with her more! I know the red of her costume, and it’s ruby.”

“I bet if you asked Ladybug what color red her suit is she is going to say scarlet!”

“Oh you’re on!”

All the while, Alya sat away from the oblivious dorks, recording this silly argument with pursed, amused lips, the girl trying really hard to not laugh at this.

Besides, Ladybug’s costume was obviously rose red.

Y'know Mon-el was willing to die to save everyone. He was ready to die without any hesitation. And he knew that he would have to either die or leave Kara and all of his friends but he didn’t care. All that mattered was that everyone else would be okay. And in my opinion, that makes him a pretty damn good hero. Yet there are still people out there saying how “mon-el will never be a hero” or “he will never be good enough for Kara”. I honestly don’t give a damn if you’re anti-mon-el but don’t come saying that my little space puppy will never be a hero when he basically gave up his life to save the world. Mon-el is a hero and if you don’t think so then go look up the word hero and come back to me. What he did was completely selfless and heroic and I’m so proud of him.

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Midnight Cravings

Shawn Mendes 
Words; 200 
Note; I wanted to write a bit after this, but it wasn’t coming out right so I ended up giving up. I might come back and add to it later 😄

It was a little past one in the morning. Normally Shawn would have been asleep by now, but he was still ‘pumped up’ from his evening work out with Geoff. I didn’t mind much, it was nice having someone to talk to while I did my late-night editing session, although there wasn’t much editing going on.

Shawn turned his head as I poked his cheek again, “Yes?”

“I’m hungry.” He chuckled at my pout.

“Baby, you’re eight-months pregnant. You’re always hungry,” I glared at him through the dimly lit room. He leaned up to kiss my cheek, laughing harder which only made me more annoyed, “God you’re adorable. Okay, what do you want me to do about it?”

“Can you drive me to Hortons?” I asked sweetly.

“Baby, the closest one is like half an hour away.” Shawn sighed, running a hand through his hair, but I knew he was close to giving in already.

“Please. I’ll buy you a muffin.” I stared down at him with wide, puppy dog eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to say no, especially when muffins were involved.

I was right. Groaning, Shawn sat up, his large hands instinctively reaching out for my barely-there baby bump as he pecked my lips.

“You’re lucky I love you.” He mumbled before climbing out of bed, searching the floor for his jeans and hoodie.

Letters (Part 1)

Summary: In which a former HYDRA prisoner writes one letter every day for years, hoping that one day her lover will come back to her.

Warnings: none

Ship: Bucky x fem!Reader

Words: 550

I am giving names to the reader because it makes sense with the storyline. Just read it. You’ll get it.

Letter #1

April 9th, 2010

Dear James,

I am writing this letter to you, even though I know you will never receive it. I am writing the letter to you, even though I know that if you do find your way out of that hell, I will never see you again. I am writing this letter to you because I fucked up, and it is the only thing keeping me from having a psychotic break.

I am terrified. It has been three days since I escaped and I can’t stop thinking about what they are doing to you. I am trying to convince myself that you are okay, but I know that is foolish of me to think. They are hurting you more. Because of me. I tried so hard, and I understand if you will never forgive me for leaving you. If I could go back and change things I would. I just want to be with you.

I am getting my passport and leaving for America tomorrow. I had to change my name so they wouldn’t find me. I am now Indigo Petrova. I dyed and cut 9 inches off my hair, and for that, I am truly sorry. I know that my hair gave you comfort. I cried the moment the blade touched my locks.

I hope that one day we will see each other again.

Love always,


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give up ; min yoongi (part 2)

genre: angst

summary: everyone tells you to give up just because you want yoongi’s love.

“that’s it!” hoseok clapped as you place your hands on your knees and breathe heavily. “here.” he throws you a bottle, “you did great y/n!”

“i think you just made the choreo a lot harder,” you take a sip as hoseok begins to laugh. “but i’d totally do these small sessions.”

“you should come to the studio often,” hoseok sheepishly said as you smile and look up at him.

“sure,” you smile, “i should head back, yoongi’s probably waiting.”

“i’ll walk you,” hoseok offered, “i’m heading home now anyways.”

“sure,” you nodded, “thanks..” you turn red.

“no problem.” hoseok showed his smile, “let’s go.”


“you like yoongi?” hoseok nudged your shoulder as you sigh.

“i guess so.. i mean.. it’s mixed feelings..” you say, “he thinks i like you though-”

“me?” hoseok chuckled, “why would you like a guy like me?”

“you’re a good guy, i guess.” you laugh, “i just think a lot of guys don’t like me back.. for example, yoongi. i’ve been in love with him for years, he just seems so oblivious about it.”

“you’re a nice girl, y/n.” hoseok smiles at you, “i’m sure everyone likes you. yoongi probably focused on his work after him and his girlfriend broke up or something, so he can take his mind off it.”

“i guess so..” you sigh. you felt a spark when you talked with hoseok, but it wasn’t like when you talked with yoongi. but, you thought of something else; you and yoongi would have short conversations. the only time you both would talk was when you both were doing something for work.

“maybe he’ll confess one day, y/n.” hoseok smiled, “the world isn’t over yet.”

you nodded. “yoongi’s probably waiting for us.”

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About 2 years ago I worked at this tiny cafe located at the back of a brew shop (the whole setup was weird) and I remember how often people would come up, look at our menu, look at me and say something to the effect of 'I just want a basic sandwich' and would try to walk away like that meant something to me. If you order a 'basic sandwich', I'm probably going to give you ham, American cheese and mayo on untoasted white bread, buddy. like wtf? order like a normal person

@ the various teams stalking our blogs: I don’t know who’s in charge of what and IDC but when 1D come back, either bring back the video diaries or give me 1D day 2.0 (WITH a Larry hour thanks, no skimping allowed). you do that and i will give you every single cent i have

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april bless u. forever bitter & in mourning about the disappearance of aaron's arms :(

Listen Rachel! I am a weak ass bitch when it comes to Aaron Dingle’s arms! When most people think 2014 Aaron they think clean shaven, maybe a little trimmer, less hair gel. I think AARON DINGLE HAD AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gif credit to the amazing @sugdone)

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But now we know they look like this and yet they still deny us???????????? Why ED why have you forsaken us??????? WE HAVE NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I keep thinking about going to the beach with a bunch of friends and Harry is more of an acquaintance you have a crush on. you're not so overly confident with your beach body so you're still wearing your high waist shorts and a top in attempts to hide your mid region and everyone's in the water but harry comes back and sits down asking if you didn't wanna go inside. Harry senses there's more behind it "it's not because you know I'll pounce on you the minute i see you only in your bikini, right?

And you’d slap his arm, giving a giggle.

“I swear if you pounce on me, you’ll be in some trouble.” you’d say playfully, and Harry would give out his hand for you, offering to help you get up. 

“Challenge accepted.”

The Steven Universe fandom is dense af - The Series

I can give you so many reasons why considering past events but here’s one that just popped up- everyone somehow believing Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond. First of all, I want to smash my head against a door. Second, the writers of the show made it clear that the YD had nothing to do with it. (If the diamonds end up having something to do with it then shit come back and roast me but I’d blame the crewniverse for their bad writing.) Any who, one of the first and only evidence you need for this is YDs actions in “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?”. By the end of the song, the writers had the intent to establish her grieving and feelings for Pink were still enact, she just presents them differently. Y'all are over here acting like that never existed and now you’re saying how she was in denial of everything Blue Zircon was saying. Of course she was, but not in the way you think. She was in denial because she has her heart (gem?) SET on believing Rose Quartz did it. (For goodness sakes they bubbled all the RQs and she wanted to execute her immediately out of hatred and confidence that it was her) The truth is, NON of the diamonds were there at the scene, which was highly implied several times. That’s why they were so shocked when Zircon started saying all those things. Yellow Diamond didn’t want to believe anything else. She poofed her because Zircon accused a Diamond of killing another Diamond, that would make anyone angry…. Here’s the part that makes me mad at the fandom for the lack of acknowlegment: the recess scene and the ENTIRE fact that Steven is not Rose. I broke it down 👍. Steven doesn’t know how it happened because he is not Rose Quartz. Homeworld believes he is, but is shapeshifted. He told Zircon he did not know how it happened. Once again, he is NOT ROSE so he could never know. This lead to Zircon DOING HER JOB. She was nervous the entire episode for defending the guilty. THIS IS HOW SHE MADE LEEWAY. She had something to defend now. Does her argument make sense? Of course. But it implies something else. Something totally different that has NOTHING to do with YD. (In fact, maybe the writers even knew the fandom would fall for this although I can’t understand why literally the theory makes no sense.) It’s foreshadowing something. My take on it is pretty simple, I have a few theories but here’s an interesting one– the one who shattered PD was her Pearl? Think about it… She was close to her. She was allowed to be around her 24/7. No one would have saw it coming. Maybe it was even our Pearl, and that’s why she hates shapeshifting so much, as someone once theorized. I mean it still could be Rose but it’s now implied they had to do something evasive to shatter Pink, let’s not leave this possibility out.

Anyone could have shapeshifted into Rose, by request.

Hell it could’ve been another Rose Quartz and we’d never know.

Whoever did it, was part of the rebellion but was not noticed at that time or place. One fact remains: All fingers are pointing to a figure shaped like a Rose Quartz.

It wouldn’t add up if YD did it because so many people saw Rose do it. Eyeball even stated it herself. The gems acknowledge Rose did it. Either they know something we don’t ,OR maybe they are in the dark along with us…Rose kept many secrets.

(Who really knows at this point the only reason why I made this is to show you that it could never be YD. Bye y'all)

“now you be a grown woman, draw your future with your white halo through the unknown depths of our dimension and let go of what holds you back. dont be afraid to let it go again if and when it comes back around.

forget everything ive said to you. what matters only is what you say from within not from without. dont mention my name. Do you understand me flower?

im the happiest ive ever been in my life and the best part about it is im not far from where i was. give it all and dont take. be humble is what im saying

life’s questions are already answered. look no further if youre willing to accept the answers as you subconsciously write your own fate.

life is always okay because its life right.? it breathes. you breathe, you are life. its gross and you love it and they love it. youre not alone. even when youre alone. future you is talking to you. like yelling at a sports player on tv. and all you have to do is listen flower.

im so sorry for everything i have done to you.

keep grinding, youre doing amazing”

There is the longest story behind this but I’ll save to be told over something great. We had never met, he was a writer on the other side of the world and for a while we saved each other. I will always be out there for him. He taught me everything I needed for what was to come. I hope he’s well.

I’m sorry that all those ppl still send you ship-asks ;;;;; I’m gonna try to cheer you up a bit and show u ur bday present since I can’t hold it back anyway;;;

it’s okay!!!!!! i think it’s over now thnk da l0rd

but AW MAN!!!!!!! IW ASN’T EXPECTING THIS??? UR MAKING AN EDIT………… OF ME?!?!?!?! (or well jjinomu) THAT’S SO CRAZY even im too lazy to even do that but i cant believe u did it AAA I LOVE THEM!!!!!! thank u omg my birthday is too far zoomzoom december when will it come

THO i’m gna give u a hint on some details about that character hehe they have a lil mole under their left eye that i always forget to draw for some reason but OTHERWISE AAA CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they’re also supposed 2 be portrayed as a 6 year old child but that’s a detail that’s not important too hehe)

i can’t believe ur making me that’s insane im so shook dude  
i am so cheered up i feel very happy and idek why but this is such a nice thing??? bless ur soul i’m going 2 finally have a persona-model aw sik 

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I think Tom's ankles are beautiful too. When I read your comment it warmed my soul and put a smile on my face. I also find his wrists, and especially his hands, beautifully delicate as well. It saddens me when people give flack because you gravitate towards something that others wouldn't find "conventionally beautiful." I like that Tom has both masculine and feminine qualities when it comes to both his features and his sense of style. Thank you for being such an objective and patient blog owner!

Oh thank you for backing me up on this one :) I’m fine with the fact that people have different tastes and like different things. But it’s good to know there are people wh share mine :)

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Dean? I... know that I shouldn't come to you with this but it's my first year of college. Where I live we have some kind of a filter to get in our careers. I passed that filter in a year, I did great. But now... now I'm failing two subjects, and I can't save them. I'm so fluffing mad and sad at me. I've cried a lot between yesterday night and today. Would you give me an advice? Please? I kinda need help.

Coming to me is perfectly fine - sorry it took so long to get back to you, I was offline for a moment. I don’t know how good my advice will be - but I can try. 

I don’t know where you are - but college is college. Sometimes we do really excellent at courses, sometimes we fail at them - miserably. I know from experience - I have failed so many classes in my x number of years in college. And I went from being an almost straight A student in high school. Going from the top to what feels like the bottom can be hard - hell it can be downright terrible. But it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. 

Classes can always be retaken. Yes, it means more money and time spent, but you’ll have a better grasp of the coursework retaking it. It’s okay, it really is. We’re raised in a world that makes us believe that everyone has to be perfect all the time, and that’s just not true in the slightest. 

People fail. All the time. Politicians, celebrities, good samaritans, authors, teachers, parents, homeless folks - we’re a failing species. It just means we have to try again. The only real failure in one’s life is giving up completely.  

It sucks that you’re failing the classes - I’m sorry it’s not coming easily for you. Crying over it is okay, you should feel alright grieving over the loss of a perfect grade or the let down of knowing you didn’t succeed. It may not be a death grief, but it’s still a form of grieving that we experience at the loss of anything like this. Never be afraid of grief in any form. 

But also don’t let it consume you. Let yourself feel it, and then move past it. Use the way it made you feel to better yourself. The other classes you’re taking - work harder at them. The classes you’re failing, try to learn what you can with the time that’s left. Save the textbooks and notes if you can and study over the summer. Find someone that understands the material - even an online friend - and see if they can explain it in an easier manner, so you can be prepared to take the classes again next semester.

The most important thing is to not beat yourself up. Getting mad and sad over it is fine, but don’t let yourself say you are bad or stupid or anything. Because it happens. I’ve failed classes in subjects I know like the back of my hand. It was just a situation that didn’t work out. 

Work to do what you can this summer, and then go into the class retake with your head held high. Believe you can do it. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with just a little confidence and work. Don’t be ashamed of yourself, your mistakes, or the way you feel about them - use the feelings to do what you know deep down you can do.

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