i come back after a big and i see you ok so yea

Leo's in love?

Leo wakes up from a long night of patrolling the city and fighting the foot ninjas. “Ugh, I’m so tired. I think the foot ninjas have been training harder than we have.” He lays back in bed trying to go back to sleep but he can’t. “‘Augh! Can’t fuggin’ sleep. Might as well go out and get something to eat or whatever.” Leo gets up from bed and walks out the door. He makes his way to the refrigerator. He grabs a slice of pizza left over from yesterday and a glass of milk because that’s the only drink they have now. He finishes the pizza in about five minutes and slumps over to the couch. He didn’t notice Morisot there with Eakins. When he saw her, everything changed. It felt like only him and her were the only ones in the world. His heart is beating faster, and he’s a bit sweaty. Am I in love with her? He thought. He wants to say hi to her, but all of a sudden he’s nervous and chokes up before he can say a thing. I.. how? I didn’t feel this way before.. why now?