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Okay, AU where everything is the same except Strelitzia is a small fairy with a massive shield. As in, it would as big as her torso if she was human massive. I'm basically combining those two AU's from yesterday just because they're both kinda ridiculous on their own, but get hilariously absurd when you combine them.

My first thought: Omg, this totally reminds me of the Knight class in Fire Emblem, their shields are so huge they’re attached to their armor!

My second thought: No wait, you know what’s even cooler? Strelitzia in armor in FE9 graphics! Elincia has the PERFECT model for her!

My third thought: Wait no, that is totally not what anon meant. I need to make something that actually shows what they meant.

My fourth thought: I managed to waste my entire evening on that.

My fifth thought: I NEED SLEEP.

Filipina-British-American Immigrant

Hey everyone! I’ve been following this tumblr for a while and I love it. Not only has it addressed problematic representations of Asian people in the past, I have also learned a lot on portraying other non-Asian people of colour. I’m currently working on an alternate universe-dystopian novel where the Cold War turned “hot” but with people of colour as the main characters. I have come across novels that portray this, but it’s often from a white person’s perspective.

While I am fully Filipina by blood, I identify as a Fil-Brit-Am: born in the Philippines, lived in England for 12 years and currently live in America. Below is what I have experienced and/or observed.

Beauty Standards

Just like what some people have said on here, whiter = more attractive. In the Philippines, walk into any beauty store and you’ll instantly see tons of skin-whitening products. With women, pale skin was a beauty staple; with men, being handsome meant being “tall and dark”, but not “too dark”. In England, it was such a double standard. I went to a mainly white secondary/high school where for white girls, it was attractive to have tanned skin (the more tan = more attractive) while girls of colour were seen as the opposite. In America, you were “exotic” (my situation) or shamed.

Daily Struggles/Culture

Oh man. Balancing conservative Filipino values with those of the less conservative English was a struggle, especially going through puberty. While it was normal for my friends to hang out in the park after school everyday, date who they wanted and just get home before it was dark, my parents gave me a strict curfew (always way earlier than when my friends would go home) and pressured me to not date until finishing college. Back then, I resented my parents for what I saw as my lack of freedom. Looking back now, I understand why. We lived in a neighbourhood where crime was relatively high and during the time, it was also where a surge of immigrants from East Asia flowed into the UK. As you can imagine, our presence wasn’t welcomed. My parents were simply trying to protect me.

Dating and Relationships

For a lot of immigrants, education was THE way to progress to a more secure future. During my teenage years, my parents emphasized this with the whole “no dating until you finish college and have at least some form of a stable job”. They mellowed out after some time. In some talks with my mother, she said that my dad and her would prefer me to marry a Filipino because they would have a better understanding of our culture. However, if he is a good man, loving etc, the race wouldn’t matter. 


In England, I discovered staples such as the “English breakfast”, cake with custard, scones, fish and chips, Indian curry while keeping to Filipino dishes at home (adobo, pancit anyone?). Even though I had the option to bring lunch to school, I decided to have meals from the cafeteria. Whether that was from a moment of other children thinking my lunch food was weird or I feared of being seen as different, I can’t remember. In America (with more diverse communities anyway), they’re more open to food of other cultures.

History Repeating in the Workplace

Philippines - you’ve guessed it: colonialism. From beauty standards to power, whiteness is seen as the best. Just like another poster has said, it makes me sad that Filipino culture has been eradicated through the ages and that I never got to experience it.

England and America - Having benefited from colonialism, there is a lot of colonial mentality (though subtle). From stories I’ve been told from my parents and their generation, this is common in workplaces. White people are fine working with people of colour until they hear that a person of colour is applying to be their manager. Then they suddenly have a problem (with the whole mentality of “people of colour can’t be leaders” crap). 

Identity Issues

With three cultures part of my identity, I never really knew what my identity was or even how to identify myself. I always had the feeling of “belonging everywhere and nowhere” at the same time. it was only until last year that I discovered a term for it: third culture kid (or fourth for me I guess). Third culture kids are people who have developed multiple cultures from having lived in multiple places: one from their parents’ culture, one they grew up in and the third being a combination of the two. It has helped me with my depression, as it stemmed from the fact that I had no label to call myself while everybody else seemed to. If you are like me, I would suggest the book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds by Ruth E. Van Reken and David C. Pollock. It helped me a lot.


In England, discrimination was more towards the Asian community (in particular, the Muslim community despite living there for a long time). In secondary school (high school), I had the typical comments of “chink” and talking to me in a mocking Chinese accent. I remember one time when a guy asked me where I was from - I answered “Philippines” and he immediately said, “so basically Japan?” *rolls eyes* 

As I was raised Catholic, the family went to church every Sunday. After some time, due to some pressure from my mother, I became an altar server. We became pretty close to the church community. What I didn’t remember is when we first attended mass, (as my parents told me later) they had openly looked at us with disgust. This shocked me as I couldn’t imagine the church goers being so mean. Talk about “loving your neighbour”. Makes me wonder what would have happened if I didn’t become an altar server…

Things I’d like to see less of

- Asian women being portrayed as submissive, shy, petite or as the Dragon Lady

- Asian women only being seen as scientists (with the whole smart, nerdy Asian trope). What about writers? Mechanics? Musicians? Leaders even?! One of my characters is an Asian woman who is an investigative journalist.

Thing’s I’d like to see more of 

- Asian people being friends with or at least, being respectful towards non-Asian people of colour (in particular, black people). It’s my hope that my generation and the ones after ours will bridge that gap.

- That writers of colour get more representation. 

I look forward to learning more from y'all!!

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

Sunrise (Shooting Star pt.2)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Length: 3k
Warnings: none
Summary: Morning is the softest time of day. Peter Parker is beautiful, and so is her world with him in it.

Note: The promised epilogue!! It’s more of a sequel, as it takes place directly after and is almost identical in length (oops). This time, I even included a messy doodle of fluffy pete! Speaking of fluff, this is nothing but. This is just 3k of tooth rotting romance and I hope y’all enjoy!!! (also fuck indents sorry but it just aint happening this is a bitch to format)


march, 2022.

Waking up in a bed that wasn’t hers was something Y/N hadn’t experienced in a long, long time.

When morning came, it crept slowly over New York’s skyline, resisting the dark pull of winter as the world melted into the pinks and golds of a sweet spring morning. As the sun cleared the horizon, it became warm, and life took to the city that never sleeps. Muffled chatter rose up from the streets below and through the window into a small apartment in Queens.

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Alright so what’s up with this?! You wanna know what’s up with this?!

(i’m getting into conspiracy theories here but man it makes hella sense somehow)

Alright so. All these songs/phrases are outros of their albums. 8 albums so far (although they leave out NIL for the entirety of this but whatever). The Ninth at the end? Oooo-kay, Ruki, I see you.

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Alex. In Lingerie. For Maggie.

So @agtalexdanvers​ wrote this great concept: “um so like….i rly want alex buying lingerie to wear for maggie and feeling a little insecure and awkward in it but maggie’s jaw literally dropping because her girlfriend??? is so??? sexy???”

And @rfb211, @meeshylam​ and @wastingrain​ made a persuasive argument that I should write the thing. So I wrote the thing.

Alex had some sexy ass dresses in her wardrobe. She cleaned up nice – the phrase turned her stomach to butterflies now, since Maggie had said it, that second night, the night she assured her she wasn’t all business, the night she held her hand – and enjoyed it, for the most part. But all that wasn’t terribly functional, and Alex Danvers was nothing if not functional.

So most of her wardrobe – most of her shopping – involved tossing sports bras and basic boy shorts underwear on in combinations ranging from aesthetically pleasing (matching, which she preferred just because) to I-just-got-a-call-about-an-alien-attack-at-3-am-and-threw-on-whatthefuckever.

The first time Maggie Sawyer had taken off her clothes – and the second, and the third (the fourth was an exception – the fourth was after days and days of not seeing each other, not touching each other, because of work, and neither of them could even wait to get to the couch before stripping each other naked) – she had been… the only word that could hope to describe it was reverent.

Slow, deliberate, intentional. Every new patch of skin the removal of Alex’s clothes revealed, Maggie worshipped. Kissed, licked, nipped at, sucked on, kissed again.

She treated Alex like she was the most beautiful woman in all of creation, and she told her as much.

And Alex loved it. (And gave the treatment right back to Maggie.)

But at the end of the day, she wanted to look… sexy…like, intentionally sexy… for Maggie. Not because she felt like she had to, and not because Maggie cared that her clothes were hot, sure, but mostly functional.

But because she liked the way Maggie’s eyes grew wide when she saw Alex in dresses; the way she’d licked her lips at that black bra she’d found in the back of her drawer, from her party days; the way her brain seemed to short circuit that one time Alex had worn a thong (also found in the back of her drawer; laundry day had its advantages, she supposed).

She loved the way Maggie made her feel all the time. And she wanted to feel what it would be like to watch – to feel – Maggie react to her in full-out lingerie.

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small theory that kinda has nothing to do with the main plot but every thumbnail the person who ""died"" is in the thumbnail with their eyes crossed out. the first one: mark, the second: the colonel, the third: celine, the fourth: damien. the second chapter is really when the colonel became insane and """died""" and then the third celine lost her soul and died, and the fourth damien succumbed and died, maybe to save celine but he lost his soul as well and became dark when he combined with celine

f r i ck!!!
~mod b

So many people have talked about and discussed the fact that Rowling’s magical America makes no sense. Many people have made their own headcanons. Here is mine.

World related–wizards as a whole seem to follow muggle government patterns. Most likely European wizards didn’t really start immigrating to the colonies until a few settlements had been established. At this point, wizards weren’t that separate from the muggles/no-majes/whatever. This would change in the 1600s during the salem witch trials. Few actual witches were caught, but it sent them underground, and as loyal citizens of the ministry of magic, they followed the international statute of secrecy (which I have headcanons on that to, but one thing at a time)

The American revolution didn’t really bother American wizards at first. What did they care about taxes for (do wizards even pay taxes??) far more concerning was the ministry’s decision to just…let them go. Like…really? But the ministry was devoted to non-interference, so stayed out of it, therefore, they made macusa. Macusa pretty much stays in Philadelphia cause wizards don’t seem to move around too much.

American wizards have a long tradition of home schooling their children, however, in modern times it’s more common to have day schools, promoted as ‘schools for the gifted’ (the writer of x-men had a wizard sibling)

However, there are 5 prestigious wizarding boarding schools.

The first is Ilvermorny. I’ll give jkr that. Just maybe with less Native American appropriation? Please? Thanks. But it was built to basically be a pseudo hogwarts.

The second is a French school designed to replicate beaxbatons down in the New Orleans bayou. It was acquired by America during the Louisiana purchase. I…kinda want them to teach some voodoo things, but I don’t know enough about voodoo. I’ve been calling it cristalune (crystal moon) because that sounds fancy and French.

The third is similar, a Spanish school that was later acquired, out in the Rocky Mountains. In that it’s literally built into the mountain. I’ve been calling it Mordecabra, a riff on Chupacabra (goat sucker) and making it goat biter instead. Shrug.

The fourth was made during the California gold rush and combines western magic (stuff learned in hogwarts) with Eastern Chinese magic, which I think is fundamentally different. Here’s where my knowledge of language and culture quite possibly REALLY fails, but I’m trying…I’ve been calling it Jinwu, or gold Wu, which google tells me is like a type of shaman.

The fifth I’m again stealing (ish) from jkr and making a Woolworth Wizarding School in New York City, instead of putting the government there. This school is significantly newer, maybe a century or so old by now. It was built to try and rival ilvermorny, and focused some on combining muggle tech and magic.

Also, between Jinwu and Mordecabra is one of the largest wizarding cities in the world, which is where myths about aliens and Area 51 come from. Many large cities have magical undergrounds, with New York having one of the largest by now (just freaking dwarfs diagon alley).

Anti-no-maj sentiment DOES run wild, though purebloods are far rarer. However, a lot of America is not quite as slow to change and develop as Britain, given that it’s just a much newer country.

And yeah. Those are my headcanons.

I think a lot about

Mercury in the First House: how to become
Mercury in the Second House: how to obtain
Mercury in the Third House: how to share
Mercury in the Fourth House: how to secure
Mercury in the Fifth House: how to express
Mercury in the Sixth House: how to improve
Mercury in the Seventh House: how to commit to
Mercury in the Eighth House: how to transform
Mercury in the Ninth House: how to discover
Mercury in the Tenth House: how to achieve
Mercury in the Eleventh House: how to invent
Mercury in the Twelfth House: how to hide

Moon in the First House: my identity.
Moon in the Second House: (my) safe(ty).
Moon in the Third House: (my) aware(ness).
Moon in the Fourth House: my (own) home.
Moon in the Fifth House: my passion.
Moon in the Sixth House: myself.
Moon in the Seventh House: connected/connection.
Moon in the Eighth House: my dark side.
Moon in the Ninth House: my experience.
Moon in the Tenth House: my best self.
Moon in the Eleventh House: (my) original(ity).
Moon in the Twelfth House: my spirituality.

*Some combinations may sound rather strange, but they work, I promise. It was just ridiculously difficult to find words that fit for every single pair. Try to consider more than one sense of the word for your moon’s position.

You sweet thing (Gabriel x plus size!reader)

Request: You write stories? You should make a Gabriel x plus size reader story
Word count: 1042
Warnings: None really, just Gabriel ranting about your beauty.
A/N: I have never written plus size!reader before, I don’t usually specify body types, so any reader could be plus size to me. What’s my point…? Oh yeah, I’m not sure if you wanted the reader to be critical about her body or not, but since that’s what people usually ask for when requesting plus size reader inserts, that’s what I went for. Anyway, I hope I did a decent job and hope you like it!

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Hey sweetheart!” Gabriel jutted happily into the small apartment you shared. In his hands were two bags.“Heya babe,” you said and turned your attention away from the tv to look at your angel.
“Guess what I got?” he asked with that adorable smile you loved so much. He shrugged off his jacket and in a second he was next to you on the couch.
“What did you get, Gabriel?” You kissed his smooth cheek softly.
“I got your favourite!” He pulled out the candies he knew you loved. “Bought them special for you from that little place you like.” Affection for the angel spread in your heart, but along with a slight guilt.

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I felt like everyone needed some sigils today.

The first one is for positive changes and happiness. It’s a combination of the Sowilo rune, as well as the space symbol to channel some of Jade’s positivity.

The second one is for safety and protection. It is a combination of the rune Ingwaz and Dave’s glasses, to channel the protection of the knight class.

The third one is for strength. It combines the Eihwaz rune and Equius’s symbol to channel his strength.

The fourth one is for happiness and comfort. It combines the Wunjo rune and the heart symbol since it deals with emotions.

The last one is for endurance and patience. It combines the Nauthiz rune with Equius’s symbol.

-Mod Duck🐤

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I've always wondered, how did Aegon Viserys go from a sassy but kind little boy who wanted to be a knight and later someone who didn't want his children married together to a man who was willing to risk his entire family to hatch some dragons and allow his grandchildren to marry against their will? It just seems like such a dramatic change and I wonder what happened to him during his reign (yes I know he was stressed out by his lords and kids) to make him change so dramatically!

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Obviously, this question will be answered more thoroughly as the Tales of Dunk and Egg develops as a series, but I don’t think it’s irrational or out of character for Aegon V to go from the boy we’ve met in the first three Tales to the king who perished at Summerhall. For one, it’s not like Egg’s interest in dragons and hatching dragons only started when he was older:

“Someday the dragons will return. My brother Daeron’s dreamed of it, and King Aerys read it in a prophecy. Maybe it will be my egg that hatches. That would be splendid.”

“Would it?” Dunk had his doubts.

Not Egg. “Aemon and I used to pretend that our eggs would be the ones to hatch. If they did, we could fly through the sky on dragonback, like the first Aegon and his sisters.”

Moreover, Yandel makes pretty clear why Aegon had settled on hatching dragons toward the end of his reign:

It was well-known that the resistance against him taxed Aegon’s patience - especially as the compromises a king must make to rule well often left his greatest hopes receding further and further into the future. As one defiance followed another, His Grace found himself forced to bow to the recalcitrant lords more often than he wished. A student of history and lover of books, Aegon V was oft heard to say that had he only had dragons, as the first Aegon had, he could have remade the realm anew, with peace and prosperity and justice for all.

And intent on one more thing: dragons. As he grew older, Aegon V had come to dream of dragons flying once more above the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. In this, he was not unlike his predecessors, who brought septons to pray over the last eggs, mages to work spells over them, and maesters to pore over them. Though friends and counselors sought to dissuade him, King Aegon grew ever more convinced that only with dragons would he ever wield sufficient power to make the changes he wished to make in the realm and force the proud and stubborn lords of the Seven Kingdoms to accept his decrees. 

Aegon had come to the throne an idealist. Having seen the poor lot of the smallfolk in his travels with Ser Duncan, Aegon was doubtless full of ideas of how to better their lives - and now that he was king, he was seemingly in the best position to do so. Yet instead of being hailed as le bon roi, Aegon found grumbles, dissension, even open defiance from lords unwilling to part with the feudal privileges enjoyed for centuries and millennia - a pattern than continued for over a quarter century (Aegon came to the throne in 233 AC, and Summerhall happened in 259 AC). Even his own children - the offspring of his love match with Betha Blackwood, the princes and princesses he might have imagined were the bright hope of his dynasty - defied him, doing as they pleased instead of what he had instructed. I could see where all this really disillusioned Aegon, made him more bitter than the generally happy and good-natured boy of early Tales: he had wanted the best for his people, as he might have seen it, yet his people refused to accept it.

Yandel also notes that Aegon was a “student of history”, and so the king certainly looked fondly at the deeds done by dragonback Targaryens against querulous lords. Sharra Arryn had hidden in the “impregnable” Eyrie, Torrhen Stark had brought a great host down the Neck, and Loren Lannister had joined King Mern Gardener to make a "mailed fist" against Aegon, but each had bent the knee in the face of the Targaryen dragons. When Qhorin Volmark proclaimed himself the rightful heir of Harren Hoare, Aegon rode Balerion to Great Wyk and firmly shut down his rebellion, personally slaying Qhorin. When Jonos Arryn had shut himself up in the Eyrie and killed Lord Ronnel, it had been Prince Maegor on Balerion that had ended the kinslayer’s rebellion. When the Starks had grown restless in the reign of Jaehaerys I, it had been the king’s visit to Winterfell with “six dragons and half his court” (and Queen Alysanne’s visit to the wall on Silverwing) that had “quietly but firmly put the Starks back in their place.

There was also recent history that might have convinced him of the inherent weakness of a post-dragon Targaryen monarchy. His own father had been one of the great heroes of the First Blackfyre - a conflict where notable lords had nearly put a pretender on the Iron Throne, in defiance of Daeron and his line. He himself had been at the center of the abortive Second Blackfyre, and had distinguished himself in combat in the Third and in leadership in the Fourth - all featuring lordly Houses (albeit fewer and mostly less notable every time) openly defying the established monarchy. King Maekar had even been killed by rebellious bannermen at Starpike - the only king to be killed in battle by his fellow Westerosi. Combining this history and his lords’ defiance, Aegon might have concluded that the writ of House Targaryen simply did not carry the weight it once did - and the classic Targaryen answer to this problem was dragons.

(It also probably goes without saying that I don’t think Aegon thought he was risking his entire family at Summerhall. Again, he certainly believed, even from a young age, that it was truly prophesied that a dragon would hatch again. Unfortunately, it’s been left - purposefully - ambiguous what exactly Aegon was basing whatever happened at Summerhall on, but something had convinced him that this was that prophetic moment. There would be no danger, because everything would turn out as had been prophesied - a sentiment shared, with disastrous consequences, by his great-grandson.)

As far as the marriage of Aerys and Rhaella goes, I talked about this a little before. I don’t think it was so much Aegon forcing his Targaryen grandchildren to wed as the future Jaehaerys II firmly believing in its necessity and Aegon being too worn out from over two decades of fighting defiance and too convinced himself of the importance of prophetic conclusions to put up a fight about it.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

not a date

A/N: Guys, I’m so so so sorry about how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything! I’m only on my second week of school and it’s already kicking my ass. All my professors are hard asses this semester. I’m really sorry, but maybe expect fewer pieces from now till my next break. Also, I decided to make this one on the longer side and combine two asks, since the prompts are all along the same lines.

#8: “Just pretend to be my date.”

#9: “He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

#10: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

#11: “It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

#12: “No no—it’s alright, come here.”

summary: Your friend told her new boyfriend that you would go on a double date with them and you enlist Barry’s help.

pairing: barry allen x reader

Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

“You did what?!” you scream into the phone, nearly dropping your can of pop all over your couch.

“I’m sorry,” she tells you on the other end. You can practically feel her wincing. “I just panicked because I really want to go out with him somewhere nice but I feel awkward since we just started getting serious.”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Fine, fine. When is the date scheduled?”


Tomorrow?!” you shout again. She apologizes once again and you tear her a new one, angrily yelling for the next fifteen minutes.

“Barry!” you exclaim as he zips past you and up the stairs at the CCPD to his lab. You hurry after him, since he just sends you a questioning look and keeps jogging up the stairs. “I’m glad I caught you so quickly!”

“What’s up?” he asks, walking into his lab and going to the computer immediately.

“I need you to go on a double date with me.”

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BTS Tarot Card Reading: JiHope (Friendship)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional reader okay I’m a beginner. I’m only doing this for fun and entertainment. I am in no way trying to make correct predictions on the future. If it does comes to pass then wow….I’m shook. Other than that all this stuff I’m about to say and do is all fun and games. Do not take me seriously. I repeat do not take this seriously.

Okay so I don’t know this reading touched me and confused me at the same time. But the friendship is still beautiful. One of my first favorite ships. Anyways so I asked the cards to give me insight into their friendship. These are the cards I got.

I got the Four of Swords this card means like your having a hard time or you’re working hard and you need a break. As you seen in the card the man is taking a rest. It also mean could be a reflection or mental restoration. I felt like this card was talking about Jhope and Jimin I felt like they were both burnt out on the trainee life. They both have shared their difficulties with Jhope getting stressed and going to the doctor with stomach issues. And Jimin always living in fear of not making it in the group. So I believe they bonded and developed through these experiences.

The second Card is Two of Cups I’m going to ignore this romantic underlying and read it as a friendship meaning which is a great bonding friendship with balance. Equality, love, respect, sharing and harmony. This can represent supportive partnership, coming to a compromise, mutual support of a friendship. This card is also in regards to emotional support and understanding. This card touched me because it hit me that through those dark times they were there for each other. They bonded through those dark times together and I feel like Jimin helped get Jhope through the difficulties he was facing in his personal life. And he helped Jimin also through his tough time.

The third card is Two of Pentacles means balance, dualism, and partnership in regards to material possessions. In friendship reading it can mean that these two friends mutually support each other. Also like it could be mean juggling two things in life. It does mean that everything in the friendship is okay but can be better. I felt like this card was trying to say they help each other jungle or balance work and play.

The fourth card is Ace of Cups that wonderful emotional card again that we got for Yoonkook friendship reading. This card is signifying healing, love, and grace. Washing away whatever is holding you back from loving and living. In friendship reading I found it could also mean all is well in the friendship with no foreseen problems or gossip. I felt like there is a lot of healing and love going on between them both. I always felt like this was a very spiritual card. I really think all the members of BTS has some sort of spiritual connection.

The fifth card is the Page of Wands represents adventures, inspired, new ideas, creative endeavours. This person is very excited and willing to embark on new adventures. He is healthy and full of vital energy. He is learning to use his energy to meet his goals. This sounds like Jimin and Jhope both excited to work on new projects together.

So  I pulled more cards as usual I could have really stopped here. I got the base of the friendship already. But I was curious about that first card I wanted more insight to see if I was reading that card right. Because it’s sort of a dark card and I was getting more Jhope vibes from it then Jimin. The reason why I got the Jhope vibes because I felt like he been through alot with everything he said in Hey Mama. Also the members mentioning he wasn’t always as bright and happy as he appears now. So I was hoping to get a little more insight to that.

So the first two cards Seven of Swords is that sneaky card. Also signifies that someone one has done something behind your back to cause mistrust. And it has affected the way you think and trust people. In a friendship reading it said that there could be a rift in your group of friends. I also kinda read this as a past tense card. I felt I was right about how I interpreted the first card. Something in the past that had to with deception, theft, or sneakiness that was done to them made them exhausted with life. And they found rest and restoration in each other. I know there is a lot of dark things that happen to idols during trainee periods. I’ve heard dark stories from a lot of different groups so dark things do happen to them behind the camera.

The second two cards Two of Cups paired with The Hangman. The Hangman I usually interpret this card as a card of sacrifice and a spiritual card. The Hangman is described as letting go, sacrifice, and achieving a new point of view. Card of patience, contemplation, and release.

This card also warns not to control the present situation and make peace with uncertainty. Also signaling that it’s time for someone to get in touch with the spiritual aspect of themselves. I felt like this card paired with the Two of Cups as Jimin and Jhope are making sacrifices in their friendship and also in their lives to be in BTS. I think the sacrifices are compromises to keep their friendship balanced. That comprise part I picked that up from the Two of Cups.

The third two cards this Moon Card always confuses me which is funny because it’s what the card represents. It can also mean there is something the universe does not want us to know at this time. I feel like there is some sort of confusion to how they are juggling the friendship and work. Or something in the relationship has some sort of confusion or something about the friendship the universe don’t want us to know about. Yeah it was hard trying to get what these two cards combined was saying.

The fourth two cards that Four of Cups again this card is starting to get hard for me to interpret again like I have the most loving card combined with the card of ignore and bored. I’m feeling like they love each other but they are ignoring each other a little. The reason I say this because I’ve been watching the interaction between these two and now recently I don’t see a lot of interaction between them anymore like I use to. I see Jhope interacting more with Suga and Jin than Jimin. And I see Jimin interacting more with Tae and Jungkook and even Suga at times. Like I feel like my first love ship is dying. I don’t know what is going on. Maybe that’s why The Moon card is there cause maybe they just as confused as me to why they acting like they can’t talk. LOL Okay I want my Jihope flirting back!

Onto the fifth two cards Page of Wands and Six of Wands. The Six of Wands represent recognition, promotion, praise, self confidence. Also saying how they worked hard and receiving recognition for their accomplishments. Also a card warning them not to get cocky about it. I felt like these two cards was saying that, they are proud of their work together. They are looking forward to doing more work together. They are young and have the energy to do so.

Okay so basically they bonded for their hardships. They have good friendship that is doing okay at the moment.

Okay so I don’t want to say this but it’s what I’ve been picking up on in my research and piecing things together. From the Moon card, Hangman card, Page of Wangs, and Four of Cups there has been this common theme among them that has been saying find new friends. Or think about friends that you might need to let go of. Or have you been ignored by someone? Are these people really your friends? I honestly feel that the cards are telling Jhope to go out and make new friends because I don’t think something in this friendship with Jimin is going to satisfy him.

The reason I think it’s Jhope because we have all seen how Jimin started pulling away from Jhope. Like example how Jhope would make a joke and try to be funny and Jimin would just look at him like he is over him. Even when Jhope would be affectionate towards Jimin, Jimin would just look at him like you’re too much stop. Even though we tend to laugh those little interactions off I feel like those are little clues or insight into something. I also think Jimin is pulling away because his mind is occupied with his little love life on the side with Taehyung. LOL. Do I think they are communicating about this no not right now because I see no swords in the cards that represent communication in the present or future tense. I see the swords in the past where I feel they did a lot of communication that formed their bond.

So that’s what I got from that reading. Hmmm I really want to do a romantic reading on them because of those underlying romantic cards. 

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Anyways I hope you enjoyed it. I’m taking suggestions but can you please keep them within BTS. I’m not ready to read other groups just yet. Inbox me your request. Thanks for all the love! I mean it! See ya in the next reading. Bye.

Holy shit AXZ Episode 13

Okay, AXZ episode 13. Only a day and a half late because reasons. This is actually a combination of my thoughts from the raw and from subs, because hey boy there is a lot of stuff going on here. Seriously, it took me two and a half hours for all of this, and most of it isn’t even baseless speculation! Spoilers below.

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rank the mane 6 from your favorite to least favorite?

Good question!
I’m not sure to rank them…either by design or my character? So I’ll try my best and combine the two…

I love Pinkie the most out of the mane 6 actually, even though her character is written poorly at times. I love Pinkie-centric episodes and I love her cute coloring.

Twilight will probably come second. Her coloring isn’t very original but I love her character overall and I relate to her a lot.

Applejack for me will come in third- I love her simple colors and her entire family and her centric episodes.

I’ll put Rarity in fourth- I love her colors and design but her episodes can be either some of my favorites or quite repetitive.

I’ll put Fluttershy second to last as some of you know that pegasi are my least favorite species (ever since I started collecting as I could never draw their wings). Her yellow color is cute but again her episodes can be repetitive.

Rainbow Dash is my least fav as, although I do like her colors, being a pegasi  hurts her in my opinion and her episodes are meh to me. I think she can be a jerk sometimes.

Thank you Boyd noticers

This is a 1 am side note as I’m trying to fall asleep but I just wanted to say I love the people who love Boyd because I feel like they appreciate the most the progression of his character development over the series, and the effort put into that.

Boyd is one of those people who is fine being in the background so even though he’s an MC, with that combined with his unreliable narration he doesn’t put much effort into selling his merits. If anything, he downplays and denigrates things in his mind and thus in his POV.

I’m the sort of reader and writer who likes it when there are new aspects that are noticed in the second or third reread that weren’t as noticeable the first time, so I have fun trying to build that story for the second, third, fourth time or more.

So I love people who love Boyd because I feel like for the Boyd parts of that specific character building and relationship building and series progression, based on things I’ve seen said they seem more likely to have noticed those things and appreciate them. Which means someone gets it, which is cool.

Btw by pointing out Boyd stuff, that isn’t me saying there isn’t progression with other characters (there definitely is) or that people who like other characters more don’t notice things because they definitely do :) Expressing my love or appreciation for one thing does not automatically equate to being against another thing. I feel like I need to specify that because the Internet can be weird sometimes.

All I want to say is that I appreciate the people who take the time to notice the layers and development for Boyd because it was something I was very careful about representing in writing his story so it’s nice to know the effort was seen by anyone :) It means it all makes sense to someone else and wasn’t me just over complicating life as always lol, which is a really cool thing for me to know too as a writer going forward. It means if I do that in another story, someone might actually notice it :)

Am I even making sense I mean it’s 1 am I should probably not be on Tumblr lol


How to make Tiramisu.

The first thing to do is to make the coffee soaking syrup. I made a strong coffee, approximately 150ml worth, and added 30g sugar. Place in a fridge and once cooled, I added 50ml disaronno, however this is optional. 

To make the marscapone cream, there are three stages. 

First, whisk 200g double cream until firm peaks. Set aside. 

Make the Sabayon. Sabayon is basically like an Italian meringue made with egg yolk. Place 3 egg yolk in a mixer with a whisk attachment. In a pan, bring to the boil 60g sugar and 40ml water. At this stage, start whisking the yolks. Once the liquid has been boiling for approximately 5 minutes, (it should’ve reduced by almost half) pour this into the whisking yolk by dribbling it down the inside of the bowl. It is important that the liquid does not hit the moving whisk- since it will splash everywhere and potentially make sugar nests! Allow the mixture to whisk until it forms a ribbon like consistency. (See third photo.)

The second stage is to combine the sabayon and mascarpone. In a separate bowl, weigh 200g mascarpone. Beat this with a rubber spatula to make smooth. To this, add roughly 1/3 of the sabayon and beat with the spatula until fully incorporated. Once smooth, add the remaining sabayon.  

Lastly, fold in the whisked double cream in two halves. It is important not to fold in all the double cream in one go- as it will lose the aeration. (See fourth photo for finished cream.)

To build the tiramisu, I cut out the sponge with a round cutter which fit the individual moulds. Line the base with the sponge and using a pastry brush, I soaked the sponges with the coffee syrup. I then piped a layer of the mascarpone cream, followed by another layer of soaked sponge. The second layer of mascarpone cream is the top, so I decided to pipe a pattern- it usually looks rather nice once the cocoa powder is dusted on. 

Place in the fridge for at least an hour, and this can be enjoyed on the day, or even the day after. 

you deserve the best.

- ✼ -

You get as comfortable as you can in the rigid airport chair, and then you uncap your pen.

Dearest    Hi Yzu    Dear Yuzuru,

I’m sitting in the airport right now, so I’m writing this simply because I have nothing else to do. Just kidding! I’m writing because I miss you. There’s a one-hour layover for my flight to New York - my last dance audition. But after all this is over, we’ll visit each other more often. I promise.

You’re probably already on your way for your next competition - not sure of the name, was it World Championships? Well, you must be feeling pretty nervous. But just remember those words you told me once: people get what they deserve. We both know how hard you’ve worked… and I know that you will execute a perfect quad salchow this time, because that’s what you deserve after all the falls, the countless hours of repetition, the bruises and the tears and the scars.

After you’re done with your competition and I’m done with my performances, we’re going to go watch the sunset together, like we used to every evening. Remember those days? Remember how I used to smack you when you got sand on my dress, how we used to stay on the beach until we finished counting the stars, how we used to walk home together in silence and bliss? I’m not sure what I ever did to deserve such wonderful memories! And sometimes I wonder if you miss those moments as much as I do… I didn’t really notice the pain, back when we would call each other every night. But now that we only speak once a week if we’re lucky… I can’t help but wish things could go back to the way they were before. Back to the days when you’d laugh a little harder, but I’d laugh a little longer. 

Some days I can’t help but think, you know…  maybe it’s not a good   should we keep   is this really what we   never mind, I don’t know how to say it…. Either way I want you to know that your happiness means the world to me, so I just - oh it’s time to board. Anyway, good luck at your competition, you’ll do gr 

You look up as you hear the voice that makes your heart flutter.

It should have been a happy moment when you see him - little suitcase, Pooh tissue box, skates and all. If things were different you would have yelled his name, abandoned your bags, and hugged him from behind. Instead your heart drops so fast that you feel sick.

The girl is clinging to his arm, and they’re laughing together. He laughs harder, she laughs longer. She’s smiling up at him too sappily to pass as his mother or coach.

Briefly you wonder whether you’re finally getting what you really deserve - is it for not showing up at his performance the day you had a dance recital, or for not being able to remember the names of all the jump combinations he would talk so passionately about? Or was it because you logged off first that time, when it was 4 am in your time zone? Perhaps even because you were not the first, but the fourth, to wish him a happy birthday?

He looks up.

So you smile, wave, try not to cry. Blink the hurt away.

He deserves to be happy.


I’ve been going through a horrid Pokémon binge for roughly a month now and it’s gotten to this bloody point that I wanted to sketch some dumb Pokémon ideas of my own. As you might’ve guessed, the main reason behind these were my personal luv for odd type combinations. The first one’s quite obviously based on city pigeons and rats, the second one’s a mix of anglerfish and frogfish, the third one seems to be a firedancing matchstick and the fourth one’s a bit of a mish mash between various bugs, but primary influences came from praying mantises and death’s-head hawkmoths.