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the ONLY thing you've said that's indicating you could be LGBTQ is that you wouldn't date men because it's inconvenient to you. You choose to be straight so you can benefit from privilege but claiming to be LGBTQ when it's useful to win arguments. That's worse than being legitimately heterosexual because you use your sexuality as a free pass to safe spaces but can take it off like a costume when you don't want to be oppressed anymore.

and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling anons


Intro: Okay so I am super excited about this fic, I love it so much and am quite proud of it. 

The idea for it came from @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse​‘s fic, Imagine Fainting in the Medbay (go read it it is absolutely amazing).  So all the credit goes to them for writing the original story, but as I read it one part really inspired me: 

“You’d been sent on away mission, and come under fire, and when you finally beamed aboard, all in one piece except for some bruising, Bones had grabbed you roughly by the upper arms and admonished you never to terrify him like that again. And then he’d kissed you. You’d been inseparable ever since” 

A story started forming in my head as soon as I read it so I asked if I could use that snippet and make it into a full fic.  

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Triggers: being shot at, description of a wound (that’s about it)

Summary: see above snippet from the original story. Because I just took that idea and made it longer and with more detail. 


The sound of phaser shots rang out around you and you ducked as one landed near your head, making the stone crumble above you.  Adrenaline coursed through you and you felt your heart racing as you attempted to make your way over to the unconscious ensign with a large gash in his chest.  He was about 50 feet away when your com beeped.  Your eyes continued to survey the scene and you put one foot in front of the other as you flipped open your com, clutching your your med kit to your chest as if it would protect you from the aliens.  

“Y/N!” You heard someone shout from the other side of the com. 

“I’m here!” You said back, yelping as another shot hit the ground a few feet in front of you. 

“Are you alright?” The voice said, and you now recognized it as Leonard. 

Leonard, aka Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer, was your boss and one of the best doctors you ever worked with.  As a nurse you were usually under-looked and underappreciated but since the day you first met Leonard, he always respected you and treated you like an equal.  Well almost always.  And when he didn’t you made sure you set him straight.  

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Thank the stars.” Leonard’s voice sounded strained. 

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I've Been Inspired

Okay story time really quick.
So basically I live in the UK, and before One Direction the big boyband was JLS. I don’t think they’re particularly well known outside of the UK and Ireland though.
Anyways, I was listening to their first album for the nostalgic value, and one of their songs inspired me so I’m gonna write a preference about it at some point.
It’s called Close To You and basically I’m about to write a long ass pref about 5SOS going on tour.

You might wanna listen to it before I post the pref!

Close To You:


Email / commission update

I made a new email for payments and art-related business. You can use it for things like commission inquiries and references, freelance proposals, reporting misuse of my work on other platforms… Or any other questions or comments you might have.

New email : artbydins@gmail.com

Commissions are closed for now, but I’ll let you all know when I re-open them.

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Flufflet of Bucky and Tony having an "I can watch over Steve better than you can"-off.

“I saved his life!" 

"That hardly counts, Barnes! He only needed saving because you were trying to kill him!”

“Guys, is this really necessary? We’re closing in on the target and I need to know who has my ten.”

“Shut up, Steve.”

“Don’t tell him to shut up! He’s your superior, you asshole!”

“Say that again, Robocop!”

“Don’t mean to interrupt this custody battle, but you do know you’re doing this over open coms, right?" 

"Barton, I am this close to blasting you!”

“Tch. Too hot-headed for your own good, Stark. You’re a damn liability!”

“Whatever. I’ve never tried to kill him." 

"Really? You managed to drop him from a thousand feet on the mission yesterday!”

“I caught him! I can fly!”


“That’s a lot of smugness coming from an old man with a tin arm." 

"Says the guy in the crappy metal suit.”

“Cra…? That’s it. Jarvis, arm rockets!" 

"Again, I am really enjoying this pissing contest, but we’re under fire and Tash just saved Steve from getting stabbed by that dude.”

“If you want to have his back you better work for it, boys!”

“I don’t need a damn bodyguard! Now will you all start acting like a team?”

“Aye aye, Captain!" 

"Barton, shut the fuck up.”