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Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


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Favourite Villain + Supergirl

       ↳ General Astra

rinse the blood off my space toga

“Can I see? Wait, there’s no shafts? it just.. grows in two colours?”
“Er. Not exactly.”
“The other humans’ plumage isn’t near this bright. Are you a born leader?”
“HAH. no.”
“It signifies caste, then? Or a mating display?!”
“Not even close. I went out and paid an artisan to apply a harsh chemical to rip out my natural colouration, then apply this artificial one.”
“That sounds.. unpleasant.”
“Yeah it burned like a <<dog?>>, my scalp was tender for days after.”
“If it doesn’t create any advantages, what’s the point?”
“Ah, it just looks <<rutting>> <<cold>>. What other reason do we need?”
“..humans are weird. .. .. .. do you think it would work on feathers?”


It’s pretty normal to get some habits from your folks, but I couldn’t help but think Shou would be worried about it.
Shou, buddy, pal. Yain’t your dad and nobody thinks you are.


i know everyone is doing these but fuck it blizzard gave my boy an undercut and you expect me to just sit on my ass about it??


Dancing with the Devils

Demonic Guardians AU belongs to starfleetrambo


jess mariano appreciation week // day one >>> favourite season


Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

to jungkook 

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks

Castaway, 5 Seconds of Summer ~ first chorus

I have synesthesia - a condition causing my senses to get mixed up - resulting in my ability to see sounds. A lot of people ask me what it looks like, so I thought I’d share parts of some of my favourite songs so other people can experience it too

monochrome | minhyuk

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genre: angst, fluff, soulmate au

word count: 1.9k

anonymous asked: Hey you! Your soumate au will be a series? They are great!! I really really want to see one with minhyuk!!


You were walking down the street one day, everything in colour. Roses were red and yellow; the grass was as green as ever. Suzy, your friend, was talking about how amazing her soul mate was.

“That’s great,” you tell her as you both walk to the bookshop.

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