i colored this omfg

i really loved this color wheel thing in 2015 and i wanted to (and subsequently forgot) do one at the end of last year, so i decided last night to put a new one together!

last year i was SO dedicated to portraiture and i grew a lot. i didn’t intentionally work with any specific palettes, but i noticed near the end of the year i used more and more cooler colors. so i didn’t work with very warm green tones or reds throughout the year, and i’m looking to change that this year to help my range a little more!

Something I just thougt:
a DGM AU where everything is the same except that Allen find out that he and Nea in the past were dating and when he finally find it out Nea says in his head ‘‘Well…Now you understand why I make so many jokes about being inside of you like in the good old days’’

Welp… I was planning to just redrawn the Screencap of Yuuri.  But during the progress, the picture felt so lonely so I added Viktor in there… (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I don’t like coloring…I tried…  (´_`。)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Viktor~~

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TV Anime 『Magic Kyun! Renaissance』 Insert Song 「Shiny color」/Tsukushi Monet(CV: Aoi Shouta) Audio Video

Release date: 2016/12/14


clois + supercat parallels: the lack of resemblance