i colored it in


make me choose ▷ @rey-yodaasked padme or rey
                  You will remove these restraints,
                                    and leave this cell with the door open.

what a beautiful day to remember that Daisy Johnson is still the MCU’s first female protagonist


Iwaoi - Beachvolleyball

A wonderful collab I did with @mahameni !!!
Hen did the amazing lineart for Oikawa and the beautiful coloring for Iwaizumi. I did Iwiazumi’s lineart and Oikawa’s coloring


Yōkai!AU I blame @criscura

Once we were talking about various possible AUs and the “Saitama inherits old, traditional tea house” was dropped. Then I went “WHAT IF IT WAS HAUNTED”

And it somehow went there. What if Genos was the annoying ghost/demon haunting that house. I kind of wanted him to have a ball-jointed-doll-like  body, to keep with the theme of Genos not having hormal, human one body.

He’s probably surprised that Saitama not only can see him, but isn’t even scared.