i colored his eyes normal kinda

Making Victuuri

A world where people can fuse with others they have a strong, personal connection with, be it friendship or love. Fusions are usually easy to spot, having two-colored natural hair, split-colored eyes and usually something normal people don’t have (like flecks of gold in their skin) and they can be breathtakingly beautiful. An AU made for the express purpose of using @zephyrine-gale ‘s ungodly GORGEOUS Victuuri Fusion. Kinda short, but i was having Feelings.

Yuuri’s first fusion was with Phichit, back in Detroit. It was during practice, when Yuuri was having a particularly bad day, finding himself unable to nail a certain jump. Phichit had offered trying so he could show him through his own body. They had become close enough friends that it worked and Yuuri was able to do the jump after. Yuuri remembered the fusing being as easy as stepping into the onsen at home.

Fusing with Victor was different. It was infinitely better.

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Rebel Without a Cause

Here is a fic I wrote to go with my Rebel! Eddie HC. I plan on writing more one shots like this and put them in a collection on here and AO3. Also I am trying to get back into writing and if you have any pointers feel free to message me.

Disclaimer I do not own these characters or the story of It

Eddie paced around the room back and forth, going between states of pure rage and utter despair. After the fight with Pennywise he had told the Losers that his mom had been lying to him his whole life. That his medication were all gazebos (Ben tried to tell him they were called placebos but he was too mad to listen) and that he had never actually been a sickly kid.

“I-I-I JUST CANT BELIEVE SHE WOULD LIE LIKE THAT TO ME!” Eddie screamed in a fit of rage turning toward Beverly and Richie, then went back to pacing. They had gone back to Richie’s house because they knew his parents wouldn’t bother them and Bev wasn’t quite ready to go back to her empty home. “Like, she’s, she’s, my mom ya know.” He turned back towards Richie and Bev, tears starting to roll down his face, clinging tightly together in thick quiet streams. “She is supposed t-t-to love me. To help me gro-grow,” He choked back a sob trying to at least get the words out from the open vent that his mind had turned into. “and help me learn, not lie to me.” At the last word he managed before he fell to his knees, hitting the carpeted ground so hard that Richie was sure he would bruise.

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BTS Vampire Reaction To Hanging Out On Halloween

Anonymous said: can i get a reaction from piper where it’s halloween and how you spend it with the boys? (vampire au please)! and i love your work piper! thank you in advance! 🤙🏽😤

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

Jin would mindessly eat chocolate as you two would watch vampire based movies on the couch (you of course make him do this). “I’m not even like this! These vampire things are so stereotypical!” He would huff out, munching on the food he didn’t need to eat. His eyes kinda started to get red, when he was mad his eyes would go a bright blood red color. “Oh baby, calm down! I know you aren’t like this, it’s just a movie.” you coo. “I think we’ve watched enough movies for the night huh?” you ask, making the blood red in his eyes come down back to his normal brown.  

Min Yoongi/Suga:

Yoongi liked to scare all the little kids on Halloween. You would hand out candy and Yoongi would hop out from the side of the building, fangs bulging and eyes a bright yellow, cat shape. He would hiss at the children and make them scream and run away. “Babe you got a little bit of red on your teeth!” you would point out, hoping no one notices the obvious red splotches on his teeth. “It adds to my look!” he whined, having blood on his face and nose now too. He must’ve been eating while there was an absence of kids.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

Hoseok loved Halloween, even before he got turned. As a little boy he had always dressed up as a vampire and know he was one, which made him even happier as an adult. So what better to do, then decorate for Halloween on October 1st? He would hand out candy to kids in an old looking vampire costume nad smile with his fangs out. He saw another vampire boy and the little boy had a 30 minute conversation about how cool and real his fangs looked and how his mom wouldn’t get cool ones like his. “Well you mom probably doesn’t want you to scare the pee out of anyone, because you almost scared the crap out of me!” Hoseok said to the little boy. “I guess so, but thank you mister!”

Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

You two would go to a Halloween party your friend invited you two to. Namjoon had no clue what to be so you suggested he be himself and he stated ‘I can’t go as a rapp- oh! You mean a vampire! Ok that’s good!”. The whole night you two played drinking games and ate food, it was awesome for you, but for Namjoon it wasn’t as amazing, he wished he had brought a pint with him, because that could get him going more than vodka ever could.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

Jimin would treat Halloween as a day to drink,  hefty amount of blood. It’d be around 11 pm when you said you were going to bed ,hoping he would join son, but he never did. It was around 3 am when you left your bed to get a glass of water when you see Jimin laying on the couch with empty blood bags and some blood on his face and a little on the ground. “Come to bed-eh! Jimin you spilt blod on thee ground!” you would whine. “Sorry hun, I hurt myself, I’m coming to bed.” He grunted. Once he made it to the room he collapsed on the bed and snugged up to you.

Kim Taehyung/V:

Taehyung found Halloween as a risky day, and he loved it. He would hunt in pure sight on Halloween, it gave him a certain edge.  “Taehyung you need to quit that shit! You might get caught!” you yelled at him, pushing him away. “I think you should keep your hands to yourself y/n.” he hissed at you, his eyes went from brown to a light gray. “Maybe you should go hunt out in the middle of the day and get caught!” you yell back. “Fuck you!” he called back “I think you should stay with the boys tonight.”

Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook:

Jungkook was born in the 70′s, he should be an adult by now, forty just about. Jungkook used to go to Halloween parties when he was a teen, but now being 19 forever, parties weren’t the thing he worried about. He hated Halloween on October 31st 1995, he went to a old dance studio with a couple of his friends. His friends found an old piano and knew he played, so they told him about it. he started playing, but soon into his solo, he was held down by his so called ‘friends’. He got bit and was changed, and every Halloween he would go back to that old dance studio and scream and cry about how dirty he was played by the boys he used to stand by. But, this year. it fucked with him really bad. He took a baseball bat to anything that would break easily and smashed the place to pieces and vowed to never go back to that building. But every year on Halloween he would cuddle up to you and cry about how he just wanted to grow old with you.

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Faded Blue - Ch26: Exploration


Once, a Gem ran away from Homeworld, adopted Earth as her home, fell in love with a human rockstar, and had a child.

That Gem was Blue Diamond.

Now twelve years old, Steven is coming into his power… but the more he learns about it and his mother’s legacy, the less he may actually want it.

Master Post with AO3 and FF.net links can be found here.


It was a bright, sunny morning as Amethyst soared above the beach. It was empty, aside from a small green-brown speck moving towards the Temple’s fence. She peered down curiously; then all her feathers fluffed when she recognised the speck as Connie.

What’s she doing here? It’s not the right day… Is it?

Amethyst flapped her wings in a shrug. Wasn’t like human time schedules made much sense to her anyhow.

Connie had laced her fingers through the fence’s chains, pressing her face right up to it, and calling out, “Amethyst? Ameeeeeethyst! Are you here?”

If Amethyst had had lips right then, she would’ve smirked.

Instead, she let out a high pitched screech, and dived.

Connie had only a second to look up, her eyes widening behind her glasses. She screamed as Amethyst’s claws reached down to her—

— and the screams broke into choking giggles as Amethyst dug into her hair, wings flapping wildly.

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Snake charm, Requested.

i dont own the image used, all credit goes to the creator. 

Kyle looked down on his phone and checked the time

“okay so…3 more hours, gotta find a gift before that or she’ll get mad…or are you supposed to give gifts ? what about flowers…but she said she dont want flowers…”

Kyle sighed “ill just get her a nice necklace or something…jewelry is always good” he cheered up and headed to the closet jewelry store

The doorbell rang as he entered and the woman behind the counter smiled at him

“Welcome, can i help ?”

“Oh…yeah, i’m looking for a necklace for someone”

“Oh ? do you know what this person likes ?” she giggles

“i do have an idea in mind yeah, i was looking for something animal themed kinda ?”

“Oh ? like a cat or dog ?”

“Nah, she works in a pet shop and has a pet snake so i figured something like that, you know like two snakes crossing or something like that”

“Oh!” she smiles and heads in the back room and gets out a silver necklace with two snakes on it’’

“Something like this ?”

Kyle looks at it and scratches his head “I mean…that was what i had in mind…”

“You’re not the first one, a lot of people like it”

Kyle nodded slowly “How much ?”

The woman looks at the tag “Around…100$ is that okay ?”

“Hm…i guess it is” Kyle pays for the necklace as the woman puts it in the box and hands it to him

“Want it wrapped or something ?”

“Nah, i’m fine but thanks” Kyle smiles at the woman who smiles back

“Take care” she says as Kyle walks out of the shop and checks the time

“Well, that took…20 minutes…ugh…and i dont really wanna go home but she said to meet her at the park…..ill head over now i guess…”

Kyle shrugged and started to head over to the park, Even though it was already autumn it was still relatively warm outside and the trees in all different colors kinda made it a bit more special

“Hmm…i guess autumn is okay…as long as its not raining at least” Kyle picked up a fallen leaf on the ground and looked at it for a few seconds before throwing it away

Kyle looked around and spotted a little kiosk and headed over to it

Kyle went inside and got himself something to drink and something to eat and went over to the spot where they were supposed to me, a bench right next to the pond, kinda secluded  away from everyone else as well

Kyle sat down on the bench and got out his phone again

“2 more hours…damn…this is gonna get boring, i should have gone home and just waited but…meh..” Kyle sighed and lied down on the bench with one foot hanging out

“Bored bored bored….” Kyle checks his phone debating to text the girl or not but after 10 minutes of mindless thinking he drops it

“i cant…im going to look desperate if i text her, she said 18.00 so ill just have to wait”

Kyle takes a sip of his drink as the jewelry box falls down on the ground

“damn it…” Kyle sits up and picks up the box and opens it to look at the necklace

“why snakes…? i mean…i dont hate snakes but like…well…not my place to question i hope she likes it…” he picks it up from the box and looks at it in more detail

“Like…it looks kinda cool i guess”

Kyle laughs quietly to himself

“i hope she likes it….”

Kyle smiles and looks out over the pond then back at the necklace

“hmm…maybe i should try it on…if she likes it maybe she wants me to get one…or something like that….maybe i’m insane thinking to deeply into it”

Kyle shrugs and puts the necklace on then takes a bad selfie with it on

“Uhm…i look like a poser but…yeah it’s kinda cool” Kyle smiles as he notices something

One of the heads on the necklace is shining a gentle red color

“oh..cool, it has diamonds in it, probably why it cost that much”

“Oh wait…uhm…snakes…i think they are considered luck in some places ? maybe ? i think so ? maybe Egypt ?…snakes and Egypt ? makes sense…or was it like some Asian country…i dont remember” Kyle shrugs and tries to take of the necklace when he notices something weird

“Huh ?” Kyle strokes his hand across his neck but…the cord is gone

“what ?” Kyle tries again but still no cord he then looks down at his chest and sees that both snake heads are now shining a gentle red color

“Huh ? how…how is it in place without the cord ?”

Kyle touched the necklace with his finger as he feels a strange burning feeling in his hand and notices the necklace slowly fusing into his skin slowly turning into some kind of tattoo or marking…

“What the…? wait ? what ? wait wait wait wait….WHAT ?!”

Kyle rubs his hands against the tattoo but nothing happens instead he starts to feel something weird

His legs have turned numb

Kyle stands up from the bench but once he does he just falls down as his legs wont support him anymore

“What is this ? for real ?”

Kyle slaps his legs a few times but nothing happens

“Ah crap…” He looks around furiously and takes of his pants and notices his legs are bright red

“What the hell is this ?!” Kyle runs his hands across but still feels nothing

“i cant…i cant even move them! what is going on ?!”

Kyle reaches for his phone as an intense pain shots up his legs throughout his body

Kyle clenches his eyes shut as he feels something strange happening to his legs yet again

Kyle forces his eyes open to see his legs slowly starting to fuse together by the feet and upwards

“….This….what the fuck ?! That is not normal! that is not normal! i gotta call someone!’

Kyle picks up the phone again but once again before he can text the intense pain comes back

’‘Ngh..!!!” Kyle forces himself not to scream in case someone would find him in this…weird predicament

“okay okay okay….deep breaths…deep breaths…” Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and looks down on his legs again

they are not completely fused together and his feet are no longer there as they seem to more resemble some kinda tail more than humans legs now

The bright red color is still there but it looks like the middle part is turning a gentle red-ish pink color and…his flesh is getting…scaly

“Wait what the shit ?! Scales ? that’s…wait…what is going on ?! what is this!” Kyle panics trying to make sense of the situation even though…its far behind sense at this point

Scales starts to cover his entire tail as it seems complete he pushes himself of the bench and immediately falls on the ground

“okay okay…either i’m tripping really now or…this is a dream…a very…lifelike dream because like…my bottom half is like…a tail…..”

“….wait…the necklace ? snakes…..No no…this is definitely not real”

Kyle laughs weakly and tries to move the tail a bit and slowly manages to control it as he is able to kinda sit on top of it

“So…okay…uhm…okay” He looks down and notices his…manhood and butt is kinda gone as well

“Eh…i….i’m totally tripping, there must have been something i ate or drank…”

Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath

“okay…i’m tripping…i have to be…”

“Yeah, that’s it, there must have been something in the drink…i bought…from the kiosk……Yeah…okay…so this is real…”

Kyle looks down at the tail and notices something else

His shirt is way to big for him now for some reason

Kyle takes of the shirt and looks down, sure enough he is a lot skinnier, his waist is smaller

“okay okay…no comment there…”

Kyle says nothing and notices something else as he looks down at his stomach, something is starting to…block his view

Kyle keeps looking and notices his breast is starting to grow…larger and larger as it starts to form two very well developed breasts

As they finish growing they bounce gently as Kyle just looks down at them dumbstruck to even open his mouth

“……” No matter what he tries, his mouth wont open

Kyle slowly moves his hands and cups the breasts with them

Sure enough, they are real “….holy shit…”

Kyle finally manage to say before struggling to say something else

Kyle lets go of the breasts as they slowly bounce a bit as he does

“N-n….” Kyle still cant utter a word as he crawls over to the pond and looks at his reflection in the calm clear water and notices something

His face is starting to change going from a square shape into more a triangle shape, his teeth slowly changes as two small fangs protrude out from the top of his jaw

His eyes turns bigger and his iris changes color from brown to orange and his pupil changes from round to a straight line going upwards instead

Kyle just keeps on looking in shock as his face keeps on changing turning more and more feminine with each passing second

“N-n..no…” Kyle stammers and closes his eyes and splashes some water onto his face

…“..dont…dont…” Kyle tries to speak as the burning sensation inside his body returns in full force

He opens his eyes and writhes around the ground in pain as he can feel something on the top of his head

“Ahhh!!!” he screams in pain as the pain slowly goes away


“W…wait…my voice ?”

He says as he notices his voice is…well, clearly its not his voice…its the voice of a girl instead

Kyle slowly opens his eyes back up and looks at his reflection in the water again and notices his short black hair has not turned long and red set up in a high ponytail

“….what…?” Kyle speaks in a soft scared and confused tone as some fabric starts to wrap around his chest and waist slowly turning into some kind of kimono to the best of his knowledge with his cleavage severely exposed

“N-no…this is not real!” he starts to cry violently and curls up and cries into his arms

“This isn’t real…this cant be real!!!” he screams and sobs loudly

Kyle keeps sobbing as he hears something

“H-Hello ?” a voice says as Kyle looks over where the voice came from a woman with blonde hair, wearing a skirt and a top looks at him

“M-Maya….?” Kyle says in a low teary voice

“….what ? who…who are you…? what…what is going on ?” she slowly steps back as she’s speaking

“D-Dont…Dont go…it’s…me…its me Kyle…”

“….Kyle ?” Maya says as she stops walking as kyle forces himself to stop crying and tells her what happened

“….” Mayta says nothing but just looks at him

“You…you bought a necklace for me…you tried it on…and that happened to you ?”

“Mmm…Y-yeah…i dont know why…” Kyle stammers

“….if you really are Kyle…prove it…” Maya says

Kyle points over to his phone lying on the bench as Maya walks over and looks at it

Since she already know his code she gets into his phone and checks the texts

“O-okay…so…it is you” she says in a bit more of a cheerful tone


Maya walks over to kyle and pokes his tail, its kinda soft…

“And you got turned into…what ? this snake girl thing ?

’'Y-yeah…i…i dont know…how or why..”

“…it makes no sense but…maybe its temporary ?”

Kyle’s face lights up a bit “Maybe…i hope so…”

Maya smiles and looks at him

Kyle looks at her


’'i dont know…you look…cute”

“C-cute ?” Kyle stammers

“Yeah…your tail is soft like a pillow and its comfy”

Kyle looks at her but wriggles a bit with the tail so she can sit on it

Maya smiles and sits down on it and looks at him

“…i think its cute Kyle…i mean…uhm…its not like i uhm…you know but…”

“…what ?”

“Nothing! im just saying you look cute! is all okay ? you look adorable!”

Kyle blushes a bit

“Cute ? you…you mean it ?”

Maya nods

“Yeah! and i mean…i still…you know” she giggles

“you did invite me over for a date right ?”


“So then, is it still going on or is it cancelled ?”

Kyle looks at her shocked

“You…You like me ?”

“Like i’ve said, i think you look adorable and you’re cute..not that…you know that means everything but you’re still you and i like you”

Kyle smiles at her


“all that’s different is that you’re a snake girl now silly”

“i think its called a Naga…or like a lamia…”

“Lamia ?” Maya says confused

“Well you know…ive played some games before”

“Oh, right right!” Maya giggles

“Well then Kyle…or maybe Kylie for now ?”

Kyle not sure what to think about it just shrugs

“Well i cant call you Kyle…its kinda weird now isnt it ?” she giggles again

“I…I guess” Kyle or Kylie now says

Kylie smiles at her as he slowly wraps his tail around her

“…if i got you Maya..i can deal with this”

“I know you can Kylie, and you know i love you”

They both look into each others eyes as they slowly embrace in a loving kiss

After its done they just keep looking at each other as Maya strokes a finger across Kylie’s cheek

They say nothing and just keep smiling and occasionaly kissing each other

“But..what will others think…?”

“I dont know but…if this happened to you, maybe it has to someone else as well but..if you’re brave enough Kylie…just accept it, it might be temporary or permanent, we dont know”

Kylie looks at her then up at the sky

“maybe….and i will Maya”

They both smile as maya gets of him and giggles

“Then let me sit on your tail as you take me home then i want to cuddle up in your soft cuddly tail!”

Kylie smiles and nods at her as she sits down and kylie starts to slither out of the park, but confusingly enough, no one is really staring at them

“No one is looking?”

“Huh…maybe…i dont know…”

They both shrug as kylie manages to get Maya home

They both get inside as Maya starts to move some furniture around and makes some space in the living room as Kylie tries to make his tail as comfy as possible as Maya walks over and sits down then cuddles up against kylie’s chest

“So comfy…” she yawns

“Tired ?” Kylie asks


“Its fine…im tired as well”

They both smile and kiss each other as they both drift into deep sleep

Time passes and goes by as usual but Kylie never changed back into a human or a man for that sake…

Slowly getting used to being a Lamia, Kylie and Maya did end up together as a couple not shortly after the event that happened and as far as we know, they still are.


i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 

Broken Home (Michael Clifford - Part 3)

Pairing: Y/N/Jock!Michael

Rating: R. Cutting appears. Don’t read if it’s a sensitive subject to you. 

Request: Yes

Words: 2.900+

Summary: Broken Home Part 1 // Broken Home Part 2

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miadoragamer  asked:

🔪 ((idk if this is ok with u but I kinda wanna do one with Luigi :p))

It was a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom…well…almost normal…? No…not normal at all…Everyone in the kingdom was just having a normal day until…Luigi had suddenly changed…the only thing that had changed physically about him was that his eyes turned into a red color…Then he destroyed the entire kingdom before he ended up in Mia’s world. He walked up to Mia with an evil grin on his face…Then he just threw fireballs at her without any warning.

Prince of Geeks--SoMa Week Day 1, Geeking Out

So yes, I’m late to the party and wearing last year’s dress.  These things happen.

Here is my first offering, for day one, Geeking Out.  This one is set in my modern royalty AU, My Royal Pain, the first drabble of which you can find here.  It occurs previous to the main events of that fic. 

Special thanks to to l0chn3ss and ilarual for the eyes.

When Maka met Prince Solon of Lichtenstein, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Stuck up and stuffy?  Aloof and reserved?  Flirty and charming?  The stereotypes of Princes she’d encountered were few and far between and mostly came from fairy tales and Disney movies.  

Whatever she was expecting, Soul had proven to be none of those things.  

The first time she met him was was the day she moved into the off campus apartment they were slated to share.  It was in a nicer complex than she could have paid for on her own, but by no means posh; not only would a truly upscale place have been difficult to find so close to campus, but apparently, Solon had insisted on living in the same housing inhabited by regular students, and this fit the bill.  It was among the nicest of the complexes that rented to students, but it still wasn’t outside the bounds of normal.  

Maka thought it was about perfect.  If only it didn’t require her to act as a live-in babysitter to some royal brat going through an identity crisis, it would be wholly perfect, but at least she was being well compensated for her trouble.  She only hoped this Solon wasn’t as big an ass as she feared he might be.  

Well, she supposed she would find out soon enough; he was due to move in himself tomorrow.

As she drove up to the complex in her tiny, late model Honda, a reluctantly accepted graduation gift from her dad, she spotted the large black and silver moving van and smiled.  BJ was certainly doing his darndest to make things as easy on her as possible, including hiring movers to take care of transporting her things, and she had to admit she was grateful.  Apparently, being employed by the rulers of Liechtenstein had its perks.

She got out of her car, locking it behind her.  There was an odd looking man leaned up against a garish orange beast of a motorcycle similarly staring at the van as she made her way over, but she ignored him; talking to scene kid goth wannabes was not on her agenda today, and anyone who bleached their hair white, sported a headband, and dressed in black leather in the middle of summer definitely fit that description.  

Finding a tall, blonde woman with a clipboard standing near the rear of the van and dressed in a uniform that announced her affiliation with Death City Movers, Maka approached with a cheerful greeting.  

“Can I help you?” The woman asked, neither pleasant nor rude.

“Well, possibly,” Maka offered, “you see, I’m Maka Albarn, and I believe those are my things you’re moving.”

“Ah, yes, Miss Albarn!  Perfect, we were just getting to your things.  Mr. Evan’s things have already been settled, and we could use your input.”

“Mr–Evans?”  She furrowed her eyebrows involuntarily, confused.  It sounded naggingly familiar, but–

“That’s right,” she heard a deep voice say from just behind her.  "Soul Evans.  And you must be Maka Albarn, right?“

Maka whirled to find the wannabe scene kid approaching, hands shoved into his pockets, shoulders slouched.  His eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses, which made sense given the bright sun overhead.  More sense than the leather jacket and tattered jeans, certainly.  

"That’s…right,” she said slowly.  And then it clicked.  Evans.  As in Prince Solon of the House of Evans, her soon to be job.   "You’re the Prince?“ she asked, unable to keep the incredulity from her tone, because what sort of Prince looked like–like–that?

Not that she had much room to talk in short jean cut offs and a purple tank top, but it was hot, and she hadn’t been expecting to see anyone important, and she certainly wasn’t anything approaching royalty.  

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here it is

I wanted to try some filters and use the colors to make some new suits, like kinda play around a bit. I regret my decision. Those pants are killing my eyes. That shade of green should not exist.

i’m so sorry @modmad

Penwright looked down at her, noticing the vines and flowers on her head.  “Where did those come from?” he asked.  “Did the wind blow that inside?"  With a shrug, his horn started to glow, and Ickle saw with dismay the magical field covering her laurel.

"No!  Don’t remove it just yet!  Don’t you see who I am?” she thought frantically.

But the laurel remained on her head, and the glow dissipated.  Penwright looked at her more thoughtfully, his expression pensive.

“You know…” he said slowly, as though thinking out loud, “you do kinda resemble a friend of mine.  She normally wears laurels in her hair, and, now that I think about it, your fur has a similar color as her coat and mane.”

Her eyes shone and she felt her breath catching slightly as she realized that he might’ve finally recognized her.  Hidden under the veil of species differences, she cried out “It’s me!” and reared back on her hind legs, pressing her soft paws against his leg.  Unfortunately, all Penwright would hear was a meow, but her eyes slowly closed in the cat fashion of expressing great happiness.

Penwright chuckled and stroked her fur, brushing off the vines and flowers.  “Well, you’re certainly as friendly as she is,” he remarked.  “She’s very easy to talk to, very approachable about anything, really.”

His eyes looked off to the side.  “Well, maybe not everything,” he amended.  “She…"  He paused, as though choosing his words carefully.  "I feel that…it’s hard to express any kind of affection for her, save for just the general kind between friends.”

At his words, she was confused.  “Affection? I thought that I was welcoming of talking about that..?”  She remembered when others had teased her in regards to mistletoe last Hearth’s Warming, but she implored him, circling his hoof and bumping her head against it.  "What do you mean?“

In the back of her mind she could feel an inkling of an idea what he meant, implying that he wanted to see her as something other than a friend…but what?  Something more affectionate?  As a mentor, then?  Her ears swiveled in confusion and she felt her brows pushing down in bemusement.

"I mean, we did have a moment over Hearth’s Warming,”  he continued as he sat down on the floor, idly stroking her fur, “but…"  He paused again, and when he continued, he sounded more like he was thinking out loud to himself than actually talking to her, or at least to a cat.

"I love her,” he finally said.  “She’s a wonderful pony, extremely creative, outgoing and friendly, and she just…inspires me.  Not just with my writing, though the stars know that she’s done that considerably, but…just with life in general.  She rekindles my enthusiasm for just about everything.”

A clicking of old gears began in her mind again, akin to when she and Penwright had shared a kiss on the cheek in the library of Petina’s home…they were clicking thoughts together in an order that she feared, in an order that meant that, somehow, she had earned the special sort of love that Inkweld had once held for her…Penwright felt that way?  She could hardly believe it.  She felt a feline blush erupting on her body, her fur prickling and her tail twitching at its base, as her eyes froze on his face.  She felt a strong rumbling in her chest, a loud purring, as she thought to herself Penwright…loves me…?

With swiveling ears she tried to tamp down the pull in her heart to believe that he could’ve possibly meant that, and she released a single “meow” as she asked, “Really…?” suddenly hoping that he wouldn’t recognize her at that particular moment, embarrassed as she was with the uncontrollable purring in her throat.

“I know, right?” he said, apparently still not understanding what she was saying.  “But…I still find it hard to tell her that.  There’s…something about her that makes me feel bad for wanting to say that."  He shook his head.  "No, scratch that, not feel bad, but feel like it might be unwelcomed.”

He was quiet for a moment, gathering his thoughts.  “I suppose I don’t know why I feel that way.  Maybe it’s just my own lack of self-confidence.  I…just don’t want to feel like I’m imposing on her."  He shook his head again.  "Or maybe I just don’t want to feel rejected.  I don’t know.  Just thinking about telling her this is scary enough.  I had an opportunity at Hearth’s Warming, but I didn’t follow through with it.  I just got this feeling that she didn’t want to move in that direction just yet.  That’s fine, but…”

He sighed.  “I wish I was better at reading ponies.  I can figure out fictional characters perfectly, but with real ponies I struggle.  Go figure.”

It was exactly as she had feared.  Her heart raced wildly as she pulled her paws away from his leg, feeling her body pull itself away from him.  Every fiber in her body wanted to be back in her old body so she could pull him into her arms and kiss him and tell him she felt the exact same way, but on the other hoof, Inkweld’s dark, forboding voice echoed in her mind the same words he had tortured into her heart, carved into scars on her body, and crushed into her mind: “a muse is not to be loved, but to be seen.  You belong to me.”

She wanted to reject it—dearly, she did—and she was getting close, but still her paws pulled her away, and before she knew it she had leapt straight from the floor to the sill, and leapt in inconceivable feline agility from the sill, darting down the tree, and across the lawn.  She couldn’t see what she was doing, all she could think about was the heart-gripping, startling realization that Penwright, her dearest friend, was in love with her in the same intense, embarrassed fervor as her.  And as her eyes blurred with wind and tears in her eyes, she ran towards her home.

Preference # 69


Niall: His beautiful pale face wasn’t so pale anymore, instead it was covered in dirt and grime, and a few bits of blood. He had a pained expression on, his body figure looked slouchy, almost as if he were about to collapse. He startled you coming in to the kitchen, where he flung himself into the nearest chair next to the counter island. “Y/N !!! I got hurt” Niall cried out. “Bloody hell Niall, what happened?” You asked. “Well, I was playing football with the boys outside the studio and I slipped on the ball and hit my face on the concrete ground.” You cringed your face, imagining the scene. “Aw, honey.” You cooed. “Come here let me clean you up.” You gestured to the counter where you pulled out a seat in front of the sink. You got the first aid kit out, with all the alcohol and the bandages. “Now, stay very still.” You instructed. You dabbed one of Niall’s cuts with the alcohol towelette and he hissed. “Y/n it stings!!!” He cried out. “I know, honey, I know, but you don’t want them to get infected on your pretty little face do you?” You said while he smirked a bit. Niall had let you proceed and finish dabbing the cuts but not before hissing a few times, and cringing, and backing away, and even letting a few profanity words slip out, you know just being his own dramatic self. “All better?” You asked kissing him on the cheek. “A little……..” He said, turning away from you so he could smile.

Louis: “And player Louis Tomlinson goes for the goal……… Look at that kick…… Oh wait…….. And *bam* player __________ Goes and tackles him…….Looks like Tomlinson is hurt pretty baldy, he’s hesitant to get off the ground……Looks like he got pretty scratched up… That’s a bummer.” The speaker said. You heart stopped mid game when you saw Louis being tackled to the ground. Your smile turned into a trembling nervous face and all you wanted to do was go be on the field with him. He cried out for help, obviously hurt. He was laying on the ground hesitant to get up, when the people with the stretcher came out and onto the field carrying him out. You immediately rushed to the locker room, guessing that they were heading there. You ran as fast as you can, wind blowing into your face, hair flying everywhere, heart beating so loud you were sure people could here it from a mile away. All you wanted to know was if Louis was okay. You opened the door to the locker room hands slippery to the door nob. And there he was, laying on the stretcher will tears in his eyes and his leg propped up. All of the men surrounding him were talking to each other probably figuring out what to do, but you pushed pass them and cupped Louis face. “I’m so happy your ok” you breathed out, still not able to catch your breath. “Y/N” He got out, tears slipping out of his eyes. “It’s ok, it’s ok, your fine, just a few wounds.” You said trying to cheer him up. “It’s ok” You said once again kissing his forehead. 

Harry: “Harry, you didn’t have to do that, we could’ve just left, and problem solved, look, now your all scratched up and hurt.” “He was looking at you Y/N ! What did you expect me to do ?” “Uh” You sighed knowing Harry was going to be stubborn as always. “Whats mine is mine, end of story” He said. His eyes were stormy and furious, looking closer to black then to his normal light green. His hair was covered in sweat, dripping down to his forehead, and his face was covered in small droplets of blood. You took Harry’s hand and squeezed it tightly, hoping that would cam him down. “Listen Harry, I’m yours !!! I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going to fall for some other guy, it’s you, only you, so don’t worry.” You said pecking him on the lips. His facial expression softened, and his eyes color turned back to normal. “I’m sorry” he said, now head in his hands. “Haz don’t be sorry, it’s ok, kinda you know brave of you standing up for me and stuff .” You said smirking. “Really?” he said, pearly whites now showing, smile on his face. “Really” “Now lets get you cleaned up shall we?” You said kissing his cheek. 

Liam: "Ow!!! Ow ! Ow !!! Stop it please it hurts Y/N it hurts !!!“ He yelled loudly. "Shhh Liam, I know it hurts, but your being over dramatic.” You said finger on his lips. “It hurts……” He whined leaning into your shoulder, hiding his face in your neck. “I know Liam, shh it’s ok.” You told him, rubbing his back. His torso had a huge cut on it because he was trying to do a cool trick next to the pool, but failed and hit his stomach on the sharp ledge. “It’s not that bad, let me see it again.” You said trying to make him cheer up. He turned around, and you saw the cut right on the middle of his left rib cage. “Oh look, it’s already looking better !!” You went to dab it with the towel but he backed away. Once again, you slowly went to clean it and this time Liam let you. You tried to be gentle and soft with every touch and eventually it worked, the wound was all cleaned up. “Thank you Y/N” He said.

Zayn: “No, no, no, no please Y/N please, no, that stings.” He whined. “Zayn honey, I know it stings, but please, you won’t get infected.” You said trying to reason with him. He squirmed under your touch and you gave him a reassuring kiss to help him stay still. He winced and moved away from the alcohol, “I don’t like it.” He said pouting. “Zayn it’s your fault that you tried to skateboard with Louis and fell, not mine, we have to clean it now.” You said sternly. “Ok” he gave in. “Look it’s not even that bad anymore!” You said trying to convince him. He took a look at his scraped elbow and smirked. “Ehh it’s alright.” He said giving you a kiss.