i colored his eyes normal kinda


i tried to figure out how to make the design for shadow in this au to be more obviously different than normal shadow and ended up drawing silver too? also there’s 2 silvers. don’t worry about it. also my pen pressure wouldnt work while i was drawing these so thats why theyre kinda bad-looking

the 2 silvers don’t actually have different eye colors i just thought it would be cool if his eyes changed color when he did the telekinetic-y thing, also the forehead quill things would fold down like that when he’s not doing the telekinesis thing which is actually something i remember seeing some concept art of (i think it got removed because it was hard to animate or something? i dont remember) also the weird headphone things might have also been from some different concept art but i dont entirely remember. i used to look at silver concept art a lot for some reason 

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What if Little!josh and ty were at the store and Josh was looking at the hair dyes and Ty was row over looking at toothbrushes and Josh was lookin at a box of pastel pink and someone was like "I thought pink was a girls color" and josh gets kinda sad and Ty gets worried why he doesn't have a new box of hair color cause Josh was so excited to change his color again

tyler sees josh shuffle around the corner into his aisle out of the corner of his eye. he tilts his head and tosses a toothbrush into the cart. “thought you were gettin’ your dye, baby?”

josh shrugs and climbs onto the front of the cart as tyler wheels it down to toothpaste. “fink i’ll keep it normal f’r a while.”

grabbing a tube of crest off the shelf, tyler passes a hand through josh’s faded green hair. “you sure?”

josh seems to stop all motor function at once, held onto the cart by the rigidity of his muscles. he stares straight ahead, into the next aisle over.


he restarts like a machine, jerky and coming to life in parts. his eyes blink first, and then his jaw works, and then he steps down from the cart and takes tyler’s free hand in his. “dada, y’don’t fink pink’s jus’ a girl color, d’ya?”

tyler tilts his head and squeezes josh’s clammy fingers. “hmm, no i don’t. why? is that what color you want next?”

“was finkin’, but…” josh’s dark eyes dart around and he peeks behind tyler, as if making sure they’re alone. then he looks back up at tyler with his face soft and open. “this girl said ‘t was jus’ a girl color. ‘n i dun’ wanna get made fun of…not like before…”

“hey.” tyler tsks and tosses the crest in the cart, kneels down so that now josh is the one peering down at him. his eyes are pink. “all colors are for all genders, yeah? girls wear blue all the time, right?”

josh nods, slowly.

“then boys should be able to wear pink.”

“’ve seen boys wearin’ pink b’fore,” josh muses, and tyler takes both of his hands in his as josh starts to sway. “but tha’ was jus’ clothes. ‘d feel weird havin’ it in m’ hair.”

“just because of what that girl said?”

he nods again, chewing on his lower lip.

“if that’s the color you want, then that’s the color we’re gonna get, okay?”

another nod, this one slower than the last two, and more worried.

but tyler just takes one of josh’s hands and wraps it around the railing of the cart, urging him to climb on so he can wheel them to the next aisle for josh to pick the perfect color of pink.