i colored him at school

ETA: Updated, fully painted version here!

Happy Star Wars Day! Here’s a sketch of a Jedi!Finn costume based on this outfit of John’s, which literally made me gasp aloud because all that drapey swishy fabric just screams Jedi!

I’m in a film costume history class right now, so I got really excited thinking about all the materials and whatnot. The leather sleeve is of course from the mangled Dameron jacket, and maybe the belts are salvaged from that material too. The drapey grey over-piece would be more of a soft, woven, matte fabric. The inside would be kind of satiny and dark, but would seem understated and subtle until it catches light in a really pretty blue violet. Also, I gave him some form of shoes that aren’t boots since I imagine the poor guy is tired of wearing them by this point, lmao.


kinda about that question about how long ago did someone last told keith they loved him

lance confesses kinda in a nonchalant way (keith thought it was platonic lol)

later keith tells everyone else he loves them and they say they love him back and lance is in the background seething silently in rage and jealousy (”we had a bonding moment! you caressed my face!!!”)

queen-casserole  asked:

Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!


Tokyo Ghoul :re 135: The Night Is Coming

So for some color practice and general work on my art, I’ve decided I’ll try to do redraws of some Tokyo Ghoul panels in new chapters. With maybe some commentary on what’s going on


So I seriously did not expect that Roma founded the Clowns?? And she is 51 years old? This gets me really curious on how old the other Clowns are and how/why/when they joined… also with the Clowns clearly being one of the main antagonists, I’m taking a moment to say I TOLD YOU SO to everyone who didn’t pay attention to the Clowns way back when in the first series (I was always suspicious… ever since the anime even, then more and more so the further TG went).

Also Mutsuki just needs to be stopped. Please.

And I see this scene as a death flag for Yomo… Quite sad but we’ll definitely get an epic battle before! (But I really wanted a Yomo vs Uta fight… maybe Uta will kinda show up with the rest of the Clowns right now? Or maybe Yomo won’t die just yet? I hope so.)


ASC with Mamamoo



Remember that chibi drawing I did of high school!Near?? @mellowasframed got me this late birthday present of a custom plush based on the drawing!! I was wondering why she asked me to draw Near’s back with it!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ 

(Oh, and check out my high school AU tag if you’re interested!)