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Put on a Show for Me - Let Me Show You Part 2

Author’s Notes: Despite how long it took me to post this, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too. Again sorry for any typos. I try to edit it, but I miss things. 

Word Count: 3,413 (Get yourself a snack, kids. This shit is long af.)

Warnings: Smut. I mean is there anything else worth writing?

Part One: Let Me Show You

Roman knew you were reaching your breaking point. As much as you tried to stay cool and collected under the gaze of his bedroom eyes, he could tell it was all an act. Being an upir had its advantages. One of them being how he could catch your eye and sense your body remembering every welcomed violation he performed on your pleasure deprived body only a few hours prior. He could hear your heart race and he could all but taste the blood rushing to his favorite spot between your thighs. He wanted you again the moment he watched you fall into euphoria in his arms.

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Don't treat humans like trash...

I got hired into a custom t shirt print shop that was just opening. The owner seemed off in the interview but there aren’t a whole lot of options where I’m from so I had to take it so I could afford rent.

From the beginning the owner treated me and the other girls like trash, taking us for granted and guilting us into terrible business practices. She asked me on multiple occasions to steal copyright art and logos from the internet and when I told her I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, she yelled at me and guilted me into it, saying “if we get in trouble, it will be my fault not yours.”

At one point we got a new chemical in, and I printed the data safety sheet and gave it to her. Not only did she not know what an MSDS was, she didn’t have any sheets for any of the many chemicals we used there. I told her some of them were dangerous and offered to print them all and collect them in one spot, but she told me it wasn’t worth it and not to waste my time.

Meanwhile, I kept applying elsewhere for a better job.

I finally got one last week, after over a month at this hellhole. Today I reported my last boss to OSHA for not having an MSDS book and to several of the various legal teams for the art she was stealing (including major NFL and MBA sports teams). I hope she drowns in the fines she’s about to receive.

super massive richjake headcanon post

ok so basically this is gonna be a huge headcanon post about richjake that @richardgoranski and i made over the past like month (anything in bold is a direct quote from connor)

  • so back when chloe and jake are dating chloe is like ‘i think we should break up’ and jakes like um why and chloe is like well clearly youre in love with rich and also i like brooke
  • and jake is like um what i have no idea what youre talking about and chloe turns jake around to look at rich whos on the other side of the hallway/room and his breath hitches and chloe is like smh u Gayass
  • and so chloe is like jake just ask him out!! but jake keeps denying it like haha what im not in love with rich idk where youre getting this from until chloe just stands there and gives him A Look and jake is just like…..ok fine but what if he says no and chloe is like wtf youll be fine
  • so jake goes up to rich and is uncharacteristically nervous and red and he confesses to rich and asks him out and rich is like omg….and accepts and BOOM theyre dating 

under the cut are just some (lmao i mean A LOT) random headcanons that dont go in any particular order

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The Hirudo (or Leechfolk)

(Art is not mine, artist posted it when I was discussing this race on /tg/ months back and refused to share their name and said they did not have a page where they posted their work. I would be very grateful if someone could point me to the artists page if they ended up making one)

A while back on /tg/ I was helping to create various collective homebrews with the other anons there. While nothing concrete came from it one of my biggest contributions was the Hirudo or Leechfolk. Resembling mundane leeches in much the same way Thri-Kreen or Formains resemble mantids and ants respectively. Considered one of the less popular aspects of the “Bugworld” setting I still have a soft-spot in my heart for them and knew they’d be better appreciated here. So I’ve written up what I remember and can track down of them as a common use race for D&D 5E but they can be adapted for any system really.

Feel free to use them for your games and characters as long as I, Justin Wiysel, am credited as their creator. I don’t plan to make any profit from these, just don’t want to see someone else profiting off my work that I want to be free for all to enjoy.

(This one is done by @edspear who did a lot of concept art for them and the Bugworld)

The Hirudo, or Leechfolk to most commoners, are a typically jovial and empathetic race who are becoming well-known as healers of great skill. Dwelling in swamps, along waterways, the coasts, and anywhere sufficiently wet they are still a relatively rare sight away from their villages and cities but more and more are hearing the call to adventure. Their unique skill-sets make them valued members of their groups, ranging from natural healers, skilled alchemists, and deceptively capable combatants.

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Forever Friendzoned

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.500+

Summary: How many blind dates and failures does it take for Y/N to realize that the only guy who will truly love her is her best friend and the completely friendzoned guy Michael?

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I started thinking about Robert interacting with Mary’s kids and I’m gonna cry

Like there’s some emergency where Robert is the only one who can watch them

Robert showing the twins his horror movie collection and telling them all these cool facts about the directors and how the movies were made

Remember Robert’s thing about silence? Imagine him saying that to Chris, the kid who rarely talks. Robert and Chris sitting in silence, watching the things around them. Chris finally with someone else other than his parents that won’t pressure him into talking or communicating in ways he uncomfortable with

Robert has an especially soft spot for Chrish because he looks so much like Mary. At first he’s incredibly uncomfortable with holding a baby because he’s afraid he’s gonna hurt it but then Crish just looks at him and baps his face with his little hand and gives him this look of approval and Robert just,,,caves.

Robert getting along with Mary’s kids. Robert changing some of his bad habits for them.

The Perfect Mistake (smut)

Requests: Hello! I was wondering if you could write a josh dun x reader(smut). Where like josh is really dominate and rough with some kinky shit thrown into the mix like handcuffs and belts..hehe sorry that I have a fucked up mind! But thanks for reading!!

a fluffy (idk smutty if you want) imagine where reader tells Josh she’s pregnant possibly a few weeks after heated sex? Thanks I love your work

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some sin 😀 So I don’t usually combine requests but I thought these two would work well together and I made it extra long. I could’ve split it into 2 imagines but you know… I do what I want.

Josh had been home from tour for a few days now and you two still hadn’t left the house. You just couldn’t seem to bring yourself to separate from him. You had spent months missing his presence and now that he was back it was like you two were attached at the hip. And of course you spent most of the day touching each other. Whether it was holding hands or kissing or well… let’s just say Josh felt the need to make up for lost time in the bedroom.

And that’s where the two of you were right now. Josh had moved the two of you upstairs when one of your make out sessions had gotten a little too hot. He was now straddling you, shirtless I might add, and leaving some more hickeys to your growing collection on your neck.

“Josh,” you whimpered as he hit one of your many sweet spots.

“I missed this so much.” His breath was warm against your skin, sending shivers down your spine. “You’re such a good girl.” He reattached his mouth to your neck, and you didn’t know if it was his words or his lips, but you let out a soft moan.

“I need-” a wave of pleasure left your sentence incomplete.

“What do you need babygirl?” Josh brought his eyes up to meet yours and you could see the craving in them. “Use your words.”

“Y-you,” you whimpered. “I need you.”

“What do you need me to do?” He loved teasing you like this, knowing that it was him that caused you to become this flustered.

“Touch me.” It didn’t even take a second before he was pulling your shorts down your legs. His rough hands parted your legs and his head dipped between them. He started leaving light kisses on your thighs, slowly trailing them upwards. Your breath hitched once he reached your panties. His eyes flicked up to yours before he took the thin material between his teeth and tugged them down your legs.

“I’ll never get tired of seeing you like this,” Josh said, returning to his previous position, “writhing around and begging me for more. You’re so good for me princess.” And before you could respond his mouth was back on you, sending ripples of pleasure throughout your entire body.

You brought your hands to the back of his head and tangled your fingers in his colored hair. You raised your hips, silently begging him to continue.

“I thought you were going to be a good girl for me,” Josh tsked, pressing your hips back down into the mattress. “I let the hair pulling slide, but I think you need to be reminded who’s in charge here.” You loved it when Josh showed his dominant side. The last few days were mostly vanilla, making sure that you were both reminded how much you loved each other. But you were excited to return to your normal routine.

Josh climbed off the bed and opened one of the drawers in your dresser. You took the time to fully appreciate his back muscles, and when he turned back around you noticed how low his jeans were hanging on his hips. You were too focused on his body that you didn’t realize what he was holding until you felt the cool metal clasp around your wrists. Your arms were now held above your head, handcuffed to the bedpost. The metal dug into your skin as you tried to free yourself from the restraints.

“Now, now. Don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Josh trailed his lips down your neck, causing you to shiver. “Now, where was I?” He slid back down your body and nipped at the skin on the inside of your thighs.

“Joshy,” you whined. That was all it took for his tongue to swipe across your clit, and once again you pulled against the handcuffs. His rough hands wrapped around your thighs and squeezed, his tongue continuing to work against you. Your breaths became quick and rapid as his mouth expertly moved against your core, knowing exactly which movements made you moan out in pleasure.

“So sweet for me,” Josh mumbled against you, the vibrations causing you to raise your hips against his grip in need of more. His right hand quickly moved from your thigh as he inserted his index finger inside of you. “Just can’t contain yourself can you?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“N-no I, I can’t Josh I can-n’t,” you stuttered. His brown eyes looked up at you, a devious grin spread across his face. He moved back up your body and kissed you harshly, adding another finger to the one that was pumping into you. He pulled away and stared intensely at you, soaking in the look of ecstasy that was engulfing you.

He added another finger and his thumb brushed across your clit every so often. You could feel yourself getting close and you knew you had to tell Josh, but words had completely escaped you. Between his fingers working you and his unfaltering stare you just couldn’t contain yourself any longer. He felt you clench around his fingers as you screamed his name along with various other profanities.

“Babygirl, you know the rules. You’re supposed to ask for permission.” Josh tsked, removing his hand from you and standing up from the bed. You knew you were in for it now and quietly awaited your punishment. “Turn over, ass up,” he said sternly, unlooping his belt from his jeans.

You struggled a little trying to flip yourself over since the handcuffs were still locked around your wrists, but you eventually managed to get in the position he instructed you to.

“I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I didn’t expect you to act up this much. Now I think you deserve twenty for your actions. What do you think?” Josh dragged the leather down your spine and down the backs of your thighs. You nodded, anticipating the snap of the belt against you. “Ah, ah. Use your words.”

“Yes, sir,” you answered, squeezing your eyes shut as the first shock of pain hit. After ten, the pain had mostly subsided and you started craving the feeling of the leather against your sensitive skin. The next blow caused a moan to erupt from your mouth.

“Of course you’re enjoying this, you little slut,” he growled, swinging the looped belt harder against you. “I bet I could get you off again just by doing this.” The remaining hits left you breathless as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through your body. Josh’s calloused hand smoothed across the now bright pink skin. “So dirty for me, aren’t you Y/N?” You nodded and looked over your shoulder at him, waiting for him to decide what to do next.

He moved to the head of the bed and unclasped the handcuffs, running his thumbs over the indented skin on your wrists. He left a few kisses on them before guiding you into a sitting position.

“Stand up for me,” he ordered. You gently slid off of the bed and he turned you so that you were facing away from him. The cold metal returned to your wrists as you heard the cuffs being re-tightened to their previous position. Josh swept the hair away from your neck and left a few kisses there before whispering, “turn around and get on your knees.”

You did as he said, feeling the plush carpet beneath your knees as you looked up at him with innocent eyes. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down along with his boxers so that they were pooled at his ankles. “You know what to do.”

You leaned forward and wrapped your mouth around his length, teasing the tip of it slightly with your tongue. He let out a soft groan and combed his fingers through your hair, urging you to take more of him into your mouth. When you didn’t automatically comply he moved his hand to the back of your head and pushed you towards him. You could feel him hit the back of your throat as he pushed deeper, not caring that you were gagging on him.

“You feel so good y/n,” he whimpered, lightly thrusting his hips. You hummed causing him to buck his hips faster. “That’s it baby.” You could tell Josh was lost in his own head by this point, his movements had become mechanical as you continued to gag on his length, tears forming in your eyes from the lack of oxygen moving into your lungs.

Josh suddenly stopped, wrapping his hand under your chin and pulling you to your feet. He brushed the hair that stuck to your sweat coated face.

“You’re so good for me,” he cooed, “but I think I need something else from you.” He roughly pushed you back on the bed, your hands now trapped beneath you. In one swift movement he climbed on top of you and you could feel him at your entrance. “I love you, Y/N.” And with that he quickly thrust into you, causing your back to arch. Josh was moving at a rapid pace, the bed thumping against the wall in time with his movements. And all you could do was lay there and let him have his way. Even if your wrists weren’t clasped together under you, the pleasure you felt would be enough to leave you motionless.

Josh leaned down and attached his lips to your collarbone, nipping at the skin every once in a while. You felt yourself getting close again as his lips reached the sweet spot on your neck.

“J-Josh,” you breathed, “I’m.. I’m gonna..”

His actions stopped suddenly and he looked down at you with an animalistic hunger in his eyes. “Ah ah. Not yet.” His body moved from yours and he climbed to the top of the bed, sitting with his back against the head board. He motioned for you to come over and you started to try and pull yourself up from where you were laying. But between your hands being stuck under you and the growing exhaustion that was hitting you, your attempts were fairly futile. You looked up at Josh and, with a simple look, pleaded for him to help you.

Josh let out a soft laugh as he moved to pick you up, maneuvering you so that you were straddling his lap. He let his hands drop to your hips and helped guide you down onto him. You took a second to readjust to the new position, but after a few seconds Josh had grown impatient and his grip on your hips became much tighter. You let him help you balance as you quickened the pace. Your eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure coursed back through your body.

“Josh,” you moaned.

“I know baby. Just- ah. Just a little longer.” Josh’s head fell back against the wall, groaning as he urged you to move faster. By now, he was almost completely supporting you, having to move his hips up to meet yours. As Josh’s groans grew louder you could tell he was close. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against your chest, “Come with me, princess,” he whispered into your ear. His warm breath sending shivers down your spine right before you finally let go. Your whole body was shaking as you felt him release in you, both of you moaning each other’s names.

Your movements halted and you took a second to catch your breath, letting your head rest against his chest.

“Oh my god you’re so perfect Y/N. I love you so much.” He rubbed his hands up and down your back before letting them slip down to the metal that was still clamped around your wrists. He quickly undid the handcuffs and your arms fell to your side. You probably could have fallen asleep right at that second if it weren’t for Josh lifting you up and carrying you to your shared bathroom. “Why don’t I run you a bath and then we can watch a movie and cuddle afterwards?”

“That sounds perfect,” you mumbled, “you’re perfect.”

-6 weeks later-

Three days of what you thought was just a stomach bug had you questioning what was really going on. Everyday you had woken up and before you could even think about drinking your daily cup of coffee, you were in the bathroom puking up whatever was in your stomach at the time.

“Still sick?” Josh asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I’m not sure if this is just the flu. What’s the date?” you asked, fear already coursing through your veins.

“The twentieth, why?” As soon as he said that, your worst fears were confirmed, and it only took Josh ten more seconds to figure it out for himself. “Oh. Oh wow. Um,” he stuttered. “Should we uh. Should we get a test then?”

You couldn’t speak. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Sure, you and Josh had been dating for two years now, but you never planned on having a baby before you were married. What would your family think? Hell, what would the fans think?

“Hey,” Josh kneeled in front of you, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek. “It’ll be okay. No matter what happens I love you. I’m not going anywhere.” You nodded and allowed him to help you off the tiled floor, intertwining your fingers together as you set out to figure out if your life was about to change in a very big way.


Thirty minutes and a large glass of water later, you were nervously pacing around the bathroom while Josh leaned against the counter.

“Y/N. Stop freaking out. You’ll be an amazing mom. So what if we aren’t married? We were going to have kids anyways. We’ve talked about it. And you know we’re going to get married. Things just happened in a different order for us.”

“My moms gonna kill me. Oh my god. Everybody is going to think I’m a slut! Why did this happen to me? I’m a good person. Hell, you’re an even better person. What did we do to deserve this?” You had been in shock ever since the little plus sign showed up on that stupid little stick.

“Your mom isn’t going to kill you and nobody is going to think you’re a slut. Babe, we’ve been together for over two years. We’re going to be okay.” He finally moved to wrap his arms around you, and his touch instantly calmed you. His arms always made you feel safe and now wasn’t an exception. “Now, lets go lay down and relax. All this stress isn’t good for the baby.”

The baby. There’s a human inside of me. The realization made you feel even more sick than you had that morning, but you allowed Josh to lead you back into the bedroom. He pulled the sheets down and allowed you to climb under them before laying them back over you. As soon as he slid in next to you, you curled into his side.

“I love you. And I don’t regret our actions. Im excited to meet the little human we’ve created. I can’t wait to love them as much as I love you. And spoil them. And I know you’re excited to pick out all the little outfits for them, and paint their nursery.” The more Josh talked, the more you thought about how good this could be for the two of you.

“They aren’t allowed to play the drums until they’re five. Maybe six,” you said. “And no dyeing their hair until they’re like twenty.” You both laughed at what you seemed to think were immediate concerns for your child.

“Only if we can name them Mulder.”

“What if it’s a girl?” You giggled.

“Well then she’d be named Scully. Duh.” You rolled your eyes at his childlike ways.

“You’re a dork.”

“Thats too bad. Hopefully I didn’t pass my dork genes on to our kid,” he joked.

You looked up at him, wondering how on earth you were now having a kid with this absolute child that was laying next to you. But instead of being scared, you were happy. Josh was going to be a great dad. He was always good with kids. And the way he was talking, you could tell he was looking forward to all of this. And even though people would have negative reactions to the news, it didn’t matter anymore. Because all that mattered was that Josh would be next to you through it all.

New Beginnings - One

Reid x Reader

“Fuck! Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!”

You were hot and sweaty, and still had six more boxes to unload from the car. All you wanted was a cold beer and a shower but that probably wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

You grabbed two more boxes from the trunk and slammed the lid down. Balancing them precariously on top of each other, you made your way up the stairs to the door of your new apartment building. You pushed against the entrance door with your butt, annoyed that you had yet again forgotten to wedge it open. It of course, wouldn’t budge and you couldn’t reach the handle without unloading the boxes.

“FUCK!” you groaned loudly, kicking the door.

“Here, let me,” a soft voice came from behind you. Salvation!

You turned and saw a tall, gangly man with the most beautiful brown eyes you’d ever seen. He moved past you swiftly, opening the door and holding it for you as you walked into the lobby.

“Thank you soooo much,” you smiled gratefully.

“No problem,“ your saviour replied, smiling back. “I’m Spencer, apartment 207.”

“Nice to meet you Spencer, apartment 207. I’m Y/N, apartment 307. Looks like I’m right on top of you.”

Spencer raised his eyebrows as you felt a flush on your cheeks, realising what you’d just said. You giggled. “Sorry, my mouth opens sometimes before my brain has had the chance to filter my words.“

“No problem,” he said again, biting his lip slightly.

‘Mmmmm he was cute’ you thought to yourself, pleased you at least had some eye candy in your new building.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I erm, need to get the rest of my crap unloaded.”

You started to make a move towards the stairs and then somehow managed to trip over your own feet, dropping your boxes and spilling the contents of the top box everywhere. Spencer leant forward, catching your arm before you had the chance to hit the floor as well.

“Oh for fuck sakes,” you gritted your teeth together, steadying yourself.

“Thank you again.” You glanced at Spencer who was still gripping your arm tightly. “I’m not usually this clumsy I swear.”

He laughed, letting go of your arm. “Are you sure, cos you’re really not making much of a case for yourself right now. Here, I’ll help pick your stuff up.”

He bent to the floor and started picking up the items that had spilled.

It was only then that you’d realised that one of the boxes you’d dropped had contained your underwear. Which was now strewn all over the lobby floor.

‘Excellent first impression Y/N. Throw your underwear at the first attractive man you see.’

You started to blush as you joined him on the floor collecting your bra’s and panties from the various spots in which they’d landed. Sneaking a look at Spencer you saw he’d turned a light shade of pink as well.

You quickly shoved the items back into the box and started the art of balancing them back on top of each other.

“I think it just might be better if I carry one for you,” Spencer offered. “Not that I’m saying you’re not strong enough or anything, but I’d hate for you to spill them again. The other residents might start to wonder if they come down and see panties everywhere.”

He flushed deeper at the word panties, you noticed.

‘So sooo cute’ you thought to yourself again.

You handed him the larger box containing your dvds. “Thanks Spencer. I really do appreciate it.”

“Not a problem…. Oh awesome, you’re a Doctor Who fan too!” He’d noticed the box set poking out of the box you’d handed him.

“Oh god yes! It’s one of my favourite shows!” you exclaimed as you started to make your way up the stairs to your new home.

“Who’s your favourite?” he asked following close behind.

“Erm, we’ll it’s a tough choice but currently it’s David Tennant”

“Really?” you turned to see Spencer screwing up his mouth slightly. “Matt Smith was so much better.”

“Well Matt Smith has a face that I’d like to punch.”

Spencer looked shocked at your words.

“He reminds me of an ex boyfriend,” you hurriedly explained. "I didn’t think he was a bad doctor. I just want to hurt his face, a lot. Bad breakup…”

“Ah, well I guess explains it then.”

You reached your apartment and pushed the door open, walking in and dropping the box on the floor. Spencer followed you. “Where do you want this?” he asked nodding to the box he was carrying.

“Just over there by the bookshelf please.” He set the box down as instructed.

Just then you heard a bleeping noise and saw him pull out his cell. He stared intently, reading his message and sighing.

“I gotta go. Work need me in urgently,” he looked at you. “It was nice to meet you Y/N, I’ll maybe see you around the building?“

"Yep sure. Thanks again for your help Spencer. It was nice to meet you too. Maybe we can have a Doctor Who marathon or something one night. It would be nice to have at least one friend here, I don’t really know anyone in this city.”

He smiled shyly. “I-I’d like that,” he stuttered slightly. “I work away with work a lot though. That’s what the message was. I need to go out of town.”

You wondered what he did for a living but didn’t want to probe too much yet.

“Okay well maybe come and knock on my door when you’re back then and we can do something?” You suggested. “I don’t start my new job for two weeks yet anyway.”

“I-I’d like that,” he stuttered again.

‘Do I make him nervous?’ you pondered to yourself, the stuttering endearing him even more to you.

He headed to the door. “Bye Y/N” he waved happily as he exited

“See you soon!” you shouted after him.

Very soon indeed you hoped.

A/N: So to my older followers this will be extremely familiar. This was the first multi chaptered story I wrote and it clocks it at 24 chapters long. This was my baby, my first born. I think I’d written three one shots before attempting this.

Anyway…. Be nice to her :)

Something There - Part Five

Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: some naughty words and one suggestive situation 

Word Count: 8164

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

Tag list: @butlinislin @wolfphantom-m @musicalmoriarty @daveedish @imagineham @imaginebeinghamiltrash @insane-hamilton-imagines @shamagangster @tempfixeliza @crazypurplebananas @secretschuylersister @love-doesnt-discriminate @icanneverbesatisfied @getupoffathathang @th-mtchndr-s-th-pwrhs-f-th-cll @hamiltryingmybest @marquiis-de-la-baguette @consumed-by-musicals @drugsdiggs @hamfan22 @hamfamhamfam @y-lue @chloehamiltonn @patron-saintof-sluts @hanakatsumi @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @alois-in-bootyshorts

Much to your delight and slight worry two weeks had passed without John and Lafayette bringing up your blunder outside the coffee shop. John was ever cheerful and with everyone having a full course load it seemed that he didn’t have time to worry about the fact that you were obviously flying by the seat of your pants with this “internship” or so you were inclined to believe. Lafayette was the one who made you worry. He hadn’t brought up the subject up, but you could tell by the odd looks suspicion that were always followed with a glint of amusement in reaction to how uncomfortable you looked that he was biding his time. Lafayette always knew when you were lying and you were on edge waiting for the moment he finally decided to pounce.

Last week Thomas had told you there was a new collection of books arriving from his parent’s home in Virginia that he would be adding to the library’s vintage and rare book section. You were set to meet him Wednesday evening to help look through the titles and organize them, on top of that he had promised to play you a song on his violin. He had finally admitted to you that he played when you had accidentally knocked over a stack of handwritten sheet music off a shelf in his study. Curiously he had never once played you that song you had walked in on him playing that day at school.

Economics was as eventful as ever, your professor had assigned a project for students to pair up and come up with a solution to help lessen the budget deficit within the government. Alexander had automatically claimed you as his partner that would help him take down his “enemies” in the class. You wanted to roll your eyes but the idea of the debate the professor was putting on was bringing out your competitive side. Thomas might be your friend, but there was no way you were going to let your emotions get in the way of the last big project of the semester.

“I think our ideas will blow everyone out of the water,” Alex said triumphantly.

“Don’t forget Jefferson is well versed in foreign government. He will most likely pull ideas from what other countries are doing at the moment. We have to stay on top of that so he doesn’t surprise us,” you commented without looking up from the laptop.

Alex shared a desk with you and set off researching topics from France because he assumed that would be Thomas’s country of choice to pull ideas from. He wasn’t wrong, you agreed one hundred percent. You glanced up and gazed across the room. Thomas and James were both engrossed in their notebooks. Thomas looked up to grab a book and made eye contact with you. His lips turned up into that arrogant smirk and you returned one back in return. You quickly grab your phone from your back before opening a new text. You could tell by the look in his eye that he was confident in what he was working on.

(Y/N) 1:40pm - You’re looking pretty confident over there. -

The Asshole 1:42 - You don’t think you’re going to win this debate do you? I’m not going to take it easy on you because I care about you. -

Because I care about you. You stared at your phone for a moment letting those words sink in. Don’t overthink that, you are just friends (Y/N).

(Y/N) 1:48 - I wouldn’t expect anything less. We still good for Wednesday? -

The Asshole 1:49 - Of course.

“Who are you texting?” Alexander teased and attempted to look at your phone.

“Just a friend,” you laugh. Keep telling yourself that.

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Merry Christmas! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Because exams are so serious, you can enjoy reading something a little light-hearted :)

Study 3-4 weeks in advance of the finals. I feel like once you actually get down to it, after all the touching up to find out what concepts you need to understand or reclarify with the teacher, then starting revision about 4 weeks advance is enough to get you a very high mark in a course. Of course assignments usually take a lot of the time, but if you can manage to start, then you’ll find that everything else kind of falls into place. And you still manage to finish those assignments before the due date.

Form study groups leading up to the exam. Or not. I usually prefer studying by myself since I’m someone who works at their own pace, despite the fact that the times that I studied with others were quite productive. If it works for you, I say go for it.

Study for open book exams too! Because you can guarantee that they’ll ask you questions that make you wonder whether you’ve even covered that even remotely in class. Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry exam I’ll forever remember you ==‘

Arrive at the exam place early to tackle exam stress and anxiety. I find that getting to the exam facility early really helps you acclimatise to the environment and focus on staying calm and collected. When I was in first year a lecturer advised us to arrive an hour early just in case any train delays occur, so now I usually arrive more than 40 minutes before an exam. Also don’t freak out in the exam. Every minute counts!

Try and convince yourself that you don’t care anymore. This totally works for any overachievers or people who stress about doing the best that they can like me. Yep, just repeat to yourself, or listen to the song! “I Don’t Care” :) a little 2NE1 never hurts (my music style is more SM Ent though haha).

Study till the last minute. I’ve tried both relaxing the last day and studying the last day. Personally I’ve had one or two cases where studying on the last day led to an extra mark, and I don’t feel any big difference in stress levels, so I always just try and study until the last minute.

Exam staff are so very difficult. Not kidding, even a tiny blue tint and you can’t bring your water bottle in. You can’t wear a watch, or even put it on the table. You can’t write your name after times up, yup, even just your name so they know who filled out the exam LOL. They’re just doing their job, but they’ll get you to pull out your hair wondering who. the. heck. made. these. rules. Taking bets for the next thing they’ll ban! (my money’s on jumpers and jackets)

Collect the massive bags that they give you before an exam. I was literally so sad when they switched over to those tiny plastic bags. The big ones we used to be given that would fit your laptop were made of such good material and you could use them again for many purposes. I did manage to snag quite a few the first few semesters we had them though ;)

That moment when you manage to sit next to your friend in an exam and wave hiiiiiiiiiii (which translates to *heeeeeeeeelp*). Exam seating is random so you get given a card and you follow the spot to your seat. There was one time though that was such a coincidence I was like whaaaa? I was sitting an exam and went in with my friend. When we were about to get the cards, I turned around to go get my ruler from my bag just in case, and the card that I got was literally the one right next to my friend hahaha. 

Make sure you don’t drink too much water. Some exams really have you racing against the clock! No time for tinkling in the toilet when you have to tinker with the test whilst the time goes tick tock! (did you like that cause I thought that was pretty funny… no…? okay…)

Don’t leave early unless you’ve racked your brains for the answer twice over. Once I finished an exam early and checked my answers once or twice before sitting back and relaxing (which really means uncomfortably shifting around in a chair with no cushioning). I had about 20 minutes left for the exam, and only in the last minute did I flip over and realise I had read one question wrong. Thankfully I was able to change it and get that extra mark ^_^




Being married to Harry would include...

Requested by anon: being harry hart’s wife? or you can make it gender neutral, I don’t really mind! x

A/N: It’s true that I try my best to keep most stuff (at least the h/cs) gender neutral so everyone can enjoy. I hope I stayed true to that. Xxxx

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  • despite having tied the knot, very few people would know about your relationship
  • neither of you is secretive about your marriage; you just like keeping things discreet and especially in your work environment
  • not too much PDA
  • but he will hold your hand with pride at any time, at any place
  • short but oh so loving kisses during a mission just to keep each other grounded and remind yourselves what it is you’re going home to
  • he hates being away from you, he hates it so much
  • he’ll often have to beg Merlin to put you in missions together just so he can be near you at all times and protect you but there are times when it’s not possible and that’s when he freaks out
  • internally at least because he really tries his best not to let it affect his work on the field
  • the thought of you being in danger and god knows how many miles away from him drives him insane every time
  • should you ever get injured, Harry runs to your side and there is nothing that can stop him from getting to you
  • and him always being so devastated if he’s away on a mission and he can’t be with you (you best believe he’ll be quitting everything and rushing to you if it’s anything serious)
  • him loving the little things you do for him
  • like making him coffee that somehow always tastes better than any other or randomly buying him the most wonderful books that you come across just because ‘you thought of him the moment you saw them’
  • he especially loves watching you go through his butterfly collection
  • you don’t really know any of the names or scientific terms but watching you as you inspect them with that childish look of awe on your beautiful face warms his heart unlike anything else
  • and so does hearing you refer to them as ‘the pretty yellow one with the spots’ or 'that blue one that I love’
  • lazy evenings consist of snuggling under a bunch of blankets in your shared living room, Mr. Pickle on your lap and Harry stroking your hair as he reads to you
  • lazy mornings, on the other hand, are spent cuddling in bed together until it’s almost noon but neither of you really wants to get up and leave each other arm’s just yet
  • keeping a rather large collection of records in your house, ranging from Elton John to The Beatles all the way to David Bowie really
  • and every artist is connected to a certain occasion in his mind
  • The Beatles are early mornings at 5am when he wakes up to find you baking and singing in the kitchen just because you 'got a little hungry’ and he can’t help but laugh at how adorable you are and how much he loves you
  • Van Morrison is every evening spent slow dancing across your living room, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he keeps your head firmly against his chest
  • Elton John is for those nights; those late nights when he returns from a mission so exhausted he practically throws himself into your arms yet you don’t say a thing
  • never really asking because you know how it feels and you know he’ll do the same when you’re in his place so you simply hold him and sing along to the low music that’s playing in the background, hoping to soothe his pain away
  • having long conversations about the future at least once or twice a week
  • Harry being worried because even your marriage is a stretch to the job and Kingsmen are not supposed to have families
  • but let me tell you what; he’d be damned if he let that stop him from having a family with you

anonymous asked:

If your requests are still open, could you do one where the reader is Jim Gordon's daughter (adoptive or not) and Jerome takes interest in her while Jim is investigating his mothers murder.

// Ahhh, I’ve actually wanted to do this for a while. My requests are currently open at the moment. I hope you like it Anon, this may have not been what you exactly had in mind, but here it is!


Warnings: Mentions of murder, psychotic break. Very mild swearing.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.
Summary: Y/n is Jim Gordon’s daughter, who is interested in working for the GCPD, like her father. Jim brings her in on an investigation to show her the ropes, and quickly regrets his decision when interrogating Jerome.



Harvey shakes his head at the freak show that was in the GCPD at the moment. “Damnit Gordon.” He huffs, shaking his head. “How are we ever supposed to get anything done with these people here?” Harvey motions at the collection of carnival folk. Jim grits his teeth, and stares out at them.

“One of them killed some women named Lila.” He grunts under his breath. “We couldn’t let any of them go, so we just brought them all down here…” His voice trails off as the door swings open and an astonished looking y/n walks in. When she spots Harvey and Jim in the crowd, she walks over quickly.

“Hey dad,” she mumbles, smoothing down her h/c hair. Jim looks down at her and smiles, pulling her into a hug.

“Hey. You ready? I was just about to go interrogate the son of Lila.”

“Lila?” She echoes, falling her father.

“The snake-dancer, the one who was killed.” Y/n nods, and shuffles behind her father quickly. He pauses before opening the door, turning back to look at her. “Are you okay?” He asks, placing a hand on her shoulder. She nods quickly.

“Just nervous, that’s all.” Jim smiles.

“No need to be. We’re just in here to ask some questions.” Jim opens the door, and holds it for her as she walks in.

Throughout the interrogation, y/n stayed particularly quiet, which is part of what sparked Jerome’s attention. He liked her calm demeanor, and quiet, laid back attitude. His mind began to race thinking of all the ways he could get her attention, all the ways he could get her. His attention is drawn back to Gordon quickly though, as he asks another question.
“How do you feel about your mother’s love life?” Jerome looks up at Jim, trying his hardest not to laugh.

“I feel fine about it,” he begins, shaking his head slowly. “If not for my mother’s love life, I wouldn’t be here, would I?” Jim looks away briefly, and Jerome’s gaze travels to y/n. She stares back at him, and he flashes her a quick smile. “Sex is a healthy human activity.” Jerome remarks, quickly diverting his gaze back to Jim. Jim’s face contorts in slight confusion for a brief second before he forces a polite smile, giving Jerome a small nod in response. Y/n stands next to her father, still not saying anything, just observing. So, Jerome does the same. He observes her, he studies her like it she was the first person he’d ever seen. He soaks in every detail of her face, and refrains himself from smiling at the blush spread across her cheeks. He stands up slowly, and turns back to Gordon, who escorts him out of the interrogation room. Y/n walks out, staying a few steps behind them. She leans against the wall once she’s out, and exhales rather shakily. Harvey walks up to her, eyeing Jerome cautiously.

“You okay kid?” He asks, frowning down at her. Y/n looks up at him, and nods quickly.

“Yeah, I just-”

“Interrogation got you shook?” Harvey questions, not letting her finish her sentence. Y/n runs a hand over her face and sighs. 

“It wasn’t really the interrogation more of Jerome,” she mutters, not fully making eye contact with Harvey.  Before Harvey can say anything, Jim returns and smiles at y/n.

“Did you get everything you needed?” Jim asks her. Y/n nods. “Well, if you want, you could interrogate the next person. Lee wanted to talk to me about something, so if Harvey wouldn’t mind,” Jim pauses to shoot Harvey a look before continuing. “He could observe and see how you handle it, maybe help you out if you need it.” Y/n nods slowly, and then looks up, meeting her father’s gaze.

“What did you think of Jerome?” She asks, her voice soft. Jim stares at the wall behind her, a slightly unsure look crossing his face.

“He seems off.” Jim says, turning away from them.

When y/n walks into the interrogation room, Jim is standing in there with Lee. Jerome is seated at the table with an elderly man next to him. Jerome’s eyes flicker to her briefly before focusing back on Gordon.
“Why’d you kill your mother, Jerome?” Jim asks coldly, staring him straight in the eyes. Jerome shrugs, and gestures lazily with his hand.

“Oh, you know how mothers are. She just, kept, pushing. And I’m like, fine mom. Be a whore. Be a drunken whore, even. But don’t be a nagging drunken whore.” A smile slowly slithers across Jerome’s face, and he shrugs slightly. “You know?” Lee and Y/n grow slightly uneasy at his rising anger, but Jim tries to remain unfazed. “Don’t come yell at me to do the dishes if you’ve been banging a clown in the next room!” Jerome’s voice rises to a shout, and he slams his hands down on each of the last three words, and his lips curl into a cruel smile. “You know?” He says, and bursts into disturbing, hysterical laughter. Y/n flinches slightly because of this, which causes Jerome’s attention to divert back to her. “Oh, sweet-cheeks.” He murmurs, catching everybody off guard. “You, you, gorgeous…you’re afraid of me.” His face takes on a predatory look, and he looks at y/n through lowered lashes. “It’s a thrill, really.” He mumbles to himself before looking up quickly, meeting her gaze full on. “I wanna know what gets under your skin, I wanna know what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, I wanna know everything doll.” He rests his chin in his hand, and blinks rapidly for a few seconds. Jim moves in front of y/n quickly.

“That’s enough, Jerome.” His voice is gruff, and Jerome observes his protective nature.

“So, she’s important to you, huh?” He whispers. Jerome’s eyes dart to y/n, who he can barely see behind Jim. “Well, you see doll, now I’ve got to have you.” It doesn’t take long for the officer in the room with them to get to Jerome and begin to pull him out of them. “When I get out, I’m gonna find you!” Jerome laughs, baring his teeth as he smiles. “Don’t forget about me!” He shouts, and chuckles to himself. “I know I won’t forget you.”

[TRANS] BTS Shukan Josei Magazine (2/2)

Part 1: Group interview | Part 2: Unit interview (RM-J / SG-JH /JM-V-JK)

JPN - KRN © mondomizel1, rn_rn_rn
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Rap Monster x Jin 

Q: Favorite spot? 

Rap Monster: The studio at our company. I display the Bearbricks I like on one side of the wall. But recently I run out of places to display them so I’m putting them in my room.
Jin: He has quite a lot. (laughs)
Rap Monster: I didn’t understand why people collect things before, but now…
Jin: You have a lot right (laughs). My favorite spot is the meat restaurant near our company! I like meat the most.
Rap Monster: Come to think of it, last time when we went to eat meat together, they ran out of beef brisket so he ordered…
Jin: A whole beef set! I ate everything!
Namjoon: Jin-hyung grilled the meat for us.
Jin: It’s a basic if you like meat. 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

Jin: Indeed, if I sing “Awake” to her, she would like it. If I look at her in the eyes and sing “Wide awake~ Wide awake~”…
Rap Monster: (laughs)
Jin: Why do you laugh!?
Rap Monster: I was thinking about how you chose your own song (laughs)
Jin: So what will you sing?
Rap Monster: I would naturally call her to the park or to the river side, sit together on the bench and hum…
Jin: (looking at Rapmon like he’s regretting) And then you’ll sing “Reflection” right.
Rap Monster: My song’s a little bit embarrasing (laughs). I’ll sing “A Little Girl”. (T/N: the OST of “Reply 1988”)
Jin: What if the girl runs away?
Rap Monster: If that’s so… If I got to express my love, then I’m satisfied. 

Jimin x V x Jungkook 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Jimin: Mine is BTS’ photo. I like photos with all of us. My wallpaper right now is the photo we took when filming for the VCR of the fanmeeting in Korea (T/N: Muster). It was the photo taken at a concert before but I changed recently.
V: (showing his phone screen) Jjajan! Chet Baker!!
Jungkook: Mine is all black.
Jimin & V: Just black?
Jungkook: Wait a minute. (bringing his phone and show the screen) Look.
Jimin & V: It’s real! 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

V: It’s not my song but… Trumpeter Chet Baker’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily”. There’s a movie based on this song (T/N: “Born To Be Blue”), I want to tell that kind of story and recommend the song to that girl.
Jimin: That’s cool~ I’ll make a song for the one I like.
Jungkook: Me too! I haven’t written lyrics for a girl up until now, but if it’s the person I like, I think I can do it.
Jimin: How the song would come out depends on that person, and I wouldn’t know how it would come out until I write it. My ideal type is someone who is likable, someone who makes me want to keep being together. (shy) 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

V: I’ll aim to be an acting-dol! The Korea drama “Hwarang” I appeared in will soon be broadcasted in Japan, please watch it. Just watch me only!
Jimin: “Watch me only” (laughs). I want to travel with my family or friends~
Jungkook: That’s good too. I want to debut as a professional bowling player.
Jimin & V: ??
Jungkook: I have been learning from a teacher since November last year, and my score went up to 240.
Jimin: 3 months ago he did even worse than me…
Jungkook: Hmm?! Did I? 

Suga x J-hope 

Q: If you were to sing a song to the girl you like? 

J-hope: I’ll sing Ai Otsuka’s “Sakuranbo”. I have been liking this song since long before. The lyrics overflows with love so the song’s atmosphere is bright and it matches my personality. I’ll prepare a lorry that will turn into a stage when opening the door, then say “It’s an event!” and sing a song only for that girl.
Suga: I think I would say “You can just come to the concert”.
J-hope: What…?!
Suga: I don’t go to the karaoke, and I rarely sing except for when performing on stage. I’ll say it’s because I make music.
J-hope: Okay… 

Q: Something you want to challenge with this year? 

J-hope: I want to travel to Japan~
Suga: Mine is going to the gym, since I’m not doing anything. I don’t think I can keep going like this.
J-hope: In terms of music, I want to make and release a mixtape this year. And I want to grow as a rapper too.
Suga: I think I have to make many good songs this year too. We have an overseas tour this year, so I’ll work hard so BTS can receive love from more people. 

Q: Phone wallpaper? 

Suga: (showing his phone) This one.
J-hope: Wow, all black!!
Suga: I have never cared about wallpapers.
J-hope: Mine is my favorite artist!
Suga: Who?
J-hope: Who was it… (laughs)
Suga: Didn’t you say it’s your favorite artist?
J-hope: I suddenly forgot (laughs). Ah ah, Frank Ocean! But it’s been the same thing for half a year so I want to change it now.
Suga: But it’s your favorite artist?
J-hope: It’s my mood. Selca is a little bit embarrased so…

A Fruit Basket or Somthing

Request:  Could you do an imagine where Sidney Crosby sets you up with Morgan Rielly??

A/N: This is where I make everyone hate me…I’m not a Penguins fan by any means. *Hides* So please, please let me know if anything just doesn’t make sense. Because I really have no idea who Sidney’s friends are or what they would call him. So uh, Anon I hope this is what you were kind of asking for? 

Word Count: 1366 (Is this something you guys like to see?)

Warnings: Cursing. (Let’s be honest, everything I write will probably have foul language in it.)

“Tell me again why you dragged me to this?” You questioned. You stumbled over the long dress. With a huff, you pulled it up so you wouldn’t trip.

“Because you’re my best friend, (Y/) and I needed a date,” Sid said wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “And because there is someone I want you to meet.”

“Seriously, Sid, you’re insane.” You hit his shoulder.

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I just came back from a mall and i had the 20 happiest minutes of my life.

I went there with my family because my mom wanted us to see the store of the son of her friend. The mall is one you can find any type of comic, manga, everything from the entertaiment media. So we obviously went there not only to see the store but other stuff too.

We were having a nice time, just looking at the stores, me gushing about the action figures and trying to find anything from the fandoms im in, my parents looking at the star wars collections and my sister looking for some manga books ( there was a store with a big replica of a Terminator and i was totally impressed)

Anyway, we were in the 4th floor when i spotted a cubicule with a ps4. It’s not unsual to see some consoles in these kind of store so people could play with them but it’s usually with old games or they are always folded.

This one was free.

Guys, there was an Uncharted game there.

I dont know what my face looked but i felt myself vibrating. Of course i hesitated cause it was so unusual and the spot was free. My mom pushed me and told me to play.

I almost cried right there. I had the control in my hands, i could actually play with Nathan Drake right there and there was no one to stop me.

Look i never ever had a game to play. I already said it before but the only times i could play was in one of my relatives house or with school friends and that has only been happening the last 5 years. So excuse me if in that moment i decided to leave all my embarrasement behind and i played like a little child.

Sure, i died more than i wanted (the game was already in the middle and i didnt know the controllers) but damnit if i didnt have fun. I was the happiest person in that floor, even a little boy was cheering me to continue playing.

It was only 20 minutes cause we needed to keep going…but they were the best way i could spent 20 minutes of my life.

Soft & Swirling

A/N - This is just something that I started writing at Kaitlin’s house, it’s a one-shot ft. Jungkook because he is a precious child and I love him.

This has been edited by my two best friends, and the admins to this page, Kaitlin and Amelia

Summary: After school, you and your best friend head over to his house for a well needed hang out session. One thing leads to another and suddenly you and your best friend… READ TO FIND OUT ♥

Genre: Smut/Fluff (duh)
Word Count: 3345 
Members: Jungkook x Reader


Originally posted by jibeom

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Half headcanon, half analysis…

(Spoilers for GotG 2!)

I’m actually quite impressed by how many Ravagers were ready to side with Yondu during the mutiny.

How I had understood the Ravager’s system during the first movie, it was a bit of “We do jobs together, but we are also ready to backstab each other if the price is good enough”. Yondu tried to teach that to Peter, warning him constantly not to show sentiments, and apart from Peter, Yondu and Kraglin with each other, I hadn’t seen any closer relationships amidst the Ravager’s. It seemed like Yondu himself was always keeping his eyes open and his crew under his thumb to make sure nobody would start a mutiny.

In the second movie, however, there are several Ravagers who simply refuse to betray Yondu, although the very same had started to show “softness”. They died because they stayed loyal to him.

That’s actually very different from the cold-hearted, selfish picture I had gotten from the Ravagers at first, and especially does it say something about Yondu as a captain. He must have - not only towards Peter, but also to other crewmembers - been good enough that they would throw their life away for him.

Considering Yondu’s background as a battle slave and that soft spot and good side to him that he undeniably has, I do wonder if he probably saved some of those loyal to him from settings not unlike the one he had once been in. The poor, the slaves, the mistreated – those who had no place to go to, or no freedom to choose something on their own. Perhaps Yondu kind of “collected” them, making them his crew if they wanted to (and were of use to him)? Of course he would deny any good or helpful intentions, saying that they were “useful”, but I actually could picture him doing something like that.

A short SwanQueen/SwanMillsFamily oneshot. Their four year old daughters stumbles across Henry’s storybook where she sees a picture of the Evil Queen causing her to push Regina away and leaving Emma to pick up the pieces. Fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :)

Emma frowns as she walks through her front door to hear screaming. Admittedly, it’s not an odd noise in their house. Between the four year old, the teenager and their newly acquired dog (just one at the moment but knowing Regina the next time she visits the animal shelter, there’ll be more), the mansion is normally filled with noise.

It’s that noise that Emma loves. Silence reminds her of loneliness and rootlessness. Noise, even if it is shouting and sometimes too loud, is the marker of family. When she walks in to hear a chorus of hello’s or to a house filled with laughter, it’s a reminder that she is loved and a part of something truly remarkable to her – a family.

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How It Goes (Hwarang! Sam Maek Jong)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi! Could I get a scenario where you’re a princess from another kingdom that came to be married to Sam Maek Jong but he’s cold and ignores you because of his affection to Ahro? The ending is up to you but I would like a bit of angst. Thank you! :)

The moment Ahro came into the picture you were just thrown out of the way to him. Not that you were given much attention before then. It was to the point you left before he could start ignoring you when you spotted Ahro. “Hello Y/N” Ahro says as you pass her. You give her a slight smile, one thing you couldn’t do was blame her for Sammaekjong’s feelings. 


You smiled at Hansung who looked into the bag you gave him in wonder “really I can have them all?” he asked as he saw the beautiful collection of marbles. You pinched his cheek as he gave you a large smile “they’re really pretty” he tells you “I remember our last little conversation you mentioned you like to play marbles so I bought them for you” you say as he looks around before leaning over and giving you a hug. “Also give this to Yeowool please” you say pulling out a letter as he automatically nodded. 


Hansung entered the room he now shared with the other boys “this is for you” he said to Yeowool who instantly smiled “love letters?” Sooho teased as all the boys looked at Yeowool who chuckled “if only” Yeowool says as Hansung looked at him in shock “she’s married to a horrible man. Comes from another land and instead of the life she should have. I promised her after the Hwarang she can divorce him and I will take her hand” “so unlike you to like another person so much” Sammaekjong says as Yeowool nodded “it even smells just like her” Yeowool says as he stuck the letter under his pillow as Hansung made a noise. “You’re in love with my wife?” Sammaekjong asked as Yeowool smiled noticing the jealousy in his friend’s eyes. 

“No. I wanted to see if you actually cared about her” Yeowool stated as he ripped up the letter “she was simply sending a friendly letter” he continued as he laid down.


“Where are you going?” Sammaekjong asked as you tried to passed him “my mother wants to see you for dinner-” “Ahro can go for me” you hissed. “Stop being stupid and do what you have to” “no” you simply say as you leaned close to his face “go to hell” you coo before stepping away from him. “You’re to be queen one day and this how you act to you act to your king?” he says grabbing your arm “I’ll simply have a tittle not a true king” you say “I rather go home to my old kingdom” you say as you stepped away from him. 


After a few drinks you and Sammaekjong were finally in a heated kiss as you pulled away bumping noses “this is wonderful for once” he said as you yanked his hair as he hissed before kissing him again.

By morning you found yourself laying in your bed at the home you were supposed to share with Sammaekjong. And for once he was in your bed. A light smile as you pulled his arm off of you as he groaned. His eyes opened as he watched you get up with blurry eyes. “Where are you going?” he asks as you scoff “does it matter?” you asked as you slid on a silky robe. “Do you hurt? That was the first time we have done that” he said “I will live” you tell him. He laid there as you left the room, it was a different yet same side of you that he had experienced. 

You reentered the room as a rosey scent filled his nose “aren’t you going to leave?” you asked him as you slid your robe back off to get changed. “You want me to spend time with you and now you don’t want me around?” he asked as you chuckled as servants came in to help you dress “I know I am not the one you want to spend time with” you say as he lays his head down.