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Sweet baby Jesus. Where do I even begin?? Lisa has been my brain child since season 2 of DD ended and it wasn’t until September that I finally just said “fuck it” and made her blog. Now, here we are, 100+ followers later. 
I have met so many good friends here, honestly! I don’t know what I would do without some of you being as great as you are. I am so so thrilled that I met my first milestone and I can’t wait to see where everything goes from here. Because of this, I am making my completely biased list of people here. Below are three categories: The New Family, The Trusted, and The Targets. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. 

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The Pocket Watch

by reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor

When I was a child there was nothing to eat. I was the eldest of five and so it was my job to make sure that I always let my brothers and sisters eat before me. War was inching inward from the coast and as it marched closer, our food grew scarcer. Animals fled the area, or were slaughtered and consumed in panic by the other families in our village.

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th: i met jimin on the playground back when we were kids! i would collect bugs and show them to him (even when he thought they looked gross). i guess over the years, collecting bugs evolved to finding creatures of questionable existence.

@tsutantei has been #owned. ROASTED BOY.

Honestly, his intentions behind doing this were a lot less sinister than Saihara was implying! He swore he was doing it for the right reasons! The entomologist was starting to feel bad for doing this in the first place. 
But! Maybe he just needed to explain himself first! 

“Gonta sorry! Gonta thought he was doing good and helping Saihara! Gonta has seen that… others use it….” Well the rule was, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth closed’, so Gonta decided not to continue along that line of thought. “Gonta saw Harukawa-san not having very good time.” And that was true, as the caregiver was definitely in a much more sour mood as of late. He, certainly didn’t want Saihara to be… used? in such a manner. He couldn’t save Harukawa in time but he could help another friend! Gonta knew Ouma could be very… eccentric in demands.
Well technically Gonta himself was ‘owned’ by Angie, was Saihara owned by Angie too by that logic(?), this was getting perhaps a little too out of hand.

“Gonta won’t make Saihara-kun do anything he not want! Promise!”

I believe this is what you call a plot-twist.

In the picture on the left I was three or four years old but I remember that day I remember being mad because I couldn’t climb trees and when I did try I ripped that dress… Twice. I remember crying as my mother brushed my hair. I remember hating the shoes I was wearing and kicking them off every chance I got. I remember wishing I could just wear pants like my brothers. I was the kind of kid to play in mud and I started a bug collecting club so that was one of the very few times in my life I wore a dress and I hated every minute of it.

botw trust issues

Look man. Beedle is great. He over charges me for arrows but he’s convenient and friendly and a familiar face. For 90% of the game I enjoy seeing his face and he’s the person I trade stuff to. But then… like… later I was collecting some bugs for fairy armor or whatever and I wouldn’t give him a rhino beetle…

He straight up under his breath schemes to hire a guy to mug me for the fucking bugs!!! That’s cold, Beedle! You said we were married in a past life you asshole!

I don’t know. I feel betrayed.


New members of the royal family

Dashie writer: hey everyone, Dashie here to say hi to my tumblr friends. now normally my dad usually do this and introduce new ponies to you all, but Princess Celestia need my dad for something important, which dad had to ask me to do it. well i have no problem to do this favor for him, even though i was right in the middle of something, but being his best daughter, i had no other choice. *she notice some papers were floating in front of her and grab them to take a greater look at them* you can’t be serious

mysterious voice: of course we’re serious, just read what it said on the paper

Dashie writer: but what you wrote here sound something dad would say, but in a silly way

mysterious voice: this is our dromatic entrace sis and i want to make my

mysterious voice 2: ours sis

mysterious voice: oh right ours entrace great, now be a good older sister and read the paper

Dashie writer: ……. sigh, fine then. *she clear her through* attention everyone from tumblr world, prepare to meet the two new faces of the royal sisters. they are the daughters of Princess Celestia and sir Thomas the writer, plus the young sisters to their older loving sister Dashie writer. aww that sweet. now put your hooves together for the twin sisters investigator, Rebecca Celestial writer and Miasma crescent writer

Rebecca: greeting and hello everyone, my name is Rebecca number one pony investigator and this taller, but little twin sister of mine Miasma

Mia: I told you before to call me Mia and secondly Becki, your only three minute older than me

Rebecca: well that not important, what really important, is to tell everyone who we are and what we do

Mia: i think our older sister did for us, we both twin sister, our mom is the ruler of equestria and dad run the super cool book shop in canterlot square.

Rebecca: not only that Mia, we also have to tell them what sort of jobe we both do.

Mia: you mean the investigation thing we do on the side, while we both help dad at the book shop.

Rebecca: you mean i work at the book shop, while you play in the dirt and collect bugs all day

Mia: i don’t collect bugs Becki, i do research on bugs, especially the kind that have alot of legs tha ponies tries to count.

Rebecca: please don’t tell me you brought your pet insect with you.

Mia: easy on the name calling Becki, you know how Centa hate being called insect like that

Rebecca: whatever, just promise me to keep by your *she stop moving when she felt something, crawling on her back* Mia, i think i found your pet

Mia: hey Centa, you cleaver little centipede, how you was able to get ther, without me knowing

Rebecca: Mia, bug, off, NOW

Mia: ok, ok, calm down *she walk by her sister back and grab the centipede and place it on her back* there now, your safe and sound.

Dashie writer: that a really cool looking centipede you got there Mia

Mia: thanks sis, i found Centa at the royal garden one time and we became god friend.

Rebecca: but that bug got some issue with me.

Mia: come on Becki, centa was trying to say hi to you

Rebecca:*she look at her sister pet and notice it had it leg pointing at her, letting her know it watching her move* yeah i think it want more than just saying hello

Dashie writer: alright you, enough fooling around, let finish this up and head somewhere to eat.

Mia: can we go to the donut shop please

Dashie writer: sure, if your hooves are dirt free

Mia: *she look at her hooves and they were fillled with dirt* aww man, i hate cleaning them

Rebecca: don’t worry sis, i get you a plain donut for you, at least it more clean, than your hooves

Mia: …. that it, *she jumo attack her sister* i show you plain

Rebecca: big sister help, Mia attacking my mane

Dashie writer: ……. sigh, now i know how dad feel, when dealing with Nova

Thomas the writer: yup another two new memebers for Thomas and Princess Celestia family tree and these awesome picture were done by @askneonflight you will be ssing them in future storyline, just have to figure out what story it going to be.

Magic with cicada husks?

So huge cicada husks are apparently littering my back yard. My husband said, “Do you want them? They could be useful for your witchy stuff.. like transformation and new beginnings, right?” OH I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM! Usually he doesn’t even pay attention to that kind of thing, or even acknowledge my craft really.

So what do you guys think they could be used for? Maybe shield spells, transformation spells, and since they only appear every 16 years, maybe something to do with life cycles, and secrets/hidden meanings?

I will definitely squeal and convulse and make all kinds of funny faces collecting them (I HATE BUGS) but that’s okay. Also, do you think I need to dry them out or disinfect them or something before storing?

A Bug in the Works

(Word Count: 2402)

I have never been afraid of much of anything growing up. Being scared was for weaklings, I thought. The innate fears everyone possessed bypassed me completely. Alice is afraid of wolves eating her in the forest. Jack fears falling into a well and drowning before anyone can save him. Miranda is scared of creepy crawlies and the dark. But me, I never considered things like that frightening.

In fact, I liked wild animals, and swimming in lakes without supervision, and never have I ever sprung from my bed in panic to turn on the light in my room because I ‘heard’ something. I collected bugs on little pins, identified them, and put them behind a safety shield of glass. That was my passion though I was too young to understand the word in all its meanings. When was little we moved to Alaska, which depressed me to no end. No more butterflies. No more unique beetles or mounds of ants. I even missed the occasional spider.

The majority of my collection was left behind with my grandmother and while she certainly didn’t approve of such a hobby for a young girl she promised to keep them safe. My grandfather figured I would grow out of bug collecting but was supportive nonetheless. He even sent me preserved scorpions and centipedes in little ethanol-filled jars to add to my shelf throughout high school.

But like all things, life comes to an end. My grandparents died in a car accident and my family uprooted itself from the cold tundra to attend the funeral and go through their things. As much as I loved my grandparents they were not the first things on my mind as I returned. I wondered if my bugs were still safe and in their framed homes. Were they in the attic? The garage getting damaged by the heat? I prayed that wasn’t the case.

My grandparents wanted to be cremated in their will. But it would have broken my mother’s heart to do that and have no relief of knowing they existed. As long as there were bones, there was proof they were once here. I didn’t really understand or even care to. Dead was dead; why did it matter what happened to your body afterwards?

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  @assassins-regret has entered the entomology room? |  

He didn’t really talk to Harukawa-san, but then again he felt as though she didn’t really talk much at all to begin with. Despite being much larger than her, she was very.. intimidating.
So it was a little bit more than shocking to see her come into his room. But why had she come in?
Could it be because she liked bugs?

“H-Harukawa-san! Are you here to greet the insects with Gonta?”

As the year 2016 comes to an end, it definitely wasn’t one of my best years so I decided to look back on it by making the WORST GIF PLAUSIBLE full of derps xD It did not come out how I wanted too especially since I am not the best person who can edit things so sorry for such a lame one -_- Also, I can’t thank you guys enough for following my hot mess of a blog where it is ONLY REBLOGS L O L but THANK YOU truly! Much appreciation yo! :D I don’t even know why but THANKS! I don’t know if I got everyone but I just did my best to try too so if you are not on here or you had changed yo url, I am terribly sorry but I did the best I could! 

Even if it may not seem like it, you all have done a lot for me regardless if we ever talked or not, ya’ll REALLY did! It makes me happy just knowing that people actually like my blog (WHEN IT IS COMPLETE TRASH) and even give me the time of day. I really appreciate it and I cannot cannot express how I am glad to know all of you! Whether you know it or not, ya’ll are some of the best, sweetest, and coolest people ever! :D Thank you for giving me the greatest experience these past six years and here is to another year together! (YAY HAHA…mixed feelings yo)

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TOAST TO DA NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU ALL DA HAPPINESS IN DA WORLD! Never ever stop smiling yo beautiful smile! :DDD Thank you to all these blogs as well as others that I didn’t get a chance to put on here! Sorry again as it is not the best but I tried. Also, thank you for putting up with me as I can have random sprees and to those that are not K-pop blogs, thanks for putting up with my shizz. You guys are magnificent and hopefully we can continue to have the tumblr connection in the new year of 2017! ♥♥♥

@harmoniamusica has to listen to possibly the worst thing. |

“Akamatsu-san!” Gonta yells out, quick steps being made to close the distance between them. Ouma-kun had told him of something, ironic? Was that the word? And he wanted to hear the pianists opinion on it.
He knew Ouma was a liar. It was just for safety measures.
Even gentlemen need to have someone to ask questions to, and to confirm information with after all! It would do no good if information he learned was nothing but a lie.
And he trusted Akamatsu-san very much!

“Can you confirm something for Gonta?”

Because I keep my girls semi penned up in a chicken tractor, for safety, and that I move every couple of days I feel that it’s my responsibility to do a little extra. I collect bugs and bits of bread etc and dump them in a bag of leaves then drop it in. It gives the the sense of the natural feeding process of scratching. They get bored in the winter months sometimes.
I see them actually get excited when I do this.