i cnt with u

i like a lot of the discourse blogs that follo me & check them all rlly often like every day or every other day like @starrydiscourse & @dogsanddiscourse & @discourseoka & @h8keepers & if any of my followers like ace discourse/lgbt discourse abt intercommunity issues & stuff like tht i suggest those blogs to follow or at least scroll thru
i cnt personally handle seeing discourse constantly so i dnt follo any of u guys but i lov you guys & u make a lot of well written & coherent posts abt discourse & lgbt related things

wz dead asleep on th train omw to wrk nd a regular @ my stor woke me up so i could make my stop lmao


160610 @ Music Bank // Suho - Monster (aka neck muscles…)

          under the cut consists of #238 100x100 rp icons of this endearing lil’ cutiepie, kendall jenner, and the spectrum of their actions/tones vary tremendously and are quite versatile, if i do say so myself. all were personally made and edited by yours truly, so please do not claim them as your own !!  a like or a reblog is not necessary, but would be tremendously appreciated. hope ya’ enjoy, dolls !!

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