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Explanations // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 1181

Summary- Jack hates you and you don’t know why


Seven months ago

Your parents weren’t very happy about you moving out of the country.

“Y/n, sweetheart, you need your parents in your life. You’re only 22. We can’t help you if you leave the country,” your father, Y/f/n said rubbing his eyes. You three had been arguing for the better half of two hours.

“I’ll be fine! This is an amazing opportunity!” you exclaimed.

“Do you really want to be a reporter for the rest of your life?” your mother, your biggest idle questioned.

“Yes! I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid. You both know this.” You sighed, your older sister had become a surgeon and your parents kept pestering for you to follow in her footsteps. You stood up, “I’m not Y/s/n/! Okay? This is what I want to do, and neither of you can stop me!” You began walking to the door, keys in hand. That is until you heard your mom say the one thing that made you rethink everything.

“Y/n if you walk out that door, don’t contact us again.”

You let out a long, slow breath, lifted your head, and walked out the front door.


Now you were happier than ever. You had moved in with your friend Mikey Pearce who you meet through an interview. You too clicked instantly, but platonically. Through Mikey you met the buttercream boys. They soon became your second family… well first.

However, there was one boy that just never liked you. Out of all seven of the boys, the cutest one absolutely hated you. Jack freaking Maynard.

So here you were filming a video with Mikey, Jack and Josh.

“Right, so hello guys,” said your roommate. “Today I’m here with 3 guests. Y/n, Jack, and Josh. I thought it’d be fun to play Roommate vs. Roommate.”

“We’re so gonna win this,” Josh said to Jack.

“Yeah right! I know Mikey better than any of you!” you playfully shouted at Josh.

While Josh laughed, Jack had a different response, “Oh just shut up. For once, please!” he barked.

“Mate…” Mikey said slowly, “Is that necessary?”

“She’s so bloody annoying!”

You lowered her head and began playing your thumbs.

“You agreed to do this! Why are being such a dick?” Mikey asked.

“Whatever, can we just start the video.” Jack said, obviously annoyed.

After Mikey finished explaining the point of the video, Josh asked the first question. All was going good until it was Jacks turn to ask you two a question.

“Okay Mikey, how many boyfriends has y/n had?” he had a smirk on his face.

“3, 2, 1!” Josh yelled.

“Two!” you shouted.

“Two.” Mikey said.

“Yay!!” you screamed hugging your roomie.

“Twenty two years old and you’ve only had 2 boyfriends… that’s pathetic.” Jack muttered, handing the phone to Josh.

You stood up, done with his bullshit. “I have done absolutely nothing to you. I’ve dealt with your rude comments, your dirty looks, you hatred for me; but don’t you dare call me pathetic. I’m not the prick who’s being an asshole for no reason at all!” you screamed, not breaking eye contact with the blonde. You turned on your feet and walked out of the apartment, wanting your bed more than anything. Mikey didn’t return home for another few hours, by then you had calmed down enough.

“You alright love?” he asked, sinking into the couch, two beers in his hand.

“Yeah. Just confused honestly.” You replied, grabbing one of the bottles.

“I had no idea why he was being so mean to you. Josh and I had to bring Conor to knock some sense into his thick head.” Mikey laughed, trying to make the conversation less awkward.

You chuckled, “how’d that go?”

“Well, he admitted why he was being such a prick.” He glanced at you, noticing your eyes widen.

“And..?” you suggested him to continue.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Mikey looked at the door. “You can come in now!”

“What? Who are you talking to?” you asked but soon connected the dots as you made eye contact with the blue eyed boy.

Mikey got up and went down the hall, the sound of a door shutting hit your ears a few seconds later.

“Hey,” he said first.

“Hello.” You stared at the rim of your bottle.

“Listen, y/n, I’m really sorry.”

“For?” you looked at him.

He sighed, “For being a complete dick to you. You didn’t deserve it.”

“Why?” you simply said.

“Honestly? I didn’t like the fact that every time you walked in the room, the boys stopped everything to listen to you. They haven’t been the same since you arrived. I miss my friends.”

You began laughing, “I didn’t know you were so full of yourself.”

“No! Not like that,” he began laughing as well, “I… Honestly don’t have a legitimate reason. I guess I’m just having trouble adjusting.”

“I think I can solve that problem.” You looked into his eyes.


“How about this, we all go out tonight, first round on me. I’ll show you I can be one the guys. Help you relax.” You whispered the last part into his ear, running your hand up his thigh.

“I… uh… Like that idea.” He stammered.

“Great! I’ll go get ready. You tell the others. We’ll leave at 10.” You jumped up innocently, Jack visibly tensing at the lack of touch.

Once he left you began getting ready, making sure to shave extra carefully. You had a feeling you might end up in a certain blonde hair, blue eyed boy’s bed tonight.


After the third round of shots, you decided it was time to dance.

“Someone dance with me,” you shouted, running off to the dance floor.

“That’s your sign mate,” Joe laughed, point at your dancing body.

“What?” Jack asked, taking another drink.

“Go dance with her!” they all shouted.

“Yeah okay. I got this,” he gulped down the rest of the drink, searching for you in the crowd.

Once he located you on the dance floor, he knew he was whipped. You were perfect. He needed to be with you. So he walked up, casually dancing next to you.

“Jack!” you giggled, falling onto him. “Do you want to dance?’

“Sure,” he smiled. You turned around, confusing him. You back your ass to him and began swaying back and forth.

He froze. He didn’t know what to do. Normally he’d help guide the girl in front of him, but he felt gross doing that with you.

“Y/n,” he tried to get your attention.

“Yeah?” you asked, leaning you head back.

“I can’t do this,” you stopped dancing.

“What? What’s wrong?” you turned around, searching his eyes for an answer.

“I don’t want this to be purely physically,” he said, holding your hands. “I want to be with you for you, not your body.”

You smiled, “Okay, but my body comes with being with me. So stop being a pussy and dance with me.”

With that said, you and Jack danced for the rest of the night. And not just at club.


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Title: Adventure
Pairing: Mikey Way x reader
Summary: Dragging Mikey out on a late night adventure proves to be interesting
Word Count: 931
Warnings: Mention of aliens. Some people get freaked out by it.

Your name: submit What is this?

            "Pst,“ you whispered. “Mikey.”

           A light groan was all you got in response. It was 3 in the morning, and all Mikey wanted was to go to sleep.

           However, you couldn’t let that happen. When Mikey didn’t move, you got out of bed. The place was littered with post-show snack wrappers and bottles as you tiptoed across the room. Mikey quickly turned around one you reached his bedside. 

           "C'mon Mikey,“ you mumbled. "Let’s go on an adventure!”

           "No,“ Mikey whispered in response. 

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Preference #39 : Sex with him - 4/4

Requested : Yes

hey, could u please do a 4/4 visual (or just Mikey) smut for how sex with them would be like? Thank you and I love your blog by the way :D <3

Rating : R; NSFW (Please don’t click ‘Read more’ if you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of pictures)

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5 Seconds of Summer BSM#1: You Meet The Boys and You're Shy

Ashton (age: 14) Your older brother was at band practise and you mum was out doing the grocery shopping. So it was just you, Lauren and Harry at home. You were in your room doing homework whilst your brother and sister were outside. You were stuck on you long division maths homework and had a headache so you went downstairs and got a drink of water and a snack in peace and quiet. That is until, your brother and 3 other people behind him making a loud noise. Ashton walked through to the kitchen with the others following behind him probably to make a snack or go into the game room to play on the x-box or play station, when they stopped at the fridge you didn’t know what to do because you didn’t like talking to new people. So you decided that when they weren’t looking you would retreat back to your bedroom. Ok now was your perfect chance they were all huddled around Ashton with their backs facing you, as you were running you forgot to tuck your chair under the table you were sitting on a moment ago and tripped over the leg of it but you didn’t fall you just made a loud noise which made them all turn around. You blushed and looked down as all eyes were on you. Ashton noticed and said “guy’s this is my sister (y/n).”

Calum (age: 3) Was it weird that of all of the time 5SOS had been together that you had never met Luke, Michael or Ashton? I mean you had heard a lot about them and they had heard a lot about you from your brother. Well, after God knows how many years he finally decided that you were going to go on tour with him where you would meet the other guys. You were sitting in the departure gate with Calum playing with his hands smiling up at him with a dummy in-between your lips when all of a sudden you heard shouts of your brothers’ name and saw 3 other guys, TALL guys might I add, coming towards where you were sitting. When they finally got to you, as you were sitting in Calum’s lap you started fidgeting until he moved you so you were straddling his waist where you could burry your head in his neck so you wouldn’t have to face the 3 giants. You could feel the movement of Calum’s jaw as he started laughing at your shyness. “Aww, is this (y/n)?” one of them said. Calum turned you around on his lap so you were now facing them and took your dummy out of your mouth. Not even a second after you decided to put your thumb in your mouth resting your head against your brother’s chest whilst nodding to their question. An awkward silence the followed, only being broken a second later to hear your flight being called, Calum had about 3 bags to carry not to mention you as well you. So he decided as a way of you getting to know the guys better he decided to give you to the tallest of them all with a lip piercing, even though you were quite shy you were never one to miss out on a cuddle so you cuddled into Luke’s chest making both Calum and Luke smile as you were settling down quickly.      

Michael (age:16) You were waiting by your laptop  ready to accept a Skype call from your brother Michael from where ever he was touring, hopefully you would finally get to see what Ashton, Calum and Luke look like in person, well through a computer screen, because you had never actually met them, I mean you know who is who and what they look like, it’s just you have always been busy. You were waiting for the call, Michael’s name popped up on the screen, you started fidgeting in your seat in excitement and clicked the accept button and his face popped up on the screen showing his newly dyed bright hair. “Hey (y/n)!” he said waving to you through the screen. “Hey Mikey! How’s tour going?” you asked. “It’s good, apart from being stuck with these 3 idiots all day every day,” he said. “HEY!?” Three other voices yelled and then 3 heads popped up on the screen “Um, hi?” you said. “Hi! We’re Ashton, Calum and Luke,” they said. “I know I’m (y/n) Mikey’s sister” you said “I’m a big fan!” “Are you now?” they said smirking this is gonna be a long Skype call you think blushing.

Luke (aged:1) Even at this young age you were shy. You had just woken up from a nap on the sofa in your brother’s arms. You yawned around the dummy in your mouth and stretched. You put your hand on Luke’s face and smiled him mirroring your smile. There was a loud knock on the door not seconds after that precious moment so Luke picked you up and put you on his hip, not being able to leave you on your own in the living room where there are some very expensive items after what happened last time, and opened the door to come face to face with the other ¾ of 5 Seconds of Summer. The boys couldn’t help the little ‘aw’ that spilled out of their mouths when they saw you, I mean yeah Luke had talked about you a lot and shown them pictures of you but this was the first time that you have met, you were resting your head on Luke’s shoulder with bed-head, your dummy in your mouth and your eyes half closed. Luke moved his head so he could whisper something in your ear “Gonna say hi to them (y/n)?” You then opened your eyes and moved your head to see the giants that are Ashton, Calum and Michael, you took one look at them and hid your head back in Luke’s shoulder, they all laughed as they were lead inside and took a seat on the sofa and set up the PS4, choosing FIFA. You were sat on Luke’s lap beside and a guy with really cool green hair while the other two sat on the floor at your feet. You were facing the TV but looking at the controller in Luke’s hands memorized by the buttons, Luke and Calum were playing a round, but you decided to take charge of Luke’s team and started pressing random buttons squealing when it moved the players, in the end let’s just say Calum let you win and then they all took you out for ice cream. This day couldn’t have got any better, you thought.