i cleaned it up okay i'm sorry

26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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Shklance for the soul 🎷

I am now thinking about Shklance at a water park. Like they went on vacation, got a hotel room of their own. Crappy room service but they can definitely deal. There’s three of them yet they have one big bed in their hotel room. Lance always forgets the room card to unlock the door and the pass code. Keith and Shiro cleaning up the room even though room service and stuff like that exists, like “Okay but how about I do anyways. ”

Lance staring at the menu in awe and questioning the food choices and unreasonable prices. Keith and Lance racing over to the indoor pool and Shiro not bothering to catch up, watching the two and laughing. All of them coming back into their hotel room extremely exhausted and Keith joking about their hotel room being haunted and Lance staying awake in the bed to make sure no creepy ass ghost comes. Shiro reassuring Lance that there isn’t a ghost and they’re all cuddled up on the bed.

Shiro being the first one to get up, his arms buzzing because they fell asleep from holding his two dorks. Shiro doesn’t even budge and just stays there.