i chose to use this pointing out that it's the number one show in the world

Gaster created Flowey and (probably) the RESET button.

(I have planned to upload the VIDEO version of this by SEPTEMBER 15. Until then you can read it!)


Yep, you read the title correctly. In this theory I’ll show you all the proof I have to support my wild theory. Warning though, there are some big spoilers ahead!

Let’s start off with a bit of backstory theorizing. In what year does Undertale actually take place? A lot of people seem to believe that the game takes place shortly after 201X. However I invite you to view the timeline in a different light.

What if the game actually took place nearly an entire century after Chara’s fall into the underground?

In Toriel’s house during the pacifist/neutral run there is a calendar you can interact with that states as follows:

This text changes during the Genocide route, where Chara is much more active about how they interact with things.

Now judging by the events of Undertale’s routes we can tell that the events of the Undertale (Chara and Asriel’s mission) happened quite a long time ago. After Chara, six more humans fell down before Frisk. This gives us a good idea that it took quite a while for us to enter the underground.

Judging by the facts above we can safely guess that the events of the game actually occur during 210X, almost a full century after Chara fell. Crazily enough, this is supported by Papyrus. His online name is Coolskeleton95, often people use their birth year as the numbers in their online usernames. And since Papyrus only showed up recently and acts fairly young, we can guess that the date couldn’t possibly be 1995, and so it must be 2095. This is supported by the fact that Papyrus has no idea what a human looks like. Which means he must of been born AFTER all 7 of the other humans (including Chara) have fallen and died.

Now that we have an approximate date for the game itself, we can get into the real theory. Gaster creating Flowey, the ability reset/save/load, and how he is connected to every major moment of the game.

What proof led to the belief that Gaster and Flowey are related? The true lab entries, for one. Entry 1 through 8 are written in a very specific manner. The punctuation and capitalization is correct and proper. The dialogue itself more formally written. Overall the first eight entries are more professional.

During these first eight entries we learn that the monster/determination experiments have begun. Flowey was chosen as the vessel. The experiments have started full swing.

ENTRY 6: ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for monsters that had “fallen down.” Their bodies came in today. They’re still comatose… And soon, they’ll all turn into dust. But what happens if I inject “determination” into them? If their SOULS persist after they perish, then… Freedom might be closer than we all thought.

However at this same time Hapstablook/Mettaton has written his first diary entry.

Mettaton’s Diary 1- Dear Diary: Shyren’s sister “fell down” recently. It’s sad. Without her sister to speak for her… she’s become more reclusive than ever. So I reached out to her, and told her… that she, Blooky, and I should all perform together sometime. She seemed to like that idea.

We can recognise an amalgamate in specific that does resemble Shyren’s body, or at least, her sister’s

This is lemonbread

This is shyren

Alphys doesn’t come up with the idea to make Mettaton until diary entry 6.

Mettaton’s Diary 6- Dear Diary: She surprised me with something today. Sketches of a body that she wants to create for me… a form beyond my wildest fantasies. In a form like that, I could finally feel like… “myself.” After all, there’s no way I can be a star the way I am now. Sorry, Blooky. My dreams can’t wait for anyone…

And it is suspected that she made Mettaton to impress Asgore, as well as give her friend a body.

So what does that all add up to? Alphys made Mettaton to impress Asgore either before she became the royal scientist or very VERY shortly afterwards. We know that she WAS NOT the royal scientist during the initial monster/determination experiments. This means whoever was the previous royal scientist had to of started the experiments and chosen Flowey as the vessel.

And who could that be?

Doctor W.D. Gaster.

Further proof is that Gaster would know who Toriel is.

ENTRY 8: I’ve chosen a candidate. I haven’t told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it… In the center of his garden, there’s something special. The first golden flower, that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder… What happens when something without a SOUL gains the will to live?

Alphys, does not.

So now we’ve proven that Gaster created Flowey. Alphys made of had a part in it, but Gaster chose the vessel, the vessel covered in Asriel’s dust.

This is where the theory gets a little wild.

Now, we know Gaster disappears after True Lab entry number 8. The writing style dramatically changes from entries 9 to 13.

ENTRY 1: This is it… Time to do what the king has asked me to do. I will create the power to free us all. I will unleash the power of the SOUL.

ENTRY 12: nothing is happening. i don’t know what to do. i’ll just keep injecting everything with “determination.” i want this to work.


Now in entry number 11 we can confirm that Alphys is the author.

ENTRY 11: now that mettaton’s made it big, he never talks to me anymore. … except to ask when i’m going to finish his body. but i’m afraid if i finish his body, he won’t need me anymore… then we’ll never be friends ever again. … not to mention, every time i try to work on it, i just get really sweaty…

This one shows that Mettaton has a relationship with the author of the entry. Proof that this style of writing is done by Alphys. However entry 14 and 15 are written differently than either 1-8 or 9-13. It is my belief that the author of these two entries is none other than Sans.

We know Sans and Alphys know each other from the epilogue after True Pacifist.

Alphys knows Sans well enough to predict what he’ll say. Sans reacts quickly and covers it up with a joke, but the proof is there. Sans also has given Alphys dog food, proof he knows of Endogeny, the amalgamate dog.

(calling papyrus in front of Alphys’ lab without befriending undyne yet)

Using this it is very easy to speculate that Sans wrote entry 14-15, placing him as a scientist in the true lab. We know Sans is into science, based on his owning of physics books and his own laboratory.

Now, entry 17. There are two entry 17s. Entry 17.1, which is written by Alphys. Then entry 17.2, which is undoubtedly recorded by Gaster.

“Recorded you say?” Yes. Recorded. Entry 17.2 is read to us when we find it in the game files, otherwise known as the void. What Gaster is doing in the void is impossible to tell, but there are some things that occur that make us believe he did not stop experimenting.

We’ll get back to his experiments in a moment, first we have to find out “Why didn’t Gaster die from his accident, whatever that may be?”

Because he injected himself with DETERMINATION.

Every monster filled with determination becomes a goopy blob of what it once was. The model we believe to be Gaster inside the gray door looks quite goopy.

This goopy being would of had parts of himself dripping off. Whenever the accident occured and he fell into the core he was erased from the timeline. What happened to these blobs of Gaster?

They tried to grow new Gasters. This follower of Gaster is holding a piece of him, but it is clearly a head. A second Gaster being made. Or at least trying to form itself from the head.

Further support for this comes from a strange being you only encounter once in the game.

Memoryhead. This amalgamate is unique. Its ACT options are very similar to our own. 

This comes from Memoryhead having a small amount of determination, more so than the other amalgamates. Before flowey has control, Memoryhead has it, but of course, these things can barely walk or talk, so it didn’t know how to use it’s powers, but the option was there.

Memoryhead is in the shape of a skull, now where have we seen a disembodied head before?

Now like I mentioned, the amalgamate can’t even talk properly, so it wasn’t able to exactly control the timeline, but at this point whatever cataclysmic event Gaster created by falling into the core had already occur and Flowey was prime and ready to wake up. Once “your best friend” fully understood what was going on, the memoryhead lost the little control of the timeline it had.

Now… was Gaster was injected with determination or at least had interaction with it before/during his accident?, let’s take a look at why he’s responsible for the ability to reset.

Before Gaster’s accident, no human was able to reset. None of the seven human children were able to save or load. Not even Chara, who’s soul is a determination soul, just like Frisk’s. An argument could be made that humans on the surface can’t reset either.

For some reason the RESET/SAVE/LOAD ablity is a thing that only happens in the underground and for some reason is ONLY started to happen from a certain point before all 6 children fell down and on.

And I believe that’s because of the core, the one difference between the surface and the underground. The place Gaster fell into during his accident.

The core powers all of the underground, from the Ruins to Asgore’s garden. The moment a human enters the underground post-accident, they gain the power to reset. If they have enough determination to override whoever was in control before them. This makes it so that only the underground is caught in this save/load/reset paradox.

To sum it all up, Gaster created Flowey and injected himself with determination or got caught into it in his experiment before falling into the core. This caused the underground to enter a time paradox where whoever has the most determination gains control over the timeline.

Do you agree with the theory? Or can you debunk it? I’d love to get some responses.

(Theory by me and veir)

Superhero!Seven x Villain!MC AU

  Well hello! This is my first writing piece on this account, and it’s just to show you guys what my writing style is like.

  I had been working on this one for a while, so I hope that you guys enjoy it!

  Feedback is always appreciated, as well as constructive criticism, so feel free to message me.

  Remember that requests are open!


Genre: Fluff & Blink-and-you-miss-it Angst

Word-Count: 6,738


   “YOU WILL LOSE NEXT TIME!” You yelled as you ran towards a building across the street, sliding behind it and into a dark alleyway, hiding until the crowd would dissipate.

   It was rare that you used your voice since you had to keep your identity a secret, after all. Even when you did use your voice, you would change the tone, to make it less likely for someone to recognize you. After everything that had happened, you were completely out of breath, with cuts on your face and blood dripping from said cuts.

   Who would’ve thought that you’d end up like this? You were a villain, humanity’s number one enemy, at least when they are derived from its own. The trouble you caused would always appear in every local headline, sometimes even showing up around the world.

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #157

BTVS 6x08 Tabula Rasa

obligatory soundtrack to accompany your reading

Stray thoughts

1) Writing the follow-up act for OMWF couldn’t have been an easy feat, and yet the writers came up with one of the most memorable and quintessential Buffy episodes. OMWF was damn perfect, but we can hardly say it’s an episode that betokens the classic feel of the show. It was a Very Special Episode, and while at its core it had all the ingredients that make the show what it is (witty dialogue and one-liners, funny moments, character development, emotional resonance) I would hardly recommend it as the episode a new viewer should watch to get hooked on the show, you know? Tabula Rasa, on the other hand, is an A+ prototypical Buffy episode. There’s conflict between the characters, a memorable monster of the week (although he is only a plot device more than a key player in the narrative), an original gimmick, comic relief,  meta-jokes, plot advancement, good music, and a lot of tears. Like, A LOT. I love this episode!

2) The episode starts with Spike following Buffy around, as per usual, and asking her to have The Talk about The Kiss. It’s not every day that you make out with your former-number-one-enemy-turned-ally-turned-kind-of-friend-turned-confidant. Buffy chooses a very non-Buffy way to deal with the Spike-kissage: she dismisses the whole thing and downplays it. 

SPIKE: We kissed, Buffy.


SPIKE: We… we kissed, you and me. All Gone With The Wind, with the rising music, and the rising … music, and what was that, Buffy?

BUFFY: A spell?

SPIKE: Oh, don’t get all prim and proper with me.I know what kind of girl you really are. Don’t I.

BUFFY: What we did is done. But I will never kiss you, Spike. Never touch you ever, *ever* again.

I get that Buffy wasn’t really Buffy yet, but this is a really mild reaction compared to the last time she had kissed Spike…

If Buffy hadn’t enjoyed their kiss or if she hadn’t been considering giving it another shot, she would’ve had a much more visceral reaction to his questioning. (I can totally imagine her saying something like: “what we did is disgusting” or “I’m disgusted at myself”) Yet she chooses to not make a big deal of it, and only when Spike insists on pushing the issue she states that she will never kiss or touch him again. Which is what she thinks she has to say more than what she actually feels since at this point she’s still fighting her attraction towards Spike. 


I will never kiss you, Spike. Never touch you ever, ever again.

*literally one second later*

For whatever reason, she just can’t let him die, can she? 

4) BTVS is probably one of the few shows which can get away with having an actual shark play a loan shark. And how awesome is that?

And I absolutely love the fact that Teeth (that’s the shark’s name according to the script, btw) keeps calling Spike “Mr. Spike.” So very gentlemanly of him! 

5) One of favorite lines in the whole show, tbh:

SPIKE: I just need a little more time.
SHARK DEMON: Time, time, time! Is what turns kittens into cats!

6) While Buffy is patrolling, the rest of the Scoobies are gathered at Xander’s discussing Buffy’s revelation that they had torn her out of heaven. This is an odd writing choice. Considering the weight of the revelation, as a viewer I was expecting to witness the actual moment in which the Scoobies and Buffy hash this out. It seemed like a pivotal moment in Buffy’s arc this season, yet it never came? My question is: did the writers purposefully chose not to write that key scene to continue driving a wedge between Buffy and her Scoobies and furthering the season’s plot of isolation, desolation, and self-destruction? or did they choose not to write it because it was too difficult a scene to write purely from a writing perspective? (did they chicken out?) 

7) Anywho, what they did write is the Scoobies trying to come to terms with what they’d done to their friend. And before I dissect the scene in point, let me take you back a few episodes to “Flooded”…

WILLOW: I brought her back! (…)  I did what I had to do. I did what nobody else could do. (…) I brought Buffy back into this world, and maybe the word you should be looking for is “congratulations.” (…) I wasn’t lucky. I was amazing. (…) The magicks I used are very powerful. Im very powerful.

You see it, right? Willow is taking full responsibility for bringing Buffy back. There’s no doubt in her mind that she alone carried this out. 

Now let’s analyse Willow’s discourse after realizing she had actually done something wrong, she had unexpectedly failed. 

TARA: All we know is that… it was a good place and she was happy there.
WILLOW: And we took her away from that. We wrecked it for her.
XANDER: We didn’t wreck. We didn’t know.
WILLOW: We didn’t wanna know. We were so selfish. I was so selfish.

It’s very clear that she does not feel comfortable taking full responsibility for bringing Buffy back now that she knows it made her miserable. When she thought having brought Buffy back made her a hero, she really didn’t feel like sharing the accolades…

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Let’s talk madness...

 [Alright well by now everyone has either seen madness or has heard of it and wants to continue to scream despite the fact that we haven’t gotten all the manga scans out yet - or rather properly translate yet.

PLEASE be aware I am not doing this to be an asshole - I fucking ship Otayuri like its my life blood but I am also very realistic as I humanly can because I want to make sure anyone who DOESN’T ship my ship doesn’t come telling me “Oh you are just being bias because you love the ship!” like bitch please - calm your titties down first of all. Second sit down, both otayuri fan and anti alike.

 Shit about to get LONG AS FUCK - So undercut for now.

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the art of the trade

day three of @platonicvldweek - lions/bonding

2694 words, in which keith and red share a moment or three. s2 spoilers. 

also available on ao3.

      Red believes in equal exchange or nothing at all. Trust for trust. Joy for joy. Hope for hope. But she also deals in wrath, envy, even despair. Whatever Keith can offer her, she will match it, and needless to say, he prefers trading lighter memories, few and far between though they seem. However, Red shows no obvious interest in the memories themselves, but in the act of the trade, and when Keith settles into her cabin to think, her presence presses all around him, heavy and warm. Expectant.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I make Dragon Age videos on YouTube and I just found your page here. I was wondering if you could take a moment to check it out? It's called "The Kingdom" (that may be changing soon), and the series is called Talking Dragon Age. Thanks! -Cole

Hey Cole! Thanks for telling me about your series - from what I’ve seen so far, it’s absolutely right up my alley. For those of my followers who tend to lurk around here specifically for the kind of meta that shows up in my #lore nerd and #jez thinks too much about dragon age tags, this show is something you may want to check out.

As an example, I figured I’d post the episode that seemed most relevant to my blog, considering that I’m so often blathering about this god-damned god: 

I’m pretty much 100% there with you in terms of thoughts and theories - and I love how you expand your discussion to include the possible exploration of Tevinter, Qunari, Rivaini, and Nevarran politics into DA4. Rivain would be of particular interest to me if the story delves into trying to establish an alliance with both the Qunari and Tevinter, considering that culturally they act as sort of a bridge between the Qunari and the non-Qun cultures of Thedas. Rivain is home to the only Qunari settlements that remain on the mainland and Qunari emissaries are often seen moving freely throughout the territory. Though the Qunari were once their conquerers, Rivain seems to have established a relatively peaceful co-existence with them. And considering that so many of the conflicts in Dragon Age fall along religious divides, Rivain would be a bit of a wildcard in terms of who they would side with. Their royalty is Andrastian, the majority of their nation is pantheistic, and a number of people living close to the Qunari settlements seem to have either converted to the Qun or merged it with the faith of their homeland’s native religion. 

Another thing you brought up that has always been a sticking point with me is Solas’s pursuit of the eluvians. We know that gaining control of them was one of the very first things Solas pursued. The agent who failed to obtain them was a reference to Masked Empire, a novel that takes place at the very start of the War of the Lions between Celene and Gaspard. That war begins exactly a year before the destruction of the Conclave - which means Solas had only just woken up. This was one of the very first orders he gave - gain control of the eluvians. So we know it has to be very important to him.

Now, this desire may have been simply driven by logistics. The eluvians can give him access to places he cannot otherwise travel to and by controlling them, he can not only move his forces about more freely, but he can also ensure that his enemies cannot use them as a resource against him. But I think the eluvians may be key to something much more important to him - saving his people. We know that some ancients still walk in the waking world, but there are presumably countless others that remain sleeping, perhaps cut off from the world and unable to wake until the Veil is removed. (Cole, peering into Solas’s thoughts: “They sleep, masked in a mirror, hiding, hurting, and to wake them…”) While we don’t know the specifics, I think the eluvians are not just an instrumental tool in fulfilling his plan to reshape the world, but more importantly are a crucial piece he requires if he intends to save those who survived and yet remain somehow trapped. (Which puts the fact that that agent chose to fail that mission into a whole new context. If this is true, then he essentially chose to sacrifice countless of his people’s lives for the sake of allowing a mortal to maintain control of the network of mirrors.)

And one more thing I will mention, which isn’t a major correction or anything but I add only because it only strengthens your point about the Evanuris - you said they’d been imprisoned for about two thousand years. Assuming that the stories about the Quickening are accurate, then the Veil has been in place for  3,691 years… which is a hell of along time to be imprisoned and holding a grudge.

anonymous asked:

It's her trying to do the right thing by her people that makes everyone think she would be fair and just, not the dragons. Those are just what makes her a ruler.

Okay, no. One, who are her people? Certainly not the ones in Westeros. Even in the show, the only thing that has been corrected from her askewed knowledge of everything related to Westeros was her father’s madness through Tyrion and when ser Jorah told her way back that common folk prayed for rain and good harvest so they could survive, not her family’s return to the Iron Throne.

Two, she has zero idea on how to rule fairly and justly. Or at all for that matter. This is not by her choice, starting from her brother Viserys to her rapist husband Khal Drogo, all she could tell from her point of view is that what they were doing was wrong. TV Daenerys has spent all her time going from one place to the other, things conveniantely falling into her lap. Tyrion, as experienced ‘manager’ and someone with experience in playing politics, was introduced to her in an episode literally called ‘The Gift’.

And still she is stubborn to act as she is advised. Her advisors and ‘army’ of freed slaves, that follow her more out of being awed by her as their liberator whom they call ‘master’, are what is keeping her head above the water when it comes to 'ruling’. Also she acquired them by tricking a man and then burning him to crisp. And she ruined the city of Astapor, sparing only children and slaves. Yay, bad ass Khaleesi.

I find it particularly annoying how everything comes to her conveniantely. In one episode she has trouble controlling her dragons and in another, problem solves itself and she has it under control again. Also, her rulling references are: family name, dragons and inability to get burnt. That’s it. She has nothing of lengthy success to showcase her ability to rule, whether it would be a natural or acquired ability.

“They have a choice: they can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one.”

There are zero realities where this is fair and just. You can argue with me all day long that this was solely focused on the slave masters of Slaver’s Bay but I disagree. Though she has not said it before, it was most certainly Daenerys’s mind set since she started her little conquest. And yes, it is a conquest.

“I am Daenerys Stormborn and I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”

This is not a mark of a badass woman as most people idolize her to be. This is fucking terrifying. Also, it is not hers. This is something only a conqueror will tell themselves to justify their greed and ambition to control the lives of other people. The Targaryens had zero right to rule over Westeros. They came with dragons, killed everyone who opposed them and fashioned themselves as rulers of Westeros to supplant the rulership they lost in Valyrian Freehold.

She is not in Essos to stay. She wants Westeros. And will leave very unstable enviroment behind her. Also, no matter how morally wrong to you and me the cultures of Essos may be, they had existed that way for centuries, Daenerys has desecrated them and appropriated bits and pieces she had found to be useful to her. In this, you cannot unsee the trope of 'white hero saving poc cultures from their savage ways’. For example, look at the first culture she dissected.

The Dothraki. They sack and raid cities, demand tributes, enslave people and rape is their conquest given right. This just makes you appalled. It certainly did not sit well with Daenerys in the beginning. Now, they are part of her army she will unleash on Westeros. And she took command over them by burning the khals alive in the most sacred place to all Dothraki where no weapons or blood spilling was allowed. Ever.

“Every Khal who ever lived chose three blood riders to fight beside him and guard his way, but I am not a Khal. I will not choose three blood riders. I choose you all. I will ask more of you than any Khal has ever asked of his Khalasar. Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me, before the Mother of Mountains? Are you with me, now and always?”

So she disagrees with their way of life but has done nothing to change how that at all and is perfectly content to use their 'savagery’ to get what she wants.

“I am a queen, not a butcher.”

I think one would find good number of people who would disagree with that statement.

As for her dragons, they are devastating weapons of war. They are not cute, cuddly pets that will sit around her throne and purr or chirp or whatever. They are not her children. You do not raise your children to do your bidding and torch anyone who does not agree with you. They are literally cocked guns pointed at someone’s head. To quote MCU Steve Rogers: 'This isn’t freedom. This is fear.’

The ability to give Inspirational Speeches she does not write downTM and ability to ride a dragon are not valid job qualifications of a ruler. A conqueror maybe. But not a ruler. Especially a good one.

Zimbits High School Teacher AU - Part 2 (1000th post!)

Hey y’all! I was going to leave this Zimbits High School Teacher AU as a one-shot, but then I hit 150+ followers and my 1000th post was approaching, so I thought “Why not?” 



A number of years had gone by since Eric first became a teacher, but early mornings were never going to be his thing. Ever. Not if they were part of the job requirement (they were), not if he had a reason to get up (he did), and not even if the universe had presented someone he was looking forward to seeing at the crack of dawn (it had).

He was buried beneath a pile of blankets, selfishly hoarding all the warmth he could take when the sound of the doorbell disturbed his slumber. At first, he thought he was dreaming. The sweet sounds of Queen Bey should have been his welcome to the new day, so this was downright offensive. The doorbell rang again, this time followed by knocking. “What the…” A mess of mussed blond hair followed by narrowed brown eyes and a frown poked out from underneath the sheets, and turned to the clock on his nightstand. Fuck. Eric sat up quickly. The doorbell was the wakeup call.

Rushing to the front door, Eric opened it with a huff, regretting at that moment the decision to forgo an attempt at getting dressed. Jack Zimmermann stood before him in all of his beauty, wearing jeans and a sweater that fit so perfectly it was sinful.

“Hey, are you… not… ready… to go?” Jack asked, his tone becoming more and more confused the lower his gaze traveled from Eric’s face to his t-shirt to his shorts to his socks.

Coffee had become their thing. Every school day, Jack would drive to his place, and then they would both ride over to Eric’s favorite near-home cafe for drinks and a small breakfast until it was time to head to campus. That had been the arrangement for the past four months without fail, so there wasn’t much excuse for the schedule to be knocked off course today of all days.

“So, funny story… that I will tell you inside,” Eric said, reaching for Jack’s hand and ushering him into the house. Turning on his heel, his crossed an arm over his middle, using the back of his hand to prop up his elbow thoughtfully. “I didn’t set my alarm.”

“Is that the story…?”

“That’s the story,” Eric said matter-of-factly, not missing the slight twitch of the corners of Jack’s mouth that signaled he was doing his best to control his smile. Or even worse, his laughter. “And before you–”

Jack shook his head. “I knew it–”

“Say ‘I told you so…’”

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clamyewest  asked:

Hey it's the end of the term at school and it's super stressful so you should tell a story maybe? Please?

hmmmmm. so while i was at boarding school i took ap physics, which was a bad decision for all parties involved because a) as a pigeon-toed loser with a center of gravity her body doesn’t know what to do with, physics has never done anything but betray me, and b) i’m not very good at math.

the good thing about AP classes is that you only have to take the actual school exam once, at midterms. the bad thing about AP classes is that you have to take the AP exam. at the time, there were just… a of things i’d rather have been doing than studying for an AP physics exam, like, for example:

  • makin out with my then-boyfriend
  • watching lois & clark: the new adventures of superman in my dorm room, where once my roommate’s mother actually said to me “i don’t think i’ve ever come into this room and seen you out of bed”
  • wrestling guerrillas (ETA: so originally i was torn between “taking over national security” and “wrestling gorillas” when making this list and APPARENTLY MY BRAIN SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE)
  • filling out paperwork at the DMV
  • solving the then-impending economic crisis
  • giving myself a root canal
  • listening to the zac brown band’s “chicken fried” on repeat for the rest of my natural-born life
  • finding out that waterbeds don’t have fish in them, what the hell is the point of a water bed if it’s not also a NAPTIME AQUARIUM?
  • being stuck forever at that point where you’re JUST ABOUT to sneeze
  • breaking up with my then-boyfriend over a series of commitment issues and personal insecurities
  • realizing they never sold the last season of lois & clark on DVD
  • finding out dean cain campaigned for rick perry
  • RICK PERRY!!!!
  • ugh
  • UGH

you get the idea.

anyway, the problem with not studying for your AP physics exam if you’re not some kind of physics genius who hangs out in dexter’s lab and makes periodic table puns at dinner parties is that when it then comes time to sit down in the exam room, the AP exam asks you what happens when a 3-kg object is released from rest at a height of 5m on a curved frictionless ramp and you’re like, “…………well DID YOU KNOW THAT DEAN CAIN CAMPAIGNED FOR RICK PERRY????”

  • did you???? DID YOU???

no. i didn’t write that. what i DID do was think to myself, “well, molly, you’re going to major in Books And Thinking, not NUMBERS AND SCIENCE, so who cares, really, in the long term, about this exam??? i mean, getting a good grade on your AP physics exam isn’t a judgment call on you as a PERSON. you could get a 5 and be a douchebag, just like you could get a 1 and be a saint. so really, i mean, REALLY, would it be the end of the world if you chose to just…. maybe chose to answer this question creatively??? show that you can use limited resources, like your brain, to find creative solutions. BITCHES LOVE CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.”

so what i did, instead of attempting to answer the question, was to INSTEAD write a 5 paragraph essay, in spanish, about why we shouldn’t be throwing 3kg objects off ramps in the first place, because that’s dangerous. what is this object? is it breakable? are we aiming for something? 3kg might not SOUND like a lot, but at the speeds it could theoretically reach when being released down a frictionless ramp, i mean, that kind of thing could do SERIOUS DAMAGE. PEOPLE IN FRICTIONLESS WORLDS SHOULDN’T THROW 3KG STONES.

  • also, nobody should throw stones.
  • stop throwing stones at each other, what the hell dude.

in the second essay, which was like, “idk idk trains are going in different directions or something,” i wrote that the easy solution is to check the train schedules to see what time the trains will arrive, and check periodically with the conductor to see if there have been any delays. with the time saved by taking that approach and not DOING MATH, we should ask ourselves the Real Questions, like what season we are and how that should affect our wardrobe choices. i laid out a series of questions for the reader to determine whether they were a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall:

  • do you prefer apples, oranges, or strawberries?
  • would you rather be hot, or cold?
  • what is your favorite holiday: christmas, thanksgiving, or easter?
  • would you rather go rock climbing, swimming, skiing, or apple picking?

based on these questions and a complicated point system i set up, the reader could determine their One True Season and what type of color palettes they should then focus on.

the bell rang. exam over. BYE, AP PHYISCS!!! SEE YOU NEVER, HAHA!!

the next year, fresh-faced mollyhall was walking through the halls of the science building on the way to AP environmental science (WHY DID THEY LET YOU TAKE ANOTHER AP SCIENCE CLASS? you may be asking yourself. WELL, i tell you, chuckling, WELL, THAT’S—that’s a really good question, actually.) when i was stopped by mr. h, my AP physics teacher.

“you know,” he said to me, “AP exams, like model un or athletic competitions, are representations of us as teachers, and of our students as people. they reflect the school.”

“cool beans, mr. h,” i said.

“which brings us to the subject of your essays,” said mr. h.


  • they send copies of your essays to your teachers, and
  • my AP physics teacher spoke spanish.

“uh,” i said. “yes. right. i see your point there. my essays. they were. well, i did put words on paper. you cannot deny that words were written. i think—i think i did okay? on the multiple choice? i think i…. gosh, mr h, you look very smart in that orange and brown color palette, is that new???”

“i’m a fall,” said mr. h.

The Lucii Job

In honor of my birthday that was on the fifth day of this glorious month, and it still being my birthday-week until Friday, I was planning to write this for my lil fandom. My culture believes in giving presents on ones birthday as much as receiving them, so this is my gift to you.

Much and many more love to @loveiscosmicsin for being my special someone. Regardless of the ship or not @ulric-nyx and @ramibriidge for giving me wonderful gifs and artwork to look at on my birthday, some LuNyx love is coming for y’all I loved each and everything! Much love and kisses to @ahatfullofoctarine for personally wishing me some blessings, and @ohmaigod10 for sticking with me despite me being slow and lightening up my day with our conversations.

And of course huge bear hugs to all the anon messages I received. Thank you!

I will regardless of what I do or see or ship, love this pairing the most. The one OTP to rule all OTPs.


Title: The Lucii Job
Pairing: Lightning Farron x Noctis Lucis Caelum
Rating: T - for mild language.
Genre: AU with no Kingsglaive spoilers
Length: This is supposed to be a one-shot, but we’ll see how this works out.


.The Lucii Job.

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How Youth is Depicted in Battle Royale

Well, I promised that once I had my essay written, I’d upload it, and it’s all finished! Now, before you read, I just want to clarify a few things:

  • This is an essay written for an English class in college, so I had to go with some pretty boring topics IMO. The three things I chose to concentrate on were: Young people’s attitude towards the government, how ordinary things intensify in survival scenarios, and (losing of) morality.
  • Because the essay was going to be penalized if I went over a certain number of words, I had to leave out a lot. Forgive me for my lack of insight into certain characters (“You should’ve done X as an example!”), but I honestly had to cut out a lot.
  • Please note it's highly unlikely that my tutors ever read BR, so naturally I left out details, or I had to explain some pretty obvious things. 

Warnings out of the way, enjoy reading!

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Can we please just stop for a second and talk about Elsa from Frozen

First off is her past. Before her accident that almost killed Anna she was shown to be a playful and loving child, who loved her powers and created joy for her sister Anna.

But this changed drastically after the accident, after she shut Anna out. She became cold and distant towards her kingdom, her subjects, and most importantly, Anna. The sequence shown in the film during the song ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ is evident for her isolation throughout the years. But the film language in the sequence is the most important out of the whole. The sequence mainly featured Anna growing up outside Elsa’s door, and the things she had done to fight off her boredom and disappointment, but in between there were little bits of conversation and interaction coming from Elsa. What I meant by film language, one of them was her dress code. Throughout the years of her isolation her outfits became more and more wrapped up, decent.

Art by Brittney Lee

Less and less skin was shown and it had the same effect as her gloves, to protect others, out of her fear. Right after the accident whenever her face was shown, it was one of sadness and guilt. Gone was the light in her eyes and in its place were unspoken apologies and tremendous fear. That brings us to another point: her fear. Her fear was shown consistently throughout the film: it acts as a driving force for almost all of her actions and therefore the plot. The accident did numbers on her. She now feared her powers more than ever before, and she chose isolation to protect the ones she loved.

Contrasting with what most people say her isolation was voluntary, not forced. Her parents misinterpreted what Grand Pabbie had said,

‘Fear will be your enemy.’

Her parents thought it meant fear of their daughter Elsa from other people.

And that was why they locked her up, or at least rarely let her leave, and Elsa grew to believe the misguided conception as well. Shown as the more mature one out of the two sisters, she was never once shown to break any of the isolation rules her parents set for her. She knew why it had to be this way and the rules were never broken even after her parents left her.

On the subject of her parents brings us to another point: her role. As the elder sister and therefore heir to the throne she was groomed to rule the kingdom of Arendelle after her father. It is the most important role in all of the kingdom. She must be trained to be a leader, to take charge of her subjects and make decisions best for the whole kingdom.

That is a huge responsibility as all of the lives of her subjects and the fate of Arendelle rests squarely and solely on her shoulders. She was taught knowledge, grace, power, authority, success. And these couldn’t be taken lightly for she would be a public figure, a role model. All things must be polished to perfection for any mistake could be fatal to her kingdom. You can imagine the stress she was put under starting from a young age, where everyone expected perfection from her, grace from her, discipline, wisdom, leadership, success from her.

As the heir she was to lead like her Father before her: with kindness, wisdom, and authority.

As the Queen she was behave like her Mother: with sophistication and grace.

But one additional thing that’s making it even harder for her was her fear. Her fear of hurting others with her powers.

The stress to control them as fast as she could for she was to be a public figure soon, a Queen, and that meant close and constant interaction with her subjects, her staff, and Arendelle’s trade partners.

To have such high expectations coming from so many people, to be responsible for so many lives for so many years to come, adding onto that, her fear and self-loathing, it should have crippled her.

But it didn’t.

It didn’t because of her personality, her maturity. It might have already crippled her but she certainly did not show it. As an heir with a sibling she could have escaped from her fate, her destiny. She could have left the kingdom and left the throne to Anna, and everyone would be safe from her, but she didn’t. She didn’t because she knew that as the elder it is her responsibility to rule after her father. She didn’t because as the mature one she knew that Anna’s not capable enough, not mature enough, to take over an entire kingdom. Her love for her sister and her subjects acted as her motivation. She pushed on, all those years out of concern for the fate of her kingdom, despite her fear. And when her powers got discovered, she could have still ruled with her powers. She could have had more authority, more power, over her subjects and her kingdom.

But instead she ran.

She ran because she knew this was not the way to rule, this was not what her father would have wanted from her. She ran out of her fear for the safety of her subjects, more so than herself. Even when she was on the North Mountain and Anna told her about the Eternal Winter she still cared.

This is the most important factor of all: her selflessness.

All the factors I have mentioned revolves around a single one: selflessness. She gave up her freedom, for her subjects. She gave up her happiness, for her subjects. She gave up everything that could have made her feel better, for her subjects. At the end she was even about to give up her life.

Out of love.

The love she had in her heart, although she didn’t realize it, is overwhelming. All those years, those thirteen whole years she endured. I cannot imagine the amount of guilt she felt every day for shutting Anna out without an explanation; the guilt she felt from the day she injured her sister; the guilt that intensified every passing second because she couldn’t even apologize to Anna and ask for her forgiveness because Anna couldn’t even remember what happened; the amount of fear and stress she felt when she thought she had not achieved perfection, when the time for her to rule was getting nearer and nearer and she still couldn’t control her powers. The sadness she felt when the Duke of Weselton called her a monster, when everyone turned afraid of her; the guilt that returned when she learned from Anna that she has put her kingdom and her subjects under an Eternal Winter, when her fears came true. She endured, for thirteen fucking years, full of guilt, regret, and fear. Even after all of that torture she still came out as sane.

Every day.

Every day.

“Do you wanna build a snowman Elsa?”

“It doesn’t have to be a snowman.”

“Please come out.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“Why Elsa? Why are you shutting me out?”

“Conceal, don’t feel.”

“Elsa what have you done?”

“She’s ice cold.”

“What have you done?”

“What have you done?”

Which is why when she finally found beauty in her powers and confidence in herself, it came to be the most beautiful thing in the world.

I am aware that I have repeated myself from my last 2000 word essay post, but again, I had to emphasize: People should not be the slightest bit ashamed if they like Elsa for any of the reasons above. She is an incredible character and she has, and will always have, a special place in my heart.

Yes I just did that

~ Pegacorn1210


Shattered Tomorrow | Blake Belladonna

RWBY AU continued. Previously, Ruby and Weiss. Thanks for all the likes and reblogs! Keep Reading to continue. Disclaimer: A lot of the story here will be based on the new info I gathered from Volume 3 Episode 7: Beginning of the End, so if you haven’t watched that episode yet, do it now!

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Billboard Cover: ‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Questlove and Black Thought on the Runaway Broadway Hit, Its Political Relevance and Super-Fan Barack Obama:

Hamilton’s perspective on slavery is also really important. If in 2015 we’re watching the Founding Fathers in black and brown ­bodies, the elephant in the room from the first moment is slavery. And then, in the opening number…

Miranda: Third line.

…In the third line – “every day, as slaves are being slaughtered” – Daveed [Diggs, as Jefferson], who delivers that line, really hits “slaughtered.” That’s the first indicator for the audience: We understand what this was.

Miranda: I was very conscious of it. And ­having the show from Hamilton’s perspective is a ­blessing, because he was ahead of the other Founding Fathers. He grew up on Nevis and Saint Croix [in the Caribbean], which was one of the key points on the triangle [slave] trade, and so he saw the brutality. He wrote about the smell of the ships before they arrived on the island carrying slaves. So he was repulsed by the practice and got the importation of slaves banned in New York and co-founded the New York Manumission Society. So he’s morally on the right side of ­history – in contrast to Washington, and in ­contrast to Jefferson.

When we meet Jefferson in the play, people are scrubbing his floors. You have to hit it and you have to hit it early and often, because this was a part of their world. We originally had a third rap battle that was about slavery.


Miranda: Yeah, that we cut, and it was sort of our homage to “Hail Mary” [by Tupac Shakur]. There was a moment when there were two Quakers from, I think it was Pennsylvania, who tried to ban the importation of slaves and brought it to the house floor. And [James] Madison let them talk about it for two days and then set a gag rule – “We’re not talking about slavery until 1808” – basically saying, like, “We don’t know how to solve it.” They knew it was a problem. Even from the racist perspective, it was, “There’s going to be more of them than us!” But no one knew what to do about it, and they all kicked it down the field. And while, yeah, Hamilton was anti-slavery and never owned slaves, between choosing his financial plan and going all in on opposition to slavery, he chose his financial plan. So it was tough to justify keeping that rap battle in the show, because none of them did enough.

Right. You don’t want to have a fake moral hero.

Miranda: Right. I’m not going to say Hamilton was the anti-slavery crusader when he didn’t make his life about it. His friend John Lawrence [sic] was an ardent abolitionist trying to free slaves and raise battalions of armed free slaves, and was getting shut down at every turn. And then he died. So he’s the great “what if” of American history, because he would’ve been one of our Founding Fathers and that would’ve been part of the conversation. But he died in battle.

(To Black Thought.) When you first went to see Hamilton, did you know that the racial makeup of the cast would be what it was?

Black Thought: I had no idea.

How did that land for you?

Black Thought: It’s something that I kind of processed after the fact. It was a complete ­after-thought. I was like, “Wow, yeah, that was the whole cast.”

Questlove: It’s so seamless and you’re so ­entertained. For me, it wasn’t until the third time the king came out when I was like, “Wait a second…”

Miranda: (Laughs.) He’s the only white guy!

Questlove: The casting is a bold decision that works, that totally works. I went on a night when Lorne Michaels was in the audience and ­[playwright] Tracy Letts was there and I just kept looking at their faces, and they were so energetic and entertained by it. And I was like, “OK, so maybe this isn’t as controversial as I thought it would be.” From a hip-hop head perspective, it was thumbs up. And then I was wondering: What will a history buff say? Who’s going to snark in The New Yorker and say, “You know, this is not at all an authentic portrayal”?

Fact check: Jefferson wasn’t black.

Miranda: A lot of his kids were, though. (Laughter.) In terms of the casting, for a long time we were thinking about it as an album. So we were dream-casting artists and were never looking at color – we were thinking literally of voices. One of the characters that still kills me that I couldn’t get in the show – the governor of New York when Hamilton was there, and an enemy of his – was named George Clinton.

Black Thought: Ha! Oh, shit.

Abysmal Hatred & My Concerns

While January the 28th may be just like any other day of the year, it also just so happens to be the day that Crunchyroll’s 2016 Anime of the Year award winner is revealed. Now without wasting your time, I’m just to get this out of the way immediately.

Yuri On Ice will win Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year award.

Not, if. Not, maybe. It will. This is for certain. It is a solid fact and there is no probability about it at all.

Now, I will get to this in a moment, but for now, I just want to get some more important things out of the way first.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Why Yuri On Ice Won Everything It Was Nominated For:

Yuri On Ice won every single category that it was nominated for in Crunchyroll’s 2016 poll by a staggering amount of votes. 

But how?” 

Some people have been asking this for a few weeks, so I thought it was about time for a specific answer.

-Reason One:

The sheer amount of people who voted for Yuri On Ice was unmatched and wouldn’t have rivaled any other show due to its fame.

Since the vote was solely based on popularity, Yuri On Ice won its nominated categories in a landslide. It has also become the most profitable show since SNK, reaching in numbers of about 51,000 copies sold within its first week of sales and then another week later growing to about 63,000 copies total. That’s about 12,000 sales in growth within a week and it’s absolutely amazing.

Now, because of those numbers, this means that a fraction of the viewers would have voted for the show, increasing its chances of winning. Not to mention how much the fandom promoted the poll and told fans to vote, which also boosted the number of individuals voting.

A simple estimation would suggest that around 22,000 - 25,000 people voted for Yuri On Ice in each respective category, while other shows like MOB Psycho and Erased each received around 1,500 - 2,000 votes (granted, this estimation can change greatly depending on the category.) Thus, leading to the show’s domination.

-Reason Two:

Yuri On Ice brought new fans into the anime community. 

A large percentage of the show’s fans were never a part of the anime community to begin with. For many, this was their first anime and it introduced them into a whole new world of TV and entertainment. 

When it came time to vote, these kinds of inexperienced anime fans went and voted for the show that they critically thought was more deserving and picked Yuri On Ice. 

For lack of a better term, it was inexperience paired with personal preference and should not be insulted. They chose to try a new form of entertainment and are still learning about it and they’ll eventually grow into it.

-Reason Three:

The fans just didn’t watch the other shows that Yuri On Ice was nominated against.

2016 was a rather weak year for anime. There obviously were some really good shows this year, such as Erased, MOB Psycho 100, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, Yuri On Ice, and a few others. 

Though, it goes without saying, that there were more bad shows than good, and there were also not very many shows coming out in 2016 either. 

Not only that, but many longtime anime fans had begun to distance themselves from anime as a whole and stopped watching it. Yuri On Ice seemed to bring many people back to anime altogether, giving them a new hope for new shows in the future. 

So, when the voting began, these people voted for Yuri On Ice, because they hadn’t bothered to watch any of the other shows that were out at the time.

-Reason Four:

It was really well received, people really, really liked it, and it was actually really good. (This reason doesn’t really need an explanation, so I’ll move on.)

My Opinion on the Awards Outcome:

(This is my own personal opinion and has really nothing to do with my main points. Skip ahead if you don’t want to listen to what I have to say about this.)

-Best Animation:

There’s been a lot of pathetic arguing about this subject and it’s quite sad. 

I absolutely do believe that MOB Psycho 100 definitely had far better animation than any other show out this year. Its style is diverse, experimental, colorful, and incredibly well done. It is an animation masterpiece and it definitely deserved the award in my opinion. 

Though, when I say that MOB has better animation than Yuri On Ice, I don’t mean that Yuri On Ice’s animation is terrible, because it’s not. No, it’s much more complicated than that when you’re looking at the show from a critical standpoint.

In fact, one of Yuri On Ice’s greatest flaws is their inconsistent animation. The show’s animation either looks so beautiful that it takes your breath away while simultaneously bringing you to tears, or it’s so bad that it looks like a drunk five-year-old tried to draw each frame with broken crayons. There really is no in between. 

This may be a bit of an exaggeration for the sake of comedy, but this is basically the best I can describe it without going into a several hundred page analysis and going frame by frame throughout the entire animation process. I have to just keep this nice and simple.

-Most Heart Warming Scene:

I was absolutely torn at this decision. I was at a crossroads. 

 Hinazuki’s first home cooked meal, or The Kiss™. 

On one hand, I had sobbed during that scene in Erased. It was so incredibly sad but heart warning at the same time.

But on the other hand, The Kiss™ was absolutely everything to me. 

And I, being the mature adult I was, threw my chair across the room, punched my arm through my desk, and screaming so loud that I had the police called on me. 

The Kiss™ wasn’t so much heart warming, as it was a threat to my furniture. 

It was more of a shock value, than a heart warming scene. Other scenes from Yuri On Ice that would have been better suited for this category would have been something like The Ring Exchange.

Though, because I was at such an absolute dilemma over this, I just didn’t vote for that one category. I couldn’t choose between the two, and I’m so glad I didn’t, because it would have haunted me for a while.

-Final Thoughts on the Awards:

I personally believe that Yuri On Ice did indeed deserve the other awards it received, such as Best Couple, Best Opening, Best Boy, Etc.

But even if you thought differently than me, even if you think that Yuri On Ice deserved absolutely none of the awards it received whatsoever, then that’s perfectly fine.

My opinion is no greater and no better than that of anyone else’s, but what do I know really.

Yuri On Ice Will Win Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year Award:

I am only saying this now, a day in advance (depending on what time you read this), because it’s completely obvious that this is the inevitable outcome. It will win Anime of the Year on the 28th and there is absolutely no if about it.

My reasoning behind this is simply because Yuri On Ice has won countless other anime of the year awards already and not just from one place either.

Not only has Yuri On Ice won many, many Anime of the Year awards already, but the number of people who voted for the show is absolutely unbeatable. No show even comes close to those numbers, so mathematically, it’d be practically impossible for anything other than Yuri On Ice to win.

The (ridiculous) people in Crunchyroll’s comments seem to be setting themselves up for disappointment, almost intentionally. And this intentional and impending disappointment, brings us to the most important part of this article.

Abysmal Hatred and Heinous Spite:

This was the whole reason I decided to write this in the first place. I was so overcome with confusion because what I was seeing was so absolutely and totally bizarre.

To explain this simply, an online anime popularity poll result upset some people. They decided to insult people, complain, and succumb to hatred because they refused to accept the results like a group of self-entitled children.

What made this whole situation worse, was the fact that they didn’t keep their hatred contained to just Crunchyroll’s website.

No, they decided to harass individuals on every format, flood comment sections on websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Pixiv, and also Tweet obnoxious insults to Crunchyroll’s Twitter.

Some of the things I’ve seen generally make me concerned or question my existence, but not in a deep and thought provoking way. No, I mean the, “Why do I exist when people can be so dumb that it makes me question whether the word, ‘intelligence’ has ever meant anything at all,” kind of questioning your existence.

I’ve seen some pretty backwards statements before all over the internet, and sometimes in real life too. It obviously wasn’t a surprise to me when I saw hatred overflowing after January the 11th, but I never thought it would be on this kind of level.

There were some people that weren’t just hateful to the fans, the show, and people’s opinions, but they were also being hateful to gay people as well. You just can’t make this up:

People being blatantly homophobic because of an anime popularity poll is just absolutely ridiculous.

One of the most frequent comments I see regarding Yuri On Ice is: “I’m not homophobic, but I didn’t like the gay characters/gay couple.” 

Not only is that an incredibly strange thing to say, but that’s akin to saying, “I’m not racist, but I didn’t like the black characters/black couple.” 

If saying the last statement makes you seem racist, then wouldn’t saying something like the statement before it make you sound homophobic as well?

Besides all of this chaos, it got people to start very interesting conversations about how female fans are treated differently than most male fans.

Well, regardless of the blatant homophobia, hatred, and general idiocy that had taken place just a few weeks ago, I’m here to tell you to prepare for more because it’s not going to stop and January the 28th is just going to make it worse.

Future Hatred and Intolerance:

Remember how I said their impending disappointment seems almost intentional?

Have you ever known that something wasn’t going to go your way, but you built it up for yourself anyways, just so you could have an excuse to hate something? Yeah, maybe when you were a child

This is what these people are doing to themselves right now, solely as an excuse to hate the show more than they already do. 

In fact, there will probably be ever more backlash from Yuri On Ice winning Anime of the Year 2016, than from any other award it has won so far

If this happens, then the harassment, homophobic behavior, and hatred for the show and its fanbase will only increase. 

My only goal, as of now, is to let you all know beforehand, so it isn’t much of a shock when it inevitably does happen.

Final Thoughts:

I honestly think that if Yuri On Ice hadn’t won a single award, that this fandom would have accepted the fact and moved on.

I don’t think that the Yuri On Ice fandom would have done anything even remotely similar to what these hateful people did.

Of course, there will always be a handful of rude or immature people, but overall, this fandom is generally well behaved (which is a miracle.)

I’m going to be serious here for a moment and say that I don’t want it to ever get this hateful at any point within the fandom, ever. If this fandom ever becomes this hateful and this toxic at any point in the future, then you will know why I gave up fandom culture for good.

Our Dearest Symphony

A/N: Here’s my contribution for the Royai Week prompt “Music!” Note that this is a two-part piece! The second part will be my final contribution for the week. I hope you enjoy!

“Brigadier General,” Roy beckoned without looking up from the phonograph he was fiddling with, “Could you come here for a second? I need some advice.”

“Of course, sir,” Riza replied, setting her paperwork down on the table she had made her temporary desk. She made her way over to him and stopped by his side as he rested his chin on his fists, scrutinizing it. When her eyes followed his down, however, she saw that his eyes weren’t on the phonograph itself. Instead, they were darting between two records that were laid out before him.

“What are your thoughts?”

She looked up and found that his eyes were no longer on the flat discs, and were instead on her. “My thoughts, sir?”

When her eyes met hers, his lips curved upward. “About the records, General,” he replied. “I’m having difficulty deciding which I want to play to begin the night’s festivities.”

“Oh.” Pressing her hands against the desk, she leaned over to better look at the names of the tracks on the records. Though the labels were worn, she could make out the names scrawled onto their labels. The first, Pavane, was a track she was very familiar with. It had been one she would listen to when she would study as a young girl. A sharp F-minor with an orchestral version that she found difficult to not get up and saunter around her room to, best describing it as a flow of melodic climaxes with a beautifully haunting elegance to it…

Shaking her head to rid herself of the unnecessary flow of memories, she turned her attention to the second record that was in front of him. Its label more worn than the previous record, it was difficult for her at first to make out its name. But when she caught the number “9” on the tag, she couldn’t help but smile. Symphony No. 9, known to most people by the popular name of ‘New World Symphony,’ had been her personal favorite when she was younger. While the previous track made it hard to stand still, this one made it entirely impossible. During the rare times her father would go into town or would take Roy on an alchemy-based excursion, she’d set the record on their phonograph and dance around the house as she completed her chores. Its perfectly harmonized medley of instruments had an intoxicating effect.

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The Implications of Lapis’ Backstory

I’ve watched Same Old World and I have a lot of feelings about it so I’m just going to get right into my analysis.

In my recent Lapis Analysis post, I wrote a lot about what may have been Lapis’ past, her current character, and her prospects in the future of the show. In this episode, we do get to see some of her character development as well as her history, and I’m pretty excited with the way things turned out.

1. Lapis’ backstory aptly captures the horrors of war and fits in perfectly with the SU storytelling style

I think off the bat, some people may have felt underwhelmed by the story of how Lapis got trapped in the mirror. Many fans, including myself, made the assumption that there was a strategic or political reason to have Lapis trapped in the mirror. And in hindsight, that’s because we’re taught to see war films and spy movies as exactly that. Films where one protagonist is seemingly at the centre of a convoluted plan and is the linchpin of either saving or stopping everything at work. When we see Lapis as that mysterious remnant of Homeworld, we immediately project this sort of image that she was that special agent who was targeted and neutralised, either by Homeworld or CG forces.

But the real story is actually way more engaging than a story about Lazuli, Lapis Lazuli, 007.

Because now we have a story that shows us something about conflict and war that most of those other stories don’t. In war, there is always collateral damage. For me, this revelation needn’t diminish the idea that Lapis had a high standing on Homeworld, in fact, it hits that point home even harder. With Lapis getting poofed because she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when war broke out, it shows that everyone loses in the war. Rich, poor, strong, weak. the powerful, and the subjugated. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can get hurt, you can die, you can lose everything.

An interesting parallel would be the wars fought here on our world. Oftentimes, civilian cities or towns would end up becoming the strongholds as armies moved forward, even today with modern warfare, these same civilian areas become the hiding places of war criminals and fugitives. All those people living are walking potentials of collateral damage. They’re innocent; they might not even know that there’s a war being fought, but one day big scary people say they need to use their houses, their supplies, that it’s for the greater good. Maybe you have worse situations where those scary people take without asking and hurt anyone who tries to stop them, loot, and kill because they believe they have the right. And these innocent civilians are powerless to stop it, because for some reason, all the money in the world won’t ward off those guys with the guns, who say they can drop a bomb on their village with the push of a button in some far off command centre.

So Lapis could have been a Homeworld delegate, or someone higher in the social echelons. She might not be making major political decisions, but she’s rare enough that she’s considered special. We know Lapis likes keeping to herself and likes to observe things from a distance and keep a low profile. When she first arrived, that might have been exactly what she was doing.

Everyone on Homeworld was talking about this “Earth” thing, and they were willing to fight a war over it. Lapis never believed in Earth, but she might have wanted to check it out, because she wanted to understand what her home wanted with this planet. It was only supposed to be for a short while, as she said. And then she got poofed and it didn’t matter which side she was really on. Homeworld thought she was a CG, and the CGs, I assume, didn’t even know she existed.

In wars, there is a voiceless majority of people who don’t have the guns and the power to fight. Lapis was one of those helpless people, sort of just getting dragged along the flow of the conflict. She didn’t have a say in whether she wanted to be part of this war or not, and she didn’t get a choice in which part she’d have to play in it. In wars, people get irrational and paranoid and angry. That’s what Homeworld did to Lapis, insisting she was a Crystal Gem, and these voiceless people are often the vast majority of the victims of the war. I’m not just talking about civilians here. I’m talking about the soldiers who were raised as children to think that the greatest and only sacrifice worth making was to die on the battlefield. All the quartz gems we see in Lapis’ flashback, how many of them knew what they were fighting for in this war? How many were following programmed orders from the day they emerged? When you have a war like this, a lot of people get dragged into the conflict.

I mentioned in my Lapis character update that her gem must have been broken after she got trapped in the mirror. Here we see that’s true. But it’s not an act of malice or vendetta that makes it happen. It’s an accident because everyone else was scrambling and fearing for their lives and running away, and she just got left, again, as collateral damage.

And this is why this new angle on Lapis’ history is so significant, because she represents that voiceless group of people who didn’t want a war, but found themselves getting tangled up in one. And most of the time, these are the very people who bear the most of the burden and the horrors of war. The “leaders” planning things in their war rooms aren’t in the villages where the innocent people get slaughtered alongside “enemy” soldiers because someone misfired or like Lapis, someone happened to be at the wrong place in the wrong time. When the dust clears, the permanent damage done to the lives of the people will be labelled “necessary” or “an accident,” but that doesn’t make the suffering any less real.

Given this backstory, the stand is clear that war is never something you can win. War hurts everyone. For a while, we’ve been looking at the war canonically as something noble that the CGs did as a last resort to free people and let gems start a new life. Canonically, Homeworld seemed like the enemy to that, who had the upper hand while the CGs were a “small persistent group of rebels.” But everyone was hurt by the war, Homeworld and Crystal Gem.

This angle is so in line with what SU as a show is trying to do. It’s trying to take what we normally associate with certain things in cartoons and flip it completely on its head (but in the process, actually make it more realistic). When we see two sides of people on the war, we tend to identify the hero and villain immediately, and we sort of preempt the narrative before it even happens. That may also be why these themes tinge the way we see character interactions and have to take a second look to really understand what the characters meant.

So for me, this isn’t a “soft” way out for the Lapis narrative to be told. In fact, it’s infinitely more horrifying, because you have someone who made no move to consent in being part of the war efforts used so mercilessly for those very purposes. And it begs the question, Lapis was one of the gems on Earth at the time, how many more were there? Who were shattered, who were corrupted, who were lost and never seen and just forgotten.

2. This explains why Lapis hates the Crystal Gems and Earth so much

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The Firebird - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Words

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TW: Canon-typical abuse - We all know what it means, right ?

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Seven days.

That’s all that remained before the first performance of The Firebird. Seven days during which Katniss would have to focus on her steps, position, feet and hands, rehearse the same parts again and again, in sweatpants or in the gorgeous costumes Cinna made. She would have to concentrate on dancing, and nothing else.

Which, after last night’s date, could prove to be a challenge. She had lost count of the number of times Peeta had kissed her in the park  as they walked hand in hand around the Japanese Garden, whether it was a peck on the lips, or a deeper exploration of her mouth.

And she had liked it. A lot.

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