i chose to take a photo instead

Between your requests I decided to introduce you my Eeveelutions Mew Mew. Here we go!

♡ -Name: Sally (real name Camille) 

♡ -DNA: Sylveon

♡ -Age: 18

♡ -Date of birth: 26th of June (Aspertia City, Unova)

♡  -Star sign: Cancer

♡  -Measurements: 168 cm x 62 kg

♡  -Hobbies: shopping, watching romantic movies, napping, praticing swordmanship, taking care of Candy (family’s shiny Delcatty), collecting photos of her and her friends;

♡ -Weapon: Shining Fleuret

Camille, better known as Sally (n. Sally was the name her grandma wanted for her, but her parents chose Camille instead, using Sally as nickname) is a cheerful young girl. She’s pretty confident and capricious sometimes, being really stubborn and unpredictable. 

But she is also an enthusiastic, loyal and friendly girl who likes being surrounded by people, and she’s quite good at it.

She’s very sensible and weepy, especially when she sees or hears something that touches her heart.

She’s also pretty penny-pinching, being generous and caring only with her little sister Maboo, who loves most.

Despite being such a bizarre character, Sally is a big hearted chick who cares for her friends and for her cause.

She seems to be quite lazy for the things she hates to do (like homework or cooking) working hard only for the things she’s interested in. 

Along with her sister Mabel and her parents, she works in family’s patisserie, being a responsable and a hard worker (because she can earn money from that).

She enjoys chocolate profiteroles and rare steaks.

Sylveon | Jolteon | Flareon | Vaporeon 

(ps. Yaaaay i finally solved my problem with photoshop >:D I won, photoshop, I WON.)


so I chose social media and communication as the theme for my multimedia class projects and this is my audio slideshow if you guys want to see it (I asked my professor if I could draw my images instead of taking photos so it’s kind of related to this blog… sort of??) 

And this project isn’t really about being anti/pro social media it’s mostly about examining both sides of that argument so this doesn’t represent my own personal beliefs 

Also sorry for my lightning fast speaking voice and my horrible attempt at pronouncing the names of smart people