i chose to be happy

Apparently, Gabourey got weight loss surgery because she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’m really sad that she had to deal with that (my mom has diabetes, and she took the diagnosis really hard), but I’m happy that she chose to do this for her own health and not because she felt pressured to.
I’m also side eyeing everyone saying how “good” she looks “now,” when she’s always been beautiful.


all you do is yell at each other; you are not friends.
                                 no, we’re  f a m i l y .

I chose you. I choose your mess, your happy days and your “I can’t even force myself out of bed” days. I want to be the one who holds you in your darkest times and I want to be the one to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. I want to be there for you when you lose hope and I want to be the first person you run to to celebrate your victories. I want the madness, the sadness, the despair, the overwhelming fear of the unknown, the happiness, the glory, the growth, the peace and the mind-blowing, unconditional love. I want it all, for as long as I get to be lucky enough to have you. I choose you, I choose every little thing that makes you you.


“Being in close contact like this does heighten my emotions. Through physical contact, our presences are felt more keenly… Makoto-san? It seems your body temperature and pulse are suddenly rising. This is dangerous! So this is the heart-pounding effect of love…? It may be best to limit this pose to shorter durations.”

When I was at Stuttgart, I was told than one day I’ll have a beautiful love story with a club. When I signed for Real Madrid, I thought I reached the top of the world. Then, all of a sudden, something went wrong. The Madrid fan whistled me even when I played well, they didn’t respect the work I did. I played well, seriously, but someone higher up wanted me gone. When Juve contacted me I accepted immediately even though there were other clubs interested in me according to my agent. Juve showed me what it’s like to be a footballer. Thanks to Allegri I returned to my levels in many simple ways, and the public, unlike those in Madrid, are educated and I appreciate this. Today, when I speak with my German friends and they ask me about the peak of my career, I show them the Juve shirt. This is the team I chose as my love story, the best team I know, the team that wins with class… That is Juventus.
—  Sami Khedira

do u ever think about how the first thing neil sees when he wakes up is andrew and the first thing andrew sees when he wakes up is neil the first thing they open their eyes to every day is a reminder of how far theyve made it of everything theyve lived through and of how real their lives are

im too tired rn to do in depth meta on this im too tired to for coherent sentences but this makes me so so happy andrew is a reminder of neil abram josten and the life he wanted and chose of every risk he took and continues to take of his victories but also his own humanity neil is a reminder of andrews feelings of his own reality and his healing his regaining of trust and his hope and his future theyre everything they thought they could never have and every morning is a reminder of that and if its not each other then its the cats its their apartment its the others sweater flung carelessly on the floor

There’s only ever been one person I’ve looked at and thought … “I could quite easily spend the entire rest of my life with that man”.

And sooner or later I need to accept that he’s spending it with somebody else.

—  Ranata Suzuki
And when I held her
The world stopped for a second
It felt as in the most peace I have ever been
The closet thing to nirvana
The world could be ending
And I wouldn’t let go
As she was my power source
Or drugs to an addict
I’d chose her over God, Happiness, and Sex

Japanese celebrities that EXO want to meet

I dreamt about you last night. You were touching me; rubbing your hands down my body, and I swear, in that moment, just for a second, we were where we should be. Together.