i chose quality then


“I’d have to say it’s usually towards the softer end, though. 

Even so – Flavian can do a great metal scream!! He doesn’t like doing it much though … and not when performing. At least there’s always stuff we can do just to mess around, I guess!”

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Friendly reminder that Lucas Friar’s favorite thing in the world is when Riley Matthews talks to him, and that she is the sole reason he survived in New York. I will never understand how anyone can say Riley has not had a positive impact on Lucas’ life. I also can’t comprehend why people find it difficult to believe that Lucas chose Riley. I mean she has so many amazing qualities; she is kind, gentle, funny, quirky, gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, curious about the world around her, cares deeply for the people she loves, stands by what she believes in. I can honestly go on and on about how incredible Riley Matthews is. I completely see why Lucas would be taken with her. We know for a fact that Riley is really important to Lucas. Those words came from his own mouth. What I truly love the most about Rucas is that they bring out the best aspects of one another’s character. It is more than evident that they make each other happy. In relationships happiness should always come first; that is why Rucas is important to me. I just find their relationship to be beautiful in every way humanly possible. I believe in them wholeheartedly.

Hey, it’s ya boy Tatsu, back on the dash with another sloppily put-together promo post! I’ve seen this cool, fresh format &&. damn right I’m gonna use it for once ( I’ve waited long enough.. ), so without further ado, please LIKE or preferably REBLOG if you’re willing to interact with:

  • a big pissbaby named Sid
  • he’s kind of a god, but y’know. verses.
  • flirty asshole &&. honestly knows how to have a fun time
  • probably a little too cheesy to be alive
  • ??? i honestly don’t know, he’s really dumb &&. has horrible habits

Thanks &&. hope we get to interact! (๑′ڡ‵)ᕗー☆

Okay guys, I think i’ve made an important discovery

I was looking through scenes to use for a gifset I was making, and I chose this one (yes ik it’s shit quality hahaha):

When I was making the gif I ran through the frames really slowly, and I found this:

Do you see it?

Ladybug smiles.