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Guys, the new book recs I’ve started posting are a lot of fun to make but they are based on personal opinion. You are entitled to your own. Also, the books I compare them to are books I like, but I prefer other books in the genre. I chose them based more on popularity than quality. So please stop taking them so seriously, especially if you disagree. Your allowed to have your own opinions. So am I. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to reblog. 


I can’t stop listening to ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ QAQ. There are SO MANY different fan renditions of the characters that I just sorta…picked and chose my favorite qualities for Cecil Palmer (left) and Carlos (The beautiful Carlos with his perfect hair on the right) as references for myself~

Lol I only lament that a lot of renditions of Carlos look a lot like one of my Indian OCs, but it’s okay. I love Cecil and Carlos too much to lament for long.

Hello! I didn’t actually expect that many people to request this and I was going to make this anyways soooo… Let’s get to it!

 Before we get started to actually making the spread, you first need to answer the following:

  • Do I want to follow a theme?
  • If so, what theme do I want? 
  • What are the things that motivate me?
  • Are there certain people that motivate me?
  • Do I want to plan my weekends? 

 My weekly spread isn’t the same every week and I change some things very often because I feel like it’s necessary to do so but I’m not one to change my over all color scheme very often although there are some studygrams who change theirs every week. It’s hard to keep on changing your theme if you are a studyblr so I suggest to stick to one for a long time. It’s not necessary to have one but it makes it more neat and pleasing in the eyes and makes it look more organized. I don’t know what they’re originally called, but I call them ‘space-fillers’ mainly because they fill up space (duh). To sum it up, these are basically little things you can add to your bujo to make it more handy and useful. (* - my favorites) Some examples are: 

  • Weekly Playlist*
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Count
  • Thought of The Day (TOTD)*
  • Quote of The Day (QOTD)
  • Daily Mood
  • Weekly Expenses 
  • What I Eat in a Day* 

 I want to make this clear, because I live in the Philippines, I don’t really have access to expensive stationeries that you could always see on tumblr and instagram such as Tombows, Muji pens, Artline Stix, and Mildliners. I know that there are some MUJI branches in Manila but it would mean climbing Mt. Everest, crossing the Han River, and spending your life savings. Not worth it (in my opinion because I’m like 14 who basically depends on her parents). So, learn to use what you have and supplies are just supplies. Expensive stationery don’t equal to immediately having beautiful lettering. I just use the Faber Castel ones but depending on where you live, these might not be available for you. I use it because it’s cheaper and does the job. Although the tips do fray overtime, you’re still getting more than what you paid for. So definitely a must-try.

 Before we start. Checklist (* - optional) 

  • Bujo
  • Markers 
  • Glue 
  • Ballpen 
  • Ruler 
  • Highlighter* 
  • Washi Tape*
  • Colored Paper*
  • Photos* 
  • Music 

(I didn’t list any specific brands because you can always substitute supplies)

 Okay and now we can finally start! 

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sbs power fm - night night ♡ 171024
translation: cosmicsticks

dj: the member who seems like he will dance “move” well (between jonghyun and key). you choose key.
taemin: actually, i think both members will do well. jonghyun -ssi came to the concert this time, and he saw “move”. he even imitated me dancing “move”. that hyung hilariously made it into a joke.
dj: what did he do?
taemin: he suddenly talked about some pigeon dance, and there’s this part (does shoulder dance), the part where you move your shoulders? he was like: “this looks like a pigeon!” and imitated it. while key-ssi …, it seems like he will dance it well, seriously and with quality and that’s why i chose key.
dj: when the members imitate you doing the dance … even though you’d feel thankful about it … wouldn’t it feel cringy?
taemin: it’s funny! we tease one another a lot. we really tease one another a lot.
dj: which member does the teasing the most?
taemin: minho-hyung is the worst! he teases so much! he kept imitating “move”. he also imitates other songs, like “danger”, and there was a time he imitated jonghyun-hyung’s “déjà boo”. and you know how members always have certain habits or gestures that they always make? he knows these points really well.
dj: is there a habit of yours that he imitates a lot?
taemin: there is. i tilt my head down quite a bit and he imitates me doing that! it’s really funny, and he also imitates the way i walk as well. it’s funny.


Barging Into Cece’s Apartment

I would have slowed the top right gif but I was listening to Green Light and it syncs perfectly with the beat.

I, uh, I really don’t have any explaination for this

but i do have an omake: