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Nobody is perfect. The world is cruel.

Inspired by this video of Yuzuru tripping over nothing.


I’ll say it again, Victor looks great in pink and purple.

Thank you so much for the request @sunburntkeith !

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  • Georgi: Let me give you some advice. 1, Do not call Yakov grandpa. 2, Do not call Viktor grandpa. Under any circumstances. Ever. Yakov will make your life miserable and Viktor will pretend to be your grandparent for a month, if not longer.
  • Yuri: Wait...You once called Viktor 'grandpa'?
  • Mila: He called him 'grandma', actually. It was great.

Lightning Strikes Every Time (He) Moves by @cuttlemefishwrites​ - Fic rec moodboards  [18/?]

Pop Prince Yuuri Katsuki is everywhere – magazines, television, movies – and now he’s also reuniting with his old bandmates (3XO) to put on an award show tribute to living legend (and Yuuri’s personal musical hero) Viktor Nikiforov. It’s too bad everyone keeps trying to pit them against each other for the title of King of Pop, because Yuuri’s ready to have a panic attack (in a good way?) when Viktor offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: Viktor wants to produce Yuuri’s next album, but that might be harder than Viktor envisioned when he discovers Yuuri has always been too anxious to believe in his own music against the sound the Hit Factory has created for Yuuri since he was fourteen.