i choose to edit than sleep

  • forest (android) / focusnow (ios)
    these are really famous in the community and it’s probably because they’re so great. not only do they prevent you from checking your phone constantly while studying, they also serve as a pomodoro timer + you plant cute little plants for every session! if you do check your phone you get guilt tripped because your plant dies, so you probably won’t do it

  • coffitivity (android) / (ios)
    if you like background noise while you’re studying this app is great because it recreates the ambient sounds of a coffee shop, which research says that boosts your creativity!

  • rainy (android)
    another background sounds app but this one lets you mix from a lot of different sounds to find the combination that relaxes you the most!

  • memrise (android) / (ios)
    my fave language learning app so far! you have a lot of different courses to pick from, it lets you set a daily goal, earn badges for your achievements + pick between different types of review sessions

  • fabulous (android)
    this app is one of my favorites. it’s a great “coaching” app to help you “ increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight + sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life” (i couldn’t have explained it better than the playstore description). you can choose from different long term goals such as feeling more energized or sleeping better, it will suggest new habits + help you stick to them!

  • water drink reminder (android) / waterlogged (ios)
    i suck at drinking water so this app has helped me a lot reach my daily water goals! i don’t know about the ios option i linked, but the android app is really effective for me + it’s the best one i’ve tried

  • vsco (android) / (ios)
    my fave photo editing app so far, i use it on my instagram (shameless self promotion oops) + i love all the options it has!

  • elevate (android) / (ios)
    this is a brain training app that helps you improve cognitive skills such as focus or processing speed with cool games + a personalized training progam to get the best results! improving these skills is proven to boost your productivity, confidence and so on

i hope you find any of these apps useful because they’ve been really helpful to me! 

- sofi xx


favorite character memeepisodes [1/5]

This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession, everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.

Edmund Oneshot

(A/N: Hey guys! We had our first performance last night! I can’t get the lipstick off. After the show there was this little girl who was really shy and her parents said that she really wanted to meet Buddy the Elf and oh my heart! My grandmother is coming into town tomorrow and I’m flying down to TX on the 17th so the preference on the 16th will A. Be my last for a while and B. probably be really short. Sorry about that in advance. Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Modern Oneshot: Edmund’s up late reading a book

You couldn’t understand why Edmund didn’t sleep much.

       It was winter, which meant that your job at an equestrian center had dwindled to very few tasks and you spent most of your time sleeping. If you weren’t sleeping, you were with Edmund, who was always awake.

       Edmund almost never slept, which really couldn’t have been healthy, but he seemed to function just fine throughout the day on an hour of sleep. Usually he was working as he was an editor for a publishing company and could work from home. When he wasn’t working, he was spending time with you or reading, which is what he was currently doing. It was almost midnight, not at all late for him but you had been up all day. You wanted to sleep and you wanted to sleep with him.

       “Ed?” you mumbled against his shoulder. You were both sat on the couch, you cuddled up to Edmund under a mound of blankets.

       “Yes, cuddle bug?”

       “Can we go to bed?” You pressed a long kiss to his bare shoulder then rested your chin on it, staring up at him. Edmund turned his head and gave you a quick kiss, immediately turning back to his book.

       “Go to sleep,” he said. “I’ll carry you to bed later.”

       “Ed,” you wined. “I want to sleep with you.”

       He looked at you, an eyebrow raised. Your eyes widened.

       “I meant that in the most innocent way possible.” Edmund laughed.

       “Let me finish this chapter,” he said. “Then I’ll go to bed with you, yeah?”

       You nodded, snuggling more into his neck than his shoulder now. He settled back into his book, back into whatever world he was picturing in his mind. Edmund had a wonderful imagination, far better than your own. You wondered why he choose to edit what people wrote instead of being the writer. You wouldn’t mind it; Edmund did all of these little things when he was focused, but mainly when he was working. Raising his eyebrows without reason, scrunching up his face whenever his eyes started to close, constantly having to push up glasses and moving his freckle-covered nose in attempt to do that without his hands.

       Edmund often talked of writing his own pieces, whether it be novels, short stories or articles. He would rant, stumbling over his words in excitement, spider webbing from one subject to another. Sometimes it was very difficult to follow his words, but when you did manage to understand them, even if the idea was boring, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. The man that you got to call yours and called you his was brilliant. He was flamboyant at times and stoic and pensive at others, but he was imaginative and thoughtful all of the time.

       Before you met Edmund, when you walked the streets of London you saw people and shops. When you walked with Edmund, you saw stories and ideas. With Edmund, there was never a dull moment, never bored silence. If there was silence it was comfortable, time to bask in each others presence and wonder how you got so lucky, time to be appreciative of the wonderful human being that was always in close proximity to you.

       Edmund closed his book, setting it on the couch next to him. “Are you ready to go to bed?”

       “Hmm,” you hummed, nodding your head. He smiled.

       “Am I going to have to carry you?”


fic meme thing

I was tagged by @dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala​. (thank you!)

1. Your 3 fanfics with the most comments: 

2. Your 3 fanfics with the most kudos:

3. Your Oldest Fanfic:

  • Angelhawke
  • although if we’re talking non-official crap that I’m not in the least bit proud of and would rather forget altogether, there’s Blame Gabriel (nsfw; this is the one my mother found, thereby learning of my internet adventures)
  • and if you want to go further back there’s this godawful atrocity from when I was 15 and into Doctor Who (nsfw; istg you will cringe yourself off the planet if you read this)

4. Your Latest Fanfic:

5. Your Proudest Fanfic: by category! because I can’t pick just one

if, Chuck forbid, all my writing got deleted off the internet and I had to choose five fics to keep forever, I’d want these five.

6. Your Longest Fanfic:

7. Your 3 fanfics with the most Bookmarks: I picked 4 because why not

8. Your top 3 crossover fanfics:

  • Angelhawke (Supernatural characters in an epic Ladyhawke re-write; more like its own thing than a movie crossover)
  • How to Charm the Wizard of Your Dreams (Supernatural characters always in the Harry Potter world; currently in editing hiatus due to health issues; to be posted early 2016)
  • Foal Delivery Service (Supernatural characters always in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic world; ugh it’s so sickeningly sweet)

9. Your favourite character to write in fanfic:

  • Dean Winchester is my default narrative voice (his speech patterns are also the way I talk inside my own head). I have to consciously remember to see things from other perspectives at the start of the story, otherwise other characters might only come in later.
  • Castiel is equally as natural for me, although I tend to vary his characterisation between stories more than I do for Dean, which gives me more of a challenge.
  • Sam is always fun to write, whether I’m looking at him through someone else’s eyes or through his own. 
  • Charlie, Gabriel, and Death are a fluffton of fun to write tbh.

I’m tagging @celestialparadigm, @museaway, @loveindirtytrenchcoats, and all other fic writers who see this, because right now literally every url I’ve ever seen has escaped me and I just had to google the url of one of my best friends please don’t feel bad if you tagged me in something and I didn’t tag you back, this post took me over an hour because my brainwork is seriously sub-par