i choose my friends for their good looks

never in a million years did i think i’d write one of these about you. i never thought you’d actually leave. i guess things change huh?
i was looking through old photos of you the other day and i came across my favourite one of you. it was your seventeenth birthday and you’re with your sister, smiling from ear to ear. and i began to wonder, what happened to him? to the boy who loved me with everything he had. to that happy happy boy. honestly what happened to us? to the couple who never ever fought. to the couple who couldn’t go a day without talking to each other. i’m sorry it’s gotten to this. i didn’t want it to. i was fighting i was trying so fucking hard to fix this, to fix us. but you never saw that. and if you did, i guess my best wasn’t good enough. the fact that you’ve walked away and chosen someone else over me, hurts. i can’t believe we are here again. you choosing to love another person instead of loving me. don’t say you’re not because baby you are. look at us. we are even fucking speaking and that’s on you. you’ve taken my best friend away from me. for that i can never forgive you.
all of this aside, i hope you know on the night before my wedding if i run into you in a bar ill still walk out that door.
always and forever
—  letters to the ones who left #9// 4am

being in the marauders fandom is such an #experience because you have to explain to people that you have an acute interest in harry potter’s dead parents and their friends while trying not to look like an idiot who set themselves up. because, again, you knew they would die so why would you even do that to yourself?? like, how did i think it was a good idea to look at the hundreds of characters in the harry potter fandom, set my eyes dead (ha!) on james and lily potter, and go 


An overdue list of my favourite pieces and fic writers! The following is a collection of Jungkook x reader fics. A big thank you to all the fic writers included for inspiring me and above all sharing such amazing stories!

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A Beautiful Lie

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2,500 Followers Drabble 

Prompt: “Why does everyone think we’re dating?!“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @bringmesomepie56

“Hey Grandma!” Jensen lays his gorgeous, green eyes on his favorite person in the whole world (other than you) at a family get together. He makes a beeline towards her with his best friend close behind.

“There’s my handsome grandson!” Grandma Betty greets with a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“How’s my adopted grandson?” Betty boasts hugging Jared as best as she can, considering he’s a giant.

“I’m doing awesome! It’s good to see everyone.” Jared answers cheerfully plopping down on a chair at the kitchen table.

Jensen is extremely relieved to be home in Austin, sure he loves his career but the constant travel takes a toll after a while. His mind, body and soul can only take so much wear and tear.

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Your Name (Prologue) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 3,012

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving), First Time Sex

Notes: I have been thinking about this series for the longest time, and here is just the prologue for you guys! It is inspired by a REALLY good movie, called Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa), but it works perfectly for Stiles. Expect great things from this and give me your thoughts!

Listen to Me (Please note you are not required to listen. The song is japanese, but it goes with the series)

Part 1 | Part 2

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Warning: like one swear word

A/N: Requested. Keep sending in requests guys.


“Thank you, Klaus. For making my shitty birthday turn into a great one” I thank Klaus as he walks me up to my door

“No thanks needed love, I’m just glad you had a good birthday” he replies earnestly

“(Y/n)!” we both hear from behind us, we both turn and see Damon

“What do you want Damon?” I say annoyed

“Yes, what do you want? Haven’t you messed up enough?” Klaus says, getting into a protective stance in front of me. I look to Klaus with a look of adoration, no one, not even Damon, has protected me as much as Klaus has and is. This makes me think of all the times Klaus went after my friends and I realized that not once has Klaus put me in immediate danger and has always kept me safe and out of the line of fire between him and my friends, even though it was difficult when Elena and Damon would put me back into it.

“What are you talking about I’m her boyfriend and you’re the enemy” Damon spits out

“Do you really- “Klaus starts

“Actually Damon right about now you’re not my boyfriend and Klaus has been a better friend to me then my actual friends and he has been the only one to not betray me and oh I don’t know, sleep with one of my best friends, so if you would be so kind as to leave me and Klaus alone that would be great” I cut Klaus off grabbing his hand and pulling him inside leaving a dumbfounded look on Damon’s face

“You ok love?” Klaus asks me immediately after the door closes

“I will be”

“Want to watch a movie?” he says gently

“I would really like that, I’m choosing though” I say with a smile on my face

“Well hopefully you have good taste in movies” he replies cheekily


It’s near the end of the movie when Klaus speaks up

“I’m leaving”

“What?” I say siting up as I had my head down on Klaus’ lap

“My family and I are moving to New Orleans something has come up”

“Oh.” Is all I could say. After everything that has happened I realised that I no longer belonged in mystic falls the others would trust me anyway now that they knew that I sided with their enemy

“I’m sorry lo- “

“Can I come with you” I cut him off again

“You want to come to New Orleans with me?” surprised at the question

“Well I don’t belong here anymore and I feel more at home with you than anywhere else so why not, parents won’t care”

“We leave in two days” Klaus replies with a smile on his face

Peter Parker Imagines Masterlist

 * is over 1k words


-  Movie Night + “I love you”

- Peter sees you dressed up for the first time

- Just Trying To Help *

- Teasing and Twister

- You’ve Got a Friend In Me

- The Set Up

- Study Buddy

- I Only Want You * (part one)

- I Only Want You (part two)

- Daily Dose of Relaxation

- With A Little Help From My Friend

- Last Night *

- Something New * 

- Say You Love Me Too *

- Sweet Confessions 

- Write It Out *

- Flames *

-Don’t Say A Word 



- “W…Was that you making that noise?”

“If you die, I’m gonna kill you!”

“Don’t come crying to me when you fall off that thing”

“No, seriously. I’m an expert.”

“Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build the pillow fort, not me.”

“I bet it’s a girl.”

“It’s 2 a.m., how did you even get in here?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck.”

“I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

“Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy.”

“I don’t need friends, they disappoint me.”

“Come home with me.”

“What do you mean he’s escaped?”

“Oh really? Try me.”

“Oh, my god! You’re in love with him!”

“Grab my ass one more time and see what happens.”

“Why are you texting my mom?”

“You’d choose a Franco brother over me?” 

“Are you suggesting that you want to eat me?”

- “You look like a frat boy!”

”Do you think we’re bad people?” 

“You invited me over just to kill a spider for you?”

“Your feet are so cold, blanket privileges revoked!”

Imagine Your OTP #4

Imagine Your OTP:

Person A and Person B are both in high school, in two different circles and tiers in the high school hierarchy. Person A was considered a nerd, whose GPA far surpassed anyone else’s in their school and their athletic skills were average, while Person B was considered a jock, whose GPA was considered average and their athleticism was envied by everyone and was the reason for their scholarship to their college of choice. The scene begins with a group of jocks picking on Person A.

Person A: Cut it out! Give it back, you imbecile!

One of the jocks was holding A’s backpack above their head.

Mean Ol’ Jock: Sure thing. On one condition: You plant one on my kisser, and I will happily return it to you.

The jock smirked while his friends egged him on.

Person A: Gladly.

A smirked, raised their fist, and planted one on his kisser, just like he asked. The jock stumbled back in shock, and looked up to find A grabbing their backpack and putting it back on. The jock stood upright, and when A turned to look at him, he was no longer smiling. In fact, his entire tough guy attitude dropped and was instead replaced by a vengeful scowl.

Jock: You’re gonna pay for that.

The jock lunged towards A, and with nowhere to run, A cowered down in anticipation of it. When nothing happened, A looked up to face the back of someone’s leather jacket. A looked around their leather-wearing savior and at the jock. He was just staring at the person who had stood in front of A. The person looked back, and A realized it was Person B. B winked at A, then turned back to face the jock.

Person B: Hey man. Leave A alone. What did they ever do to you?

Jock: *completely ignoring the statement and instead choosing to stare in shock* Why do you care what happens to the little nerd?

Person B: I care about the “little nerd” because I need help with my homework, studying, they live by me, our parents are friends, and, to be honest, they make a pretty good sparring partner. Now, if you don’t mind, I would prefer it if you stayed away from them. They are off limits. Got it?

The jock stood up completely straight and came chest to chest with B, sizing them up. 

Jock: What are you gonna do about it?

Person B: As captain of all your sports teams, I am politely asking you, and I won’t ask again. I’ll just bench you for the rest of the year. Now, do I make myself clear?

The circle of jocks were just staring in shock as the first one looked grim before giving a quick nod.

Jock: Fine.

He stepped back, turned around, and walked away. The crowd that had formed earlier dispersed and then it was just A and B.

Person B: Okay. Since I just saved your ass, I figure it would only serve to take you home, too.

B offered up their hand to A, but all they got was a blank stare.

Person B: Hello. Earth to A. You still with me?

A just stared.

Person B: You know what. Forget this. I have another way.

A let out a yelp when B grabbed them and threw them over B’s shoulder. As B walked out of the school and to their car, A protested the entire way there. Finally, B unlocked their car, opened the passenger side door, and set A down. B then casually walked over to the driver’s side door, opened the door, and got it. A stood there, staring into the open door at B. B glanced up at A and gave them a little smile.

Person B: You coming, or what?

A finally snapped out of their daze and scrambled to get into the car. B chuckled to themselves as they drove A home. B glanced over at A a few times, and was about to say something before A leaned over and turned up the radio.

Person B: I guess not.

They said nothing to each other for the whole ride until they reached A’s house. B parked the car and got out with A. B walked up behind A, grabbed their backpack, and kept walking to A’s front door. A glared at the back of B’s head and grumbled to themselves.

Person B: Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

B smirked at A over their shoulder, and A ran up to B, grabbing their backpack.

Person A: You know I can carry this myself, right?

Person B: I know, but I figured I would do it since you were moving so slow.

At this point, they had both reached A’s front door, and A was digging through their backpack for their keys. A suddenly held up a neon green key and grinned.

Person A: Well, I appreciate you walking me to the door. And for saying all the stuff, even though none of it is even remotely true.

Person B: Yeah sure. No problem. Oh, one more thing before I leave.

A turned around to unlock the door, and turned back around to face B.

Person A: Yes?

B leaned forward and kissed A on the cheek, standing there for a few moments before leaning away.

Person B: Take care of yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. See you around.

With that, B walked back to their car, all the while having A watching them. When B got into their car, they looked over at A, and could see them placing a hand on their cheek from where B had placed their mark. They gave each other a soft smile, B waved, and drove off. A turned around, walked inside the house, and lazily dropped onto the couch in an attempt to collect their thoughts.

Person A: *with a huge smile on their face* This is going to be one interesting school year.

Help Me Get The Girl part 11 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,909

Warnings: Language

A/N: Hey I didn’t take 5,000 years to update this time!  This part truly got redone at lease 15 times and I really don’t know how readers will react.  I hope it’s positive, but I also feel like it will frustrate people!


Your POV:

“Please grab the pillows, Y/n, I forgot them on the couch!” my mom shouted at me through the still open front door.  

I halted, turning on my heel to get the pillows, “Sweetie, can you also grab a water bottle?” my father asked.

Dropping the pillows back in the couch with a loud huff, I entered the kitchen to prepare a water bottle.  A week has passed and it was the day that Theo could come home and my parents insisted that we basically bring the house to him–only to bring him back to the house.  

Getting the water, gathering up the pillows again and picking up my almost forgotten cell phone, I exited our home, hooking my foot around the door to slam it shut behind me.  Jogging to the car, I smiled to myself knowing that Theo was finally going to come home with us.

After a lot of contemplating and conversations with him, my parents agreed to enroll Theo in online school for the remainder of high school.  He would still be able to see his friends Hank and Layla, both of which had visited him in the hospital everyday.  

A ten minute drive passed by slower than I would have liked, our car pulling into the hospital parking lot.  Too excited, I threw open the car door with a little too much force, nearly hitting the car next to us.  My mother threw me a threatening glare as I let out an uneasy chuckle, gently pushing the door shut till I heard a click.

My pace was at a jog by time I reached the hospital doors, the adrenaline rushing through me.  I ran past the nurses who were questioning where I needed to get to and busted into my brother’s room to find him standing with the doctor doing his final check.  He looked weak as he tried to hold himself up on his own.  But with the underlying pain in his eyes, I could see that he had a headache but was trying to hide it for me and my parent’s sake.

Noticing me in the doorway he sent me a smile, his hand doing a slight wave as it hung loosely next to his body.  My parents entered not too long after me and started to talk to the doctor about what they needed to ensure he heals as best as he can and help them get along with checking him out.

“Hey, bud.” I said as I gave him a side hug to avoid putting pressure on his bruised ribs.

He forced a laugh, “Hey.”

“How are you feeling?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

Letting out a heavy sigh he shrugged his shoulders, “I’m happy I don’t have to go back to school, but I also still feel like I’m going to continually be looking over my shoulder.”  He took the jacket that I had carried in from my arms and started to pull it on.

Helping him finish getting the jacket on I said, “If you’re looking over your shoulder you won’t know what’s ahead of you,” I gave him a soft pat, “No one’s going to touch you ever again.  That’s a promise.”

The whole way to the car and the whole way home, Theo managed to keep the conversation topic on everything and everyone but himself.  He was never one to want attention to be on him, so I know it was a struggle for him to be in the hospital with visitors coming in and out.  His room was basically a rotating door.  But, one thing that seemed to be a major focus for him was my love life.  Each question he asked me he made sure to ask in a whisper so my parents wouldn’t hear him.

“So, are you like… dating Ethan?” he whispered, his eyes focused on the rearview mirror, making sure our parents weren’t spying on us.

Faking a casual expression I asked, “What makes you ask that?”

“Each time you came to visit he was with you, he came and visited even when you weren’t there.  I just figured that you two had moved on to being more than friends.” he whispered back, leaning his head against the pillow he had placed on the headrest of the seat.

Leaning my head against the window I responded, “I’m dating anyone, Theo.  I’ll tell you if that ever changes.”


After being suspended for a week I was finally returning to school and Ethan insisted that he escort me everywhere because according to him I “can’t ever get suspended again because it leaves him in the hell hole he calls school with assholes and Grayson.”

He made me feel like a prisoner sometimes, acting like I was going to jump Matt if I ever got out of his sight, but other times he acted like I was the president and he was my bodyguard.  Though, there were a couple positives that came out of breaking Matt’s nose.  First was that the very few times I saw him… I got pure satisfaction out of the bruising under his eyes and the thick bandaging on his nose.  The other perk was that Mr. Stephens who usually complained about me and Ethan’s interactions, didn’t even try to challenge us.

But there was one person who did challenge us.

Someone who hadn’t been a problem for us in weeks.

Corrin Pearson.

I could tell by the devious look in her eye that she was going to do something I wasn’t going to like.  Her hips swayed to her own made up rhythm as she strutted down the hall.  Her strawberry blonde hair was was styled in waves, bouncing with each step she took.

Her eyes raked over Ethan like he was a piece of meat.  It was clear that her obsession with him hadn’t subsided and I could feel a growl trying to push it’s way up my throat.

“Ethan.  Y/n.” she greeted as she came to a halt in front of us.

“Bitch.” I mock greeted in return, earning a bump on the shoulder from Ethan that said, ‘don’t start’.

She narrowed her eyes at me, “You’re always so lovely, Y/n.”

“Thanks, bitch.”

She grunted, “Anyways, Y/n, I just wanted to let you know that the next time you and Grayson have a romp in the janitor’s closet, you might want to be a bit more quiet.  Some of us don’t want to hear shit like that.  I’m surprised you two didn’t get caught.”

Truly caught off guard my eyes widened in shock, “Wait, what?”

“What is she talking about, Y/n?” Ethan asked, putting a couple of inches between the two of us.

“I don’t know!” I admitted, confusion laced in my voice.

“Come on, Y/n,” Corrin rolled her eyes, “It was pretty obvious last week when you walked out of the closet adjusting your t-shirt with Grayson exiting a couple minutes after you, fixing his hair.  I mean, I don’t like you one bit, but I will give credit where credit is due… Grayson’s a fine piece of ass, you did well.  Next time, just keep it down a little.”

With that she walked away with a satisfied smirk plastered on her face, giving me a wink as I watched her weave through the crowd.  Looking at Ethan I immediately felt a harsh sting in my chest seeing the look of pure, undeniable pain that he didn’t even attempt to mask.  I reached to touch his arm and reassure him that what she said wasn’t true, but when he leaned away I retracted my hand immediately.

“You had sex with my brother in the janitor’s closet?” he asked in disbelief.

“Ethan, no!” I said breathlessly.

He moved a hand through his hair, his eyes looking everywhere but at me, “I said I wouldn’t go down without a fight, but it seems like there was no fight to begin with.  I’ve already been defeated.”

My jaw dropped, “Ethan, she’s lying, I would never!  It’s Corrin!  You know she’s not telling the truth; she just wants us to fight!”

“I’m such an idiot.” he grumbled to himself.  “I’m such an idiot.” he repeated a bit louder before turning and slamming his fist into a locker.  When he pulled his hand back I could see how red they were and the locker had a newly made dent in it.

“Ethan,” I tried to speak again, but he had already decided that he wasn’t going to listen.

He turned back to me, “Did I even have a chance?” he shouted as he stepped a bit closer to me.  The hall became silent, all eyes now trained on us.  “Were you just going to continue to drag this out?”

I stepped forward, challenging him, “I didn’t have sex with Grayson, Ethan!  Why don’t you believe me?  We’re best friends; best friends are supposed to trust each other!”

“I can’t believe I was so stupid, thinking I was good enough for you.  I mean, look at you.  You’re beautiful, you’re the poster child of perfection!  It was always going to be Grayson; I didn’t even have a chance.” his voice weakened the longer he talked.

I shook my head, feeling the sting of my eyes trying to fight the tears, “I promise it didn’t happen, Ethan.  She’s lying.  Why are you choosing to believe her?”

“That’s something a bit hard to make up, Y/n.  So, fess up and tell me the truth!” Ethan snapped in a dominant tone that I had never heard him use.  It commanded attention and submission from me.  Quite frankly, it scared me.

My body trembling I whispered, “I’m telling the truth.”

“Truth about what?  What’s going on?” Grayson’s voice chimed in, his body approaching us.

“Awesome,” Ethan sarcastically drug out, “It’s the man of the hour.”

“What’s going on?” Grayson questioned with genuine curiosity.

Ethan turned to him, “You got the girl.”

He then began to walk away from the two of us, unbothered by the audience that had now gathered around us.  Instinctively I began to follow him, but I was unable to keep up the pace he was moving at.

“You promised me that you wouldn’t leave my side!  You said you would always be with me!” I screamed after him, but he ignored me and continued until he was out of my sight.

Hearing deep laughter to my right I snapped my head in the direction of Matt Morrison who was clearly entertained by the situation at hand.  His body was leaned against the lockers, arms folded across his chest.  With all of the rage I was feeling, I ran over to him and swung at him, but my fist barely brushed his nose as I was being drug back with Grayson’s arms wrapped around my torso.

“I’ll make sure that your penis nose never heals you little bitch!” I roared using all my strength to get out of Grayson’s hold.  “You’re lucky Grayson is here to save your ass again!  Next time, I’ll make sure I kick your ass all the way across the damn country!”

Grayson carried me all the way to my next class, shoved me into a desk, and left me there with no words.  Immediately I set my head against the desk, a lone tear running down my cheek with fear coursing through my veins, wondering if I had just lost my best friend.

I only lasted about 15 minutes into the class period before claiming to be sick and getting sent to the nurse’s office.  The tears from my sadness had contributed to my act and had convinced my teacher that I was truly ill.  Luckily, the nurse fell for my act as well and sent me home.

But, not even going home was going to make me feel better.


After getting home I had fallen asleep on my bed, emotionally exhausted.  It wasn’t until three hours later that I woke up to a knock on my door.  Rubbing my eyes I sat up, “Yeah.” I hollered.

“You’ve got a visitor.” Theo’s voice sounded through the door.

“Ok, come in.” I groaned, grabbing a hair-band from my bedside table and pulling my hair up.

Through the door walked Grayson who had pity written across his face.  He quietly shut the door behind him, walking over to my bed and sitting down on the edge.

“Hey.” he murmured.

“Hi.” I replied in a similar tone.

“I think we need to talk.” he told me.  “Nothing about today, that’s not my worry, I want to talk about us.  Whether you think there is an us or not.”

“I think there’s a you and Grace.” I shot back at him, raising an eyebrow.

He shook his head, disagreeing, “There’s not.  I tried.  I thought it was what I wanted, but it wasn’t.  Each time she talked I kept wishing it was your voice I heard and I couldn’t even bring myself to kiss her.  We got close so many times, but I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t want the taste of her on my lips.  It just felt wrong.”

Blank faced, emotionally spent I replied, “Well, Grayson, it seems like you need to figure your shit out.”

“I have,” he moved closer, “I want you.  I want all you have to give.  I know what my brother feels for you and I know that you feel something for him as well, but you also feel something for me too, I know it.” it was like he was pleading for me to admit it.

“Grayson, there’s so much that…”

“I just can’t sit back though.  I’m willing to be selfish.  I want you all to myself!  You deserve much more than I’ve given you, I understand that and I admit my mistakes, but I’m willing to do anything to earn your trust.  I’d do anything for you!” he grabbed my hands.  “What you have made me feel is something that I didn’t think was real.  I always thought that I would have to learn to love someone, but with you it was impossible for it to be anything but natural.”

“But, you put all your focus on Grace.  It was always about Grace.” I reminded him, my voice sounding hoarse.

“It wasn’t about Grace.  It was about being around you!  The feelings that I was experiencing when I was around you were foreign to me.  I had never experienced anything like it.  All I knew what that whatever it was, I needed more of it.  You were always with Ethan!  It’s always been Y/n and Ethan.  I just wanted to be near you.  I tried with Grace, but it just wasn’t the same.  When Ethan told me about how you two almost hooked up not too long ago, I almost lost it.”

Tucking my lower lip in-between my teeth I looked him in the eyes and said, “Grayson, I so badly want to be able to tell you that I am as positive of my feelings as you are, but that would be a lie.”

“I’m in love with you.” he abruptly interrupted me.  “I don’t just love you; I’m in love with you.  I’m in love with your smile.  I’m in love with your eyes.  I’m in love with your humor.  I’m in love with your selflessness.  I’m 17 and that seems so young, but I’m not willing to sit back and watch you go on without at least letting you know. It needed to be said in its truest form so here it is.  Y/n Y/l/n, you are the most caring, endearing, genuine person I have ever met.  You are who I want and that will never change.  I’ve done and said some awful things and I know that I’ve really fucked up.  But you are worth all of the effort it will take to win you over.”

Holding up my hand I stopped him.  Not because I didn’t want to hear it and not because I had made up my mind already  I stopped him because I couldn’t take any more of this.  I couldn’t listen to both him and Ethan confess their love for me, while I couldn’t even say anything back.

“I so badly want to be able to say that I know what I want.  But, the deal is, maybe I don’t deserve either of you.” I started to explain.


“No, let me talk.  The pain I saw on Ethan’s face today, broke me.  He’s never looked at me like that.  Without even being with him, I hurt him to the point of possibly destroying our friendship.  And you… You’ve been having this internal battle over what to do and for what?  Some girl who’s split between you and your twin brother?  You both deserve so much more than that.”

Grayson stood up with a sigh of defeat, “I have to disagree.  But one thing I think we both can agree on whether you want to admit it or not is that you… you are closer to making a choice than you’re willing to say.  I’m not sure who it is, but I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are on the path of falling in love.”

He got to my bedroom door, opening it before turning back to me, “I just hope you’re falling in love with me.”


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Cold Hearted (Prince AU)

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: The King of the Ice Kingdom arrives in the palace seeking a bride for his only son. Who will he choose?

Word Count: 2835

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

    You were running by through the palace gardens when you heard one of the servants calling your name. Your two sisters, Katerina and Victoria, looked up from the game of checkers they were playing beneath the cherry blossom tree.

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Aqours as things I’ve said to friends over text

Chika: Watch some… anime… about… llllesbians… that sing… What, I’m being subtle here.

You: You can skiddaddle out of this conversation, but you cannot skiddaddle out of my life.

Riko: I was up all night reading fanfi— …a really good book.

Hanamaru: Oh yeah? Well… This morning, the toaster popped and I DIDN’T jump in surprise. So THERE.

Ruby: I choose to hide and cry because that’s my real life fighting technique.

Yoshiko: I want you to be the one to kill me when I’m ready for death. WELL WOULDJA LOOK AT THE TIME, I’M READY FOR DEATH.

Kanan: Well SOMEONE has to be the mom and it’s certainly not you. Now let’s compromise… You’re both pussies.

Dia: This is what hapPENS when there’s so many GAY WOMEN.

Mari: I know, I’m too fabulous for this world. It’s actually illegal.

Monster Inside


(This is an edited compilation of the asks concerning Dr. Schneeplestein returning to Ego Inc. after the Antipocalypse. I’ll have a second part out soon!)

Oliver is at the front desk of Ego Inc. as usual when he hears someone ring the bell to be let in. He doesn’t really look up from his bowl of Lucky Charms when he hits the buzzer to let whoever it is inside. He assumes that it’s another fan bearing a gift, but when Ollie looks up, he sees Dr. Henrik von Schneeplestein stumble inside, blood trailing from his right eye.

The doctor opens his mouth like he’s about to say something and then crumbles into a pile on the floor. Oliver hits the red-alert button before he rushes to the Doctor’s side and rolls him over onto his back. “Schneep? Henrik? Can you hear me?”

But the Doctor doesn’t respond.

Oliver looks him over quickly and feels a lump form in his throat. There are bruises on his neck like someone–Ollie doesn’t have to guess who–took a thin cord and tried to choke him with it. “Don’t worry, Doc. You’re in good hands now.” Oliver checks his pulse. It’s faint, but still there. “You’re so strong. Just keep holding on for me, ok?”

About that time, Dark, Dr. Iplier, and Google Blue come running into the lobby. Dark sees Henrik and stops dead. Dr. Iplier kneels down beside Oliver. “Is he still breathing?”

Oliver nods. “I was able to find a pulse, but he’s really weak.”

Dr. Iplier gives a quick once over of Schneeplestein and almost loses it when he sees the bruises on his neck. “Google, help Oliver get him to my clinic.”

“No,” Dark says suddenly.

Doc bares his teeth at the black and white Ego. “It’s my clinic, Dark. I choose who I treat, not you.”

“Don’t you realize what this is? Who else could’ve gotten the good doctor here? Only Anti.” Dark shakes his head. “Don’t do this, Doc. I don’t care about that bleeding heart of yours. This is Anti’s doing.”

Dr. Iplier knows that what Dark is telling him is true, but he doesn’t care. “He’s my friend. I won’t let him die on my watch.”


Henrik von Schneeplestein awakes in a hospital bed and immediately tries to run for the door. “Jack! I’ve got to…” Dr. Iplier grabs him and pushes him back onto the bed.

“Henrik, look at me. Do you know where you are?” Doc tries to look into the other man’s eyes, but Schneep keeps fighting him with a mad rage.

“My friend! I almost lost him once!” He weakly strikes at Dr. Iplier’s chest, but Doc finally catches his arms, holding him back.

“Schneep, listen to me!” He shakes the other doctor, his scrubs crumpled and torn. He hasn’t had time to check to see what else Anti might’ve done to him. Dr. Iplier can finally see Schneeplestein’s eyes clear of feverish anger, and he sighs in relief. “Henrik?”

“I-I couldn’t save him…” Schneep’s eyes fill with tears. “I tried. I thought I could save him…”

Dr. Iplier releases him slowly. “You did all you could, Schneep. Anti…”

But at the mention of the glitch’s name, Schneeplestein breaks into a panic again. “No, he’s still here! He’s still here!”

Dr. Iplier pins Henrik down by his shoulders. “What are you talking about? Where is Anti?”

Schneeplestein points to his head, and his eyes go wide with crazed excitement. “In here… I̱̝͡n̛͉̳ ̴̺͕̪̺̬̩m͍̹̙e̯̖̩̟̯͈ͅ.”


summary: Dan Howell is a regular teenager. He goes to high school, he hangs out with his best friends (PJ, Chris, and Phil), and he hates doing homework. He’s fairly attractive, enough so to attract the attention of a few girls and secretly Phil. What people don’t know about this average teen, is that he isn’t so average. Dan Howell is in a popular alternative band. He sings and plays keyboard for this band, known to many as ‘Ripping Ivory’. He wears a mask onstage as he sings and is known by his fanbase as Q, even though they know this isn’t his true identity.

warnings: panic attack type situation, worry, some sexual references. but all warnings are small this book is overall very nice i just need to warn bc warnings

words: 4100

a/n: this is my first fic so i edited this and read it over many times. please tell me if i have any grammar mistakes or anything. also, im really proud of this so please don’t let it flop!!

p.s.s: ik this is a bad title. i write i don’t come up with this crap.


“Dude did you guys hear about how Ripping Ivory is coming here in 2 weeks??” Chris asks as he sits down at the lunch table. Dan doesn’t even flinch at the name because of how much his friends talk about the band, but his heart does speed up and he is afraid that they may ask him something and Dan will end up telling them, that he is Q and that’s him behind the mask.

Phil nods, “I already got tickets! Are you guys going??” PJ and Chris both exclaim a form of 'yes!’ but Dan shakes his head and looks down. “Why can’t you go? I could probably get tickets for you if it has anything to do with money”

'Nope, definitely not money’ Dan thinks to himself, 'Just the fact that I’ll be the one singing at that concert.’ “I’m visiting my grandma the day of the concert” This wasn’t technically a lie, except for the fact that his grandma was coming to the concert to see him perform. As long as they never see her there then there will be no problems. Dan tries to make sure his family members come to the concerts at different times so no one will ever suspect it. All of his close relatives and his co-workers are the only people who know his secret.

“Oh man, that sucks” PJ whispers. They had all wanted to go together, and Dan had made sure to act excited with them about it weeks prior to get them pumped. Dan is actually very glad that they will be able to come to his band’s concert, only part of him wishes he could be in the crowd with them.

The thought of Ripping Ivory without Dan, or Q, makes Dan giggle. It would be David on the bass and Todd on the drums but only David’s back up vocals, or any vocals for that matter. Dan did most of the singing.

“We’ll take videos and pictures for you.” Phil comforts him and gives him a small hug before pulling away.

“Lester’s going to have /a lot/ of pictures and videos. We all know how much he loves Q,” Chris says and then makes his voice higher and clasps his hands together as he talks again, “Oh my Q! He’s so beautiful and his hair looks so soft! I’m going to marry him one day!” Phil shoves Chris from across the table.

“No, Phil talks more about his ass in those tight ass jeans. I wonder how that boy can even breathe in them,” PJ chuckles and dodges any attacks from a angry looking Phil. Phil can’t look angry so Dan would describe him as looking like an angry goldfish.

'Easy,’ Dan thinks, 'You get used to wearing them after a while. They’ve just shaped to fit my body perfectly.’

Dan then realizes what Phil has been thinking about Q. Q has the same body as Dan, so does Phil like Dan’s body too????? Dan’s cheeks heat up and his heart rate speeds up at the indirect compliment. Phil was definitely someone that he may or may not have a /tiny/ crush on. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for him?

“I mean, maybe you could come to another concert with us another time…” Chris says, trying to lighten the situation. “It’s okay, I will. I heard panic! is coming in November,” Dan says and smiles, suddenly changing the topic to that.


Dan and Phil both walk to Phil’s house together. Phil walks up the sidewalk to the front door and opens it up. “Thanks for coming over, I really needed someone to hang out with. My parents have been gone for 2 days and it’s lonely.”

“Not that I don’t want to be here, because I do, but why couldn’t Chris or PJ come??” Dan asks curiously.

“They’re probably having sex.”

“That’s true. Not a mental picture I needed though”

“Sorry.. but now I have it too so we’re even”

Dan’s phone buzzes in his pocket and he picks it up, checking the new message. It’s in his band’s group chat from their manager, Sara, to the band group chat. 'BAND STUFF’ was too obvious so they settled for the next best option.


meet at arena, they’re letting us go up early to practice / get some things done before the concert.

Dan sighs, “Phil, I’m really sorry but I have to go..”

“What, why?”

“Family emergency.”

Phil has been getting suspicious of a lot of these random having to leave things and family emergencies, but he doesn’t say anything because what if his mum was really in the hospital or dying?? Then Phil would be a terrible friend.

Phil just nods, “Go ahead. Text me if you can? Anything is better than being alone.”

Dan nods back, “Of course”




Dan slides on his mask, a plain black covering that went around his eyes and the top of his nose. Dan also pushes his hair up into a quiff for shows so no one will be able to tell him from his fringe.

Ripping Ivory’s shows are what Dan calls 'Literally the best thing you’ll ever go to’. There’s lights, smoke, audience participation (consensual of course), and wardrobe changes for different parts of the concert.

Dan wears his black skinny jeans most of the concert and changes his shirts mostly. Unless it’s an outdoor concert and halfway through the concert he may change into basketball shorts.

Dan and the rest of the members quickly skim through their songs and then all of them sneak off to decode the entire arena to find the best spots to stay and check out dressing rooms. It is a pre-concert tradition for them to memorize every corridor and backstage thing they can. They may or may not play hide and seek up until they literally call them to go onstage.

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

everything going good with your family??

FROM DAN (to Phil):

yeah sorry about having to leave..

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

it’s totally understandable.


“I’m not counting, that round was unfair!” Todd complains and crosses his arms.

Dan laughs and rolls his eyes, “I found you fair and square.”

“You didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“Fine! I’ll just count! We have 45 seconds so I’m giving you 15 seconds to run to a spot,” David says and puts his hands over his eyes, starting to count (rather quickly too). Dan runs as fast as he can into a closet and slams the door shut and he suddenly hears a small click.

Dan goes into panic mode when he finds the door locked. He starts banging on the door for someone to come open it. “HELP!!!!!” he screams and he waits for a good at least 30 seconds before David opens the door. “Dan we’re supposed to be out there! Hurry!”

Dan, Todd, and David all sprint to their spots when entering the stage.

Dan is lifted onto the stage from a middle spot. He runs his fingers through his already pushed up hair and fixes his mask. “Hello London!” he says happily and the crowd starts shouting. Dan walks up and starts high-fiving people from the front of the pit. “Sorry for starting so late” Dan giggles a bit, “I got trapped in a closet” He widens his eyes a bit and smiles.

“But no one here came to hear me complain about my life so lets start out with some 'Focus on her’!” The crowd shouts loudly and Dan smiles a very happy smile.

Dan walks forward to the front of the stage as he sings. For this song and the next two songs after he will be wearing this white button-up that is short sleeve and has small black dots on it. Most of his wardrobe is monochrome because of his mask and jeans but some parts he has more bright clothes.

Smoke rises up on both sides of Dan and around the rest of the band and lights flash in all directions.

The next three songs finish way faster than anyone wanted. Dan and the other members run backstage as they play a video for the crowd that is enough to keep them on their toes for the next song.

Dan runs out after the video just ends. He is now wearing a Kanye West 'Yeezus’ shirt that he just threw on because he’ll be doing the 'It Game’ after the next song.

The It Game is whenever he has one of his security guards pick a random girl or guy from the audience. Then he sings them one of their more lovey songs (as much as Dan doesn’t want to admit it, he wrote the song while thinking of him and Phil). He then asks them a few questions to entertain the audience and give the 'It’ a good experience to remember. The 'It’ is able to leave the stage with backstage passes for whoever they came with and a kiss on the cheek from Q.

Soon enough, Dan is waiting for the spotlight to land on whoever his main guard, Bob, chose to go on stage. “Okay guys, we’re now going to play a little game. One of my security guards, and good friends, will be choosing a person from the audience to come up here. If you’re asked and don’t want to, just say no because I know how bad that can be for someone. Like 'OMG Q why did you force me on stage and make me say my name in front of like a ton of people?!’, it’s okay because I won’t. So Bob, go and find the 'It’.”

The crowd cheers and several people jump and hold up signs to try and get onstage. Suddenly a spotlight stops in the middle. Dan can’t tell what the person looks like because of how bright everything is but he will whenever they get up on the stage.

Footsteps, the spotlight is put not only on Dan, but his guest. Dan looks up into the eyes and is filled with familiarity. Blue eyes that he could recognize in a sea of people. Out of everyone here, Bob chose Phil Lester. That bastard knew who he was to Dan and chose him on purpose.

Dan smiles and grabs a stool from the side of the stage for him to sit down. He grabs a microphone and hands it to Phil because Dan has a headset mic. “What’s your name?” Dan asks with a smile and suddenly /really/ hopes Phil won’t be able to recognize him even through a mask.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful man, huh?”

Phil’s cheeks go a dark shade of red, “Thank you” he almost whispers.

“I would compliment you more, but I guess singing you a song will work too” Dan smiles at him and Phil’s eyes crinkle up into that beautiful smile that Dan loves seeing. “Adorable” Dan says and starts with the song.

Dan finishes the song by walking up to Phil and swiftly pushing the little hairs that had fallen out of his fringe back with the others, giving him a small smile. “So, Phil, where are you from?”

“Here. Me and my friends got so excited whenever we found out you guys were coming, although one of them couldn’t make it, but there’s always next time”

“Of course, I’m glad you could make it though. Or else you’d never get to be sat on a bright stage with Q.”

“My one true dream, finally come true.”

Dan laughs and smiles, “Glad I could make it happen. Tell me Phil, is there anyone special in your life right now?”

Phil smiles a bit and looks down, “I would say you but I haven’t even taken you to dinner yet” Phil laughs and shakes his head, “No, but in all seriousness, there’s this guy I may or may not be on the verge of asking out.”

Both Dan and the crowd collectively go 'ooooo’ at the same time. Dan props his elbows on his legs and rests his head on his hands, watching Phil. “Tell me more, we have time”

“Well I’m not going to say anything specific because he always seems to know everything about this band but he’s really cute and bisexual, and I’m pretty sure that even if I wasn’t gay that I still would’ve fallen in love with him.”

“Awwww!! I wish you and your man, good luck” Dan says and he means it because 'oh my shithole, Phil just indirectly told him that he likes/loves Dan???!??!?!

“Thank you” Phil blushes more and smiles.

“Okay, before I so rudely kick you off my stage, how many people did you come here with?”

“Two of my friends and myself.”

“Would two of your friends and yourself like to come backstage after the show to hang out??”

“Yes please”

“Aw, such a gentleman. Okay so go see Bob when you exit the stage and he’ll get you those passes. See you later!” Dan smiles to himself and walks up to Phil, kissing his cheek.


“These are literally my best friends so don’t do stupid things okay?? I’ll be hearing all about this tomorrow at school,” Dan warns his band members. Todd laughs, “So don’t reveal you, show your dick pi-” “I don’t take dick pics!” Dan shouts and throws a bottle of water at him, causing it to spill all over Tom and the ground. At this same moment, PJ, Chris, and Phil are all ushered into the room.

David laughs loudly at the situation, “Looks like you have already failed your mission not to embarrass yourself.” “At least I don’t look like I pissed myself” Dan says and eyes Todd. Todd puts his middle finger up at Dan, “At least I’m not talking about my dick”

“I’ll have you know I have a very nice dick”

“No you don’t”

“You’ve seen me naked before you don’t have to lie”

“Nah mate, I say that /because/ I’ve seen you naked”

Dan throws another bottle of water at him and then turns to their guests. “I’m Q, this is David and Todd. Welcome to our humble abode…. er I mean my dressing room.”

Chris smiles and steps forward, shaking Dan’s hand, “Big fan of your music. Glad to be able to meet you in person.”

PJ smiles, “Same for me. I bet it’s even better for Phil to meet you, he likes you almost as much as he loves 'Daaaaannn’” Dan hopes no one can see the blush on his cheeks.

Todd walks up and pats Dan on the back, “You’ve always been popular with the ladies.. and guys too. We have a big LGBT+ audience. I’d say it’s a very good thing though, spreading gayness one song at a time.”


PJ, Chris, and Phil all leave after about 30 minutes because that’s the most amount of time that the guards would let them stay. As they leave, they spot Dan’s grandma walking around backstage and talking to Bob.

All three of them walk over to her. Chris decides to talk for them, “Mrs. April?? What are you doing here?” She turns around and smiles at the boys, “Oh boys! It’s so nice to see all of you! I just came to see the wonderful show!”

“I thought Dan was going to visit you today? He said that’s why he couldn’t make it to the concert..” Phil says, suddenly confused. PJ then steps up, “Also.. how did you get back here without a backstage pass?”

Mrs. April smiles at them without it wavering at all, “I have to go” she says and walks away, towards the dressing rooms where they can see Q step out and hug her. Just as he goes inside, he slips off his mask, and leaves the other boys at an angle where they couldn’t see his face"


They all sit in the car, left silent with their thoughts as PJ drives them back to Chris’ house. “What if Q is Dan?” Phil asks quietly and Chris laughs. Phil shakes his head at him, “It sounds idiotic but it’s possible. Dan’s grandma came and hugged Q, Dan told us he couldn’t come to see us because he was going to see his grandma, and we already know he can sing and play piano. I’m not reaching very far to conclude this- oh my god I admitted to Dan himself that I’m practically in love with him”

PJ smiles sympathetically, “It’s okay Phil. We’ll find out- plus anytime you said something about it Q got flustered so if it’s true maybe Dan likes you back. I think the best way to find out will be to not ask him about it and let it unfold. I have a plan.”


That night, the boys went over several plans until they got down the best one that they could think of that should trap Dan into telling them the truth. They decided to go with the plan at lunchtime.

“How was the concert?” Dan asks and Phil smiles. His experience at the concert could be put in the top 3 moments of his life. “Amazing! I got on stage and Q was so hot and cute and he kissed my cheek and I swear it’s still burning a hole where his lips touched and we got to go backstage to meet the band!” Phil says excitedly and sits down next to Dan.

PJ and Chris sit down after Phil. “What about you, how was your grandma?” PJ asks and Dan had already guessed that they would ask about her so he was prepared. “She was great actually. Her and my mum talked all night basically and I contributed to about 30% of their conversations. We left her house really late, like 1 or 2.”

Chris contorts his face a bit, “So that’s why she was at your concert last night? We got to speak to her.”

Dan’s heart suddenly starts racing really fast, worse than other times. His breathing quickens and the room starts getting smaller. The people talking around him is louder than usual. “I-I’ve go-tta go-o” he whispers and stands up. The room starts spinning, making it hard for Dan to move. Dan tries to grab onto Phil to break his fall but he completely misses and trips, banging his head against the ground. The last thing Dan remembers before everything going black is the sound of his own sobbing (he doesn’t remember crying but he knows it was himself crying), Phil quickly getting on the floor with him, and PJ yelling for a nurse.


Dan barely squints his eyes open. He has a cold washcloth on his forehead and he is in his bedroom. Phil is sitting at the end of his bed and Chris and PJ are on the love seat across from his bed. They haven’t noticed Dan woke up yet so he decides to listen to their conversation like the sneaky fuck he is, he shuts his eyes once more.

“Gotta say, that guy is really good at what he does. He’s gotten this entire thing past us for 3 years and we only just found out because we went to a concert.” The voice is definitely PJ.

“I can understand why he would keep it from us, this is a big deal. He obviously just wants to keep his identity a secret so he can live normally. This crossed a big barrier for him, bringing famous life into his normal life. That episode he had was understandable” Phil says and places his hand on Dan’s leg.

“I just want him to know that he can trust us, we’ve known him since we were all in our moms’ wombs. This isn’t something I would just go and tell someone,” Chris adds to the conversation.

Before anyone else speaks, Dan decides to make his way in. “That’s good to know” he whispers and sits up a bit in bed and opens his eyes. All three of the boys all snap their heads to look at Dan. “Don’t talk, I want to do this myself.” They nod and Dan rubs his hands over his face before starting.

“Hello, my name is Daniel James Howell. I am in my last year of schooling before I go to university, if I even do, and I’m also in a band. I am known as Q, the guy with the mask, or the guy with extremely tight jeans in the alternative band, Ripping Ivory. I sing songs and and play piano with my other best friends, Todd Harris and David York. Now, I may be best friends with them, but I have some even closer friends that I go to school with. I didn’t tell them about being in a band because I was scared of judgement or them turning on me. I now realize that I can tell them several things that should be told. Also including the fact that I’m in love with my best friend, who I have even written songs about. Which includes the song that I sang for him last night, in front of an arena of people.”

They’re quiet for a painful amount of time. Dan decides to add onto his speech, “Our first ever concert- it was in Reading at a small diner. Back then my mask was bright red and had black paint marks on it- I still have that one actually. But anyways, at that concert I had only known Todd and David for 2 weeks. Enough time to learn the songs I had made. At the beginning of the first song we song, I had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had. The diner was packed to the brim and everyone was watching us. Todd and I sat outside for 20 minutes before I could go back inside and we fucking rocked that show! That show was what bonded me and Todd closer and I still think of the things he told me then whenever I get nervous doing a show or even right now. I shouldn’t be scared of talking to you guys about anything, so there goes most of my secrets.”

“Most?” PJ asks curiously.

“Well do you want a full list of every person I’ve ever wanked to?”

PJ then shakes his head at the same time as Phil.

Chris smirks, “It’d only be two people. 1. Evan Peters 2. Phil Lester”

Phil shoots Chris a glare. PJ stands up, “Chris, lets give Dan and Phil some time to talk things out. We can go talk to Dan’s mum” Chris nods and him and PJ race out of the room and Chris shuts the door behind him.

“D-Did you really write that song about me?” Phil asks with a pink tint to his cheeks. Dan nods and smiles, sitting up all the way and letting Phil come sit next to him. “Who else would I write about having eyes you could swim in? And making my heart do that little flippy over thing” Phil smiles, “Well now you’ll have a new song to write about, about taking chances and finding love, a cliche song about the real life Hannah Montana who meets the love of his life. Dannah Montana.” They’re both silent for a moment, enjoying each other’s company.

Dan smiles at Phil and Phil smiles back, “I’m really proud of you Dan” Phil whispers, cuddling into Dan. “I wouldn’t of done it without my 3 best friends being the sneakiest shits ever. Now, lets get to the real stuff. You calling Q hot, and 'oh the things you would do if his jeans were off’.” Phil blushes and kisses Dan’s cheek, “You’ll find out those things in a matter of time, just a matter of time dear”

You All Meet in a Tavern…

A recent post on Facebook from a fellow DM made me think back to the beginning of a number of campaigns I’ve run and how I’ve built connections between the players. Starting off on the right foot is an important way to have group cohesion right from the beginning, and it can be very tricky.

My current game started out with four sessions that took place before the PCs were actually 1st level adventurers. One session happened when they were all roughly ten years old, one when they were all roughly thirteen, two when they were sixteen, and then, finally, when they were around twenty, they were first level characters, and the adventures began.

Although this was more work for me, I was really pleased with the results. I was able to introduce key NPCs and foreshadowed important themes (something happened in the first session that will ultimately be echoed in the last session, but the players don’t necessarily realize that yet). The players also got to very organically develop the PCs’ relationships to one another, and they came out of it with experiences (good and bad) that helped shape them as friends.

I realize this approach isn’t going to work for everyone; I am blessed with a group of players who like to go heavy on the roleplay, so it was great for them. Luckily, there are lots of great ways to start a campaign.

It’s now considered a cliché in D&D to have all the characters meet in a tavern by chance and decide to be “friends for life”. There is something to be said, however, about characters not knowing each other prior to the game beginning. A less forced way to do so is to have all of the PCs responding to a call for adventurers. It may be that they are the ones who show up, and the patron makes it clear that he wants them to work together to accomplish the goal. Or maybe many adventurers showed up, but they were the ones chosen, because their skills compliment each other.

Another way to give the PCs some common footing is to have them all apprentices or family of a former group of adventurers. In my 3rd edition game, this was how the game started. Everyone was gathered at a tavern, but it was because their mentors were getting together to discuss a past foe that was rising again. When their mentors went off together to try and handle things, they were more or less tuck together. Then the town was attacked by the minions of that foe, who, unbeknownst to the players, were seeking to get rid of the PCs’ mentors. All the PCs wanted to try and find what the cause behind this strange attack was, and suddenly they had reason to stick together.

Depending on the nature of your campaign, you might have a built in reason for the PCs to be together. Sometimes video games can provide very useful inspiration here. They might be part of a regiment or a caravan that gets devastated by foes (such as in Sword Coast Legends). Perhaps they’re all framed for a crime they didn’t commit and must work together to prove their innocence (Dishonored). Or maybe they’re all drawn together by a strange series of symbols that appear on their bodies (Curse of the Azure Bonds).

Remember, this is a magical world. They could be tied together by a prophecy, escape together from slavery aboard an airship, or even have been created by a wizard to fulfill one of his arcane goals. One Ravenloft campaign a friend of mine ran had characters wake up in an asylum with no memories. Regaining their memories was part of the campaign’s goals.

Just remember, let your players have some idea of what they’re getting into. If you intend for everyone to have been born in slavery, make that clear upfront so that your friend who wants to play a noble or a baker’s apprentice doesn’t get disappointed when you sit down to create characters.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be 100% responsible for the players wanting to stick together. One good exercise if you want to start the game with everyone knowing everyone else is to play “two plusses and a minus” with the group. Each player chooses two other characters in the game and identifies some relationship the character has with the others. These are positive relationships: “I look up to the cleric”, “the Fighter once saved my life”, or “the Rogue is my childhood friend”. Each player then chooses one character and comes up with one potential source of conflict with them: “I don’t trust Clerics”, “I think the Fighter brags too much about his physical prowess”, or “I suspect the Rogue stole a family heirloom of mine.”

This rule also applies to a PC-type that is a pet peeve of mine – the Moody Loner. This is the guy who berates the other characters, goes off on their own, and often says, “I’m not sure why my character would hang out with these others.” If you want to run a separate solo game for this character, knock yourself out, but that’s too much extra work for me. My usual response to this is, “I’m not sure why this character is with the others either. Do you want to try and find a motivation to stay, or would you like to make a new character?” (or, for chronic repeat offenders, “I’m going to ask you to step out of the game. I have other folks who’d like to play.”) It’s not your job to force this PC to stay; the player should be the one to step up and find a reason to play with the group.

There are many ways to give your campaign a strong start, and having a group that feels cohesive gives your campaign a solid foundation for success. If the PCs want to stay together, you’ll have your players hooked and buying into your campaign from the beginning, and you can tell your story to the end.

song; Track3 「Romeo×Romeo」(ダミーヘッドDuet Version)
song; Track3 「Romeo×Romeo」(ダミーヘッドDuet Version)

Romeo x Romeo - あさぎ夕+tadashi (Suzuki Yuuto+Hamano Daiki) for 3P x BL song

(this was recorded using dummyhead mic so PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS WITH HEADPHONES!!!)

Two butterflies and one flower, we want to relish this taste.

あさぎ夕 plays Akira, the heroine’s coworker/drinking buddy on the left, and tadashi plays…Tadashi (someone help this man why does he choose his pseuds like this), Akira’s celebrity friend on the right!

THIS IS SERIOUSLY NSFW, WHAT ON EARTH AM I EVEN DOING WITH MY LIFE. Okay so maybe the song itself could seem vaguely innocuous…kinda, but the lyrics…? No delicacy whatsoever. I hate you both.

That being said, full translated lyrics under the cut! PLS SET ME ON FIRE.

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Movie Clichés

Summary: I’m a realist who looks down on movie cliches. Bucky is an optimist who believes in true love. What happens when we make a checklist movie clichés and try to complete all of them in one week? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe)

Author’s Note: I felt like this fanfic was a little too specific to be a general reader, so I wrote it in first-person. I hope you guys like it. Let me know if I should do a part two.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,122

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

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Good Girl CH 9: Fight With Daddy

“Apparently we need to set rules for everyone,” Suho groans as he pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. I sit on the chair that was moved from the corner to the center of the living room so I could see everyone easier. Sehun is pouting on the far edge of the couch, his hyungs glare at him. Suho is standing next to me, his hand resting on the back of my chair, trying to be the adult one and handle the situation properly. “Sehun, you can not just molest our little Joo like that.”

“I didn’t molest her!” Sehun snaps back. “We walked in on Xiumin hyung basically dry humping her but I get in trouble for smelling her.”

“You had her whole stomach showing by the time we walked in there,” Baekhyun says.

“You guys are just over reacting, it’s not like I did it against her will.”

“Is this true?” Suho looks down at me.

I just nod, but that is not a good enough answer.

“Use your words little one,” Kitty warns.

“I let him,” I mumble.

“See!” Sehun jumps up to his feet triumphantly.

“Still sit your ass down,” Kris stands up and glowers down at the younger. “I’m with Suho on this actually.”

Lay nods, “If we don’t, anyone could do anything to her and just get her to say it was okay.”

“But it’s impossible to set rules for this situation because what are we going to say, no one can be alone with her? We have to ask everyone else for permission? No touching her? Do you guys really think that is going to work?” Kai suddenly appears to be the voice of reason.

“I’m a big girl you guys,” I say surprisingly strong, “If anyone tries something I don’t want to do, I can tell them to stop.”

Suho smiles down softly at me, he places his hand on my cheek, “Oh baby girl we know you are tough enough to say that but we don’t know if they will stop.”

I frown, “I know you guys are having this conversation to make me safe but this isn’t making me feel that way at all.” I stand up, all of them tense at the motion, “Can you talk about this without me? I just started to really like you guys and I don’t want to have to look at you and wonder which of you is the one who can’t control himself enough to listen when I say stop. Can I please just wait somewhere else?”

“We didn’t mean to scare you love, it just that this is a conversation we need to have to make it clear to everyone that we just want to protect you,” Suho places both his hands on my shoulders to sit me back down but I don’t let him.

“Oppa please just let me wait someplace else.”

He sighs, “Fine you can wait in your room.”

I hesitate for a minute, not sure I heard him right, ‘”My room? I have my own room?”

“God dammit Suho,” Kris groans as he throws a pillow at Suho. The others copy Kris and begin whining and throwing things at him.

“She was going to find out at some point,” Suho tries to defend himself.

“But after she slept in all of our rooms!” Kai pouts.

“So you guys weren’t going to tell me?” I say in disbelief.

“At some point,” Lay answers, feeling a little ashamed, “We just wanted to spend sometime with you one on one and stuff.”

I take a deep breath, feeling annoyed and kind of embarrassed how I didn’t even question the idea of sleeping with them. “It’s my fault for not asking for my own room.”

“So you aren’t mad?”

“No,” I say, “I’m happy I was able to spend time with you guys but I really just want to go to my room now, please?”

“I’ll take you,” Kitty offers standing up.  I don’t question it, I just nod and allow the man to lead me out of the living room. We walk in silence threw out the house, I just stare at the floor, my mind racing with all sorts of thoughts. I don’t even notice when he stops at a door, prompting me to run into is back.

“Sorry oppa,” I apologize quietly. He turns around and stares down at me.

“I’m sorry we scared you,” He says just as quiet, his hand reaches up and rests on my cheek. I can see him let out a small sigh of relief when I don’t move away from him, happy that I’m not afraid to have him touch me.

“I’m not scared, at least not really, I’m just confused. Can we talk about this later?”

He reluctantly nods and takes his hand away to open the white door with golden accents. As the door swings in, he steps back and allows me to go in first. I step forward and peek curiously into the room.

“Woah!” I can’t help but grin and rush into the beautiful room. The walls are gray but it is anything but boring with pink everywhere. There is a massive king sized bed with a thick white comforter on it and small pale pink affgane at the foot. A crazy amount of different sized and colored pillows fill the top 1/3 of the bed, almost hiding the beautiful white carved headboard. There is another pill of much bigger pillows in the corner of the room with a canopy hanging over it like a little tent. Other little things are scattered through out the room, though it is weirdly kind of childish with all the pink and stuffed animals., I absolutely love it. “Oppa! This is so cool” I love it!” I turn back around to see Kitty smiling at me like I never have before, it seemed happier. I bouncer over to him and give him a big hug, very happy about my new room.

“I’m happy you like it, the others will be over the moon that you love it too,” He kisses the top of my head, still smiling.

“I should go thank them,” I think out loud.

“It’s okay, you can thank them later,” He waves the idea away. “You should spend some time in your room, get use to it, play with some stuff. We will come get you when we are done talking okay?”

I nod.

“Good girl. There is a bathroom threw that door and a walk in closet in the other, your luggage is in there. I’ll be back in a little bit,” He kisses me on the lips this time, just a sweet soft peck but I find myself blushing.

Again I nod as he leaves, closing the door behind him. When he is gone I turn back to my room, grinning like an idiot and run to my new bed, throwing myself on it. I’m not at all disappointed by the softness of the bed. A large white bear catches my attention from behind some of the pillows. I dig it out, finding out it’s about half my size and amazingly soft and fluffy, the urge to snuggle with it is too much for me, making me forget about changing. Instead I burrow under the warm covers and curl myself around the bear, completely content with life at that moment. That is until I start thinking about the group of boys arguing in the living room about who can and cannot touch me. Thinking about it only makes me curl tighter around my bear.

My irritation grows the more I think about this whole situation, annoyed with Jihyo for making me go, annoyed with my alarms for leading me out the back and for not going off around the boys, making me question everything. I’m annoyed with the boys for having a conversation like that in front of me. I’m annoyed with myself for just sitting her and taking it, I could have not come back, ran away before the guys came back for me. I annoyed that I’m not that upset for having to leave my family, at them for not making me feel like I should want to go home but instead I’m happy to be anywhere but there.

I talk myself in circles about how I should be afraid but being afraid would make them angry but not being afraid of them could make me ask stupid questions or get me in bad situations. I get a headache, tired of thinking so much, so I decided to go to take a little nap.

A knock on my door wakes me up, though I don’t move from my tightly curled ball. They knock once again before just opening the door. I can’t really tell how many there are but from the amount of foot steps and hushing I’m just guessing all of them. Their foot steps cover the room for a minute, becoming faster and more frantic until someone sits on the edge of the bed and pulls the blanket down to show my face. I blink my eyes, not use to the sudden light, and look to my left to see Luhan staring at me with wide deer like eyes.

“Hi lulu oppa,” I mumble threw my sleepiness, thanking myself silently for not wearing makeup today as I rub my eyes. “I’m sorry, I fell asleep.”

“Oh no, it’s okay little lamb,” He says softly, brushing the hair out of my face.

“You’ve had a busy day, it’s good to take naps,” Kris sits on my other side.

“Did you guys figure out the rules?” I wonder as the other boys huddle around my massive bed, Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, and Sehun manage to fit on the bottom on my bed while the others stand around the edge. Kitty, being his normal self climbs on the bed and lies down next to me, not that really mind.

“We did and we also figured out some rules for you,” Suho answers as he sits in front of Baekhyun.

“For me?” I echo.

“Yes baby girl, you. Since you will be staying here you will have to obey the rules we came up with for your own safety.”

I just nod.

“First, no roaming around the house, you can go to your room or the kitchen alone but that is it. If you need to go anywhere else we will walk with you. You are not allowed in our rooms without permission. You are not allowed off this property without one of us or on rare occasions with permission.”

Luhan continues the list, “You are not allowed to open the door for anyone other than us or our dongseangs. No friends over unless we are all home and they are only allowed in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and your room. When it comes to your phone, you are only allowed to answer it if it’s a family member.” I find myself raising my hand to speak as I am in class. Luhan cracks a smile, “Do you have a question?”

“What about Jihyo?”

He frowns at that, “Is that really necessary?”

Though I know I’m not in the place to really fight back I only ask for one thing, “If I have to choose between answering my family’s calls or Jihyo’s I want to pick her. So please.”

He groans and looks to the others for help, Lay comes forward and rests a hand on my stretched out legs that are still under the blanket. “You have us now kitten, we will be the best friends you can imagine, plus you will see Jihyo at school, do you really need to talk to her the small time we have with you?” He gives me his charming smile that falters after a second when I don’t return it.

“Jihyo is my best friend. She has been there for me threw most of my life, I am not dropping her for you guys. I will follow all of your rules without question, I will live the rest of my life in this house but I’m not going to ignore Jihyo when she calls or texts, just because I can see her for three hours at school.” I deadpan.

“Little one don’t you think you are being to protective over that girl,” Kitty sits up with me and rubs my back soothingly, “She seems like she can handle herself and it didn’t seem to matter to her that I’m with you. Do you really want a friend like that?”

I shrug his hand away, “Do you have any other rules?” I look to Suho, completely strait faced. He stares at me, taken back by the coldness in my voice, in fact they all are. When no one says anything I lay back down ant burrow myself back into my pillows. “Please leave me alone if you have nothing more to say.”

“You can’t just ignore us baby girl,” Kai almost growls, his anger barely able to hide in his voice.

“Just because you don’t agree with our rules, doesn’t mean you can throw a fit,” Baekhyun scolds, tapping on my foot to get my attention.

“I’m not the type to argue, especially when things are not in my favor but I’m not going to agree to that rule.” I snap as I sit back up to glare at them. “She is the one person in my life that you can not take away without a fight.”

“We aren’t going to take her away,” Chen tries to reassure me, giving his pretty smile but I don’t trust it.

“You just want me to spend less time with her, and I wouldn’t be upset if it was just me not being able to answer her calls but according to your rules I can’t see her out of school at all either. We can barely talk in school because of class so all we have is lunch, an hour a day with someone I’m used to spending weeks upon weeks with. So oppas please, please this is all I ask. Just let me call her and text her.” I crawl our from under my covers to rest on my knees, begging.

“Sweetheart,” Kris snaps this time, “drop it, your are making us hate this girl more and more.”

“She takes all of your attention at school,” Sehun whines.

Chanyeol joins in on the complaining, “She wouldn’t even let you look our way in the halls.”

“You are luck Suho hyung even gave you classes with her,” Tao pipes in bitterly.

“It’s still early,” Kai says with a cocky smirk, “He could still change it so you don’t see her at all.”

I’m boiling mad but I can’t let it show, I’m not in a situation where I can let my emotions fuck this up any more then they already have. Instead I take a deep breath, open my eyes just right, doing my best to appear cute and innocent, and pout my full lips at the group of guys. They are taken back when I look at all of them with such a cute expression in such a serious fight, most of their frustration leaves their face. “Daddies,” I coo in the cutest voice I could do, “Pretty please, let me talk to Jihyo. I promise to be a very good girl!” My hands go to my cheeks, though ageyo is not something I enjoy doing, I am damn good at it, not to mention they seem to have positive reaction to me when I act childish.

“What was that baby?” Luhan questions, afraid he heard me wrong.

“I said, Daddies pretty please can I talk to Jihyo? I promise to be a super good girl!” I say louder, making sure they all heard me and from the way they all flip just like Kyungsoo had done earlier, I know that they have.

“Baby,” Kitty warns next to me, placing a soft kiss on my shoulder, “This is not what I thought you would be using that word for.”

“But daddy Xiumin I really want to talk to her. I mean it won’t be very long when it happens and after, you guys can have all my attention.”

His whole body tenses at the use of his real name, his hands clench the sheets as he forces himself to move away from me. I look to the others who have the same lustful look in their eyes, even innocent little Sehun is staring at me like he wants to eat me up. Everyone just stares at me, and I begin to nibble on my lip nervously, wondering if this will work or if I got myself in an even worse situation.

“Baby, I already told not to do that, you give your daddies bad thoughts and you sitting there in your school uniform isn’t helping.” Kitty is off the bed, unable to stay that close to me and not jump me.

“Maybe she should take it off,” I surprised for these words to come out of Luhan’s mouth.

“Luhan,” Kitty growls from where is crouched by the wall, trying to calm down without much luck.

“We were all thinking it, she just looks so cute, I just want to eat her up,” Lay joins in on the very sexual teasing.

Before this spirals I lean forward and grab Suho’s hands, doing what I’ve done before but this time it feels so much more kinky, “Daddy Suho, can I please answer my phone when she calls?”

A low growl vibrate from his chest as his eyes scan me, “Baby, why are you doing this to Daddy?”

Seeing that it might be working I pull him closer, wrapping his arms around my waist before wrapping mine around his neck, “Because I’m a very good girl who needs one thing from you.”

“And if I give it to you, what do I get in return?”

“What do you want?”

A conflict goes on in his eyes as he debates on whether or not he should say what he is thinking. His hands tighten on my hips, “You come to school early with my for the rest of the week and spend some private time in my office with me.”

“Okay Daddy,” I grin at my victory but only for a moment before Suho pushes me down on the bed.

“Now that it’s done everyone get out. We all need to go calm down, especially you Xiumin hyung,” Suho decides as he tries to shake his daddy side off.

“I’m sorry,” I say with a pout, “Are you mad?”

Suho sighs, “Yes and no baby girl. I’m mad at you for getting us so riled up without a good outlet. And I’m mad at myself for being so easy to wrap around your pretty little fingers. Just stay in here for the rest of the night, someone will bring you dinner, so do your homework call Jihyo and go to bed.” He says as he follows the rest of the boys out, not so much as a kiss or a look from any of them.

The door slams shut and I’m left alone in this room.


I don’t know what time it is. I lost my phone in the living room during my thing with Kitty and with no windows or permission to leave I’m stuck. Someone had brought me food a little bit ago but I don’t know what time they eat dinner so my guess in probably after 19:00 or something but from how tired I am I feel like it must be later. I climb out of bed and go into my closet, though I tired to explore it earlier I was too over whelmed to even go fully in the over sized room. All four walls are covered in stuff, one wall dedicated to shoes, stockings, and other accessories, never in my life would I where half of them but they are pretty to look at.

I look threw a little bit more before find a shelf with a different type of clothes hanging on it. Yes, on other shelves there are cute girly dresses and slight risqué outfits but these are definitely different. Much more lacy and more like something a little girl would wear but in my size. Though they aren’t something I would normally wear I find them adorable, I actually pick out one of the sets of pajamas and decide to wear it to bed.

Time to shower, I take off my school uniform and jump into the burning hot water. Though there is a beautiful bath tub and even bubbles and other bath things there, I’m far to tired to do something like that tonight. When I’m done I’m annoyed that I have to brush my long curly hair, something I’ve hated doing since I was a child so I just decide to forget about. In my new set of silk light pink pajamas I’m actually excited to go to bed, hopefully, tomorrow will be better then today.

But that excitement doesn’t last long after I fall asleep. I wake up, however long, later feeling anxious, sitting up in bed I stare into the darkness. Around, the room is deafeningly quiet making my ears ring and my heart start to race. This isn’t something I’m use to, the silence, the pitch black, and the strange loneliness I feel in my new big bed. I feel cold even under my covers. I try to get myself to fall back asleep the longer I lay here the more unnerved by the silence I become. Soon I can’t take it, my mind yells at me to get up and get out and I can’t deny it anymore. Against my better judgment I race out of my room into the hall with the wall of windows, that shows the beautiful night. But even with my sight being returned to me I still feel that terrified feeling in the back of my mind and I begin moving again down the hall. Trying to be quiet but fast and not sure where I’m really going.

All I know right now is that I don’t want to be alone in that bed, in that room, in my life. Never in my life have I been able to run up to someone and ask them to hold me because I was lonely or scared but once I see a familiar shadow down the hall I find myself running toward him and he opens his arms to me.

“Daddy!” I cry as I wrap myself around him, happy to finally see one of them after what happened earlier.

“Oh baby girl,” he coos as he begins to rock me back and forth, “What is wrong my baby?”

“Daddy, I’m so scared, I don’t want to be alone,” I cry as I tuck my face in his neck.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy has you, you can come sleep with me, okay?” He whispers soothingly into my ear.

I nod, “Thank you daddy.”

Check to the Heart (Part 1 of ?)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

You sit in the big leather chair in front of your father’s desk staring at all his numerous awards.   Your dad was one of the top 10 players of his generation,  he was now the current owner of the Avengers, one of the top NHL teams in the country.  You were eventually going to take over the team.  You had been working with the team for two years and had great relationships with the team and staff.

 You just wanted to keep your father’s legacy alive.  You were his only child and though you had played hockey as a kid, it was never your long term goal.  You chose to go to business school.   You loved the sport and knew that your future was the team.  

 Your father had called you in to go over some changes he was making to the team.  You were in the process of putting your feet on his desk, when your dad walks in grumbling, “Get your feet off my desk.”

 “Sure thing Daddy-o, so what’s going on?”  Your dad gives you a wide smile, you didn’t like that smile.  That was the smile he gave you when he caught you sneaking in after your curfew.

 “Well I signed someone today.  He is gonna help turn the team around.  He’s a good guy and one hell of a hockey player.”  Your dad was practically hopping in his chair with excitement.

 Feeding off his energy you are getting just as excited. “Oh my God! Did you get Matt Murdock?!”

 “No! Better…James Barnes!”  Your dad looked so pleased with himself.   All you can do is look at him in shock.  Bucky.  Of all the players in the world your dad had to choose your childhood crush and ex friend.

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anonymous asked:

Sooooooooo why do you think rick and morty is so *ucking funny?? Everything. Everything about it is hilarious. Every single character, the voices, oweee even when it should be bad and rick is the most evil, controversial genius ever and even if he's an asshole you cant help but love him what's the secret omg

Ohhhhhhh boy buddy strap in because we gonna go on a ride.

I’ve thought about this in pieces over the last year, and to be honest, I like the fact that it’s a really mature story and characters hiding behind an immature facade.

Like, I have friends that enjoy it because it has good humor and good characters and it makes them laugh and they like the fact that it takes risks. Even my brother, who once said that the show was not really his speed, is now looking forward to the next season because, yeah, it’s a really smartly written show.

But if you choose to go under the surface, there’s so much more. Like, it addresses:

  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Social anxiety
  • Physical and Mental Disorders (particularly depression and slight hints at autism when it comes to Morty)
  • Morality of characters that are supposed to be labeled as “good”
  • Governmental rebellion
  • Family issues
  • Sexual Assault and it’s aftermath (which is not at all played for laughs)
  • Parenting and the issues that come with it, mostly parental abandonment. 
  • Abortion and teenage pregnancy
  • Balancing selfishness versus selflessness (which, in a nutshell, is Beth and Jerry’s biggest conflict)
  • Slavery 
  • Moral ambiguity in dangerous situations

(Send me an ask if you need me to name what episode or what situation these points refer to)

I absolutely ADORE movies and shows that I can enjoy on multiple levels. For example, one of my all-time favorite movies is Creed because I can enjoy it as a good boxing story, a good underdog story, and a good story about a young man trying to prove that there’s more to his name and that he’s not just the bastard of his disappeared and deceased boxing father. I like Gravity Falls because it has good animation and an inspiring story, but it also delves into the concepts of family, trust, morality, and writes a pretty good mystery.

In a similar vein, I can enjoy Rick and Morty as a comedy, as a satire, and as a look into interpersonal relationships that center around a despicable yet desperate old man and his two grandchildren.

And you know what else? I LOVE watching people discover this on their own. I’ve had conversations with my friends about the show, and I love watching them come to their own conclusions, their own realizations, their own explanations. It’s honestly a beautiful thing to watch.

Rick is a terrible human, but he’s a great character. Morty is slowly becoming more mature but is also becoming more unhinged and is terrified of it. Summer is one of the smartest people in her family but is afraid of showing it because she’s afraid it won’t make her popular. Beth is so afraid of her father leaving her that she’s willing to become more and more like him in the hopes that it’ll drive a connection between the two. Jerry is Rick’s biggest foil but is also the only person in the family that keeps him from doing anything self-destructive.

This is stuff you can enjoy by delving into the show and it’s lore and concepts. Or you can just enjoy the humor and the voices and the characters and the gags and the farts and the burps and the potty humor.

This. This is why I love Rick and Morty.